Sitting Bull (Native American Indian Legend) & My Grandmother Teta Bedur (Egypt) *Spiritual Tribute Article* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Sitting Bull (Native American Indian Legend) and My Grandmother Teta Bedur (Egypt) *Spiritual Tribute Article* © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

Today, it is the 24th February 2018, 2 days after the “ascension anniversary” of my Grandmother Teta Bedur and my beloved, youngest sister Dalia. They both died together in a fire, on the 22nd February 2009. My sister Dalia was just 19 years old.

Update Note: Decided to publish this Article for the Virgo Full Moon, today 2nd March 2018!

I had a very sad day, missing my Grandmother, that has always been like a second Mother to me, or, in fact, spiritually my real Mother. She was Psychic, and a Medium, and very secretive and genuine about it. She was a real Egyptian “Witch”, a good one.

She was fun and had a huge inner child until old age! Despite of having endured very extreme challenges in her life, losing her much older husband at a young age, and being left behind with 6 children, alone!

Often she would not eat, so her children have enough to eat. She fought through a lot, and she remained absolutely calm, with an inner peace of an angel, and innocent and untouched by life’s drama! I always admired her for that.

Susan Elsa's Psychic Grandmother Teta Bedur © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Susan Elsa’s Psychic Grandmother Teta Bedur © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

She always had a very strong self confidence, and I can only imagine how self confident she was a young woman. She never had any ego problems, she was different than common human beings I saw in life. She was a very evolved soul.

A real “good Witch”.

I felt so sad, also due to private things going on, and simply missed her extremely and her pure love, on the 22nd February, remembering how it was to have her kiss and hug me like she always would. I was like, the most important person to her in her life. We were best friends. Few times, she even came out with my friends, as a Teenager, and everyone loved her, always, even not understanding her language, she could communicate intuitively very well with gestures, here in Switzerland.

It was very hard for me, to adjust to not having her physically around, her doing readings for me, and encouraging me and calming me in life’s situations, since 2009. But I knew, due to the incredible way she left and how she showed it to me and prepared me, from beyond, to hear the “news” from my Mother, I knew we will always be connected.

She visited me few times in the recent years, in Spirit, often in a sudden Dream like wearing a goldish sunny dress, and hugging me, and I would wake up and feel really like we met and spent some time, in my soul, and feel really happy and good all day.

I am going through things in my private life, where I really felt I needed her. I was desperate, and sad. So, I called on her, from my soul, and in my pain.

And she replied, yesterday! She reacted!

Without forewarning, I found myself first “tuned in” as usual, by Michael, as he channeled and explained verbally clear ideas for coming projects, and some new choreography moves, and I was doing them physically, as usual, him giving me directions on detailed moves for the ideas. I was stunned, as usual, Michael is the BEST creative mind I have ever seen or known.

Suddenly, I found myself, automatic and intuitive in this channeling mode, without my own thinking, tune into someone else and with that spirit, doing a very “motherly healing ritual” as if “hugging” the planet, and lifting it up into LIGHT.

I saw the globe of the World, in my hands, and it was ascending suddenly, and becoming increasingly LIT.

I asked God, from my heart, in a motherly way, like the World and Humanity is MY child, to help Humanity and forgive them, for me, and help the World, for me, like I am a Mother asking for help for my Children.

Suddenly, all the attacks, jealousy, hate I have been enduring the past weeks, as if they are trying to “abuse” the moon phases and energies to attack my soul, all the bad memories of abuse, stalking, defamation and lies, was puff, gone!

Gone from my heart chakra, and cleansed away!

I couldn’t believe it, and in my skeptical scientific type of thinking, I checked it.

First I thought about a person that privately hurt me a lot, defamed me and tried to seduce my boyfriend. And no, I was not angry anymore!

I checked thinking about few very hateful people who have done a lot of injustice to me, and there was no anger anymore in my heart and I felt forgiveness and as if all humanity is one family, and we all have to work together to heal the World.

At the end of this list, I thought even about Debbie Stefaniak…someone who has defamed me, and tried to pretend she is me, my soul, Michael’s Twin Soul, and I still could no longer feel angry at her and forgave her and wished her that she finds her own individual peace in life.

My soul is untouchable.

