Michael Jackson in Spirit 2017 – New Personal Message *Channeled 2nd January* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Michael Jackson in Spirit 2017 - New Personal Message *Channeled 2nd January* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Michael Jackson in Spirit -Message for 2017. Direct dictated words in his own words, put into Audio for the Video and easier listening for all via a web voice.


Spiritual Message full Text Original in written Form:

“Hello, this is Michael Jackson speaking from Spirit.

I have not been saying much lately, as I have been busy with helping souls and giving them support for their healing journey and self empowerment. I love doing that, I love to see people happy, in tune with their soul, filled with joy, smiling, and knowing they are loved.

Today I decided to say a few things, and I will be more open with you all, than in previous messages.

I am as well, simply getting used to be in Spirit and not having to worry about earthly Paparazzi and the Press dissecting each of my words or my Face and taking Photos of me at all times and in all places. I am free now, and I can communicate in a way much more open and direct with my beloved Fans as well.

Many things that have happened to me, in my lifetime as Michael Jackson, were not right, not just and inhumane. I had a very difficult challenge in my life journey, and certain things kept happening over and over again. It felt often unfair and I would wonder, why those things happen to me, and why certain people come out of their way to hate on me, attack me, and harass me. People I don’t know often. People I don’t like, and don’t have any closer relationship with. People that simply had no basic idea even about me or my public Work, such as so called Journalists, and Promo folks, just saying freely and in public whatever they want about me, without consideration for the truth or facts.

But that was not all of that. I also had people in my private environment betray and backstab me, over and over again. It made me trust people less, and children and animals more.

As a human being, you do need social contact, conversations, hugs, nice caring words from time to time, a feeling of a “support net” in your life. If you do not have that basic safety feeling, it is very, very difficult to handle. I felt extremely lonely for a long, long time, and I did try all that was in my hands, to have better friendships, a real loving relationship and marriage, an own family, children, a wife, all that. I tried my best, but there too in these areas of my life, I had it more difficult I felt than most other people.

Everything in my life has always been more difficult and strange to me, than in the life of other people I knew and watched. And I wondered, for years about that, and why it was that way.

One thing has always been clear to me, in the basic energy behind those attacks and lies. I felt this “hateful, aggressive jealousy type energy”, and details of those incidents raised even more questions in my mind, like: “Why were several things and timing always linked as if someone orchestrates the attacks on me on purpose?”

And I thought and thought about those things, for many days and nights, and I read intensely into things, analysed things in my mind and came to some conclusions.

When I became aware of the detailed motivations behind those orchestrated attacks and lies, always happening also around certain timings where a Project is being prepared or a Release, these lies and attacks would be done even stronger.

The more I worked, and tried keeping my focus on my work and my future, my vision, my life and health, the more aggressive they lied about me and spread the lies everywhere, they did everything imaginable to try and turn the people, the public against me.

Over and over, such things would happen right as I am about to release a new Project, and it became clear to me because of such timing that it is being done on purpose and to damage my coming Release and do something I would name “Anti Promo”.

If you look between the lines, look closely and analytical at details and research, watch for dates and timing and details, you can see a clear plan behind those attacks. You can see, that others in the Business, do not get treated that way, but in fact, the opposite. False promotional news stories are fabricated, fancy sensationalism style words and titles are launched, and biased reports are circulated to impose a particular image of the Artist on the public’s mind and to make people buy their stuff.

Don’t misunderstand me here, I love the promotional opportunities and how my own special style I developed of “Image Concept and PR” completed my work and presentation style of releases. But all my Promo and Promo Stories were based on truth, compared to many others in the Business.

Point is, the Press writes about me in a different, personally attacking tone, always biased negatively, but then you see others who ain’t Black like I was, where the Press writes totally different, in a personally complementing, positively biased tone. This is what I mean.

Today, you have an even bigger problem with getting to the real facts and truth, because of the Internet.

The Internet has many wonderful aspects to it, and I love seeing my Fans being able to talk together, share, not feel alone and enjoy a community I like to see myself as the founder of. A worldwide community of different people of all races and genders and ages. I love that part.

But, there is also, as logically expected, another darker force on the Internet, the same people who would make Newspapers and Tabloid Papers, News Shows and the whole “Anti Promo” tactics, now do their thing the same way online, on the Internet.

I know you have many questions, out of caring and love, to understand what happened in my life and business matters, and what happened in June 2009. But let me decide, when and how I share this information, and if even. Let me decide, according to what I believe is best. Because my goal and purpose has never been to make you sad or spread negativity, I dislike negativity and it has been a burdening thing in my life, as explained before.

My goal and purpose has always been to bring joy, to make you in fact escape the negative emotions, sadness, bad thoughts, things that are stressful and negative in every day life. This is what I called Escapism.

You have to know, I am seeing everything, now, from Spirit. I see things even more clear than I could as a human being before, because with the ascended spiritual sight you see energies around people, thoughts, emotions in the heart chakra and know the truth, despite any words being spoken or any pretending attempts. You see clearly when something is not resonating outside, as it is inside a person.

And in Spirt as well, I do need my time and insight to trust someone, so that I can directly connect. I can do that with my Fans as well, and it is a wonderful way, something new which I wasn’t able to do that way before I ascended into Spirit.

When someone is directing bad energy at me, I see that, and I do not go around or connect spiritually with people like that.

It is not even possible.

I am not bound to duality no more, my ascended spiritual mind and body do not connect with people that are not meaning well towards me, spiritually and in their true heart’s emotions. I can see that, clearly.

In those recent years, I have enjoyed this healed, ascended state of being and I enjoyed that I can bring this joy and healing also directly to my other half, my Twin Soul Counterpart.

I am the one that informed her in my own direct words, when God allowed me to go back to her, even if I am now in Spirit.

She was not aware of the challenges that will arise with this, and I didn’t tell her in details what I saw ahead already. But you all can see by now, that there is an on purpose attack on “Twin Souls” and this sacred spiritual information and truth as well.

Now think back about all the things I had to endure, in my lifetime as Michael Jackson.

Think about the ongoing lies, the tactics, the constant never leaving me alone type of situation.

The constant discussions about my face, my work, it’s meaning, and lies about me being somehow “abusive” toward innocent people.

Then look how some folks came out to attack her now too, and use the same tactics and style of lies in their same old game.

I am no longer going to sit back and wait for those people to change and heal their darkened, envious minds. I do not like this feeling at all, of being hunted, and stalked, and lied about. It reminds me of what I had to go through, and I am therefore telling you the truth, so you know what is happening.

I wanted to share so much more with you all, show you what I am seeing now, what I am living now. My wish and motivation for coming forward in Spirit like this and with her help, is all to share our happiness and knowledge of life being eternal with you all. I want you all to know, I am well, and my children to know, I am well, and my friends and other loved Ones to know I am well. I want you to know, your loved Ones which ascended to Spirit, are well too, and to know, get a little glimpse of Heaven from Earth, so you have hope, and feel the love surrounding you which God has for you.

I am not here to be negative, from Spirit. If I was, that would be very telling, and this is not who I am.

I am all about love and positivity, and now in Spirit even more.

However, being all about love never meant I can’t fight or defend myself against what is not of love at all and the opposite and interfering.

I can be very protective of my loved Ones, and my innocent Fans seeking to find out why they felt all they felt in my Music and in watching me and truly care and feel genuine love for me.

And because of all that, I want to share a few facts with you now, directly, and you may listen or not. It is your free will and I have to accept that, even when some people’s decisions make me sad.

