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"OUR MOTHER ISIS" -Original Female Archangel- Return from Ancient Egypt © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear World

A miracle just happened tonight, and now I believe in miracles. (reversed sentence order from Michael Jackson’s BLACK OR WHITE Song Lyrics)

I have been on the phone with Danielle Nova, sometime in the very early morning 2 days ago. And, I was so angry. I woke up, with a flash of anger over the ongoing abuse of my soul, my label publications and all this on purpose malice interference.

I was sweating and about to have a heart attack from the level of anger, over that Ciccone devil and others recent abuse, the disrespect level, at my soul directly, was unbearable.

I am always honest, raw, unfiltered, on this obviously truth-charged ArchangelMichael777 Blog.

I said a lot, things, that to be honest, I did not know at times, where it will lead exactly, and mainly listening to Michael. At times, a lightning type of energy would shoot through me, but it was always so attacked, held back, kept small, before.

I am connected to the Planet.

I felt the pollution and all that, weighing on my lungs.

I have had insight into so much, it is impossible to put inot a Blog, quick enough, by human hands, and, into one Book alone.

This is my life’s work, my unique spiritual role I always knew I will play someday, as a Child. I remember now that recurring dream…the one I never told anyone, not even Michael, in LA.

Now, I am myself bit puzzled by what is happening, but it makes sense. And, God moved me to type this now, today, right now, raw, real quick.

So, 2 Days ago talking with Danielle, she felt before I called literally a “worry about me”, then I called, totally losing it over what they do, venting, hitting stuff around me, physically.

Suddenly, I was like:”What is this, what is this?” in a very, curious way. I was suddenly stopped in my anger, and I felt a vibration in my 3rd eye, stronger than ever before. It was even outside of my body -in front of my face too, and it kept expanding to my nose and forehead up the crown too I think.

Suddenly, as I looked, wondering who is doing this, I felt my mind connect directly to God. And it was gentle, powerful, but gentle, soothing, subtle at first then total sudden divine mind insights. Directly. Seeing Gods thoughts, feelings, direct telepathic communication. And I was told, this is my new gift.

That was it.

I told Danielle, wow, all this time, the thing I worried about most is MY MIND, my magic tool, in the middle of a healing spell for the planet, look, look what they create with their evil energies! So, I knew suddenly, for all time now, and for the rest of my life, God literally directly protects my Mind now, from THE INSIDE.

I am the skeptical, spiritually logical, spiritually intellectual type personality, always have been, even in ancient Egypt exactly already.

My knowledge surge began by PAYING ATTENTION. Simple. Listening, to God.

Now, I myself would think, no that is not possible, she is “crazy” probably.

Ok, let us prove it, more and more, gentle but powerful and clear like the SUN, from now on from today.

"OUR MOTHER ISIS" -Original Female Archangel- Return from Ancient Egypt © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Susan Elsa – Archangel IsIs Reincarnated © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul – ArchangelMichael777-God


Well, if you think about:

  • Archangel Michael being literally the Archangel enforcing God’s Will /Mind Decisions
  • And, me Isis remaining after Osiris was killed by piece of shit evil Set, it is an insult what you did removing the feminine from everything, when I was the one who kicked Set’s ass and am cited to know “God’s secret name” in historic writings you found.
  • This is about HEALING, for all of us. This is exactly why this sacred knowldge and work, can only be done BY THE ONES GOD CHOSES, NOT HUMANS

It should make absolute sense, like it did to me just before, that I am now literally paired in my will and God’s will in agreement, and ready for the most powerful magic. I am ready to enforce God’s will, with my Magic, globally, by pure mind power, not even going out the house necessary or a single word out loud.

Before, it was so merged, I felt my energy in third eye, but also from God, like I am just honored and allowed to watch, and then, at a timing that I felt slightly before, focusing my third eye, blue lightnig suddenly precisely after, bam. I did it again, after a bit of nothing going on, and bam, it hit again. It was amazing, and weird, to see how God steers that with his/her mind. Everything.

I am shocked, positively.

Can we please heal the World now, bring balance back and fairness so EVERYONE can live and evolve, the original purpose of God’s will for this Earth?