Please compare the facial features in the following Photos I chose for this article. Here is the original link, for more information on Sitting Bull:

Sitting Bull (Native American Indian Legend) and My Grandmother Teta Bedur (Egypt) *Spiritual Tribute Article* © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Sitting Bull (Native American Indian Legend) and My Grandmother Teta Bedur (Egypt) *Spiritual Tribute Article* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Sitting Bull (Native American Indian Legend) & My Grandmother Teta Bedur (Egypt) *Spiritual Tribute Article* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Let’s get to the current very interesting information I got from my Grandmother.

I always felt this weird spiritual connection to Sitting Bull, a native American Legend of Self Defence, very archangel-michael-stylish. And to my surprise, Michael had in his drawings he did, which some of were published recently in a Book, by a Swiss Company by the way, he sketched Sitting Bull!

Sitting Bull, from what I saw, had a lot in common with my Grandmother. They both had courage, and an inner unbreakable will in life’s challenges. Sitting Bull was a noble man, not a savage! He has unique, spiritually, and did a lot for his people, to protect and save them. Under attack, it is natural and spiritually completely allowed to fight back. The native Americans endured a lot of injustice and evil, and it is in fact Spirit who gave them the strength to survive to this day. It is our all’s duty to help and make sure, they get their natural rights back, to live and blossom. Sitting Bull fought for that, and we owe him, and indigenous people like my Grandmother from Egypt too, to make sure all people of the World have equal, natural given rights respected. And their own lands they live on, houses and gardens. It is important to also respect natural order, and animals natural spaces for living as well. That is the lesson in this all, and Sitting Bull was a hero, a special Man with a unique Soul. I clearly felt that. He was relaxed, wise and fun, the moments I saw him with my Grandmother joking around, and at the same time being serious. It was a vibe of it’s own.

It is interesting, because I suddenly felt how my Grandmother has a personal connection to Sitting Bull, and they are both in spirit now, and have met in spirit. I saw it. I do not know if they are a Twin Soul, but they definitely are soulmates of the highest order, and it all makes sense to me now. My spiritual connection to the Native Americans all my life, which I could not explain.

SUSAN AND MICHAEL TWIN SOUL COUPLE © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
SUSAN AND MICHAEL TWIN SOUL COUPLE © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Michael Jackson, by the way, had native American blood in him too, from his father’s side. Did you know that?

I always felt spiritually connected to the native American Indian people, and it has a physical reason here too.

I ain’t actually no “different person/soul” than Michael Joseph Jackson. I am him, and he is me. That is what a Twin Soul is, the same soul, seen in female and male, embodied on Planet Earth, to remind you all and trigger the remembering of the soul’s knowledge of Heaven.

Everyone has a male and female aspect in their souls. And in detail this, separated and EMBODIED, is called a Twin Soul embodied. In our case, I, Susan Elsa, am the female side, and Michael is the male side, of the same shared soul.

I been through so much, you cannot imagine. But now, I feel finally ready to show you all we have prepared, all that I am.

I will reveal my real powers, in projects, coming soon.

So stay tuned, for real spiritual love magic and the button already pushed, spiritually, to heal the World!

Love & Light,

Your Susan Elsa

REMEMBERING ATLANTIS – ANCIENT EGYPT: Major Past Life and Spiritual Memory Surge * Article * © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

The Shen Ring of ancient Egypt at the Centre of the Sunny Beach in a Dream © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

This will be a purely verbal article, just writing out right now the “light bulb” moment I had, connecting dots in a major way.

As you might have read in my previous Moon Magic article, I spoke of revealing and very stirring dreams, that guide me and show me the truth about spiritual matter and earthly matters from different aspects.

Here you can find the previous article I am referring to:

THE MOON & ITS EFFECT ON PEOPLE AND SLEEP/DREAMS *Special Dreams Analysis Article* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


In that dream, the second part where I was at the Beach and it was this summer happy vibe in the air, and all these Couples in a row at the Beach happy and kissing and smiling at each other, there was a huge white round Arch type gate structure, in the middle of this Beach Promenade in the middle of it.

In ancient Egyptian symbolism, the round circle was a symbol of eternity and the feminine.

Here is a little Excerpt Visual from an old Article we did on Michael Jackson’s Scream Video Symbolism with sister Janet.