You have to know, that the intellect can be tricky. You can see something, read into it, see Videos or Stories that appear at first as if they are authentic and detailed, and that may make you think, it is truth, but when it comes to me and my Name, anything with the Michael Jackson mention has to be evaluated carefully and using your spiritual intuition and logic.

It is good to use intellect as well, but don’t let false stories and false accusations and such horrible slander cloud your heart’s intuition about things. Don’t fall into their trap and get confused about what is the truth and what is a lie.

Try and take some time in the next weeks and months, to focus your mind on your inner feeling, your intuition and “subconscious gut feelings”. Try to focus on peace and love, calm and safety and warmth inside of you, in your core heart centre. Understand that the Music, the artistic innocent expressions that were the job, the work I chose to do with my life from an early age on, is a very spiritual job in itself. There is nothing wrong with choosing to work in the Entertainment Business, choosing to sing and dance to bring joy and positive energy to others.

Why do you think I chose that job?

The same counts for my Twin Soul Counterpart. She has never seen herself working in a field where it’s all about money as in financing business or, insurance business, or any such jobs which are pure office jobs and carry no expression of spirituality. She is like me in this regard and does a lot of charity efforts she doesn’t like speaking publicly about.

I can’t stand those leeches that keep aiming at her now, and I have to watch this, and fabricate lies about me and my very soul. How insane is that. I can’t stand this Deborah Stefaniak person, she is not who she claims to be and if you want to know the spiritual truth here, is attacking me personally by what she does. I never talked with her from Spirit, nor did I tell her to go public about murder claims and talking about this very difficult event in my life, as if she knew anything. This is pure malice.

I do not approve of her claims, and I have no spiritual connection to her at all and clearly stay away from her very obsessive, vampiristic energy. She is getting on my nerves and has caused me several angry and worried moments, seeing from Spirit what she plots, spits out and writes up against my true Twin Soul Counterpart, and I am just waiting here to enforce the Karma of her doing on her when she gets here. Nobody, I said, nobody messes with my Girl. I am very serious about this.

Focus on love and truth, Music and Joy, not fear and negativity, and all those lies.

I do not approve of the Music Industry tactics, which they dared to use on my innocent Twin Soul, to mess with me in Spirit, knowing she is one with me and I love her with all I am, and get hurt when they try hurting her. This is pure evil what those people do.

But then again, love finally conquers everything. And I am very confident in my spiritual truth and know, that everything is in place to reveal the truth so that the lies cannot cloud your sights any longer and everyone knows about and focuses on LOVE.

Love cannot be forced. You have to be ready to receive it and see it in all it’s beauty.

But when you are ready, I will be here and you can call on me anytime. I can and want to help you all discover your own spiritual Self, your full Being, your own Twin Soul Truths.

I see you.

I see the inner truth, and the inner child, and the double Twin Soul Consciousness within all of you.

I want you to focus on that now, for the next weeks and months.

Discover yourself, your true inner Powers.

Learn more about yourself, and your hidden talents and aspects.

This is all about evolution here, and it has the potential to transform human consciousness once and for all, if everyone would understand

who I truly am, and who Susan is to me and with me.

It is like a mirror, showing you your own truth as well. You are all like me, and Susan. You all have this spiritual truth in you waiting to be discovered.

Think about the Man in the Mirror, the song I did with beautiful, generous and talented Siedah. Think about it’s deeper implications, on a spiritual level.

How would you look like, what would you see, if you looked at your Mirror, on a spiritual not physical level?

I will say more when the time is right.

I love you all and I am proud to see more and more of you evolve and open up, so we can all be happy and enjoy each other’s company, forever.

Keep the Love in your hearts and minds.

With all my Love,

your Michael”

Michael Jackson in Spirit 2017 - New Personal Message *Channeled 2nd January* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson in Spirit 2017 – New Personal Message *Channeled 2nd January* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

© Monday, 2nd January 2017 by Michael Jackson in Spirit dictated to Susan Elsa (Twin Soul Channeling)

The Truth about the Music Industry by Michael Jackson & His TwinFlame Soul *Special Summary Article with Insider Information* © ArchangelMichael777

The Truth about the Music Industry by Michael Jackson & His TwinFlame Soul *Special Summary Article with Insider Information* © ArchangelMichael777
The Truth about the Music Industry by Michael Jackson & His TwinFlame Soul *Special Summary Article with Insider Information* © ArchangelMichael777
The Truth about the Music Industry by Michael Jackson & His TwinFlame Soul *Special Summary Article with Insider Information* © ArchangelMichael777

© Legal Note: Under no circumstances can any portion or information specific to Michael Jackson or Susan Elsa be copied and re-used without prior written consent by ArchangelMichael777

Dear Readers

This is a very special Article today. I just woke up, it is Sunday, and I have been enjoying the Easter Days and relaxing calm the past days, as the Spring started officially with some nice Sunlight and people all were outdoors yesterday.

While waking up, Michael as usual when wanting to put out some Information he finds important for people to know, said to me:”I want you to write an Article today, not much Images, just write out the Truth as you know it and as I told you, we both bring the Music Business Truth together as Twin Souls out now- my Fans and all People, need to know the Truth about all of these Tactics…”

So, I woke up with him mentioning for starting our conversation, as an example, the Band “COLDPLAY” – which are being tirelessly circulated since a while now all over the place. I will not say what Michael had to say about their Music or Vocals, he wants to speak general, but he said quite a few funny things about them and the Lead Singer, and obviously not things that are complimenting which is why we won´t mention it here in detail now.


Simple, crazy and true with legal evidence back up: Hacking and Cyberattacks from Hollywood, and Impersonations of my Label´s content and my personal Data, aiming at “keeping my Business and Career down by taking every work step and innovation and selling it off as their own with total Fake, evil looking Hollywood “Celebrities” set up new”.

And always in the centre of their focus, the Twin Flame Connection with Michael Jackson. The SPIRITUAL ASPECT OF ME, MY SOUL, MY UNIQUENESS. My Copyrights, my work…my Message, which I do not tolerate seeing taken and re-directed into different meaning, as I speak my voice and you do not edit my voice.

Their Focus was not just via technical cyber attack and data hacking methods, but since 25th June 2010 they started immediately to attack my Soul and Twin Flame Merging via Black Magic Rituals, involving the same people that keep stealing my copyrighted stuff and personal untouchable Data legally speaking, like I am some “Energy and Creative Buffet for their Vampirism”.

Gaga copies not only Spiritual Channeling Concept of Egyptian Artist but her PERSONAL CHEEK MOLE as well - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official-
Gaga copies not only Spiritual Channeling Concept of Egyptian Artist but her PERSONAL CHEEK MOLE as well – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official-


You have seen by now, yourself, open and public, that some people due to being Fans of Michael Jackson lashed out in envy at me before, but rarely, Michael´s Fans are overall wonderful.

But you might have also seen the few examples that are placed on purpose and do copying of my Copyrights and Publications, personal Data and so forth, to confuse and mislead constantly like “its a job they got hired for doing” – online, with parallel Blogs and “Books” to live distract and confuse about the core of my situation- THE TWIN SOUL STORY ELEMENT (the most personal, individual and intimate Data that makes an individual Identity of a Person´s Soul).

These things happen, but you know Michael´s Twin Flame would be sharing the Music, Music & Me, the deep, deep Mission and Passion, Life Purpose with Music and Entertainment being an Artist as well.

