About the Native Indian Americans and Spiritual – Physical Rights on Earth & the Universe © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

About the Native Indian Americans and Spiritual - Physical Rights on Earth & the Universe © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
About the Native Indian Americans and Spiritual - Physical Rights on Earth & the Universe © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Native Indian Americans and Spiritual – Physical Rights on Earth & the Universe © Blog Article ArchangelMichael777

Photo: Chief Joseph by Edward Curtis

Dear World

This is a special Article from my heart, written on the 18th January 2018. (©)

Many of you already know, since years, that I have driven “accidentally” in early 2007 while travelling through Arizona, through Indian Reserve Land. I have written about it in my 2012 Book, and on this Blog, over and over. I cannot describe well enough verbally, how intense the anger, frustration, sadness and again, anger over the injustice and evil I have felt when I saw the trailer mobile home park lifestyle in the reserves, dust wind, darkish it was that day, the trash piled up next to this trailer home, a horse, a donkey and some chickens. I felt the energy, I was so angry I almost cried, and my friend with me in the Car that day tried calming me down. I never forgot this sight. Seeing for myself, what they have done in the meantime to the native Peoples…how everything beautiful they once had and were seemed gone in this sad dusty desert wind.

NOBODY talks enough about it or calls it what it really is, but talks about meaningless tools and sell outs “Celebrities and what they like cooking and wearing”, or what some white old racist Woman in France thinks about other Women who were sexually abused and more, defending “the right to harass” publicly, that gets “media attention and time”, they give such people for bullshit a Megaphone, while in the meantime the problems for Natives continuing in subtle ways via racism, sabotage, discrimination job wise, financially, in “American” society, and so it keeps going, like the remaining sacred Natives are “invisible”. Where is the public, and Celebrity voice for also Natives? If you think there ain’t talent, you are very wrong!

Besides my memories and spiritual connectedness to ancient Egypt, a very important incarnation I had back then, I always slightly only remembered bits and pieces since my youth, about having lived once BEFORE INVASION, as a native “American” and I was a Shaman Woman and had a strong connection, naturally, to the Eagle and Falcons due to who I am in Spirit.

I sadly, in the years living in Los Angeles, never directly got involved with native Americans, I wanted to go “look for them” at some waterfall in Arizona, but we couldn’t find our way with the map we had and the car tire broke on the way too, in some mountains in the middle of heat and dust.

Also, as my dear Followers who have read my Book, I earlier in Winter 2003 had a spiritual attack going on and battle with a very dark Spirit, called “Set” (check ancient Egyptian History) and did a banning ritual, intuitively driving with a friend of my sister from Nebraska to Iowa to do the banning ritual at the Humboldt Park, because I had heard the following:

  • It is the second most haunted place in America
  • There are native American burial grounds and Spirits there

I knew, “my people” the natives, in Spirit, I could connect with there, can help me fight the good fight and ban evil Set. The first time, as it got dark, we could not finish the banning ritual, I called the native Spirits and they really came! Me and my sister’s friend, a super tall wide guy, stood there in dark silence up a hill in front of some cliff, and suddenly heard increasing in volume and closeness native drums sounding from all 4 directions, north, south, west and east. We kept going. Then a being that looked like it is made of light, spiritual, floated up the cliff and we immediately ran to the Car and drove home, to continue the next day during day time.

I never expected this, and the next Day it worked, and I felt the native spiritual support and how they helped me against Set.

We felt so “light like a feather”, like “sunshine and bright light fills our hearts” and kept singing all happy in the sunshine the Evanescence song “Tourniquet” in the car drive home to Nebraska.

If you didn’t know, Michael Jackson was partially native American, from his Father’s side. Michael did NOT feature anything of modern “America with white people” in his BLACK OR WHITE Video, he featured native Indian Americans.

Check his work here:


For the MJ Fans reading this, you KNOW what Michael fought for and stood for. You know his works, the details, the repeated messages by him personally in public. Remember that and think further, also how Michael himself was sabotaged and discriminated against FOR SPEAKING TRUTH in such a big mainstream way.

What happened to Michael, was not just about money, it’s a tool, a small part, money. It’s mainly about truth and power, about indigenous cultures and people’s situation and what has really all happened in history to get us in this situation. On the same Album, Michael features his famous World healing Message Song “Heal the World”, and “Remember the Time” about ancient Egypt, African Black History Truth.