The SHEN-RING of Eternity in ancient Egypt © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
The SHEN-RING of Eternity in ancient Egypt © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Now this Shen-Ring, the round circle symbol with the seat below it holding this big round ring like an Arch, imagine this one very big like a tall building type size, at this Beach in my Dream! And it was white and looked pure. It was this clear summer vibe, very sunny and bright but not blinding it was pleasant light, and all those Couples filled the Beach, happy, kissing, hugging and smiling at each other in love.

Now check out some more confirming dot connecting info here.

Important Excerpt:

The Shen Ring of ancient Egypt at the Centre of the Sunny Beach in a Dream © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
The Shen Ring of ancient Egypt at the Centre of the Sunny Beach in a Dream © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

The shen-ring is represented as a double strand of rope, the ends of which are folded in such a way that a closed ring is formed with a knot on the underside. The shen-ring appears as a hieroglyph, as a protective sign on stelae or in tombs, and as an amulet. It was used as a magical aid; during the 3rd and 4th Dynasties it was worn around the neck for protection.
Because the circle had no end, the shen-ring was regarded as the symbol of infinity, and when it encircled the sun, as the symbol of the eternity of the universe. The notion of encirclement then led to an expansion in meaning – protection – added to that of infinity. The shen-ring was particularly associated with Horus the falcon and Nekhbet the vulture, who hold the circle above the king to offer him eternal protection. Royal names were written in an elongated version of the shen-ring, the cartouche.

Original Link:

So, as I am still reflecting on this second part of my New Moon Dream from 3 Days ago, I suddenly remember a big major thing connecting dots.

I always was confused about something regarding my past life memories. I do remember bits only of a past life where I was native Indian American, before the invasion.

But only a little bit and parts.

Then, I remember this clear first incarnation, from ancient Egypt, but at the same time always remembered how my first incarnation was in Atlantis. I always felt connected to it since childhood, and integrated it therefore into my Past Life Reconstruction Cartoon right here, you can check:

Suddenly some questions came to mind, today in the morning as I reflected on this and Michael made comments.

I checked this Video, did not even watch it fully attentive, but was reflecting, listening to Michael, and talking with another Twin Flame friend chatting, as I had some deep realisations. Check out the Video I found, from “Archaic” Mysteries, pure spiritual synchronicity:

I haven’t finished watching this Video, just had to write out the memories that came through in the flow, I then saw this reference to this other channel called “Archaic Mysteries” and watched this Video, when I connected the dots:

Could it be, that the original description of “Garden Eden”, stem from the oldest writings about Atlantis?

As we know, Greek Plato studied a lot of ancient Egyptian writings and re-explained them in his way and understanding. Could it be, that Atlantis was a half physical, half spiritual place, accessible from Earth, that was filled with Twin Flames and because of its high vibration, Magic was possible like moving objects with SOUND AND PURE MIND FOCUS?

Could it be, that the Story between me, Osiris and Set, which disrupted everything, took place in Atlantis – which is the same as the very early origins of ancient Egypt and with which knowledge it was built later on?

Think about the parallels between Garden Eden and Atlantis. The whole heavenly Garden, some Couple made “from each other as in being same soul”, and the disruption stories and “disappointment of God” manifesting. In Garden Eden, it was some devil snake making Adam and Eve get “kicked out of Garden Eden”. In the ancient Stories it was Set, attacking Osiris and Isis, killing Osiris out of jealousy and disrupting everything, and then “Atlantis” did not “sink down” but was “taken up” and “removed from being accessible from Earth”, for protection reasons.


I remember since very serious spiritual experiences as a teenager, something about this Eye of Ra, as we called it in ancient times, which linguistically translated to modern time means nothing different than “the Eye of God”, which sees everything, everyone and can find anyone.

In this above short video, you see it mentioned again, as the original story of “the fall of humanity”, as in fall from grace and God’s trust.

Due to the heavy spiritual crime that Set did, which was the first attack on Twin Flames on Earth, and therefore the first direct, aware attack on another innocent human soul, disrupting the rules of Nature and the Universe, Atlantis was disrupted and had to be removed, then the remaining masters build ancient Egypt. But I do remember the very basics being laid during the good times of Atlantis, and a lot of knowledge of the ancient Egyptians came from there, from this otherworldly, dreamy, in-between dimensions place.