People who have never had anything directly to do with the Music Industry, simply HAVE NO IDEA about the many, small but effective, or big and blatant tactics in the Music Business, nor the endless list of behind the scenes experiences an Artist makes, how the Charts are determined and all those Business type details of how “someone becomes known and successful in the worldwide Music Charts”.

It is therefore unfair, and evil, of certain people to come into this situation rudely, and pretend for the Fans seeking Justice to know what all this is about, in DETAILS, and then turning around at the same breath to mock me and “my Music” – that reveals already very easily their evil motivations and true face to you, such as Deborah Vitale Stefaniak (the false information tactics agent placed online after I focused on using Internet, Blogs, Youtube to fight for my Music while under Cyberattacks) – even pretending to know the many complex information on why and how Michael died and his BUSINESS matters of an industry she knows zero of and has never had anything to do with, nor can´t sing or make any Music the least bit, nor did she ever meet Michael Jackson (which is basic for Twin Flame Reunions)- just like Gaga, which might have paid her to do this on purpose and IN PARTICULAR TIMING TO PARALLEL LIVE DISTURB PROJECTS AND COPYRIGHTED RELEASES SHEDULES.

Other examples, despite lies being circulated about that fact online by Fake Agents, I never seen except some Teen Fans of Michael Jackson, being in their typical youth confusion and projecting it just on our Twin Soul Situation, wanting to “be like me and sing and be Michael´s Twin Soul”. That is a natural phenomenon, not a calculated one like Debbie Stefaniak and Maurie Pressman. In fact, such Teens only learn from the Fake Agents to “copy, steal, disrespect Copyrights and Music of an Artist” because guess what, that IS WHY the parallel misinformation tactics were launched to begin with.

I saw one of those, having written to me directly, commented on all my Pages, Youtube and Facebook, made Videos publicly with Messages to me, like Deborah Stefaniak as well. That is HOW I even know of those, and Debbie, because SHE WROTE ME HARASSING MESSAGES, after others told me that “there is some Blogger named Debbie imitating me and mentioning me and my Music dissing it publicly on some Blog imitating my Blog”, and before that, started by sending people or fake user accounts to me to send private and in public comments defamatory and harassing messages, behaving unlawful in my face as I wonder who besides Hollywood folks “they after hacking gave my data to for tactics” just waiting to see who uses or impersonates further my stuff for my lawyers.

I have severe cyber attacks used against me since 2010.

Here are some facts about the situation and Fakers and Liars like Debbie Stefaniak and other such examples:

People like those “Book Authors” and Fakes, Bloggers and People simply which want to “sell spiritual teachings and seminars” and such- what do they know about anything Michael Jackson was dealing with in Show Business?

  • What does someone like Debbie Stefaniak know about Music Business, Copyrights, Artistry, Music Publishing or any related experience and topic to what Michael Jackson was fighting?
  • People speak a lot lately, since 2009 really, about all that stuff regarding Michael Jackson ranging from “money”, to “the Sony/ATV Catalogue and Beatles Song Rights”, to “details of concerts in London planned and what happened in business terms and manipulations”, and and and.
  • WHO, ask yourself, would know ANYTHING to even begin speaking about what Michael FELT PERSONALLY and went through with these attacks and issues? With complex Business matters?
  • How would anyone completely not connected to Music, Artistry, Music Publishing activity, Knowledge of the Business and general Show Business and how it works, behind anything the public already knows generally?
  • How can anyone publicly speak of his internal, hidden Music Publishing Property attacks and jealousy, competitive envy and racist hate from the INDUSTRY- having zero idea about what a Song Copyright is, how a Song is written and produced, how circulated, how sold, how covered or sampled, how much money comes in from royalties, gig, airplay, TV and so forth, not having ANY RELATION TO MUSIC PUBLISHING and Music Copyright Law?
  • Since when was ANYTHING recognized so publicly about Michael Jackson´s SPIRITUAL SITUATIONS? Since he passed only really, and since I BEGAN PUBLISHING OUR TRUTH- in Music and therefore the same vibratory Language as well.
  • How can anyone understand, other deeper and very hidden, complex aspects of the Spiritual Abuses and Black Magic Rituals commonly in secret used by Hollywood Elite, why and what for, if someone has to begin with NO IDEA how “a creative idea comes in, how to write a Song and Music” and so forth? How could anyone speak and pretend-teach publicly, the MJ Fans and all, about these matters and Aura Teachings at the root of the issue and motivation of such evil-minded Hollywood folks, and SPIRITUAL JEALOUSY, if they have no basic idea about anything of Michael´s work or Business environment?

Those people are idiots, and yes I am trying to stay neutral-general, but we all know the worst and most blatant Idiot and Clown is Debbie Stefaniak. I will not forget for a long time what she has tried doing to my Soul, publicly, like a spiritual Rape and Bullying, having just waited to see who, when, how will use my hacked Data and make Attacks – after Hollywood already rolled over me, my MUSIC PUBLISHING AND COPYRIGHTS CATALOGUE, and many other Data stolen, re-used, re-released as their own etc., thinking they will do something like this, maybe. I will never forget how evil this was, and we are not done yet, lawyers are preparing a full legal crush for this nasty, racist move.

Can´t you see? People like this, Deborah Vitale Stefaniak and Maurie Pressman helping, are FALSE AGENTS to disinform and mislead the MJ Fans and the public about what happened to Michael, and I mean the FULL TRUTH of all that happened to him, and FULL EXPOSURE of Hollywood!

Not Michael´s personal details or his family matters in personal details! Those People work for the Ones that have hurt Michael, over and over, not just in June 2009, and they try to “feed you a false deceiving information” so you stop researching and asking yourself about MORE BEHIND SHOW BUSINESS and what Michael, AND other Human Beings are going through there!

They want to feed you, as I am right here speaking, a “second voice, edited, another twin soul story version to discredit me AND Michael´s truth”- pretending sneaky and evil to “care about justice”- while increasing the injustice and crimes on me and my heart, as I have survived near death from poisoning in Los Angeles after meeting Michael.

Little Susie VS Susan Etok & Other Interferers - THE RESURRECTION- © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Little Susie VS Susan Etok & Other Interferers – THE RESURRECTION- © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Like “You, little Susie, with your stupid Tune, go die, you have no human rights alive, we want to make you have no rights like Michael, and speak about his rights and supposed truth now, after he passed only, not having given a fuck about his life and health and well being, let alone soul, when alive, like we do with you, his Twin Soul now!

We gonna fabricate our own Version of Susie!”

You can yell, shit, lie, spy, cry all day and all night long- nobody will believe you anything nor can you convince MJ Fans with your Lies, because they are not stupid and know enough and seen enough, from Michael himself, to know you are False, evil Agents working against HIM AND ME REACHING FULL JUSTICE FOR HIS AND MY INNOCENT SOUL, which was abused and hurt. Then, reaching the Knowledge handing it to next Generations, to HEAL SHOW BUSINESS, MEDIA, ARTISTRY and all that we love and care about. Beyond it, there is the whole World- beyond a Soul´s basic human rights.

Children have rights.

Children still have rights when they grow up and become Adults, it is called “Human Rights”.

Animals have rights.

The very Planet we walk upon, has rights!