Michael was a hobby Historian, he loved analysing everything and deeply understanding the root of everything. It is also typical Virgo by the way, but Michael just had a special brain. A special soul. A never ending hunger for knowledge and truth. He had the mind of a super detective, when closely studying word events and history, and he went out there to check things out for himself, around the World, in many places. He saw the World, and he studied and analysed it perfectly.

I always wanted, like I said, to get in touch with real native Americans personal and private, talking, learning, hearing their stories and truth of the situation nowadays. I never tried reaching out myself, to be honest, I had a lot of respect and didn’t know how to approach it and where to find them, I grew up in Switzerland far away.

Since over a year I am in touch now with the first native American in this lifetime I ever talked to personally, and we immediately formed a friendship. One of the first things he asked me was if I am myself “native”, as I look that way. I like that. I look indigenous, this is how the World’s indigenous Women and Men look like! I told him, yes, I am native Egyptian. I had my own struggle with stress and the things I was left with, after what happened to Michael and all this anger over injustices, on the verge of a burn- out and break down, and he felt it somehow and helped me somehow, I can’t explain it. That proved to me, again, the true spiritual knowledge and sacred spirit of the native Peoples. I will always be thankful for that and remember it. It is obvious that Spirit, and Michael, guided him to me.

I also am in touch since a short while with a great Shaman from Canada originally, doing a lot to carry the knowledge further to all who are open and get the message heard and remembered. People learn a lot from his Pages and he is a true Peace Bringer and Healer too. Someday, I will visit a real Ceremony, I always wanted to do that, and he invited me to visit anytime I am there, in America again. I am very happy to have overcome my fears and trauma and made my peace with traveling to America last October, and I feel free again and have hope to help heal the World.

Just yesterday, I discovered a unique Rapper, who is also native, and does the most unique stuff with his fashion presentation together with his Hip Hop, and it makes me happy to see all this love and art and effort by all those wonderful people trying to bring positive change and healing to this World.

I am still learning and hope to be able to help heal the native American people and get their voices heard, in Music and Movies too. And as for America, the whole World is seeing how troubled this country is by now, beaten up by Karma literally, and still like a train wreck driving into some dark abyss as if driven by sheer stupidity and absence of thought.

I said few times and will say it again: It is important to attune Earth and Spiritual Realms, it must resonate. We must all respect Mother Nature and live in tune with Nature, not against it. People are living, breathing soul beings on Earth also connected to her. Without giving back respect and actually involving and cooperating with native Indian American people, the country cannot heal.

There is no such thing as avoiding such big karma, it is like a cloud of the past until now hanging above this country. Besides many other additional injustices who caused karma, like what was done to Black People, shipped from Africa to other people’s lands. We talked a lot about Africa on this Blog.

The humane in humanity has to win. The compassion and love, has to win over hate and darkness. It is the only way, to really FIX what has been done to the natives, give them opportunities, improve the reserve life at least, give them power back in official positions too, ask their opinions and wisdoms too about important matters for the country.

They will be the ones who find the solutions and keys to HEAL America. That’s how God wants it, and that is how it makes the most sense. Stop before it’s too late, don’t do the same you did to ancient Egyptian Culture and People, to other people over and over, until all original indigenous people and knowledge is forgotten and gone!

That ain’t how to make the World better.

We all matter the same, and we all have rights that shouldn’t be touched and if, the Universal Laws aren’t a game to mess with. What you do onto another, you really spiritually do to yourself!

The spiritual wisdom and focus is, if you ask me, exactly what this World needs to make a big Chance beginning in the Consciousness of people and a real healing to begin. Think about and from your soul, before you do anything to another. And look honestly in the mirror, not just personal, but facing humanity’s truth, whoever you are, black or white, be honest to yourself and make the first step LOOKING at the problems.

Don’t look away, because it “aint your problem”. This is how we ruined this World so far. We are all naturally connected, and every action has a spiritual repercussion – so we should view things as a big human family, trying to solve things for all of us. It is all our problem, and every American should especially think about this and rediscover their humane side.

Take the time and try to imagine, what if you were born as a native American? How would your life be, or different? Where and how would you live, what would you work, what would be your HOPE FOR THE FUTURE exactly, in a situation like this?

We need to give back hope to the Children of the World, the Future, our all’s Future. And that includes especially native American Children and Youth as well! You cannot imagine, dear Readers, if you saw what Archangel Michael’s eyes see, what the native Indian Children were put through since hundreds of years, and native Women…that needs to stop. Archangel Michael protects spiritually and backs up now the native Americans. The Angels heard the call.

