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Michael Jackson Live From Bucharest 1992 – DANGEROUS WORLD TOUR

Dear World

Tonight comes a very special Update and point I have not yet seen in other Twin Soul cases, except maybe Jean Cline and George Reeves Case. But she ain’t showing herself, I do.

I am right here, full face on.

Since years I watch people discuss my Appearance, especially in connection to Michael’s. I am the core reason he changed, and adjusted to me, its a BIOLOGICAL PULL IN THE CELLS AS WELL. The Merging, or Metamorphosis, it not a joke.

Lemme give you a summary, direct and unfiltered YO!


It takes a bit longer due to the Pandemic, but my next English Book after 10 Years is coming, and my German Biography for my people here in Europe.

If you check out my since Autumn TikTok Videos, you can see me unfiltered, at home, in pyjamas, outside walking, in the music studio, or showing evidence of plagiarism to people in my home country, SWITZERLAND. And…

You can see that in the meantime I look like Michael when he was the same age, we parallel through space and time in EVERYTHING. Naturally, real Twin Soul Merging does that.

MJs TwinFlame Soul – Visible Biology of Truth

I did not enjoy the dehydration experience jumping at me only due to Twin Soul Mirror Effects, forcing an ONGOING PARALLEL CONNECT in every detail, beyond SPACE AND TIME especially. I did not like seeing my hair get fucked up, dry and like Michael’s in the 90s, exactly moving my Looks always in the same direction. I had to face personal shit, and it was hard.

I can’t help it, and I am fighting against the storm to make it beyond 50. I will need you all, to help me stay alive, and turn this cycle around, for me and Michael, and all of you.

Has the World learned yet ANYTHING from Michael Jackson’s Life Story? © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Blog
Has the World learned yet ANYTHING from Michael Jackson’s Life Story? © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Blog

My skin turned lighter, I was having breathing issues a few years, always fighting to breathe, lack of oxygen and fluids in my body as if I WORKED MYSELF INTO THE HOSPITAL LIKE MICHAEL, just bam, mirror from his past on my body.

I could not survive all this without his constant support. It has become undeniable by now, and maybe you will understand me now in why I shot out with Mike all our points in 2010, KNOWING AHEAD, this thing will grow, and you have no idea how big it grew.

100% Real Face – Susan Elsa Nose 2020 from Home in Morning

The Challenge of Being Michael Jackson’s TwinFlame Soul © Susan Elsa

Maybe I am subjective, but from my perspective, people think it’s all positive somehow being linked LIKE THAT with Michael Jackson, and tap into the same past fantasies. As if we ain’t human, cannot feel harassed, lose sleep or get heart racing from abuse. Why is that? Why is it that people think, we have NO RIGHTS to be treated human basically?

My point is, YOU ALL SAW Michael PUBLICLY fighting for his life, long, speaking up, long, looking increasingly burned out and exhausted, long. You SAW IT, with your own eyes. And back then, nobody cared, as it went on. I remember.

That point alone, to share that with Michael this energy, that makes others treat me the same way, is painful.

You saw his health issues, basically, the press was constantly looking and talking about how “he is slowly falling apart” while continuing to NOT TAKE HIM SERIOUS AS A HUMAN and bullying him.

I experienced that effect, physically, on myself, without world press and such or money. Just because I am his Twin Soul, it just happens to me, people who know him encounter my path naturally, recognize it, treat me the same way, bad or good, both.

This not easy and to be honest, I underestimated it a few years ago.

The reason I am sharing this is so that all of you UNDERSTAND how physical, real and dualistic a real Twin Soul experience is. It is not just mental or emotional, if someone tells you that, send them to the mental illness hospital, I am serious.

It is PHYSICAL. If it is not physical, and not visible physically, it ain’t real.

Mystery Garden Productions – TwinEye BeautyAlchemy Products

How I Experimented with my Experience and Talent to Design Products © Susan Elsa

As you can see in the above image, we are really doing full on Swiss Style research, Nature Lab work and natural, vegan Beauty Alchemy efforts, re-introducing ancient Egyptian methods of Beauty and Recipes such as the Rose / White Lilly Oil we produce ourselves. Planned is even a whole Lilly Flower Plantage to make the best pure Lilly Oil in the World, ready by 2023.

Check out the unique Skin Oil I myself use from now on regularly too, its the best I ever felt on my skin, despite trying many, many different expensive and cheap products for years!

BeautyAlchemy™ Skin Oil

See, I am a writer partially, but not only. I originally am an Artist, Singer, Songwriter so yes very into writing since childhood as well, but also a Film Director&Cinematographer, and a born Medium like my Grandmother.

My Mom is a scientist, one of the best chemical engineers in the World actually back in her day. I have Danielle Nova in my Team and Life as well, my soul sister, who is a licensed Nurse and makes her own products, offering you also services as the Spiritual Nurse.

Let me show you some of hers, as what I been through and Danielle regarding her Grandfather in her case, helped to create those products out of pure souls hearts.

For example, she made the first ever Incense Mix with Guide I have ever seen, for mourning people, who just lost someone and need especially that type of support.

You can buy it anytime, its not expensive, and it comes with a ritual and exercises guide, to not just cope with the situation, but open up blockages and adjust the communication channels to your loved Ones, yes, after Death. So, it does have such exercises too, to really help out in difficult moments.

You can easily see, the work speaks for itself. We really think about it, I love my work and my company, my vision to improve the world and women’s lives and also men’s, with everything I do. I do have special products for children, but we are still expanding that and I will update you as we move.

Rose Flame Double Heart Chakra Oil

You can see Danielle’s most popular product here, as it is one of the first also. The Rose Flame Oil is special, it definitely works. I remember getting her Box in the Mail, arrving from New York in Zurich, Switzerland, and I was so excited suddenly.

I felt the pull on my heart chakra, the emotional like opening of the energy, immediately, before touching them or applying the oil, as she put one present Rose Flame in there for me personally to try.


So I am sharing it so you are aware and know, you can always count on us and have even now a graspable, physical support in form of the worldwide unique products with Swiss Quality.

Mystery Garden is a SWISS Company, and I am Swiss, and Egyptian, and proud.

I will be sharing some more great news in another Sun-Day article today 🙂

Much Love & Light,

Susan Elsa

Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Susan Elsa 1st YT LIVE – SATURDAY YouTube (ENGLISH DEBUT) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Susan Elsa announces first ever LIVE on YouTube – LIVE FROM SWITZERLAND © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official & Innovator of TwinSoul Pop (2010)

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HEY! – Susan Elsa sings Michael Jackson’s BILLIE JEAN ACAPELLA © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official (COPYRIGHTED WORDING)

Take it twice, LISTEN TWICE, as I am giving you the same message today by singing with the same TwinSoul Pop Vibe like my Twin Soul, Michael Jackson.

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Love & Light,

Susan Elsa


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