So, since a short time, about 2 years, I am seeing this “dream place” that seems to be in a higher dimension right above us, but not higher like a mid station, change. It is healing and there seem to be regular spiritual gatherings of Twin Flames happening, to discuss healing process and tasks to help.

If you think about all of this, this goes way back and seeks a revival of the trust bond between humanity and God. Humanity asking for Forgiveness by changing, that is the best apology. God, I know this for sure and felt it, was very sad and hurt over watching what Humanity did, and what certain people did to other innocent souls, disrupting everything.

And we can only achieve this healing of this major relationship and approach higher dimensions to Earth again, if we raise the vibration. And many have to do that, and join in. Yes, Twin Flames carry a very strong light in their soul to help with this, and that is a very important task and focus now.

But we need more than that, to win back God’s trust and get “Atlantis” back on Earth. To be able to evolve and have real Magic as a solid part of earthly life again, a Nature healthy and attuned to the Universe, a humanity able to achieve miracles with just a thought or sound. Imagine, how Pop Music would sound in such a World!

It seems “utopic” and impossible, but anything is possible if your mind and dreams can think it.

I think, the wording Atlantis speaks of something about waters, a big island in the Atlantic Ocean once, or accessible from there. I think, it is a later term and story that originally came from ancient Egyptian writings, about something even older as ancient Egypt, the spiritual roots of ancient Egypt.

I think, those writings and knowledge are mainly lost nowadays, but many people feel a resonance and remember in their souls a bit, and seek more information. I think, that the whole Myth of Atlantis, a place which was obviously not really physical and “did not sink” anywhere here or else we would have found evidence, is the original description of Garden Eden. A time, when spiritually humanity was completely different and in tune.

In my Dream, seeing this scenery, it felt almost like a memory, as I was there. Like I am watching it spiritually, and I felt a big sadness and melancholy, over the abusive disruptions from jealousy and evil which changed all of this. You always feel melancholy, if you remember something beautiful and are at a place where you see also, how evil destroyed all this beauty and you have to find a way to save humanity and rewind everything and don’t know how to make the rest of people wake up and help with healing this World and our very Souls.

I will leave you with this to reflect and meditate on it further. You may comment you feedback and own feelings and memories you might sense reading this, in the comment section.

Love & Light,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit ©

Twin Flame Interferences and resonating SOULMATES Interferences *Spiritual Energy Article* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Twin Flame Interferences and resonating SOULMATES Interferences *Spiritual Energy Article* © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Twin Flame Interferences and resonating SOULMATES Interferences *Spiritual Energy Article* © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Twin Flame Interferences and resonating SOULMATES Interferences *Spiritual Energy Article* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

Today, I have a special and very open article for you. Every spiritual information that you can find on THIS Blog, is based on personal confirming and teaching experiences from my life, and direct source knowledge from the spiritual Dimensions.

What I want to talk about now, takes the whole “spiritual relationship context” a bit further and deeper, information I honestly never see others tell. So I tell, to help people out there understand throughly the Twin Soul SELF.

So, luckily, more and more people are waking up to the literal scammer frauds like “Mel and Nicole”, who call themselves a “Twin Flame” and charge people a ton of MONEY for stuff they cannot do for them. Or since when can you enter a person internally, and do the INNER WORK for them? Bullshit.

Check this out, stuff you can find online everywhere public records. DO YOU SEE OR FEEL ANY TWIN-VIBE OR ANY SIMILARITY?

Twin Flame Money Fraud Couple Mel Brand and Nicole Hibbs exposed - ARCHANGELMICHAEL777-
Twin Flame Money Fraud Couple Mel Brand and Nicole Hibbs exposed – ARCHANGELMICHAEL777-
Twin Flame Money Fraud Couple Mel Brand and Nicole Hibbs exposed - ARCHANGELMICHAEL777-
Twin Flame Money Fraud Couple Mel Brand and Nicole Hibbs exposed – ARCHANGELMICHAEL777-
Twin Flame Money Fraud Couple Mel Brand and Nicole Hibbs exposed - ARCHANGELMICHAEL777-
Twin Flame Money Fraud Couple Mel Brand and Nicole Hibbs exposed – ARCHANGELMICHAEL777-

And here is one of the many just normal random Couples without a Job, joining into this Mel and Nicole Fraud and spreading further the false Information on Twin Flames, taking their info from them, then others imitate too and so we have by now, a fraudulent mass new age movement, just like the folks who charge money for doing fortune readings and “removing curses” and all this bullshit, having no psychic skills whatsoever.

They are a FRAUD. Fake. You can even spot it by one look at them and their not matching looks and auras! Plus, Mel needs to be careful “selling Inner Child Classes” taking money from poor people who just seek truth and self evolution and happiness. That ain’t your field, and Michael Jackson carries this message and role, was attacked for it, and for being so “youthful and childlike” even as an Adult. Mel is an old wrinkly Guy who has no energy, nothing youthful in his aura, not even an open smile like a child. Nothing. Nada. He is a fraud, and those people need to be fined or locked up for breaking the law.

False Twin Flame Teachers Lee and Sherry - Friends of Mel and Nicole exposed Fraud Network to Make Money off People's spiritual Journeys - ARCHANGELMICHAEL777-
False Twin Flame Teachers Lee and Sherry – Friends of Mel and Nicole exposed Fraud Network to Make Money off People’s spiritual Journeys – ARCHANGELMICHAEL777-

And they are part of the group of people, led by this main Fraud Mel and Nicole, spreading super false information on what a Twin Flame even is, and trying to “charge the topic” with low vibrational, earthly thinking and confusion with SOUL MATE Relationship dynamics. There is no such thing as “Running away from yourself/ Twin Soul”, as it is HALF OF YOUR OWN SOUL we are talking about! Be careful to not let the low vibration and harming false energies of those people too close to your mind, stay free and YOURSELF. Stay in power of your own self and Twin Flame Journey. They are lying to you based on random, low earthly thinking and how they think of normal, every day earthly relationships, and they project this false information on the topic Twin Flames, BECAUSE THEY DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT REALLY, and aren’t living it.

False Twin Flame Teachers Lee and Sherry - Friends of Mel and Nicole exposed Fraud Network to Make Money off People's spiritual Journeys - ARCHANGELMICHAEL777-
False Twin Flame Teachers Lee and Sherry – Friends of Mel and Nicole exposed Fraud Network to Make Money off People’s spiritual Journeys – ARCHANGELMICHAEL777-

Factually in 2010 there was ALMOST NO INFORMATION ONLINE ON TWIN SOULS. I am a witness to that and was one of the first and the first “celebrity” Twin Soul to speak up. My Twin Soul is the ONLY ONE OUT THERE, besides Prince, who openly and honestly worked with his Twin Soul Merging and Connection for his legendary, FOR A REASON DIFFERENT Music.

The Chinese Legend of the Red Thread of Fate - 双灵魂 - © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
The Chinese Legend of the Red Thread of Fate – 双灵魂 – © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
True Twin Flames Appearance is TWIN female and male © Susan Elsa Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
True Twin Flames Appearance is TWIN female and male © Susan Elsa Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

I would never once think of taking money to talk with people about their personal soul situations and give advice, freely I do this, because I already get something out of it: I am happy to help others and see other people happy. I get more and more blessings for it, and that is worth more than any “money” which is paper made of trees that human beings gave an illusory meaning to.

Don’t you want to actually be happy? Don’t you want God to be proud of you and your evolution into a better and better, stronger Being? Don’t you want to see others happy and enjoy Love being everywhere? Does it hurt you when others suffer, even in your silence? Do you cry when you see injustice in this World or someone lonely and poor? Those questions you should ask yourself honestly, if you don’t know right away it is already a bad situation, spiritually.

If you have no compassion and just do whatever you want, with sacred spiritual information, CAUSING CONFUSION AND HARM TO OTHER INNOCENT PEOPLE, you are on a very wrong, misguided path spiritually. It is that simple.

The voice of truth is always loud and clear, while the voice of lies is sneaky and confusing. I will show you the clear comparing of two keywords lists of their lies that are illogical, and the truth, which we, Archangel Michael, stand for. I will try to summarise the wording of certain claims for clarity reasons, what they really saying in spiritual truth so you can see clearly.