That would be a good start. Talk with them, acknowledge them, support their work, if they are a Model or a Musician, Artist or Author. Show support and love, compassion, let’s begin with that.

Respect their culture and learn from them, instead of trying to change them and “force assimilate” them to something less knowledgeable and false. I don’t get it, we can all learn so much from them and their true wisdom and actual EAR for Mother Nature’s subtle voice.

If you remember, how it is to have a “good relationship with Mother Nature”, the feeling of magic, life, fresh air to breathe, clean waters to drink, wonderful flower essences to smell, then you know what I mean.

We’re sending out a Major Love & Light Ray to all native American Tribes,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael)

Danielle Nova – A Voice for all Girls & Women *Special Article* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Danielle Nova - A Voice for all Girls & Women *Special Article* © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Danielle Nova - A Voice for all Girls & Women *Special Article* © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Danielle Nova – A Voice for all Girls & Women *Special Article* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

In the recent months, I have been very busy and did not blog most of last year, 2017. I have my own challenges and private life, and had to focus on more pressing issues and focused on helping others, privately, and not blogging and shielding my Aura.

Despite the more than half a year pause from blogging, I keep getting private messages and comments that are harassing, even sexually harassing, threatening, insulting, and simply defamatory. We all know who is stalking the innocent folks that follow me and Michael and this Blog, or my Music and Movie Projects.

I have had also private talks and built a sincere, positive friendship with Amber Minor (Athena), which is also an Artist and like a little sister to me. A crazy and literally criminal, lying “copycat blogger” named Debbie Stefaniak had talked with her, and incited her against me, an underaged Girl, to stay hidden herself, that abusive coward. Another friend of mine, Debbie also spoke to, only via email always, no Camera, no phone, nothing, to hide her truth of course and that she is a rapist minded fraud. This other friend as well, saw through her hate energy and evil intentions, and simply that she is fake, cut with her and told me everything she was doing and making up about my Person.

Think about the whole shit Michael went through, the ADULTS sabotaging, lying and working hard and regularly to disturb Michael’s peace, WORK, and PRIVACY. They too used children to hurt Michael’s soul, because he was always innocent, just like they try to stab my heart the same way. But it ain’t working, and now, Ladies and Gentleman, the Karma is kicking in and kicking Hollywood in the ass.

We are talking about an amount of sexual abuse, rape, stalking, sabotaging, lying, threatening, abusing that reveals a HISTORIC disrespect towards Women, in Show Business, just like I kept telling you all the whole time since 2011 on this Blog. I do not speak of details of my own experiences in public, but I have mentioned in my Book and this Blog that I got stalked once by a very obsessed crazy Man for months, another one when I was younger that literally “had sex with my door” like a total Psycho, because I didn’t want to come out of course, and other issues as a Woman being harassed trying to do my work, which is funny enough FILM DIRECTING. (That’s my education)

In fact, most of the time someone claims to want to help me with my work and future, projects, since I was a teenager, would get interested in me personally and somehow everything would become this forced trying to get me, not taking the work or me as a professional at the work space serious. Even if there were clear contracts in some cases, sexual harassment still happened and this disrespect, while I work, just because I am a woman, an Egyptian (racism too), or nowadays, because my connection with Michael Jackson is known to the public.

I heard a lot of shit from Michael, but this seeing it live, tops everything and confirms all he said, even if it sounded to me at first like “conspiracy talk” in LA. Everything is proven in the meantime he said, and he also said that “he saw at Hollywood parties in private Houses and events very shocking and disturbing things coincidently” happening in certain corners and rooms. He never told me details, as his interest was always to shield me from more sadness or shock. But I knew, due to the nature of our conversation, what he meant.

Now look at Hollywood…

Michael Jackson is innocent, and he keeps HELPING abused Children from Spirit. I myself am an abused child, by the way, and have gone through things people cannot imagine, and I don’t like talking publicly about it. But the Fans and the public has witnessed how they tried to “keep me harassed, threatened and feeling abused to get stuck in my trauma and never heal” , and people like Debbie Stefaniak belong in prison for such attempts, planned on purpose to drive an innocent victim of severe crimes into suicide or death on the street, broke and all ways to the OWN JOB blocked by slander and lies, trying to harm another’s existential situation and health after a severe through criminal means resulting horrible experience of near death. It is against the law, to make up lies about another to harm their reputation, professional AND privat, aiming at the person with obvious racist malice.