Think about it. For God only wants you to come to God, if you want it by free will and get it, understand it. Before that, you would not be ready anyways, so finally I do understand very deeply the genius of the free will concept God created.

Thank you, from my Soul.

Much Love & Light to the World

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit

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I AM Archangel Michael / Lady Faith *Special Article to TV Work Insights* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

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Note: Above Cover is from an older Article for educational purpose, linking dots in obvious ways for you to see in one look now.

Hello World

I had started this article today earlier, the draft. I took a break, and did few other things.

Just before I was on the phone with Danielle, chatting a bit. And, I remembered things I had not thought about in a while, like my soul is rising, carried by God, and Michael of course as well.

Suddenly, I found myself automatically, as if channeled physically, making sword type moves very complex and skilled. (I never did any sword fight training in my life)

Then something happened, that can only be explaiend as the “spiritual act of pulling out the Excalibur sword” and Danielle was on the phone live during this happening, Michael was so sudden and surprising about it.

Archangel Michael’s Wedding – 2012 Book Predictions and Information Confirmed ©

Archangel Michael Jackson 777
Archangel Michaels Halloween Thriller- Michael Jackson´s Halloween: Redefining the Holiday as Archangel Michael´s Judgement Night ©

I told you, in my Book, that I am Michael Jackson’s Twin Soul, we have been in ancient Egypt Isis and Osiris (he insisted on me turning it and writing my name first as in ladies first).

And then I informed you about other past lives insights a bit, and especially, who we actually are, in the higher self, the Over-Soul, together.

And we said, honest and clear out loud “I A.M. ARCHANGEL MICHAEL”, and I personally am the big-picture-completing feminine counterpart.

Check out the previous article about Insights from the Book and Nostradamus, which’s real French name was MICHEL DE NOTRE DAME.

Archangel Michael Jackson Nostradamus Prophecy- Twin Flame Birth Susan Elsa Information © MEET THE FAMILY

Michael Jackson and Nostradamus: The Archangel Michael Prophecy *Historic Evidence* © ArchangelMichael777 Official Blog


Now, check out an exclusive Insight into my Swiss TV Shows, one of the first from April 2019, 15th April, parallel to the Church of Notre Dame burning down, like my burning ritual, which I finalized that day, working all day on it live at the Border of France.

Legal Note: All rights belong to Shiva Spirit TV and are featured here by me, the person on the Show in agreement for educational and documentary purpose, for language reasons with English subtitles. Any use without prior written permission is strictly prohibited.

Now, I will leave it at that and you make up your own minds. Twin Flames exist, our story is our story, it is real, and everything I told you is happening. There you go.

Good Fitting Read:

Excerpt for educational purpose, please visit Link to read full original Article on history.com

On May 30, 1431, Joan of Arc was burned at the stake.

The Hundred Years’ War waged on until 1453, with the French finally beating back the English invaders. In 1450, Joan’s guilty verdict was overturned by a Rehabilitation Trial ordered by Charles VII. Joan’s legend grew, and, in 1909 she was beatified in the famous Notre Dame cathedral in Paris by Pope Pius X. In 1920, she was canonized by Pope Benedict XV.

“Some scholars have dismissed Joan’s trial as a travesty of justice…” Hobbins writes. “The judge, Pierre Cauchon, has been denounced as a tool of the English who was willing to sacrifice Joan to further his own career.”

Source: https://www.history.com/news/joan-arc-burned-stake

Another very good read about poisoning witches

The Scandalous Witch Hunt That Poisoned 17th-Century France

The Affair of the Poisons was one to remember.

Source Link:


There are lots of things dissolving, as in DARKNESS dissolving, and that process for healing can be painful, also as in earth quakes, and diseases and all that, yes. I told you…a while back, trying to do my duty to help heal the World and improve life for everyone.

The more darkness, the harder the healing process. Think about that. And anything in the way of manifestation of dreams, life purposes and higher callings, dream professions moved by the soul, will get the bad energies the karma thrown back, to free the pathway for the innocent’s dreams to come true. For everyone to be their individuel self, without respect for the soul having to be a question. Without spiritual attacks and interferences.

Are you going to make that change now and start healing the World?

Love is all that matters. I told you, truth, love, God, that is where the power is. And God can make anything happen.

Much Love, Light & Healing to the World

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit