THE MICHAEL JACKSON METAMORPHOSIS STORY (Documentary Project Updates & Insights) © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

THE MICHAEL JACKSON METAMORPHOSIS STORY (Documentary Project Updates & Insights) © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
THE MICHAEL JACKSON METAMORPHOSIS STORY (Documentary Project Updates & Insights) © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
THE MICHAEL JACKSON METAMORPHOSIS STORY (Documentary Project Updates & Insights) © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


Dear Readers

This is just a detailed Note.

This is a small focus on one detail this time, showing you some insights into the ongoing Documentation and Preparation of the Personal Data behind this very unique, scientific approached Twin Soul Merging/Metamorphosis Documentary Film Project.

Michael Jackson’s plastic surgery stories, and rumours and tabloids, were a very heavy and permanent topic of discussion since the 1980s.

Little did people in the public, as well as many Fans too, know about the real and very spiritual, simple soul based reason for Michael’s changes, via very few plastic surgery, and mainly NATURAL as in the Vitiligo skin disorder forcing him to use make up and such.

For everything, there is a reason, and if you think scientifically, you have to wonder about the real, in depth reasons for all of this, plus, the very obsessive focus of the public, Hollywood and tabloids on Michael’s Face and Appearance, unlike with ANYONE ELSE in Hollywood.

If you take a close look at the 3 chosen and shown Photo parts above, showing the Chin and Lips area, you see that my Chin is naturally a bit longer, and we have the chin dimple running in our family very strongly from my Mother’s side.

Michael’s Photo in the middle shows his Chin before the plastic surgery performed on it, and the Photo of Michael on the very right side shows his Chin after he did surgery on it to make it look, quote “more Dirk Douglas style” and the chin dimple.

You do not have to think hard or guess or wonder, in order to now see our full truth.

Twin Souls are ONE SOUL, one and the same, and at the same time two different Beings in male and female sharing this same Soul. When I was born in 1982, Michael felt his Consciousness change, including his Body Consciousness and how he felt about DETAILS of his Looks.

It was a pure mystery to everyone, Fans, Friends and Family. No one could deliver yet any explanation for these things, and people would say things like “Oh Michael didn’t want to look like his Father so he did a lot of plastic surgery” – that is tabloid crap and NOT the real reason for such very personal Changes.

This is about inner Psyche, Emotions and SELF PERCEPTION. And these things changed profoundly for Michael after my Birth and Reincarnation on this Planet in 1982, because we are one and always have been connected.

Take a good look at the Photo provided and reflect on this truth.

Wishing you all a wonderful Weekend!

We’re sending out a Major Twin Soul Love Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit

Michael Jackson Twin Soul Sex Power *Special Note and Blogging Pause Announcement* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

I got so busy since a bit before the Supermoon on 14th November 2016, I really do not have any time right now for blogging.

But before I take a break, to prepare much better stuff for you than just “blogging and written words”, let me inform you, as this is the friendly thing to do and I want you all to know, I am Michael in Spirit still always here and watching over all of you.

Sometimes, you gotta get behind it and put in some initial educational work, like we do with this Blog. But sometimes, there is also a phase where you need to simply focus on yourself and rest, and traditionally Winter time is the best timing for such a pause.

Don’t misunderstand me, this is not a pause because I am like, tired and need to rest or such, in fact, I am so energised I dance around DAILY, since about 3 Weeks.

I can barely repress those impulses from Michael, and keep listening to Music even while going to appointments or such on the road or street, and move my head a bit and walk a bit dancey.

Michael wants to spend some focused time together also now, and he is totally, focused on me sexually right now and I have to give him this time.

This Weekend he was all over me, and I would be at times on the Computer, chat or check Emails, and was on sudden increased tons of Business Phone Calls as well recently, and Michael would even then not pause and for example, dance behind me and come real close and make some moves on my butt, and then we giggle.

I actually lost weight, the past few days only already, hehe.