As usual, Michael functions autonomously from Spirit and whoever connects to his Spirit, he can guide literally to me. Same he did with Danielle, my very dear friend in the meantime. I remember her contacting me, asking for permission to use some Images and link to my Blog, as she wanted to defend Michael’s innocence. I always sense good and bad energies, and knew from the start, she has a good vibe. I dont’ have time to reply to all emails and messages I get, as you can imagine. This felt special.

In this year now, we have been talking regularly and I have lived with her through her breakup with her Fiance, which was not the right guy at all and disrespectful to her in many ways, selfish, like many Men are. And talking in healing ways through topics about childhood sexual abuse, general sexual disrespect from Men towards Women, or even the opposite (Michael was sexually harassed by some Women) and the whole spiritual Topics and Twin Souls. She experienced some serious abuse, as a child from the Fiance of her Mother, right after her Grandfather died, which was the most important male Figure in her life at that point, since the Father had left the family.

I couldn’t believe this, and kept focusing positive energy for her with Michael on this, and talking long hours together. I always get triggered to help, when I see any Girl or Woman suffering from sexual abuse or rape. My childhood friend, who got raped as a child as well, I tried helping her for years and then had to let go as she was not healing and causing me problems everywhere as if I became the sandbag suddenly. I am not a therapist, and I couldn’t help her anymore after she even tried black Magic at me out of jealousy and got totally weird out of control, and stalked my Boyfriend back then trying to “find things to make me break up with him” so she can have me alone and lonely, with her. Another friend of mine has gone through rape in a past relationship, her first in fact with the first Boyfriend, which used a knife to threaten her screaming like a nutcase, then raping her holding the knife. She is still suffering today, still working on healing completely so it doesn’t affect her and her relationship now anymore. It is one of the biggest crimes and invasion into the personal energetic space and Aura, when people sexually harass, abuse or violently rape another innocent person against their will. There is NO EXCUSE for it, also not from Universal Law and having to respect others FREE WILL.

Danielle was different, so strong, after everything, and I knew she has a special mission in her life. She is a nurse, who didn’t know about spiritual communication directly, twin souls and all that which they censor in public as you know, growing up.

She began with defending Michael, sensing a connection to him in Spirit, which got much stronger when she connected with me (logically), and then Michael guided her parallel, together with me, in Dreams and conversations to release her spiritual blockages so she can hear Spirit clearly and her Aura is cleansed. This happened faster than I usually see in other people, which again proved to me how special Danielle was.

Suddenly, she could hear and sense her Grandfather in Spirit, without any help or channeling from me! Very fast. I think I don’t remember anyone yet that learned so fast, like her. It was also interesting for me, as certain things would be “bridged” by Michael, like showing up in her Dreams and explaining something to her, or throwing a light-energy into her heart chakra, and she had no idea about how he did the same with me in early 2010 with the rose flame he shot into my Heart. It unblocked me, made me also more sensitive, emotional, crying faster, also when happy, I wasn’t like that before, it was like my heart chakra opened again after years of being blocked and shielded by fear of getting hurt.

These walls people built around them due to long years in the past of being taken advantage of, lied to, used, abused and hurt in basic trust. Michael had the same problem, over the years. The heart chakra is the energy center also of all emotions, love, connecting REALLY to others, also romantically, and therefore very important to be “vibrant and open”.

So, shortly after Danielle opened her third eye and spiritual sight so fast, her Twin Soul showed himself to her in a Dream, as he is in Spirit, Sam is his Name. He stood directly in front of her, dressed like a native American. I was so happy for her when she told me, and I was proud of Michael having made once again a sacred connection happen, so she can heal from all she went through in her past.

I wish nothing more for Danielle than to experience true, respectful love, real care by a guy and healing love. I also wish to see her blossom and enjoy sexuality and femininity, and all this her Twin Soul can help her internally with. Any Guy from now on that would approach a relationship with Danielle, would have to RESONATE with Sam, her Twin Soul in Spirit.

Let me explain something important here about Twin Soul Dynamics. Because a Twin Soul is not another person or soul/spirit, but just ANOTHER PART OF YOURSELF, a male resonating with HER MALE ENERGY, fits to HER and is LIKE HER, which then makes soulmate relationships extraordinary magical and great. And trust me, soul family and soulmate relationships last forever as well, we are all always connected.

With the sexual trauma she went through, Sam would of course not bring in the sexual energy right away, but step by step and in her best pace and rhythm, to finally heal her fully. Same thing with my friend, who got raped by her Ex Boyfriend, Michael and me connected her to her Twin Soul in Spirit back in early 2012 already, privately. There too, her Twin Soul keeps a certain distance, to also not mess up the Dynamics between her and her soulmate Husband on Earth. The energy must CONNECT AND RESONATE between Twin Soul Self Energies and a Partner’s energies. The more you are alike, the more likely that there is a strong spiritual connection, mind reading, heart communication by pure non-verbal intuitive means and so forth.