To the Fakes and Fraudulent “Twin Flame Teachings Experts” claiming so out there, having nothing actual to show for proof: Don´t talk now about sophisticated SPIRITUAL MASTER INFORMATION, about something rare like true Twin Flame Souls, when you think animalistically low, greedy and hungry for some superficial food (energy vampirism), competing, envious and dumb, instead of beginning any work on your own self and crafts, work, do something! Live! And leave me and Michael alone.

You have to really think more open and complex, like a “Spiritual Detective” to get to bottom of the full Truth. I have put hard work into exposing these things, while my Baby, my Music is being attacked by those folks. My work means everything to me, because I put my honest Soul into it, since my Childhood.

That all is just the tip of the ice berg, and is built upon long years of fighting for my Music Vision since my youth, having seen and learned much about the Music Industry myself, direct and as a Singer and Songwriter, just like Michael. I have my own insights and experiences, since long before me and Michael actually met face to face in LA, and there he shared EVEN MORE of his own experiences and stories with me, which were shocking.

I knew it is bad, in my own little experiences, but that bad? The things Michael told me back then already, and he was trying to be mainly gentle and not “burden me with too much”- were unbearable and unbelievable. I could not believe how successful he became, knowing now all they had tried to block him in his rising and expansion of success and spiritual light.

The more Michael Jackson expanding his Aura, and it affected people, the more they fought him down. Especially around timings when he was about to release new Projects, or started working on new Releases, suddenly “Fake Agents would surface to lie and interfere, even lawyers and agents speaking for him not knowing him”. I am being fought nowadays in similar, sometimes identical ways and with similar tactics, and why am I having to live this way? Because my Twin Flame involves Michael Jackson? You have no right to do this with my life and soul, other “Twin Flames” couples are talking and talking and doing and having peace, but of course, you had to come at me abusive, AGAIN, like I haven´t had enough of that in my life, and harass me publicly, just because it happens so that behind my Spirituality which is unique and individual, happens to be a Twin Flame Connection with the Michael Jackson so many know.

We will now take a closer look at each aspect, as a good overview for all the Fans and Music Lovers out there, and Spiritual people and Twin Flames, to get a good general insider know-how if you are not part of the Music Business or an Artist professionally and seek to know more of what really happened to Michael Jackson and others too, like Elvis Presley as well.

Michael Jackson Dangerous Album Special Series: About Ancient Egyptian Twin Flame Sciences © PART 4
Michael Jackson Dangerous Album Special Series: About Ancient Egyptian Twin Flame Sciences © PART 4


I begin at the root, the womb of the Story where the Vibe to modern Music and many things in and around “Pop Culture” has been given birth at – Ancient Egypt, Ancient Africa and why Michael Jackson was black (African-American).

Looking here, quickly, at the History angle, you can´t help but see fast, that there is a special situation for Black people going on, and there is a lot that has happened to Black history, true ancient Egyptian knowledge and the whole Twin Flame Teachings as well, which were in this whole “history copying plagiarism, invasion, roman type way” totally censored and hidden from the Masses. In order for a special Soul, with that type of rare talent, to fulfill a good cause with their life purpose, Michael had to come here as a Black Man and Artist, right into the centre of the situation.

Because through Art and Dance and Sound, by gently entertaining people WHILE TELLING THE TRUTH, you can really reach and heal people´s hearts.

Michael had another side, a more private one. He loved to read, so much, he would sometimes appear to me when he speaks and knows so much about everything it seemed, as if he is some “librarian”. He was born in the Virgo sign, and Virgos are very analytical in their mind and thinking, and Michael was that to the most detailed degree.

He figured out some major truth about History, and from his perspective, how “his own people were re-located, oppressed and enslaved, and abused and their true history stolen and hidden from them”- and you know, as many say, “knowledge is power”. So, what are you, without Knowledge?

What are you, if you were to be without access to Knowledge, to a Mind, without Thought and Soul?

Obviously, these matters are very important, basic and a God-given right and property. A person´s mind, soul, thoughts, emotions, free will, personal choice right is something that can never be taken away from a Human Being, a Soul.

Discovering many things, Michael Jackson found himself in a position of being disrespected, fought unfairly and with lots of jealousy, racism and hate. He refused to back down and let it happen freely. He fought for his own personal human rights with all he got, and for other´s human rights and artists rights worldwide, especially minority artists.

He integrated his life experiences, his ideas and visions about World issues and how to change them and heal them, into his Music. He was a true and honest Artist, making his work come from the Soul, pure and direct- and refused to let any external influence or pressure affect his art.

If you think about it, from a spiritual perspective, in what would make the most sense for a special soul like Michael to come here in the form of, it would be a look, an appearance, which would have meaning for changing and healing the situation!

LOOK CLOSE! Read between the Lines…this Cover is all about Plagiarism of History & Knowledge, Symbolism and Culture of deep spiritual Thought of Africa!

The Moon-Walker: About the Spirit behind Michael Jacksons Signature Dance and African Dances back to Osiris in Egypt © Special Article
The Moon-Walker: About the Spirit behind Michael Jacksons Signature Dance and African Dances back to Osiris in Egypt © Special Article

So, if Black people are abused much, much more than White people in the Music business, as an example here, then Michael would come to this Planet as a Black Man, and “beat the discriminatory system with truth power”, right?

So, this is what happened. Michael was born as an African in America, and grew up at the cusp of the changing happening there for many aspects of American society, like Black people getting more Human Rights, and Women as well, and “black and white Music audiences starting to merge”- since before, you literally had a separation in the Music Business, sales and the whole live Music scene regarding “white” and “black people”. Black artists were not followed by white Fans, and white Artists were not followed by black people. Neither did know about the “other´s culture and music taste nor understood it or checked it at all”.

KING OF POP HIStory: Michael Jackson made clear, that he intends to keep his Titles and Truth, agelessly and "becoming immortal on Earth within his Art long after he lived amongst Human Beings" © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
KING OF POP HIStory: Michael Jackson made clear, that he intends to keep his Titles and Truth, agelessly and “becoming immortal on Earth within his Art long after he lived amongst Human Beings” © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


Not only are we specifically here speaking of a very exceptional Artist, but the Title “King of Pop” tells it all already. Michael Jackson earned this Title, unlike other´s carrying or trying to carry such Titles (especially the Wannabe Queens…)

Michael Jackson re-defined “Pop Music” so much with his success and exceptional style combinations integrating a resonating element to all races worldwide, reaching everyone despite cultural differences or skin colour, and THIS IS WHY he is the KING OF POP.

The such defined “Music Genre Pop” did not exist in this way before Michael Jackson. If you don´t believe me, then look around today, and tell me one “Pop Artist” which is not in any way using “an element of the King of Pop´s Master Style”. Michael Jackson, by now, OWNS POP ITSELF.

KING OF POP HIStory: Michael Jackson made clear, that he intends to keep his Titles and Truth, agelessly and "becoming immortal on Earth within his Art long after he lived amongst Human Beings" © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
KING OF POP HIStory: Michael Jackson made clear, that he intends to keep his Titles and Truth, agelessly and “becoming immortal on Earth within his Art long after he lived amongst Human Beings” © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
HIStory: Michael Jackson made clear, that he intends to keep his Titles and Truth, agelessly and "becoming immortal on Earth within his Art long after he lived amongst Human Beings" © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
HIStory: Michael Jackson made clear, that he intends to keep his Titles and Truth, agelessly and “becoming immortal on Earth within his Art long after he lived amongst Human Beings” © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Nobody can even achieve anything or get any minor recognitions in MAINSTREAM POP MUSIC without giving Tribute in some way or the other to Michael Jackson.

