In the Mood for LOVE & HAPPINESS @ Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

In the Mood for LOVE & HAPPINESS @ Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
In the Mood for LOVE & HAPPINESS @ Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Susan Elsa 2020 My Resurrection – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official ArchangelMichael777

Dear World

I am getting into a very special, historic and new phase, despite the storm of jealousy and all those interferences in the past years, I am still getting stronger and healing.

You can see and feel, the energy in this article. The positive vibes are rising, and that is the goal anyways. Yes, we are in duality, and human beings have emotions and can be challenged, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally, when you go through parallels with your Twin Soul, and you can’t help it and powerful folks attack and hate you, just like that, because my Twin Soul happens to be Michael Jackson.

Well, that is just who I am. I was made that way by God, and Michael too, and he was a wonderful human being and deserves the truth told and understood.

Just like I do, by now, deserve my truth told everywhere, misinformation corrected, and finally understood, being different…


Even now, typing this, similar to exposure articles of copycats, live, I saw some tech attack and “strobo” effect on my open Blog Article here while typing, well, and I am still healing.

Two days ago, I had a moment of weakness. I felt sad, angry, worried and disgusted by the situation I am watching, still, going on around my innocent Michael’s name, his beautiful valuable Legacy and at me and my Company full on purpose parallel too.

I also have a very strong global widening perception now, and it comes in stages, spiritual evolution, and I too have to adjust in these stages to higher powers I am getting and it isn’t made easy for me, by this World.

But the good part it, I have Michael and he never backs down and never stops showing me all the love he has and knows really well how to WORD THINGS in a HEALING WAY, immediately bringing this lovely, calming, warm energy into my Heart whenever it gets too much for me.

What he did that night and the whole dreamtime too until the next Day, yesterday, reminded me once again of not only his powers spiritually, especially now in full Spirit, but also his gentleness, loyalty and good heart. His truth, his true energy of LOVE & LIGHT that we should all focus on, and not the hate and lies.

Sure, they want that, and do everything for it, but are we going to let them win, MIND WISE?


Disconnect, is the new motto. Ignore. Let the law handle unlawful things, and move on with LOVE & LIGHT. It is time to stop the battle, to bring peace, to HEAL THE WORLD.

And that, is a command from God.


What I can tell is that what you find so attractive and special about Michael Jackson, and myself obviously, is just a TWIN FLAME THING.

Nothing else, I am telling you what it is and was with Michael, the whole Mystery is in my hands. I am in fact having a Company named MYSTERY GARDEN.

But my challenge is a bit different to Michael’s, he was too much out there, had zero privacy since Childhood, and wished they would leave him alone.

In my case, as unexpected even to me as it seemed when I was with him in LA and all normal, now, my life is totally merged with his TwinSoul Style. It gets overwhelming, they also have their eyes on me, my privacy, my data and all my work now, my spiritual work especially, but I am censored and nobody hears my voice from the System. Until now.

It is changing, LMAO.

By the Power of GOD.

And when Twin Souls stick together, everything is possible with God holding things together and helping. I truly believe that, and I will change the World single handed on Earth if I have to, for Michael, myself, and all of you.

Susan Elsa Afternoon TwinSoul Pop Freestyle Dance Training
Susan Elsa Afternoon TwinSoul Pop Freestyle Dance Training

Michael’s Love for me is STRONGER THAN YOUR HATE, so I am rising and healing with his support, against the Storm. And nobody can break my heart like you broke his, because he protects it personally, at all times.

The World MUST heal now, or can’t you see that? Can’t you see the SPIRITUAL DISEASE MANIFESTING WORLDWIDE? The Truth?


I don’t need you, YOU NEED ME, now more than ever before.

I am the Queen of Heaven, the Virgin Mother Witch full of Innocence and HEALING MAGIC, even in my little finger. Let me heal the World, together with you all, hand in hand.

Try it out, even you, dear Haters and Satanists, try it out and ALLOW ARCHANGEL MICHAEL AND ME TO HELP YOU AND RESCUE YOUR INNER LIGHT, to heal everyone.

You want your Twin Soul Magic so bad, to be like me and Michael?

Ok, then FOLLOW ME.

Love & Light,

Your Susan Elsa – IsIs & Michael Jackson in Spirit – Osiris



MJTWINFLAMESOUL – TIKTOK PROFILE (New) © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Michael Jackson's Miracle for his Twin Soul Susan Elsa *Special World Article* © ArchangelMichael777

Dear World

I got some fun news and not so fun news for you today. This is a news and update type article, informing the public of some important things going on, as you see me turn into the dance machine.

There is only ONE FAMOUS THING about Michael Jackson, that certainly anchored in truth inside the physical body, NOBODY can copy and never could, no matter how many people copied Michael Jackson.

Above you can watch a little freestyle video, no sleep, lots of work under a fat mask, some allergic asthma, and I can do this type of stuff while asleep.

You have seen nothing yet.

I literally can’t stop dancing anymore, not because I feel I have to, I feel an energy that breaks out inside of me like a volcano, passion, anger over the 9 years of abuse from the Music Industry competition I have been through, the evil and crimes in my face, all my love and light, and I put it into a very special October Thriller-Halloween move now.

Susan Elsa Original Ancient Egyptian Modern Twin Soul Pop "I REMEMBER" Dec 2010 © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Susan Elsa Original Ancient Egyptian Modern Twin Soul Pop “I REMEMBER” Dec 2010 © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


In about two months, the Debut Album Anniversary is coming up, and I am still being copied and violently suffocated, me and my COMPANY, for being the original Creator of stuff they sell as their own.

