Susan Elsa: TWO BIRDS (Couple) moved into my Balcony during Corona Pandemic! © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

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Hello World

As you might well know, dear Readers, and especially dear Michael Jackson Fans, there is a core Poem from his Book, “Dancing the Dream”, two real Birds I had as a Child, and all that makes an important evidence point to SHOW this inner Twin Soul Connection clearly to the World.

It is not easy nor simple to make the invisible become visible…



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How Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael) helped me to rescue a little Blue Bird named “Mikey” & More Bermuda Triangle Mysteries © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


Susan Elsa 1988 with her TWO BIRDS before Michael published the Poem for his Book Dancing the Dream © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Susan Elsa 1988 with her TWO BIRDS before Michael published the Poem for his Book Dancing the Dream © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Today is a very special Day for me, so this will be my first NON-VERBAL ARTICLE. Just showing, not much talk, and let you decide and follow your hearts.

Two Birds moved into my Home, into my balcony, now, since two weeks, during the Corona Pandemic and me being self-quarantined at home, due to my Asthma and all that, and being careful also for other people.

Please stay home, stay safe, and take care of yourselves and your loved Ones.

Much Love & Light,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit

The Blue ArchangelMichael777 Bath Orb *Exclusive Secret Recipe* ® Mystery Garden Brand Products

The Blue ArchangelMichael777 Bath Orb *Exclusive Secret Recipe* ® Mystery Garden Brand Products

Dear World

We are nearing the 10 year (!) Anniversary of the ROSE FLAME Energy Heart Chakra transfer Michael did on Easter Friday, 4th April 2010, and about which I even channeled a Pop Song later in 2010, named “The Rose Flame 888”.

We are in general right now, in the 10 year anniversary phase, those special weeks described in my Book “Archangel Michael’s Wedding”. (Amazon, Barnes & Noble Digital Edition)

Now, let us look back at few points before I get into this very special article, I call it, the new “Active Articles” on ArchangelMichael777.

Active Spirituality, we have not gotten much into yet, dear Readers. You have heard and read things, but not tried and experienced them yourself yet. 2020 will be a very special year.

ORIGINAL MARCH 2010 ARCHANGEL MICHAEL ORB PICTURE SUSAN ELSA © Right after Michael´s Return to me in Spirit at a Waterfront Hotel in Venice, Italy

How Michael Jackson’s Spiritual Return in 2010 Began © 2010

Take a good look at the above, origial Photo from 4th March 2010, showing the so-called “Angel Orbs” all around me and me looking at someone invisible. My Dad caught the Photo, not aware of anything. I was in Venice, Italy, as you can see.

This was the start of me seeing Michael, hearing Michael, feeling and touching Michael, in Spirit. I was taken off-guard, to be honest, back then, and I was floating on a “Majestic Blue Cloud” you could say, for months, in that time then, like, walking between Heaven & Earth.

Please watch the following Video by Diana Cooper to learn more about ORBS:

I love Diana Cooper, she is like the British Version of my Grandmother, her face and energy I mean remind me of my beloved Grandmother Bedur. And, Diana put my Archangel Michael Jackson Dream from 2004 in her Book “777 Real Angel Stories”.

After I was back from Venice and Modena (North Italy) in March 2010, I was home, still confused, and thinking Michael is just there to watch over me, in Spirit, to protect me and just, be there. I did not see coming what happened then.

I mean, the Man was in SPIRIT!

I found myself suddenly channeling, dance moves I could never do before or did, my style as a lifelong singer began to adjust somehow, be in a strange new flow that makes me be able to channel songs, no pen no paper rhyme, in English, directly into the Microphone, in English. And German/Arabic are my mother tongues/languages.

ONE LOVE (Spiritual Channeled Raw Pop Birth)

14th April 2010 by Susan Elsa 

This came through Michael, it wasn’t a finished, commercial production. It was a sharing, a publishing of a whole new honest concept.Raw, channeled spiritually, between TWIN SOULS, me and Michael, honest, direct, no editing, no faking, no fake stuff to create something new AGAINST the fakeness of the Music Business.