Michael´s Music has reached literally everyone and every Culture on this Planet. Not because, obviously, “everyone around the World speaks and understands English”! But because everyone felt his Soul, and felt they know him- the Archangel Michael Soul Vibe.

Michael´s Music is crossing all language barriers and earthly barriers of show business tactics and control obsessions and “picking who can be famous and who not and how much”. The more he got fought unfairly, the better he got…always remember that.


One of the biggest disadvantages I have had since decades, staying true to my Music Vision and honest Style, was the whole financial aspect of Productions. In order to produce a Song in a good quality, you need a certain amount of money simply, to pay studio costs, producers, musicians – and then, you are nowhere without a real Video or Photos at least for PR and such individual creative “PR Management Ideas” then, which all mostly also cost money, much more than even to produce one Song.

A Video costs way more, than a Song.

I always wished Art could be free, just honest and artistic, from the Soul, connecting people and uniting the community of humanity around the World. I never did Music nor got interested in Art to begin with, because of “money and/or fame”.

In fact, I have been always rebellious regarding others trying to MAKE ME BECOME SOME MAINSTREAM MONEY MACHINE, and fake around, change styles, hair colours, show more “skin” and all that “pornish habit”. I totally on the whole line refused every single time, risking to lose time and years and years, in order to stay stubbornly focused on MY VISION ONLY.

It is a big challenge, for all Independent Artists and Indie Labels, which try to function outside the corrupt Major Label´s global Network/System, to bring up constantly the needed budget for productions and up until now I have paid all my Releases from my own pocket, not trying to make any Money, just releasing my Vision finally, on my own terms, and under my own completely Independent Label/Company.

At some point, I would say, it is also difficult to produce bigger things and make any money, if you do not have money already to begin with. And we do not want the “Rich Folks” taking over “Art and Soul Expression” as well and selling it off- that is what Michael meant with “The Music Industry and Major Labels are killing Artistry”.

Talent cannot be bought with money!

An interesting, individual authentic and REAL character cannot be “made up fakely and calculated to make money”!

Basic lessons, the Music Industry has not yet learned. Which is idiotic- Michael Jackson proved my point!

Michael was born with his unique Talent and Soul Vibe- and so am I.

Nothing works or has any effect on People if it is not HONEST AND RESONATING. Faking has brought the Music Industry down, and instead of learning the lesson ONCE, they just continue the downward spiral and increasingly get more corrupt and fake, relying on spying on competitors and just taking good ideas and data to abuse, instead of turning HONEST FOR ONCE.

Michael Jackson Dangerous Album Cover Art: The Eyes of the Twin Flame Soul © ArchangelMichael777
Michael Jackson Dangerous Album Cover Art: The Eyes of the Twin Flame Soul © ArchangelMichael777


I did not let anyone change me, or corrupt me. I would never do “anything just for money, attention and fame”- I have always felt uncomfortable more often than not in my life being in the centre of attention and would get super shy and silent.

I had to work hard, very hard, on becoming more outgoing for my Art, and actually SHOW IT TO ANYONE to begin with. For the longest time, I would keep it all to myself, and felt embarrassed to sing in front of others.

Many years, I had many close friends in our usual group, which knew me well and all, but yet didn´t know me really and felt and kept saying:”Susan, you never talk about yourself or much at all. One can´t know really what you think or what is in your head, you are so mysterious”. I would be surprised, with certain guesses and comments sometimes, where people would be far off what is really happening inside of me.

I would mostly express my inner emotions and visions, thoughts and things I feel like saying in my Music, in my passion for Art, also sketching and fashion designs, short stories and more such things.

My Spirituality I had always kept shielded well inside – meaning I did do readings for others (of course for free as a present), and rarely but few times some spells as well – but other than that I never shared any details on my psychic side and skills, what I can do or not, how it works, who I am in connection with spiritually in the spirit realms or any of that.

Those were good old times…having my privacy and everywhere always directly showing my skill in real to folks, RESPECT for what I am and do.

Oh man, it is so different now, that I see and experience how it is to have strangers know about you more than anyone knew about me before, and focus “envy and jealousy vibes at my sensitive perceptive psychic heart chakra”. I am seeing live and feeling the “energetic cuts and stabs” of some deep and disturbing problems society has now, more than I ever seen in such detail before. I understand now, in fact, my own previous life, childhood, youth and all those unnecessary and hateful jealousy attacks and bullying I had experienced by some, mainly Girls, and mainly the Blondes for some strange reason I don´t get. It is racist, man…that is what I am sure of.


I think everyone of you, dear Readers, would agree that logically, the Charts in Music would have to represent that “the one selling the most is ranked higher in the charts lists”, right?

Simple math and logic.

But you know what? It isn´t so.

And I have also spoken before about this point, here on the Blog and in my Twin Soul Story Book, “Archangel Michael´s Wedding”.

You can research and look it up for yourself.


LINK 1- FROM 1998! (Please read carefully and learn)

Pop charts `no longer trustworthy’



LINK 2- NY TIMES 1996!

Are Pop Charts Manipulated?



‘Billboard’ Changes Rules Thanks To Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ 99 Cent Sale

‘Billboard’ Changes Rules Thanks To Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ 99 Cent Sale


YouTube cancels billions of music industry video views after finding they were fake or ‘dead’




It is no longer a secret, that there is some major and systematic racism in some countries on this Planet, and the U.S.A. is leading in racism issues, daily on TV. Well, long before that Michael Jackson was fighting his way to the top literally, fighting his way to recognition, and having to break through wall after wall of racism, discrimination, sabotage and hate.

It shows in his work. Look back, and see how increasingly “angry and aggressive” he became over the albums and years, also vocally, his soul speaking harder and harder up, screaming louder and louder.

Michael Jacksons Spiritual Awakening- Inner Warrior Spirit-Archangel Michael Soul Consciousness © TwinFlame Soul Official Blog
Michael Jacksons Spiritual Awakening- Inner Warrior Spirit-Archangel Michael Soul Consciousness © TwinFlame Soul Official Blog

Then, you see constant “brainwashy type” tactics increasing parallel too, in tabloid systems worldwide, against Michael, his Message, claiming opposing and completely false “meanings to his videos”, claiming to be “appalled by his Black or White Video” and more such obvious moves like claiming things to constantly now “connect Michael Jackson´s Name with White Culture”.

Same like they STILL trying right now- how embarrassing for them. Stop these racist games and moves please, you will only doom your own souls, Hollywood, with stuff like this.

People you might have never heard of, never known, died like this, abused within the Scheme of this Music Industry and Show biz system. People spend their whole lives fighting, suffering, many also that you do know, like Michael. His private life suffered, his health, his sleep habits, his medical situation got out of control based on extreme, ongoing and burning-out attack and psychological, mental, emotional and spiritual pressure. Everything was already bad before 1993, but the false accusations “hit Michael right in his heart of innocence and love”. It is so evil-false.

Most Indie Artists which are non-white, which work hard and fight for their visions and future, existence and recognition of having “lived and been here” in their Art, you never heard of often. Many sensitive, exceptional and talented human beings were abused over the last decades, censored and hidden away from life and society, while puppets “in the taste and sense of the racist Music Industry system” would get false applause over the stolen work from these oppressed and sabotaged Minority artists. That is the honest, historical and factual truth.