They try spreading such false information about Twin Flames, like:

  • Real Twin Flames are opposite and do not look alike, only a “false” Twin Soul
  • The more you have in common, the more the Universe is “tricking you” and it is a “False Twin” (LMAO)
  • The more obvious your similarities and connection is, the more likely it is a “trick from God and you should put fear and mistrust on it” (!)
  • It is normal, for a real Twin Flame relationship if finally meeting on Earth, to “run away from each other in fear” (absence of love), and for one part to not see it (mostly the Man), so “stalk them” and know they will come back and “belong to you” (even if by free will, they ain’t seeing that mutual and are in OTHER relationships – stalking advertising!)
  • All kinds of exercises and “methods” to “aim bad jealous spiritual energy at some object of affection on Earth”
  • Stories “tagged Twin Flame” who talk about that Twin Flames reunite, hand out, have sex, love, connect deeply, and then separate and go sleep with other people! Stories talking about “some married Guy” being some Woman’s wishful Twin Flame and trying to force it onto others who do not agree.
  • They claim and tell you, that it is normal to be IN THE PROCESS OF EVOLVING AND HEALING, with basic stuff, and that you are able to be reunited with your real Twin Flame Counterpart on Earth, and both have problems with basic self evolution and did not do any work yet on yourself, but that God in such cases would reunite you, and watch you struggle together on Earth.

The Truth about Twin Flames looks like this:

  • Real Twin Souls always look alike, yes even to a degree when merging as if they are “the same Person in 2 Versions”, – very, very much alike and similar, because a “Twin Soul” means, they ARE the same.
  • There is no such thing like a “False Twin”, only a negative interference and challenge for your soul to learn and be tested to shield your mind from such lies and attempts to confuse you about your soul truth. The more you have in common, and especially if extreme amounts of details in common including appearance, you most likely are a real Twin Soul
  • If God is guiding you into self awareness, self power and an inner reunion of your Twin Soul aspects, it will be VERY CLEAR and not in any way “tricking or confusing”.
  • If you meet your Twin Soul on Earth for real, there is never any need to force anything and there is no single vibe or doubt of them seeing the same reality and seeing you, as you see them, seeing THE SELF. Kinda funny, think about this general question: If you saw yourself from an external view, would you recognise yourself or not? LOL
  • There is no “Runner Effect” in any real Twin Flame Connections or especially, and only when ready, meeting on Earth. Any such behaviour, spiritually, has to do with NOT READY and FEAR. Two factors that by itself prove that it cannot be a real Twin Flame connection, if one part or even both “run away from it and do not see it that way”.
  • In the positive, good spiritual side of all things, you respect the highest sacred gift, the FREE WILL, and would never even feel like “forcing anything” on someone or stalking, especially disrespecting another bond of a person you desire. That is very low vibration and definitely from a dark side of spirituality and energy and has nothing to do with Twin Flames. It proves the harm, as said, these people cause and damage to individuals like a crazy person stalking them, yelling “you are my Twin Flame you just have the Runner dynamic now”. Bullshit, this is stalking and going AGAINST free will and NATURAL PROCESS of Twin Flame Reunion!
  • A Twin Flame Reunion, as I keep saying, has to do with YOU, your inner aspects being merged into a fully aware, empowered, ascended full Twin Soul/Over-Soul. As long as you aren’t very far up this road of evolution and ready for such a thing, God would never “force” your inner aspects together without your soul being ready! It is powerful, you access basically something I could easily call “heavenly powers, self awareness, divine power”, and that is never given or activated for any Soul, here or beyond, which is NOT READY for such.
  • The “Lovers” aspect is NOT the main mission or focus, especially in those challenging times for Earth! It is a common, shared mission, always, of helping the World, a higher, selfless mission of bringing solutions and healing energy, awareness and awakening to Earth and “fixing things for humanity”. It is about changing the World, doing a quantum leap into the Future and next Evolution stage of Humanity.

Move ahead, don’t stagnate!

Low, animalistic thinking, has nothing to do with higher, sacred spiritual truth and those types of “relationships”. This is about insight and access into God’s heart, you think all God wants you to do and achieve as a highest goal of the soul is sex and being some lovers with someone? With all due respect, in all seriousness, THINK about this and stimulate your mind. I ain’t telling you what to believe, individually, everyone is different, but the main truth of the Universe which counts for all, is the same. Try to find direct connection and access in your mind to it, I am just placing some blue path signs for you to be protected and guided well at certain crossroads.