I just found myself opening the Mic as he said,a after he would tell me very fast like channeled physical guidance, how to make the MUSICAL CONSTRUCT OF A SONG (Composition), he would come into my head somehow telepathically and just channel words through my mouth and I would try to keep up, and out would come a real Song with meaning, spiritual Meaning. And all that, suddenly new in English, without any thinking on my side.

We had a pure intent and plan, before the huge ongoing interferences then later that have lasted until today.

Because Michael had recorded his Song from Thriller, named “The Girl is Mine”, literally on my Birthday on 14th April 1982, he reminded me of that and wanted me to publish this channeled raw song ON my own Birthday, to birth “Twin Soul Pop” we were building, energetically.

ONE LOVE (Spiritual Pop Debut 777) © Released as BABY STEPS of a New Genre Concept on Susan Elsa´s personal Birthday (April 14th 2010)
ONE LOVE (Spiritual Pop Debut 777) © Released as BABY STEPS of a New Genre Concept on Susan Elsa´s personal Birthday (April 14th 2010)

I held my MJ Hat for the energy, like another face becomes visible under the Hat being removed. Freestyle, Live, Channeled (Spiritual Term)

After that, I began right away to work on the widely debated “Archangel Michael – Secrets of Heaven 777” Album, which was hacked, interfered with, attacked, before it was even published in an emergecy release on 13th July 2010, guided by Michael to protect the raw concept and demos and energy, belonging to me, Michael, our soul and my Company. More on that though, later, dear Readers.


As you see, we are evolving. Meaning, all of us, and we are here on Earth to do exactly that. Now, a while ago, as I am preparing things related to public demand from people knowing me and my work from a live Swiss TV Show, my dear friend and spiritual sister Danielle Nova surprised me with a great concept that fit to my own Vision and hers at the same time.

I do not and cannot make everything myself, but I did make some things on the TV Show, serious ancient Egyptian magic spells, that worked, for strangers who saw me on TV and called me with certain wishes.

Elsa Individual Ancient Egyptian Energy Magic Amulets charged in Egypt (Pyramids) Swiss TV Show Original Product 2019 © Susan Elsa - Mystery Garden Productions Property 2010-2019
Elsa Individual Ancient Egyptian Energy Magic Amulets charged in Egypt (Pyramids) Swiss TV Show Original Product 2019 © Susan Elsa – Mystery Garden Productions Property 2010-2019

Yeah, I haven’t told much about that, because I simply silently went in there, teaching about Twin Flame Souls, and Magic, Ancient Egypt, Energy, Aura and Chakras, doing live energy transfer on TV to the people calling in, and some actually send messages into the live shows saying they felt it “very intense, fell backwards onto beds/couches” and such. It’s public data, so, gotcha. (For the doubters, lol, that was just a starting breathe…)

Michael was behind me the whole time, active, but I just never said his name out loud, on this TV Show in Switzerland.

Susan Elsa - Live on Swiss TV 2019 © Susan Elsa TwinFlame Soul Expert- Mystery Garden Productions 2010-2020
Susan Elsa – Live on Swiss TV 2019 © Susan Elsa TwinFlame Soul Expert- Mystery Garden Productions 2010-2020

So, Danielle called me and asked me what she should do, since she had come up with this beautiful idea we can partner in, to make “The 7 Archangels Bath Bombs”, and so we did.

We talked on the phone and she took a paper and pen and began asking me step by step, to which Archangel which gem stone and which essential, natural oils fit. This is insight into some serious witch recipe, spiritual magical, natural “energy alchemy” process and knowledge I got.

As we were on the phone, no big deal but just saying as usual fully open and honest: I felt very precisely, how some people were listening into our conversation and Danielle heard a “click noise” on her end. I joked about it, we kept going and focused. Then, I told her, and I never did that before:

“Hey, let me switch to real phone call, not Whatsapp, as we are talking Business details and my Witch Recipes stuff”. We hung up on WhatsApp, and I called her from Switzerland to New York on the Phone to continue.

It was fun, like a digital spiritual science lab discussion, me the teacher, her the student taking notes, to add into her original bath bombs idea, for REAL energy.

We don’t do fake around here.