Any decent human beings with heart, cannot watch this scenario unfold with a straight face and not feel anything toward at least hundreds of Black American Artists who died in depression and poor from Music Industry discriminations and abuses, or the rest of the World and all other variations of non-white Cultures and Minorities.

People have fought against this Music Industry system whole lives, and died, like this, feeling like “they have been unfairly blocked from living”! Duality is one thing, this is a whole other level of totally out of control evil.


Compared to Mike, I did not have to spend that much time occupied by studio work since childhood and working hard all my youth, and adult life, 24/7. I had enough time to evolve and focus my spiritual psychic divine, God-given magic skills all my life…and I out-thought the Devil himself even.

Maestro and Maestra- What Title Really Means Ghosts Michael Jackson Movie Messages for THRILLER NIGHT - THE NEW HALLOWEEN CONCEPT © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official- ArchangelMichael777
Maestro and Maestra- What Title Really Means Ghosts Michael Jackson Movie Messages for THRILLER NIGHT – THE NEW HALLOWEEN CONCEPT © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official- ArchangelMichael777

Stop messing with my Michael´s truth and hard work! Stop messing with MY SOUL! Or enjoy the “game time”- Hollywood, as Michael announced in his Movie GHOSTS.

I´m not gonna spend my life “being some colour to you” – I am colourless and represent soul, and all souls are in basics when created equal and have equal opportunities shaped by free will and what one makes of the own soul.

Now all this, wouldn´t that be the perfect reason for Archangel Michael to come to this Planet, in disguise, as a human being, and shake up the system this way to bring justice to all these souls, by demonstrating these truths himself publicly?

He fought, in that way. Taking hit after hit, and still standing, and speaking up. And I am the same way, and I will speak up until my last breath.


Just like Minority Artists with different ethnic backgrounds have issues being treated abusive and with racism, but Women and Girls too. I spoke of this since years on this Blog and in my Book, and the basic disrespect toward Women “to be capable of being their own Boss or a Boss in general” by Men in the Music Industry.

All that, makes some aspects of Show Business much more difficult, and also dangerous sometimes, for me as a Woman, that it was for Michael as a Man. We Women are mistreated even more, and not even given a Chance to built up something easily, to begin with anyways.

In fact, if you look closely, only when Michael started to channel me after my Birth in 1982 MORE, including the Likeness-Style and Appearance Merging, they attacked him more, mocking “me within him”.

Michael Jackson channeled his Twin Flame since her Birth in 1982- The Metamorphosis Story Documentary Project- Susan Elsa © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson channeled his Twin Flame since her Birth in 1982- The Metamorphosis Story Documentary Project- Susan Elsa © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

They kept printing publicly bullying things like:”Michael Jackson was a Black Man and became a White Woman”- “Michael Jackson is gay and girly” and all the mocking of his soft voice or giggle in high notes, like me. Michael could not help it, when he had his skin disorder mess up the even look of a person´s skin and appearance, and found a good, creative and authentic, soul-based solution: He applied make up, like me…the same way.

No need to mention other Cultures and societies around the World, which have no “business respect toward Women”. It is horrible, in many aspects of society, business-wise and private, Girls and Women are not given basic respect for their work, or intellectual ability and earning.


What Michael Jackson created with his unique artistic finger print all over the Music Culture worldwide is a true and very public revolution for Music and Artistic Expression in modern time.

There have been people doing similar art in the past, long long in the past, meaning with the same magical, honest, inner soul vibe. Michael showed to people in current time on Earth, that if we remember our past, and learn from it, and create beauty for our future, we can save and heal this World and this Humanity.

You can read into many articles and different information on our Blog here about Twin Flame Souls.

Just to attune to the light vibe of love, until our next Projects are ready for release and finished in production process.

I am here to help you all understand Michael, and the part of him you have not yet fully seen. Everything he did, had a meaning. A deep profound meaning about the Human Soul and the Truth about this Life and Beyond.


Originality is directly linked with the individual self, the personality of an individual, like the finger prints that vary from human to human.

The Copyright law, despite for my personal opinion having been launched way late anyways, had different purposes.

One, for example, is a right linked deeply to basic human rights- because if an artist writes a song about their child, husband, wife, mother, father, friend or a personal, intimate experience, you let your emotions and memories flow into it too and these elements are what enables the “idea to evolve into a song” to begin with.

This whole process is protected as well, in Copyright and Artist/Persons Rights, because “the emotional aspect” counts. You have therefore the Copyright, often also in Indie Labels like mine, the full Publishing Rights as well, and that is all to make sure your feelings and psyche and sacred memories, intimacy and privacy, and your very soul, is not invaded by someone else which YOU as the original copyright holder DO NOT WANT TO SING OR USE YOUR SONG OR COPYRIGHTED RELEASE in any way.

Imagine, you build a house, you build it from scratch, you think about your Dream House all your childhood and youth, then you make it as an Adult. You craft on paper for years ideas, relating in small complex details like a tree to personal experiences in stages of your life, relationships, break ups, challenges, unique “intellectual thought” of your individual human perspective- and then, someone else comes, and copies your whole House including your bed sheets, grabs some wife/husband looking like yours, names their Kids like yours, and goes to buy the same underwear as you constantly, you would not feel comfortable, nor could you enjoy your life freely this way. Right? Imagine then, this person or group, also going public with your original Dream House Vision and Details, claiming “they came up with it originally and thought about it since childhood” like you don´t exist.

That is not only insane type of behaviour, but criminal in fact, when it comes to Copyrights, Music Original Authors and all that creative, personal expression protected under the law.


Let us begin here with a summary of how the Music Industry behaves, when it comes to competition and trying to “control the market which includes competitor´s next projects outcome”.

Back in the day, they would bribe folks or simply make false agents break and enter studios and homes, stealing work secrets of the competitors and their next projects and album concepts and so forth. This is why Michael Jackson flew his DANGEROUS Album finished production copy to the CD pressing plant via a private jet including own Bodyguards to guard that nobody touches or listens into his not yet released next Album.

Nowadays, it is much more horrible, smooth criminal style, online, since EVERYTHING is wired and connected to some internet signal, they can globally just access illegally your studio computers, demo files, word documents, digital notes, pictures and service themselves this way to spy into competitor´s competing projects in order to control the market and “success outcomes” or “enforce artificially the illusion of failures”.

At the same time, the global media system is also used, daily, to enforce further the puppet´s faces all over the place, wearing like the wolf in sheep´s disguise other, mainly independent and ethnically speaking, minority artists´ original works and innovations like “some fake dress to deceive”.


Ranging from simple and direct stealing and copying of another´s musical work, to impersonation of competitors personal situations, stories and unique data, everything on the whole line is done by the Music Industry to “uphold the old corrupt system” around the whole show business.

Like mentioned above, the methods used are highly criminal often, and that is a fact. Maybe some people are fooled or not thinking far enough, when they see “stuff happening online”- like the Internet is some “strange other World without any law or rules”- and that is not true and should not be this way. That is like, some crazy guy, lets say, obsessing over a woman and stalking her, but never touching her or so lets say, just staring daily, and then making “sketches of rape fantasies and threats” and then what? You say, oh “he is not a stalker or did anything wrong cuz he did not actually rape her physically”? What if he hangs the sketches up the window so she can see it, but on his house not hers direct, but she keeps seeing it daily feeling harassed deeply, you say, no its okay, wait until this crazy guy does something like kill her?

Why do people think, if someone has a Blog online, as a side project to actual Label Releases and own hard work with official copyright registrations since years and all, it is “okay and lawful for another online to impersonate all data on that original person and remove the original copyright holders name”?