As you know, I started working with my special higher Magic and TwinSoul Expertise on Swiss TV in March 2019. I am now on TV soon 2 years and have established myself as the ONLY REAL TwinFlame Soul Expert ever seen yet on such a Medium like TV, and live as well. Full real, no faking possible.

I have announced and started in 2017 another Blog as well, and Official Facebook Page and Works, for a “Beauty-Fashion-Entertainment” Trinity Project, and have been very busy with all these different things for my company, and with partners like my soul sister Danielle, who turned out to be Nephtys, which I had also met in person in October 2017.

Since we are nearing October again, I am informing you all, dear Readers, of some serious legal action I started over here, because not only have they continued on me and my Company going further in insane abusive patterns of copying and stealing, spying and faking parallels to everything I do FIRST, in fact DURING THE CORONA PANDEMIC – but they dared to touch my soul sister’s personal and work information as well, Danielle Nova.

That’s the limit for me, like I said. Also, I definitely will not tolerate when abusive, crazy, racist, stealing competitors go under a knife and do plastic surgery such as MAKING THEIR LIPS SMALLER and forming them different, via fuckin SURGERY, to stalk my MICHAEL JACKSON TWIN FLAME MERGING, and my natural Face, which is priceless and my personal property, LMAO.

That I have to state that is in itself crazy.

It took me weeks to write this article to you all, as I am going through heavy stuff and heavy healing, having taken legal action after 9 years of this insane satanic racist Roman crap from America.

I am a Swiss Citizen, and my Company, under which all my works are protected officially and released prior to every copy they did, is also SWISS. My personal Data belongs here, not stolen for Americans, and certainly, I am not allowing my little sister’s death and family tragedy we went through, to be copied for money, by those same people. My sister died with 19, it is not a topic for entertainment games or copycat bullshit, how abusive and evil is that?

So, I feel good, getting into the hot phase of legal action.

Facebook, Twitter, Google (Youtube) all have done wrong with my personal Data and I took it for years, focusing on positive stuff and my work, but they keep taking all I work hard for, its criminal.

They keep taking more and more my personal data, spied on my privacy for business interference in sexually abusive ways, placed my original innocent BEAUTY-FASHION-ENTERTAINMENT Photos from 2017 on PORN PAGES, to further sexually and publicly harass me.

Everything I have been telling you all, sharing, showing with evidence that is public records on the go, is the absolute truth. And the time has come to prove it, in court if I have to, I can prove my whole unique spiritual stuff, TwinSoul Pop Ownership, personal, science and medical Data, facial Moles, Chats that were copied one-on-one exact words, text plagiarism precise taken after years from my copyrighted, and online by their fake agents before defamed book, for the big folks, for TABLOID TEXT PLAGIARISM, like I am a dead Person without COMPANY & HUMAN RIGHTS.

They took photos, did plastic surgery even, and try to copy backgrounds and my exact poses, hand and fingers poses, hair, facial personal look and character. My Debut Album was abused as well, once again, in 2016, together with my personal and my deceased DISABLED sister’s data, and my Pink Fedora Hat Brand Fashion Style since 2011.

My TWINSOUL WORKS, you know how sensitive I am about that one, were also stolen and copied by EXACT TEXT PLAGIARISM of things that never existed online before we made them, and used for Machine Gun Kelly & Meghan Fox recently, always at the forefront of STEALING CRIMINALLY FROM MY COMPANY IS INTERSCOPE RECORDS COMPANY.

Again, TWINSOUL POP belongs TO MY PUBLISHING & COMPANY SINCE 2010. Lmao, desperate ugly racists.

Insane American Labels and sick Business.

I do the work, WIN THROUGH GOD’S HELP, Michael and my magic work, move ahead despite their war on my person, and then they just STEAL MORE OPEN, haha, I will crush you via court & authorities for this racist abuse into Switzerland and Swiss Citizen Data and Companies.


Michael Jackson's Miracle for his Twin Soul Susan Elsa *Special World Article* © ArchangelMichael777
Michael Jackson’s Miracle for his Twin Soul Susan Elsa *Special World Article* © ArchangelMichael777


We are in the final healing phase, that will free the Planet energetically and spiritually. I have not blogged as much as I would have wished to, but I blog when it makes sense and I have time, in my busy shedule right now. I am hosting my German Language TV Show still, and planning to start even small real soon the ENGLISH TV SHOW, for all of you to understand what I teach and do.

I have postponed my Beauty Stuff a bit, until the legal steps are wrapped up and restraining orders out, so by court those people stop taking my future work. I am getting into a very expensive phase, and they will ruin me financially if I do not act now, I am COERCED ESPECIALLY over the sexually abusive aiming at my data, to LEGALLY ACT.

Coercion of the highest scale, man.

This is to me a good thing though, to have Justice unfold now and start new. I won’t hide anything from you, as usual, and I am preparing you all as I will need your help and support in all this, if they try a press fight over MY PERSONAL AND FAMILY DATA, which is dangerous for my family’s and my health.

But, I will shower you in wonderful Releases as I am getting free from being held back and unfolding my Wings, fully.

I am officially announcing the continuation of the hacked Demos Album from July 2010, Archangel Michael- Secrets of Heaven 777.

The Original Plan will be completed now, stay tuned for 2021.

I am also very happy privately and keep that yet though under wraps because I am in my nature a private person. I progressed extremely in my Heart Healing, and my Magic also followed and became so strong, sometimes I get spooked by it myself recently and am calmer than ever before, in using this powerful level of Magic, thank you God for your love and support!

Stay tuned and pray.

Love & Light,

Susan Elsa

Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Film Director/Cinematographer

TwinSoul Pop Innovator & Artist