Now, after musically, in writing, talking, and hosting even “TV Spiritual Seminars Live”, I would like to open this door to all of you in these challenging times. It is always good, and healthy, to take care of your AURA and ENERGY BODY as well, it is the secret on how to stay young as long as possible, and have more energy, balance and health on all levels, in combination with a healthy mind and body, healthy natural foods, lots of water, and so forth. Its a whole Science of course, and here I call that like the ancient Egyptians “Spiritual Science”.

Danielle, being creative and talented with her hands, intuitive and a nurse, then went right at it making the first blue Archangel Michael Bath “Orbs”, with a chosen Gem Stone inside in two Versions 1) Gentle Blue (Cheaper) and Majestic Blue (Luxury Version with a more expensive Gem Stone) and Essential Oils, of course for Women and Men’s tastes © More on that soon and in our Etsy Shop (Digital Store)

Mystery Garden Unique Handmade Energy Aura Products - ARCHANGEL BATH BOMBS SPIRITUAL ALCHEMY WITH GEM STONES AND OILS © Property of Mystery Garden Productions
Mystery Garden Unique Handmade Energy Aura Products – ARCHANGEL BATH BOMBS SPIRITUAL ALCHEMY WITH GEM STONES AND OILS © Property of Mystery Garden Productions
The Blue ArchangelMichael777 Bath Orb *Exclusive Secret Recipe* ® Mystery Garden Brand Products
The Blue ArchangelMichael777 Bath Orb *Exclusive Secret Recipe* ® Mystery Garden Brand Products
Danielle Nova - The Spiritual Nurse (Original Title) © Danielle Nova - MGP Publishing March 2020
Danielle Nova – The Spiritual Nurse (Original Title) © Danielle Nova – MGP Publishing March 2020

For the dear readers here who have read my Book before, “Archangel Michael’s Wedding”, you know that there was a very special Bathing situation right before the magical moment I describe regarding me and Michael, after he was in Spirit in, a Moment that took place in April 2010.

Mystery TwinEye Store on ETSY:


✨🛒✨ Order directly  🌐

In 2011, when I was starting this Blog, I made the following simple meditation Video, 11 Minutes with Archangel Michael for a particular Energy. You can try it together with the Blue Archangel Michael Bath Orb. We are always very happy about feedback, as we want to create over time the best spiritual products for everyone ever.

These things are not thought of or “calculated”, we let spirit and the Angels guide us, intuition and the very connection to Mother Earth. So, this is a beautiful, perfectly fitting product for all of you to enjoy at home, while bathing and reading and educating yourself, while staying clean and good smelling.

Much Love & Light,

Susan Elsa ✨💕🎶✨

EarthShow777 – Mystery Global Radio Show & Digital Podcast – Susan Elsa Discussion- © 2020

EarthShow777 - Mystery Global Radio Show & Digital Podcast - Susan Elsa Discussion- © Mystery Garden Productions 2020

2020 EarthShow777 – Susan Elsa Talks Live & Plugged into the Bermuda Triangle

Please enjoy, the Interview/Discussion on Michael Jackson, Music, Life & Death, Spirituality, Music and more begins after the animated Intro

Much Love & Light,

Your Susan Elsa


Produced by the Bermuda Triangle Team of Mystery Garden Productions © 2020 C.S.

Danielle Nova Specials – Introduction Article Series © ArchangelMichael777

Danielle Nova - Spiritual Counselor & Nurse © TWIN EYE Spiritual Consulting 2020
Danielle Nova - Spiritual Counselor & Nurse © TWIN EYE Spiritual Consulting 2020
Danielle Nova Specials – Introduction Article Series © ArchangelMichael777

Dear Readers

This is an introduction article that is written by me, but more about my friend Danielle, that will be writing the Article Series herself on this Blog exclusively for you, dear Readers.

She will be sharing a lot of wisdom, her own Twin Flame experiences and healing experiences, insights, stuff about her psychic journey, and I have taught her on Webcam my Grandmother’s secret method of reading with Bridge Cards the Past, Present & Future.

