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Dear Readers

I needed 2 days by now to get myself to write this Article for Michael. I keep laughing about it. To summarise for new readers:

I have been a huge Michael Jackson Fan (of his work and humanitarian work as well) since the Age of 5. I then met him personally in Los Angeles and was really surprised, how my view on him suddenly changed from platonic to super attracted. I never thought about him that way seeing him prior on TV just and all that. Never.

Still, I did sing for vocal training his Songs for many Years, thousands of Hours you could say, and I never noticed the following until he explained it to me in a funny way 2 Days ago. Oh man, I don´t know if I can ever listen to this Song again as before, now when I hear it, it has a…

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The first Visit by Elvis Presley Ghost: May 1st 2010 © True Story (With Psychic Drawing Illustrating Details) – OFFICIAL BOOK EXCERPT

From the channeled Book “THE SPIRITUAL SIDE OF ROCK & ROLL- Elvis´Message from Heaven” ©


It was been two years and more by now, when I experienced the first absolutely clear vision of Elvis Presley in spirit, contacting me and connecting telepathically and emotionally to me. I had written a manuscript for a book called “The Spiritual Side of Rock and Roll – Elvis Message from Heaven” with Elvis’ direct guidance, as best as I could, and yet, it lay there. It lay there gathering dust, while I felt like this has to be done. As someone who grew up speaking German, it has been a challenge for me to channel Elvis in English, for it is the language which he knows and has in memory still. This channeled writing has been written in an “automatic spiritual mode” and is for the sake of keeping Elvis’ channeled style, unedited.

Around the end of June, beginning of July 2012, once again, Elvis came around. By now I knew his “energy” pretty well, and felt his presence whenever he had new advice or guidance. It is not easy for me, to speak out such things as clear as I do, but the intensity and logic behind all I experienced was beyond convincing.

Trusting on Elvis’ guidance to make his wish happen, I got led by inner guidance and contacted Mr. Darrin Lee, a specialized Elvis Presley books author. I was surprised once again, when I sent Darrin the unedited manuscript and received confirming feedback from him. Now I felt ready and courageous enough to publish my writing.

We started to communicate internationally, from Switzerland to America, and were amused and overwhelmed by the many “coincidences” and common intuition and opinions about things that we then exchanged. Coincidently, Darrin specialized in researching all about Elvis and brought some excellent expertise into the matter. Factually, I never knew much about Elvis, not even most of his songs do I know to be honest. I knew his movies, not even all of them, and loved them dearly when I was a child. I enjoyed especially the funny and over exaggerated fighting scenes, his aura and his appearance was just always very “cool and handsome” to me. But all I knew about what I am about to say here, was information I got directly from Elvis himself, spiritually, and Darrin knows the facts from his “earthly” life. So, let us see what Elvis has in mind here and how these strange events led a whole new puzzle together.

And if you didn’t know already, Elvis always makes an impact with his appearances, on earth – and from heaven to earth.

Good souls never die.

Special Insight from the Official Book channeled by Elvis to Susan Elsa in 2010 ©
Special Insight from the Official Book channeled by Elvis to Susan Elsa in 2010 ©

CHAPTER 1 “First Contact”

May 1st, 2010, Zürich Switzerland

I am sitting on my couch, in my cozy living room and watching TV. It is a sunny day outside, but I don’t see much of it, for I am talking on the phone internationally and focus on my “Spiritual Pop” ideas I designed.

I admit the last couple months have been very extraordinary in my life, starting to publish independently the new pop music concepts I envisioned and prepared for about 7 years. I called it “Spiritual Pop”, and released, like it is some kind of baby of mine, the first CD on my very own birthday, 14th April 2010, to take the first “baby steps”.

That was like, 2 weeks ago.

Out of the blue, I start to feel a strong and very emotionally intense feeling as I am still talking on the phone. It feels like a telepathic connection. In the right corner of my very own living room, appears suddenly some kind of projection, like I am seeing a higher dimension which is very far away, and again in the same time, very close right in my apartment.

Original Hand Sketch by Susan Elsa Illustrating Elvis´Exact Ghostly Appearance in her Living Room © May 1st 2010
Original Hand Sketch by Susan Elsa Illustrating Elvis´Exact Ghostly Appearance in her Living Room © May 1st 2010

I look closer, and see a door, filled with light. It looks like everything is shining and full of light emanations behind this door/gate. In that moment, I feel an additional emotional connection building, and feel and know with a certainty unexplainable on Earth, that I am connected this moment to THE famous Elvis Presley. Parallel to seeing him approach this “light”-door, I notice this woman I don’t seem to know, who awaits Elvis at this door. He reaches the door and hugs her, and I feel parallel all that he feels with him. The happiness was so intense, that I started to cry happy tears and thanked God for relieving Elvis, for granting me such an honor as to experience and see this wonderful event.

Suddenly, I realize that this woman welcoming Elvis into heaven is his mother!

The next couple days, I revived my childhood memories watching some of Elvis’ old movies I loved as a kid so much. Parallel to that, Elvis would come visit several times and explain things to me, some about

himself and our unique planning, other things purely private to assist me. So, Elvis did not leave it at that, that I should just do what he wishes and that is it. No. He indeed helped me personally a lot as well, like a friend, and showed me clearly, that he cares about my well being and my future. In some situations I experienced businesswise after, Elvis would suddenly be there, and help me, warn me, guide me away from any bad people. I could hear his voice, clear and loud, telling me to stay away from Person X or Y, and he knew exactly what they were thinking and feeling toward me, before they had the chance to take any hurtful action against me. Elvis started to show me clearly, how he is protecting me and caring for me, after we started to “work together in spirit.”

He passed before he could write the book he wanted to, make the film he planned to and release music about his spiritual side and beliefs, written by him alone.

And since Elvis is a strong personality, which never gives up, even after death, he found me when I was ready with a fitting concept, and asked me without introducing himself to “do him a favor.” Literally, the first thing he ever said to me was, “I want you to write a book for me, make the movie I couldn’t, and songs for the movie!”

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THE SPIRITUAL SIDE OF ROCK & ROLL: Elvis´Message from Heaven (eBook)  Channeled without Editing by Susan Elsa 2010
THE SPIRITUAL SIDE OF ROCK & ROLL: Elvis´Message from Heaven (eBook) Channeled without Editing by Susan Elsa 2010