Today I was on the road all Day, and Michael was the whole time touchy today after an intense Sun-Day yesterday full of what you can only call heavenly love-making.

I mean, he was like, as I walked, putting his arm around my shoulder and smiling. In the Restaurant at lunch time, he did something random. I was just sitting there eating some Sandwich, and he did some “Eskimo Kiss” as in rubbing his nose tip on my nose tip, and it felt so tingly and funny. I have a DIVINE MOOD since Days, and we holding the Vibe.

And then, I went to the Restroom before leaving the Restaurant to go to my next Appointment.

I will give some honest insight now, as I rarely do like this.

I just arrived in the Ladies Restroom and nobody but me was there, and Michael took totally advantage of it like some Teenager Guy.

Michael started suddenly, kissing my lips and below my lips and my throat and neck a bit. I was like:”Michael, two times yesterday was not enough yet? Tonight we can continue, not now!”, and he smiled in this typical “knowing way” staring me in the Eyes, as we were still all alone in this Ladies Restroom, and then suddenly THRILLER started playing seconds after his intense, demonstrative Kisses.

Michael Jackson´s Official Twin Flame Song: Depicting clear Hints to his True Girl and Female Version-Counterpart © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson´s Official Twin Flame Song: Depicting clear Hints to his True Girl and Female Version-Counterpart © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


As I said, many things are going on, and I feel ready for the first time, despite all the personal attacks and interferences in the last few years, to take the next step with Michael.

Meaning, our Merging, we deepen it as in sharing Emotions and Memories, especially that was worrying me before. I was so sensitive to what happened to Michael in 2009, and the Injustices leading up to that, and now, I feel the anger finally moving out of the way, or better, I am not afraid to let it flow, all of it, ALL OF US, ME AND MICHAEL COMBINED, into my Human Body.

The start of that next step was a yet private Song Draft, as in Diss/Tribute Song to “Joe the Big Hoe”.

I sound like, angry Michael style in it, not so much feminine or like Susan, I emanate MORE his vibes. The few close Friends and Partners that heard this Raw Channeled Demo yet, not only laughed hard but said its a really good Song at the same time, and super funny and honest.

Not sure yet, when Michael wants to publish it.

After that I kept laughing whenever I heard it or showed someone and they would laugh out loud, because I did not know the “black slang diss words” that Michael gave me for this and realising and HAVING TO RESEARCH THE ENGLISH WORDS AND ASK BLACK FRIENDS AFTER, made me realise how serious Michael is getting and how HARD he dissed Joe, the Big Hoe, always looking for the dough…

I am giggling as I am typing this, again. I can’t believe what terminology Michael channeled through me, like, Michael’s “Black Macho Guy Style”, that special PRIVATE side of Michael.

Michael Jackson's Funny Side *Special Note* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson’s Funny Side *Special Note* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Me and Michael kept laughing together and he would sometimes just put on this “slang Rapper type Attitude” and throw around creatively disses while singing them and such, and do really funny moves and facial expressions and I would hold my belly from laughing so hard.

He got me into this constant happy, fun mood by doing such things and many compliments and “odes of love” verbally and physically.

I am ready to confront the remaining things that I wasn’t ready for yet, and Michael very protective of me over it.

We are ready for the next level.

We are taking a QUANTUM LEAP, in our Twin Soul Merging.

We’re sending out a Major Sex Magic Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael/Osiris) ©

The King of the Sun and the Queen of the Moon: Special Supermoon & “Black or White” Song Anniversary * Full Cycle TF Merging Point* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

SUSANMOON tonight: Special Supermoon & "Black or White" Song Anniversary * Full Cycle TF Merging Point* © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

Tonight is full, magical Supermoon (SusanMoon), like it didn’t get close to Earth in 70 years, and marking at the SAME TIME, the 25 years Anniversary of Michael Jackson’s BLACK OR WHITE Song, from the Dangerous Album.