I want to begin by citing some general spiritual knowledge wide spread today, without any deeper details such as:

  • The Devil tries to “seduce” good souls to go stray and break, make them evil etc..
  • There is a battle between Good and Evil
  • The souls with a special mission such as Jesus, get interfered with by the Devil and Evil much more in order to block/stop their mission of Good
  • The Devil “seduced” Adam and Eve to manipulate them to be kicked out of Heaven by God

You always have to be yourself, evolve yourself, and also protect your self. Whatever you do or create in your life, there will be always other people who envy you and take action upon their intense inner raging jealousy. It is disgusting, but unfortunately a part of this dualistic World.

There are laws who society put in place, to protect people from such crazies. It seems, with sane people, if you ignore them they stop, but the insane type people begin stalking and can’t let it go, even if they don’t know you and never met you or have any information really about you. Those are the types of people to watch out for and avoid!

Online, by now sadly, you can find a limitless amount of pages, Facebook groups, Blogs, Youtube Channels and Websites with random people and earthly couples, who advertise themselves as “the Twin Flame Experts” or actually pretend, that they are a Twin Soul, not looking any similar, not having any similar vibration even or being anything close to “Twins”.

Many of those try to make Money off of this, and offer weird “Twin Flame Seminars and Classes” for a lot of money. That is literally against the law and fulfils all known requirements to be named “fraud”.

People now also in the Fan Communities of several “Stars” are proclaiming in masses that they are supposedly a “Twin Flame of so and so”. The only good part about all this is that the TOPIC ITSELF GOT MORE ATTENTION, in the meantime. But the real cases and voices guiding this ascension have been censored and mocked, and are being hidden behind a whole mass fraud movement, new age type stuff, by those false Twin Flame couples making money off of people’s soul.

Listen, I can’t enter your mind and soul and do the inner work for you! Neither can any other human being, or even Angel in Spirit, because of the very basic rules and RESPECT FOR FREE WILL.

That is impossible and would mean, they are glorifying actually spiritual possession and the giving away of your free mind to another to “magically fix things for you overnight”. Doesn’t that sound like something the Devil would try, hmm? Think about it. Don’t let any stranger like this into your Aura, YOU are the key I said over and over to your Twin Flame Reunion, it begins internally and has to do with doing the Evolution work God placed you here to do and work on YOURSELF.


You see nowadays everyone, who never even dreamed about Twin Flames, talk about it and pretend to know it all. Many contradiction claims are placed, but the main focus seems to be purely, earthly, sexual and romantic.

Nothing else.

Nothing about the Twin Soul Mission on a higher interest and level, for others and the World.

Nothing about Soulmates, Soul Family and the very dynamics with other souls, interacting and building bonds constantly as well in the Universe. The Twin Soul is just YOU, so if people focus overly just on that, it means spiritually they are Ego- Centric and cannot interact or connect with other Souls/Human Beings and evolve.

Michael Jackson: About Twin Souls (Human Soul) and God's Perfect Arrangement behind Earthly Matrix *Special Note* © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson: About Twin Souls (Human Soul) and God’s Perfect Arrangement behind Earthly Matrix *Special Note* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Truth is, listen close here: Anything you do, your thoughts, feelings and actions give out an energy wave into the Universe and this reflects back and manifests whatever you sent out.

If you neglect other Soulmates, due to a possessive unnatural focus on trying to force some “Twin Flame Reunion”, you aren’t doing yourself a favour.

If you give another human being, a couple you do not know and never met, or any “priest” type people the power over your soul, by free will, and let them just play in your soul like it is an amateur test on how to fix a high tech device, you aren’t doing yourself a favour nor is this spiritually “safe and smart”.

Humanity has always had this quest to find out who they really are, what the purpose of life is on Earth, what happens after Death and all those mysteries of life. It is an ongoing, basic quest for humanity and a part of the very purpose why we are here, temporarily, to learn and evolve, and also overcome certain limitations in our mind.

The mind and thinking will be a central source of how you live, and move, in the next, spiritual life form in your body made of light (looks like a white sparkly diamonds spiritual fire material). This is on another, higher dimension then and the physical laws there are different than here, in some parts, completely different.