How do you think it is okay, that when it comes to a much deeper, ultimate and untouchable truth like the DEEPEST CORE TRUTH OF YOUR VERY SOUL, and the detail of the Twin Flame within that own Soul, it is okay for others because it is ONLINE ON THE INTERNET to claim such a whole soul as their own?

That goes even way further beyond copyright law and human rights/artists rights laws. Wouldn´t you agree?

So that is one aspect, and the Music Industry uses money-power and espionage methods to “create some unlawful advantage” on the market, constantly. What true Artists that “breathe and live their Art as part of their Soul” have to live through in this World is not okay and very, very sad and highly against human rights and natural, human evolution!

Literal “military and war type methods” such as psychological operations methods in war, are used nowadays on MUSICIANS AND ARTISTS- like it happened to Michael Jackson.

That is a complete abuse of human rights, and here specifically, American Citizen rights as well.

People who never had anything closer to do with the Music Industry have no idea, so much, they cannot even begin to imagine what a nightmare the shadow side of show business is- and that especially for ethnic minorities and independent, honest Artists. Michael spoke up “for the under dog” always, and he in fact put himself on the line much, FOR the voiceless and oppressed minority artists.

It is serious, because those innocent human beings (minority artists) have whole lives erased, oppressed, decades of those methods used on them until nothing remains of them, nor their original story and work. Everything slowly “carved away from them and their work sold by system puppets”.

Many means are applied by the Music Industry, to also “dry out financially a competitor or artist or band” to cut them off basic needs and “cage them in a u-turn” with Projects.

If nothing helps, and someone like Michael Jackson comes about and makes that much money as well- they used other methods, more harsh and open and public like making up horrible false accusations about his sexuality and actions (psy ops)- circulating the lies everywhere in the system´s media globally and try to “brainwash the public out of liking the person or following further the Music Releases” and so forth.

They did this live in front of you with Mike, and YOU KNOW IT.

If you are a “Fan”, you must know that. You must know this truth. Tabloids are a “disinformation and bully weapon” used on people, also not famous people often actually.

Michael Jackson- Making of BLACK OR WHITE (Dangerous Album) - Photo for educational and documentary purpose
Michael Jackson- Making of BLACK OR WHITE (Dangerous Album) – Photo for educational and documentary purpose


Tabloids, to me, is not just the press. It is also the digital online press now, they do not “print anymore” they “type and circulate without any paper costs worldwide online” easily nowadays.

Many things they said and made up recently about Michael, his Kids, his family, his Business matters, his Personal Situations, and some Fans would “help for free and further circulate insulting lies on social media”- instead of letting them dry out and ignoring them! That would be smartest thing to do, but everyone must follow the idea.

The other problem here is, honestly you have to be careful who you communicate with online. We have caught evidence on them “making fake unreal profiles and accounts online for cowardish defamation tactics”and put some of it here on the blog. And I saw many things myself, documented well but not published yet in detail, about how over years even they would tactically and fully calculated “use Michael Jackson´s name to get more sales” by trying to get HIS MANY FANS TO BUY COMPETITORS´SHIT.

And how? They would simply make up many, many “fake MJ Fans profiles pretending to be real people” and comment on their own shit and pretend to you real MJ Fans and real People, that “oh this and that artist now is liked by Michael Jackson´s Fans” so the real people see it, and get tricked psychologically thinking “oh other MJ Fans love this, so maybe I should check it out too”.

Wake up…

This is not a game and very serious. They trying to bury his truth with him after how hard he fought, and I am happy to be alive still to speak up and inform.

It is all about you staying aware, and remembering the suffering with these things I say out loud here which Michael had to endure long. Stay aware, in the chaos and storm of their lies. Keep your mind protected from being a ping-pong ball for them, and your own soul (including your twin flame counterpart).

Research who owns which sources, and do generally not believe anyone anything about Michael´s spirituality and the Twin Flame stuff, nor the “detailed business knowledge” of people outside to this Business, and use your own mind to figure out and “out-think” the system. Learn to think complex, or else they trick you easily.


Michael Jackson did not figure out their game and “out-think them” because it is so easy. It is very complex, and with his unique analytical, complex mind he was able to see fine details about things most to not even notice and add one point to the other and see the big picture.

Michael Jackson out-thought thousands if not millions of people on this Planet.


Michael Jackson was the very first, in modern time, via modern technology like Video and Visuals as well, to “put the Twin Flame vibe” DIRECTLY on the global stage like that. Nobody was talking about it, nobody taught about it, nobody had access to full and satisfying information about it, nobody heard of it in schools worldwide, nobody had anything about “Twin Flames” in mind, in modern time, when Michael Jackson came into his own self power realization and began his extraordinary Solo Career.

Nobody understood, therefore, why “the Man seems to be androgynous, masculine and feminine vibes at the same time” and the appearance angle was startling people.

This is finally all it is about, about LOVE itself, where it came from, what it is truly, what makes eternal life possible and what heals hearts and souls.

Only love is what can do that.

The most evil person can change and heal when touched by true love energy.

This whole World, not just the Music Business, could be so whole, evolved, way beyond anything we see today, if people would see for once that love is always the only answer, and never hate/jealousy.

Jealousy means stupidity, and competing with others living their simple lives only reveals that the people filled with jealousy like this “have stopped working on themselves and their life purpose and crafts”. Nobody evolves sitting there all jealous staring at others achievements and training and so forth!

You get your ass up and do something to “become something own but similar to Michael Jackson” or to me, and that is how you STAY YOU and evolve. No need for jealousy!

There is no “black or white” in your soul body! There is no duality, no night and day, but only day light and love. There is only you, your individual energy field, personality, and twin flame individual unique combination. Pure soul, pure personality, pure heart. Your personal inner mind, your thoughts, everything INSIDE that makes you be you, that is all there is- no skin colour, no “money”, no tabloids and no options to trick like Hollywood does on dualistic Earth only.

You can try to block and hold back others from living and evolving in who they are, and it might like it did with many innocent, unheard of Artists and other Human Beings work to some degree here, on this Planet.

But when you die, you will face your actions and that is fatal and absolute then. No more going back to Earth and fixing bad actions…

Then you will lose, fairly, more than what the innocent souls lost, having lived their whole lives temporarily here oppressed and abused by you.

And that is never worth it, and completely “spiritual dumbness”.

I know it is not always easy to admit mistakes, for these stuck jealous people in Hollywood, or even higher more world-dominating political institutions which enforce their agenda onto even INNOCENT ARTISTRY, for its “propaganda effect” – but it will be much, much harder to face this karma and doom of your souls if you do not make that change before it is too late.

Keep hurting my soul, and I will hurt, yes, I will cry, I will feel even compassion for you silently as I cry, disappointed by what you do to your own soul and fate, but I will be okay in the long term.

When you stab my heart, I feel how you just stabbed your own heart in spiritual truth, and the consequence of your action and thought, and I get angry and sad at the same time, because it has no meaning in the general overview on human evolution to behave this way and “ruin your eternal soul”- for nothing. You can abuse my name, wage war on it, you can twist my history and my information, but you can never reach my soul nor corrupt it.