View this post on Instagram

Danielle Nova is now available for Webcam session/ phone call appointments and written readings at TWIN EYE Spiritual Consulting. About Danielle Nova: Danielle is originally a nurse from New York and a spiritual Healer. She is specialized in Twin Flame readings and counseling, general energy readings, the Bedur Method, spiritual coaching and can make for you special individual bath essences at inquiry. Email us for an appointment & prices with Danielle Nova at: Love and Light TWIN EYE Spiritual Consulting Team #twineyemysteryschools #twinflamespower #truelovematters #twinsoultruth #twinsoulmetamorphosis #twineyeconsulting #twinflamescounseling #twinsoulhealing #daniellenova #twinflameexpert #nyc #nycspiritualnurse

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Well, Danielle is a nurse in New York.

I know, not an easy situation and job to be in right now.

A few years back, she contacted me online, reading my blog and seeing my videos, on Michael Jackson. We quickly became friends, and I have seen proof that she is a very evolved, unique and very strong soul.

Let her best introduce herself by watching her latest video about the Corona virus situation, from a spiritual perspective:

I watched it as well, it is a very good message.

Healing is definitely one of her main missions, and in the coming articles you will find out more about her story and get some good guidance for the current situation, from the spiritual Nurse.

Danielle is writing a Book, and she has wanted to move away from the Medical Field in a while, not because she doesn’t care, she cares a lot. But because the system is not functioning properly. She has spoken out since months, and had a vision I witnessed myself which now is needed to come into action more than ever.

The things happening right now do not only have to do with physical reality, but the spiritual as well. Everything is connected, body, mind and spirit. Our behaviour as human beings has caused this situation.

And we are called to wake up and change, now.

Take a look at this good read


Could the coronavirus actually be saving lives in some parts of the world because of reduced pollution?

Satellite images show less pollution over the US as coronavirus shuts down public places

Isn’t that interesting?

How dangerous do you think it would be when it is too late of a condition, the ongoing pollution and behaving in ways destroying nature instead of keeping things healthy in “our home”?

Now that many of us are home and doing home office or just staying home, take this time to meditate on these questions and try to relax your mind, relax your hearts and have hope.

Much Love & Light,

Susan Elsa 🎶

Lion Foot Protection Mix (Spiritual Incense Product) © Susan Elsa 2019 – MJ TwinFlame Soul Official Blog

Lion Foot Protection Mix (Incense) © Susan Elsa /Mystery Garden Productions 2019

Dear Readers

Today, I am having something very, very special for you.

Most of you just know me as a Blogger from the recent years, if you know me from the Internet. But, of course, I am also a real person and a lot of the things I have been writing about and teaching about here on this Blog, come from real life experiences.

Some things, I can talk about, but if anyone wants to more actively work on themselves and grow, talking is not enough.

So, for 2020 and these important times, we move more into active spirituality now.

As my regular readers might remember, I have shared recently with you, the World, that I am here in a smaller way locally, in Switzerland, working on live TV, doing Twin Flame Counseling and active energy transfer, rituals and more. It has been a dream first year on TV, I never thought I can be good at hosting live TV in any way.

But I guess I am, having gotten an over 90% positive feedback and in fact, extremely exceptional type of feedback often.

It was a pure coincidence how I got there, because a friend of mine kept asking me for over 10 years, to do such a thing, more publicly. I have been doing spiritual consulting and spiritual business consulting since long over 10 years, but discreet and private, not on TV.

I have blogged here, due to also being pushed by Michael and interferences, to protect our data and the very spiritual sacred information we are bringing back, our spiritual work, but, a Blog is not live Television.

No faking possible.

I proved my skills on TV, for a year now, and helped many people with their twin flame situations or general spiritual questions and life situations.

There is a lot going on right now, and I am here and will update you very soon on the current projects and other TV show projects.

Lion Foot Protection Mix (Spiritual Incense Product) © Susan Elsa 2019

I want to bring you a little back in time to remind you of something I spoke of years ago, which my Grandmother Bedur taught me.

Its actually a link with my original text from 2011 or so, reposted by Gavin:


Thank you Bast and Susan!
*** gavin


Dear beloved Souls of the Human Race,

I am here to send you a Message, as a representative of all Cats, naturally, as well as all other Animals and Animal Spirits.

A while ago, we used to live closer together with the Human Race. We would not only be Pets and Farm Animals, performing physical work, but also in a clearer empathic communication. For us, nothing changed.