It’s a beautiful thing, soulmate love.

In this World, Selfishness is already a big problem in society, people think only of themselves mostly and their Ego. I have been hurt a lot in my life by friends and people who are like that.

It is not healthy or okay to take the whole Twin Soul Truth into such dysfunctional territory belonging ON EARTH, not to Heaven at all. It’s a pure, innocent spiritual truth about THE SELF, THE OWN SOUL IN IT’S DIFFERENT PARTS AND MALE/FEMAE ENERGIES.

It is just that really, if you know what it is about.

Meaning, RELATION-ships happen with other souls, soulmates mainly. But the basics to that is a healthy SELF, and Soul, which goes back to the Twin Soul Details.

You cannot have a RELATION-ship with yourself, you just ARE yourself and have to in RELATION-ships with other souls improve yourself, heal, learn, evolve, learn new skills, make memories and experiences, LIVE.

In order to get to this self mastery level, you must work on YOURSELF. Don’t project all your fantasies and problems onto some famous Guy because you don’t have any other outlet. Go INWARD, and work there, and this is how you mend and MERGE INTO A WHOLE YOUR OWN SOUL PARTS, which includes the Twin Soul in you logically.

Danielle has understood that from the beginning, because she got no envy in her or this jealousy, towards Michael. This is why she CANNOT have it towards me.

I said it before and will say it again: Anyone who feels things towards  Michael, good or bad, feels the same inside towards me. Words and acting fake or lies don’t make any different or count, it’s the INNER TRUTH that shows here.

She worked on herself, saw me as a friend and pure soul that I am, and I too could therefore trust her, spiritually also, and humanly, and open up my spiritual powers to connect her and help her, together with Michael. Michael deserves big credit here, because he is the Catalyst behind everything.

Michael continues from Spirit to help abused Children, abused Girls and Women as well, and of course Boys and Men too and Elderly. But this is a topic he cares about extremely, due to the injustices he had to endure, being innocent and in fact a victim of emotional and physical abuse as a Child himself. He tried to HELP, all his life, abused Children knowing how it is himself. He never done one thing wrong towards any child, let alone a boy(what a false, personally harassing lie), as Michael was completely heterosexual and only into Adult Women.

Michael suffered trying to find Women to date and form relationships with, due to the stalky, ongoing lies about his Person “oh he is wacko, he is crazy, he is this he is that”, sure. Michael was a passionate Guy with a big heart, he was honest, he showed in private happiness and anger like an innocent child being absolutely honest from their heart.

I can’t stand people who out of jealousy and envy, go make up lies about another Person, about them as a private Person, their intellect or sanity, without knowing them. I hate such people, and some women have done the exact same thing to me like it was done to Michael: Making up hateful, disgusting lies about me, like I wrote in my Book and this Blog years ago, and still- just to make some Boy/Man drop his interest in me because they want him, or just want to compete with me. It’s devilish. It’s evil people who show their evil jealousy when feeling my energy or seeing me happy with someone.

When those types of trash folks stalk my friends, like Danielle, or go publicly online on social media attack them and what they are going through, just to make a FAKE POINT ATTACKING ME, it is not acceptable and I will, if not for myself as I am too nice, I will take legal action against anyone who dares to harass Danielle or any other friends and Women I am supporting and helping and friends with. You have no right to attack them, because they are my friends. In fact, to begin with, you have no right to attack me anyways.

Debbie Stefaniak makes fake accounts, it seems, I am not sure to be honest. But we discovered some fake profiles, that talk like her, and defame and lie exactly her lies, as if she does it hiding as usual her face and ugly truth of being fake. I say a last time now: Stop harassing and lying, you are harming innocent people in the middle of a fight for survival, healing and justice!

Wake up folks, the World is FILLED with regular and somewhat ACCEPTED constant sexual disrespect towards Women, which includes all the stuff that happens when a crazy stalker or rapist goes around threatening, defaming the victim, making up lies to look innocent, even accusing the victim of having “wanted it” or “deserving it” and all this shit. Enough.

This CANNOT continue in society, or this World will go to waste. The Feminine is half of the equation, and it is time Women and Men, Adults and Children, people of different colours and cultures, to come together as ONE HUMAN RACE.