Working on YOUR MIND is one of the main tasks you have here on Earth, and the ancient Egyptians already knew that and would spend their lives focused on training and evolving this mind, which is kept after death. The same “mind” and consciousness felt in “dream time” when sleeping, that is the spiritual mind each one has, not the physical brain!

I want to share something, from own real life experience, that most people don’t talk about or focus on: The Soulmates connections.

You can have soulmates, who resonate so highly and strongly with your Twin Flame, as in your own energy, that are other souls,  but so in tune you have a very similarly strong, earthly relationship “reflecting your both’s higher truth of each’s twin flame”. In that rare case, which would only be possible I guess after you completed the cycle of merging and consciousness fusion with your Twin Flame Self, knowing your soul that well – would attract similar jealousy and interferences as a clear reaction and feedback from others to the strong, light energy felt between you two.

I am now talking about Soulmates. An awakened Twin Soul, who then connects to such resonating Soulmate, experiences similar strong interferences and jealousy reactions from others, and similar, connected telepathy and a more intense energetic love connection and “feeling each other spiritually” and even in Dreams too.

Those people, who react jealous and get aggressive, hateful and actively attacking and interfering, towards such a Soulmate couple, are revealing their spiritual, dark truth! Making up lies about someone else’s partner, to the other partner, trying to stalk and manipulate, and force sex onto another person which is in another relationship already, in aggressive obsessing ways, is one of the sad, pathetic and insane reactions of certain people, when you build a relationship that reflects real Twin Flame Magic but is a high resonating Soulmate Relationship. It can get very serious, so that you would have to inform law enforcement and have the law force such people to stop stalking and lying and leave you and your Partner alone. Those people who react like this and interfere with another Couple, are most definitely in their dark minds connected to ancient Egyptian evil Set, and reveal the exact same type of vibration and behaviour!

There are also some very disturbed “Fans” of big celebrities out there, who one should avoid completely, as friendly as you might be and compassionate, some people cannot be helped and only attack you once you give them attention and are friendly, like a dog clinging to your leg with his fangs and not wanting to let go. It is no surprise that such “Fan cultures” would now be wildly claiming in a dissonant choir, to be the “Twin Flame of so and so” which they have a crush on and use as a focus to distract themselves from loneliness and actually looking at themselves and working on themselves, doing something! You don’t know for sure if you are a Twin Soul with someone else on Earth until MEETING AND TOUCHING. Anything else is pure fiction and fantasy, stay alert. I personally do not even interact much anymore with people online, because there are by now quite a few “energy stalkers” who have a weird, uncomfortable and obsessive focus on me personally, who “used” Michael Jackson for the same reason. I always spoke up clear and honest, about everything I ever said publicly. There ain’t no riddle, I am showing you the full truth, not just in words, but a whole life, about Michael Jackson and what he had to live through, what he saw and knew, what he was and is.

Once you merged with your Twin Soul, but you are still on Earth, and your Counterpart is in Spirit, was on earth or never incarnated in your lifetime for example, your task is to find your highest resonating Soulmate, that is like a Twin-Couple, to your own Twin- Couple, and between 4, resonates perfectly. Both full Souls benefit and grow and evolve then, and heal too, in such a rare constellation.

The relationship with yourself, will always be different than a relationship with someone else, that counts for the spiritual just the same! You don’t “have” a Twin Soul, you “are” this double consciousness, awakened Soul! It’s all YOU, becoming aware of ALL YOUR ASPECTS AND POWERS. It is a higher consciousness we all get once passing, and some can reach this consciousness while on Earth.

Those things are very hard to explain in human limited language, I hope it makes sense how I explained it to you, my dear Readers.

In all this focus on yourself and  therefore Twin Soul Self’s evolution journey and awakening, healing, do not leave out other souls, your soul’s family, your soul’s friends, your soul’s “mates” you know and love. Don’t forget the World and the Universe around you, as you get to know your inner World and Universe.



And enjoy the different, lovely experiences on your own soul’s eternal journey of learning, growing and living.

We will share more helpful information and actual spiritual protection exercises, for your mind, aura and twin soul mind, in a next Article when the time is ripe. For now, enjoy the approach of Spring 2018!

Love & Light,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit ©