About Changing the World and Healing *Updates and Reflections* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Blog

About Changing the World and Healing *Updates and Reflections* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Blog
About Changing the World and Healing *Updates and Reflections* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Blog
About Changing the World and Healing *Updates and Reflections* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Blog

Yo Yo Yo

It’s me again. 🙂

As you might have noticed, I haven’t blogged anything and was basically mostly offline, working on Productions and living my Life. I am doing an intense Sports program, and focused on my Health, because certain projects take a certain level of Fitness, especially if you are a Perfectionist.

I am surprised, I kinda start to look years younger. Like, time is being “unmade” again, or rather, the “effects of the harsh transition and heavy interferences”.

Many things are happening in my Life, and I cannot talk about it here, but I am very happy and learning new things, and the main thing is…

I am healing the core issue I had persistently with “being on this Planet”, especially after Michael passed to Spirit. I never had an issue handling the Spiritual Realms, but I always felt like I cannot find “peace on Earth”.

Now I am working on finding my Peace on Earth, and this is releasing lots of good energies and healing vibes.

It is not easy, certain aspects of it, and the whole shadow side of Show Business is no joke, but one can learn to overcome anything with love.

There is also good news happening, regarding something that was stressing me out on a personal level since last year 2016. I wrote a bit about it before, how I was mistreated and lied to by this Qadree El-Amin, and how he then handed some really sensitive and legal information I shared on the phone personally in 2015, to Shana Manga-Tale for her Crap Fantasy Book, in which he too of course is mentioned like some kind of “Hero Figure around Michael that was trying to help him” – bullshit.

He was talking shit to me about this lawsuit he was in in LA, with Michael’s Estate. I was there, in exactly this time 2007/2008 and I shared some things superficially on the phone with him about what Michael was working on with me and planning. He did say some things too, but I could tell something is not right, and I wanted to have patience and talk in Person in Bermuda in early 2016, but he played a weird unprofessional game and didn’t even show up while others including local Politicians were waiting on him as well there.

Then I knew confirmed, he is fake. I gave him a second chance, after he let Michael down, to have an open talk about all this.

What is the funniest about is, that right before Shana went public with TABLOIDS to trash Michael and yell around in those tabloids for attention for herself and her failed acting career, I emailed Qadree.

I was very clear, and Michael said clearly he is going to “kick his ass” if he moves further ahead with this shit and that it will be “between him and Michael then”. And that he has “zero chance of getting to Michael’s stuff in his Lawsuit”.

Guess what, lol.

They got crushed now in this joke lawsuit they filed, him and those other fuckers like Raymone Bain and so forth. The only thing that made me really angry, was how around last Month I think, there were News on “Katherine Jackson joining Lawsuit” and I just had to hit the couch because I got so angry over Qadree STILL sneaking around the Family further and taking his Game further fully rude like this, and especially going around MICHAEL’S MOTHER.

That is a no go.

Hopefully now it is clear also to Ms Jackson, how fake and dishonest this Qadree guy is.

And Shana is a cheap Opportunist and Groupie, friends with Qadree El-Amin, and she was NOT with Michael during the time I was with him there and I never heard one word about her from him. Not one.

There you go, the truth always prevails.

They embarrassed themselves extremely, going to Court against the Estate trying to get some “solid shares of Michael’s Company”, based on claimed “oral agreements”. Lol.

I couldn’t stop laughing for 10 Minutes after seeing this detail in the News 2 Days ago. They have no documents, but claim they “officially founded a company for Mike named Michael Jackson Incorporation”. All this stuff Qadree told me, all those fancy stories, supposed “ready investors from Japan which he had readied for Michael already and all this, but nowhere any documents or business paper works?

Just words? lol

Going to Court based on “oral agreements”….I guess then I can go to court too anytime, lol, at least I can prove the oral agreements via published material and records and dates.

Qadree is a Clown.