I AM. (Archangel Michael)

The Maestra & The Maestro

(Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit/Archangel Michael/Osiris) ©


ARCHANGEL MICHAEL JACKSON & HIS TWIN SOUL SUSAN ELSA AT THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE (Special Update on Healing Travel Journey Live) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

THE STARLIGHT MAGIC POWER: Archangel Michael´s Spiritual Judgement of Hollywood and Oscar Boycott News for Racism © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

This is an update, live, directly from the Bermuda Triangle. I am still traveling, and therefore could not write much recently, but I wanted to give you a quick update and report from the so-called “Devil Triangle”- which now we are transforming, Archangel Michael Style, into the BLUE TRIANGLE OF ARCHANGEL MICHAEL. A big statement, and healing consciousness spot, a planetary “g spot” on Planet Earth that can fuel all other Earth Chakras, such as the Kundalini Spine/Djed of Osiris.

About 2 hours before landing, on the 11th of February 2016, here at Bermuda, I felt the energy rising as strong northern winds kept us in the air and prolonged the flight so it took longer than expected to arrive. Like, literally flying against Set’s winds and fears, as Archangel Michael is coming to kick his ass.

I began with Michael then, to focus the BLUE RAY into the Triangle already, and then we landed safely. From the start I have been welcomed in a very heart warming sweet way by the Bermudians, and met quite a few interesting folks here. The majority of the population in Bermuda is Black, as some of you might know, all these original Africans have once been taken away from their original homelands in Africa and brought here via slavery and slave ships. Today, this truth still shows, and people are going through struggles, affected by the Triangle imbalanced energies.

It is finally all about Osiris (The Black King) vs. Set (The Ghost of Jealousy), or in other words, Archangel Michael vs. the Devil.

Racism, poverty, injustice, manipulation of information and history, spiritual teachings about Twin Flames, all are a product of this battle. Many things in the human mass consciousness and society, worldwide, are rising up to the surface now, as we focus our shared Twin Soul Mind Magic on healing the Planet, and Humanity.

See, Osiris, as you may read more in our previous articles on the Black Consciousness, was obviously black and African. There was a time once, on this Planet, when Black People were Kings and Queens, and taught like a Mother/Father the rest of the World about Spirituality, and Twin Flames. I am talking about the original Kemetic Knowledge, the Mystery Schools of Ancient Egypt, that now will be resurrected by us once again to bring back true Knowledge and Spiritual Power to People.

I have had meetings with political figures as well, for the first time in my life, and found it to be very wonderful and interesting, how open all people are becoming toward me and Michael and our Archangel Michael Aura. We are here to help, we are here to change the World, and Michael especially is very proud and happy to show me around. I definitely am open to give a helping hand and spiritual guidance and advice to anyone that seeks to adjust to the changing world consciousness, so just write me if you want to talk. The World is changing, and the speed of the change is fastening now.

In this journey, and seeing different folks openness and feedback toward me, I have also for myself learned new things and came to realize, that nobody can really attack me, it is maybe words some folks online use, out of jealousy and racism, to insult, defame and attack, but in reality, the truth shows like a bright light brighter than the sun, even on a political type level. I mean, wow, Michael and God really make everything possible.

I have personally gone through many challenges, not only generally in my life before, but different and sensitive challenges since Michael passed, and ascended. The Twin Flame Merging was not an easy thing, I mean, we are talking about Michael Jackson here, and so all his Challenges have been re-directed at me, the personal attacks, the lies about personal information, my privacy, my Music and Copyrights, my Message so to speak, attacked, plus the Messenger, as they say, to distract from the truth showing and rising.

Michael Jackson has experienced a lot of racism, from the Entertainment Industry and other Branches too, outside of Entertainment. It was very difficult and sad for me to have to watch folks aim at me in a racist way, people, racist people, trying to even put such messed up, unhealthy human thinking on MY SOUL too. Michael Jackson was a Black Man, and he was very, very proud of his heritage and History. He read so much into it, that he figured out things people usually do not even notice going on in the World. But I do not give into that anymore, when nowadays folks insult and spread false Twin Flame Information to attack me and him in a racist way, because simply it does not matter, it hurts only because I have a big heart, but it does not change the truth nor does it cloud real people’s views on the truth.

I am also happy to see some folks in the Mainstream Music Business pick up Michael’s Justice and Anti-Racism Messages and give tribute to it and expand it now. It is much needed and healing, and comes in the right timing now, as we focus our Mind, people open up more and more, even in that really stuck and messed up Entertainment Business! That means a lot to me.

Expect that the Setian minds will try to rise more now to interfere, but it will only reinforce the truth of Archangel Michael, as usual. Archangel Michael chose to return to Planet Earth as a BLACK MAN, with the original African Spiritual Truth, being part of the oppressed people, just like I, Archeia Faith, his Twin Flame Soul, am reincarnated as a North African – Egyptian once again, as also Arab and African Women are the most oppressed in Human History as well. This is to show solidarity, this is a deep truth, a love hand reaching out in  a human way, once again, just like in ancient Egypt, to show you all we are here, for all of you. We love Humanity from the deepest of our shared angelic Soul.

Finally, it doesn’t matter if you are black or white, if you want to be my brother/sister. But we did not and would never chose an Appearance to return here, of the Oppressor (white, blonde, racist) – and if you look around you will see for yourself how such racist minded people are trying to interfere and “make Archangel Michael a white Caucasian blonde blue eyed Story” -dissing him and me in the face and publicly.

I forgive you. And I hope you will step away from this old way of thinking, this SETIAN JEALOUSY mind, and heal yourself, and put your hand in ours. Love and equality is what all our work is about, and you may realize someday that everything we do and have done is for you too, as all is one and connected in Gods Heart of Love finally. The truth of spiritual heavenly dimensions knows no skin colour or race, but only pure love, and respect for each other innocent soul. Everyone has the right to blossom, live, evolve, be happy and especially LOVE.

Twin Flames are not topic bound to duality and humanistic thinking, but a higher untouched heavenly truth, and our earthly ways and appearance is for a reason.

Michael layed down the first basis, and now I am helping you all to understand his message in the deeper way, in the soul way, so your hearts can be free. Free hearts can live eternally and evolve without limitations. Think about what all this means.

Could it be you are all Angels originally too? This is my question I have for you, to reflect on today, in your heart. Who are you really and who do you want to be in your eternal life? An Osiris, or a Set? You make the decision, you make the change in your Mirror, as God gave you all free will. We are just here to guide and help.

I truly enjoy my journey here, and have even worked on new songs. Everyone enjoyed the vibes, totally unprepared freestyle channeling as usual, because Michael got my back. My new Kemetic friend here, having visited the Studio too and watched, said I totally “got the Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston type Singers voice”- and many details resonated with them making them remember Michael’s Song. It was such a happy vibe, everyone felt it. I truly love the People of Bermuda, and Bermuda itself is beautiful. I visited also the Botanical Gardens, seeing and feeling huge majestic Trees, and the Caves they have here under water. It was magical. I then found out, that my favourite Disney Character, Ariel the Mermaid, has been based on a Story of an old Movie from 1914 filmed here, in those Crystal Caves in Bermuda, with Annette Kellerman. Everything resonates perfectly, I am stunned at Michael’s precision in his guidance in these Projects and the Journey.

This time, truly, my Song will be heard in his, and then you will understand him once and for all, on all levels, inside and outside, on Earth and in Heaven, in who he truly is.

Michael Jackson is Archangel Michael.

We’re sending our a Major Love Ray from the Triangle,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael/ Osiris) ©

VIDEO: Archangel Michael Jackson and Twin Soul News – Bermuda Triangle (Quick Live Updates)