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Dear World

Making it available to all of you as well, Susan Elsa is now available directly for any spiritual problem, question or wish for coaching and active support, as well as ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools teaching and coaching.

For people inside Switzerland for English Spiritual Consulting, you can book a professional spiritual consulting session with Susan Elsa. Digital worldwide, personal only possible in Switzerland. You can also view the many unique products integrating family recipes and spiritual alchemy secrets in the following link:

Susan Elsa - Live TV TwinFlame Counselor & Psychic - Shiva Spirit TV 2019

It is something I have been doing since over 15 years, in private and non-public, and nowadays, I am more known and reachable with my other business servies as well. My Grandmother has been a Medium, I am since birth as well. I have studied witch craft, and pure higher magic, and remember my detailed ancient Egyptian past life and the knowledge I had back then. I apply it successfully since over 3 years on live Swiss Television as well as TikTok for the Swiss Audience since one year. I have this blog since 2011, and published and “invented” TwinSoul Pop to my Birthday in 2010.

Email me for serious Inquiries or Orders at:

In case you live in Germany or Austria, you may reach me when logged in, mainly in the evenings, at the TV Hotline from my TV Show at:


Hotline 0900 3000 113 (3 EUR/ Minute – a.d. FN, MF evtl. anders)

➡ then my personal PIN 444


Hotline Main Number 0900 570 800 (3.63 EUR/ Minute a.d. FN od. TA)

➡ then followed by my personal PIN 444

Available Languages: English, German & Swiss German

Sending you much Love & Light,

Susan Elsa

TV TwinFlame Expert & Ancient Egyptian Mother of the original Teachings

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