“Music Mogul” my ass…

That brings me to the next point actually. There have been such Clowns, similar in their greed and obsession with getting into Michael’s shit who have defamed me online and lied in very malicious ways about things just like Qadree and Shana. These people would always try to attack me saying “Michael would never be so angry or aggressive over evil and injustice and lies”, aha.

I keep trying to explain that there is no such thing as “two people who are somehow something else in essence” being “two Twin Souls”, this is all false online information by others to confuse.

A Twin Soul is A SOUL, A TWIN SOUL, meaning, one and the same soul. This is all me and always has been. 🙂 I know it is complex for people with the earthly perception to grasp, but that is the simple truth.

The way I talk sometimes, when things are really messed up and tabloids heat up their crap, the way I get passionate and angry defending the truth and facts, that they say “ain’t Michael’s style or energy or way of talking”. LOL

Recently, there was a wonderful, very courageous Interview done by Paris Jackson, his beloved daughter, with the Rolling Stone Magazine.

Here is a Quote regarding the point I made:

Funny Honest Quote Paris Jackson about Father Michael Jacksons Private Way of Talking and Focus on Education and True History -Rolling Stone Magazine Interview - ARCHANGELMICHAEL777 BLOG-
Funny Honest Quote Paris Jackson about Father Michael Jacksons Private Way of Talking and Focus on Education and True History -Rolling Stone Magazine Interview – ARCHANGELMICHAEL777 BLOG-

There you go. People that know me for a long time privately, know I constantly say the same thing and specifically regarding the injustice towards Natives especially. I wrote about it since few years, it is a fact most people do not think about or ignore.

I love the Native American People and feel spiritually very connected and always did. When you care about something, and you are not in a public format such as TV, an Interview or a Red Carpet where you gotta show “diplomacy and contain yourself professionally”, but you are private and the topic is dear to you and you are passionate, you obviously express it verbally and nobody watches or judges you, like on TV. Michael was not the way he was on TV, in private as a Person!

Try for ONCE, to understand Michael Jackson truly. I am here to help with that. And I am so happy to see how Paris is evolving and Michael’s children bring his truth forth as well. I love also the new Ying/Yang Tattoos Paris and Prince Michael got together just recently.

Prince, Paris and Blanket are exceptional and beautiful Personalities and Michael is very proud of them.

I highly recommend you read it all, because she got really something to say.

Here is the Link:


Paris Jackson: Life After Neverland

In her first-ever in-depth interview, Michael Jackson’s daughter discusses her father’s pain and finding peace after addiction and heartache



Obviously I won’t comment on the content or personal things she decided to share, but let me say I worried extremely exactly around the time she tells of “assault and abuse” about her and felt something like this must have happened and kept praying and felt bad that I cannot protect her directly somehow.

I was shocked when reading the interview, and I applaud you Paris for being so courageous and overcoming all of this in such a young age. You are powerful, Girl!

I am working on a wonderful charity project with my a good friend of mine now, and it is really making me feel so good to do something important and meaningful to help others. I have never been about “posing and showing off”, this is not why I decided to work in Entertainment. Maybe many others think this way, superficial Girls and Men are all over Show Business, we all know that.

But true love, passion for art, and a need to “express soul” and connect with people giving them healing vibes, happy vibes, joy, fun, upliftment all that is what true Art, Music, Dance and Performance should be about.

It is sometimes as if the Music Business especially is right now the furthest away from the original Purpose and Definition of what Art and Talent really is. Like, people forgot what “talent” and “uniqueness” and “skills the average person doesn’t have” is all about.

Talent means, something most people cannot do, something exceptional.

And despite all those challenges and miracles that this year 2017 has begun with, I feel very peaceful now and am working very hard on several things.

I will therefore not be able to blog in the next few months, except for sporadically whenever I find some time and have something to say.

I am sending you all in the meantime lots of unconditional love and light, and wish you a wonderful spring and summer time as well.

And don’t forget: We might be in duality here, where there is good and evil, but good is much more powerful and the most important thing in life, and in spiritual realms, is simply love. Love erases anything negative and heals everything.

Love & Light,

Susan Elsa