Men and Women can access Heaven, here on Earth, right here, in your mind if you only open up to pure Love. Let the Hate go away, let it die away from this World. Racism, tactics, people only able to pay bills and make a career if a Woman, by sleeping with Guys or allowing sexual favours against their will, or forcefully raped, must be eliminated by the Law now, once and for all.

Do you hear this Hollywood?

Danielle Nova is a big Voice rising now, for all Girls and Women who have gone through similar. She is courageous, has big visions, a huge heart that extends compassion to everyone. She works daily with Children as a Nurse, taking care of them, entertaining them, praying for them and doing literal energy healing work, which makes her a unique Nurse that can bring new ideas to improve the whole Healthcare Nursing Field. That is her Story and Vision, and I fully support it.

Danielle Nova - A Voice for Girls and Women © 2017-2018
Danielle Nova – A Voice for Girls and Women © 2017-2018

You know, it is not an easy road at all, to heal. We all are products of our childhoods, as Michael would say, and it is very true. True wisdom, which Michael thought about all his life to get to. From own experiences he developed a grand vision, for the World, to heal it by starting with THE CHILDREN, WHICH ARE THE FUTURE OF THIS WORLD.

When someone gets abused, sexually, physically by beating, emotionally and verbally, as a child, it takes a whole life time to heal it. You always have sensitivities and get defensive when those are “triggered”. And don’t forget the whole Post Traumatic Stress Disorder factor as well, it really affects someone emotionally, spiritually and even physically when such things happen. It makes you, without any control, by something that was forced by external forces on you, get those triggered feelings and fears, panic attacks, sweating, heart racing, all that come up in the blink of an eye, years later after such abuse has happened. It is spiritually, a big big crime, and gets one of the strongest karma backfires you can imagine, when people think they can do this to an innocent person. People who afterwards try bullying or verbally/emotionally abuse the victim further, get also their fair share of Karma. It ain’t worth it, show respect.

Show respect to people while healing.

You don’t know what people went through. It is not like, Elizabeth Taylor too has endured some severe disrespect of her privacy and space, it’s literally EVERY WOMAN who has anything special and gets known, or is just beautiful inside/outside, and that is not acceptable. Where are we? And did you know, the MOST raped Women statistically in America, ain’t college students it’s NATIVE AMERICAN WOMEN. This must stop, it is a crime against humanity. This is their land and you stole it, and then rape them and steal their Kids doing whatever who knows with them? No man, this is a spiritual warfare between GOOD & EVIL, and now Good will win and kick Evil in the butt.

It makes sense. And even more now makes sense, that this spiritual magic Focus has brought on a big Karma, MJ Style, exposing Hollywood.

They harmed him. They spread lies about him. They blocked his Film Career for years. They were racist. They are pedophiles. They are fake, they are Satanist/Setianists and fully aware of their System, living in it letting evil roam free. Now Michael put a stop to it with God, from Spirit, and the whole World is seeing what those wonderful and strong Actresses in Hollywood have been enduring…

I want to thank all of you for coming forward, for all of us Women and speaking the truth and fighting for justice for Women and better work conditions in Show Business. I want to thank Danielle especially, for her courage speaking of horrible experiences in public, just to help other Girls and Women, and I want to thank Michael for always defending and protecting us Women in all this.

Thank you, Archangel Michael, for continuing your effort to heal the World and see ALL human beings happy one day.

I myself will continue the efforts of making Voices like Danielle heard, until finally the “Women of the World” and their voices are heard and RESPECTED.

If we give you something, sexually intimately, that deserves respect and love. If we trust you like this, that deserves respect and love. If we love someone else, or simply don’t feel like it with YOU, that deserves respect and staying away and accepting a Woman’s free will.

It’s about time people not only understand the Twin Soul Truth, but what it means relating to the Self and the Feminine now. A Man ain’t nothing without his other half, his Woman.

Nobody is happy, being lonely.

Make Love your Being, not Hate and Greed.

Think and try to hard to love first, before you hate someone. Try it and see how YOU will change. It should show you that something is wrong, if you “hate” someone for no reason not even knowing them. Think about those b basic human needs and skills, and don’t let evil make you a hater, a prejudice racist liar. Don’t sell your soul to the Devil, keep it in LOVE and LIGHT.


Danielle Nova is writing a very honest, deeply moving Book right now, stay tuned for her story and unique reunion with her Twin Soul in Spirit and incredible Healing Journey!

We’re sending out a Major Love & Healing Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit © ArchangelMichael777