I cannot write too long, honestly, Michael seems very energised, or more, he is enjoying how energised I am, the feminine Counterpart, with this Supermoon happening now. Since about 5 Days I haven’t slept much, and my energy level was constantly up, dancing, even while typing Articles the last Days at the Computer, I was dancing, typing, dancing, typing, kissing Michael, then typing, doing some Karate Moves, then typing and so forth.

I call that my “Blogging Performance”, as in spinning the Magic while typing all these Articles.

These are written spells.

I have been laughing and giggling since Days with Michael, we are seriously very strong now. The merging has progressed so far, that I am ready to shock the World and CONVINCE IN CRUSHING WAYS, in the public, that I am Michael Jackson’s Twin Soul, meaning, I am him, and I am me at the same time.

Listen up now, because this is serious/sirius.

Watch and listen to the Introduction of the Lyrics…

Michael told you, we are “one and the same”, meaning essence, soul, and in detailed terminology “A Twin Soul”, of masculine and feminine Counterparts that are merging back into One.

I don’t care, what you think

Tonight, all things are right

This is the SusanMoon tonight

My Magic comes from the Light

We will make things right

The Miracle Michael announced

Has been completed tonight

And all lies are being denounced

We are One and always have been One

We shine our Light and all Evil is gone

This is the Supermoon tonight

Susan Style

This is the SusanMoon tonight

And in magical ways you will see

When your Souls are healed and free

The Queen of the Moon

With the Authority over Love and Doom

I have no idea why Michael just channeled this Poem through me now, but I just wrote it as is, freestyle, directly from Michael’s Mind.

Susan Elsa - Queen of the Moon: 2011 and 2015 Appearance and TF Merging Compared © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Susan Elsa – Queen of the Moon: 2011 and 2015 Appearance and TF Merging Compared © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Okay, for about one hour or so now I was doing some dancing and singing at the same, it’s this tuning into the Universe type of thing I do when I channel anything artistic/creative.

It’s not about recording it even, it’s about what you could call for clear understanding a “witch sound spell via vocals and the body vibration”.

Michael just took me out of my Computer Office Chair, dancing and giggling. And then, without any fore explanation, he showed me precisely how he would do the “masculine hip move”, compared to my feminine hip move, which you have not yet seen really.

It’s not about thinking or choreography memorising or so, its about FEELING it inside and channel it into the precise, flowing move.

I just started doing that suddenly, but different, and then he said, “do it like there is a resistance”, meaning, he did it as if he is, well I can’t say that here….how to say this, as if he is “hitting something”, and this corrected my “MJ Hip Move” suddenly, when I did the way he explained and channeled this moment through me.

So, tonight, I felt clearly the difference between his Dance energy, and my own. We are intertwined, but still two Beings. But so merged now, I have to go with the flow, can’t sit at Computer and blog too long.

I just wanted to point out, that today is not about words, but feeling, CAN YOU FEEL IT?

I was born in 1982, Michael in 1958, meaning 24 years age difference. So, in the 25th year Anniversary of this specific Album featuring clear ancient Egypt Messages and Symbols, our merging and Magic powers are coming full cycle.

You will soon understand what that means, when you see me on Camera, and the physical channeling/shapeshifting we will do.

I can’t sit still today, it’s intense. I barely slept last night, but have energy for two. I have to crush the dance floor now, can’t contain this energy any longer. I think I might go outside and dance a bit through Nature and touch Trees, while singing the Witch Tune….

This is the Witch Dance and Chant, tonight! It is more about feeling, hearing, the Magic, the Energy, via pure spiritual ways. This is why this is my only short post for today, as I am like a “Fountain of Light” right now and have to enjoy some free time and focus spiritually.

Michael wants some time for himself now with me, and focus on singing to the Moon tonight, for the Magic focus…

Stay tuned!

We’re sending out a Major SusanMoon Ray,

The Maestra & The Maestro