Michael Jackson: The Original Twin Soul Story (Video)

A very unique and courageous Book by Michael Jackson´s private friend, which escaped half dead and poisoned California a short time before Michael passed. Fighting to survive and battling for truth and justice, Michael was suddenly sent back to her and told her a new information from heaven:

“I am so sorry, all you had to go through was because of OUR connection. You will never be alone again, you ARE my heaven, you are the One. You are my TWIN SOUL.”

It was the first time Susan ever heard this term in English then too from Michael in Spirit. That was March 2010. In April 2010 Susan started to publish subtly as directed by Michael, Songs filled with Messages from him.

From Hollywood Hacking Attacks and direct attacks on Susan & Michael´s work, this Book gives you a real secret insight into the dirty secrets of the World Powers as well as insight into the eternal truth of hope and faith: God can make anything possible. Obvious and powerful Twin Soul Work happening in front of your eyes. Archangel Michael is sent by God to demonstrate the powers of LOVE.

Susan Elsa has been a professional singer all her life, a Film Director now additionally and a unique scientifically documented case of rare psychic, mysterious and yet unexplained skills. For further info, please watch her Out of Body Experience Interview with ABC TV:


ARCHANGEL MICHAEL´S WEDDING Book is available now worldwide at

– AMAZON (Worldwide)
– Apple´s iBook Store
– Lulu Market Place

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