Since the most ancient Times of this Planet you inhabit at the Moment, we have heard your Thoughts as well as felt your Hearts. This is one of the main reasons why your Media always represents so-called “Witches”, always having a cat around. Of course, I must say all these stories are twisted and do not represent the original Truth. Spiritual People in general, would keep Cats around as a form of a spiritual Security System, because Cats DO NOT HAVE THE VEIL IN BETWEEN- THEY SEE LIFE AND EVERY BEING, GOOD AND BAD IN THE OTHER DIMENSIONS. They can warn their beloved Human, of any approaching Danger/Negativity and more.

This is fun, for me, to be speaking to you, I haven’t spoken to you this direct for a very long time. I am fear-less, and sometimes I do like to provoke to challenge you, in productive, fun ways. As one of the very, very few if not only Pet of all Animals, who usually are kept inside the Homes of Human Beings today, I have kept my independence, did you notice?

Special Doors and Stairways of Wood are made for Cats. They go in and out, however they like. Often, when you feel sad, your Cat comes up to you, cuddling you until you feel better. Other times, Cats don’t like to be touched nor played with and want to be left alone, and they get what they want. Most other Animals, are kept on a Leash or in a Cage, which brings me to the next important Point I would like to mention:

Always make sure to treat your Pet right. If it has to be a cage, make it a big one. If it has to be a leash, hold it gently. It is clear, that the way the World works right now, Animals are definitely more in danger, if you would let them free. Around the corner, a car might hit them, in the same time polluting the air parallel as well. The Animals don’t mind, if you keep them in a controlled space, most Human Beings are lovely to their Pets and REALLY love them deeply. Your Animal feels that and knows that, without speaking your verbal Language.

When it comes to the Wild Animals, outdoors and free, well, they aren’t so free at the Moment. When Human Beings create Technology, which is bad for their Health, and pollution, which is bad for their Health, it is naturally also bad for our Health. But compared to Humans, Animals do not go to a Doctor to have CHEMICAL MEDICINE prescribed. We endure it and suffer heavily, when Nature gets slowly “poisoned”.

Everything on the Planet has meaning. The Trees are there for a Reason! The Animals are there for a reason! Even the Seasons, are there for a Reason, just like Rain and Sunshine. When the balance becomes upset, everything on and around the Earth feels it. Animals have still a pure Connection to Nature, and the Balance of Life- they can help you remember how to live in HARMONY WITH NATURE and ANIMALS.

It is important, for the Transition Time after 2012, that as many of you as possible, re-connect to the Animals and become Friends for Life more than ever. We all learn constantly from each other, even if we are of different Species, in some way. On the other hand, everything that exists, is ONE anyways. This Rule of One, means, we are connected, and go through the Journey’s all together, no one is ever really alone.

The Animal Kingdom can help you then again, to re-connect to Nature, to expand and expand your connecting and empathic abilities. Open your mind. Animals have Emotions as well, and Soul. Any living Being God created, walking around, jumping around, with Legs and/or Arms and especially, EYES, has SOUL.

Cats are very much like Lions, in spirit. We come from a very old World, one of the oldest indeed. That is why we also have strong Protection qualities, not only can we perceive clearly the visible and invisible, but we can defend you against a bad Spirit on a spiritual Level. Like a Lion/Lioness.

Now I would like to explain a specific Cleansing Meditation, which you can perform to strengthen your Energy for the coming Times…

Incense Burning:

Take original Egyptian Musk, one piece.

Add to it Sandalwood, two pieces.

Then, last, add a few dried sage leafs.

As the Smoke starts rising, imagine the Spirit of the LION coming out of this Smoke, and the big, strong Footsteps of the LION, stepping on every dark Energy, powerfully eating everything negative in your House and around it. Keep this Meditation close to your Mind, it is very, very ancient and strong.

When you finish and feel all negativity has been eating, swallowed and destroyed by the powerful, majestic LION, thank him for his Help, send him/her Love if you like, and open Windows to allow fresh Air in, to “brush” the last bit of Rests and Smoke out of the House, rest assured and KNOW IN YOUR MIND: All Negativity has left me.

I will speak more at a later time, and don’t forget to LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE! Be proud and walk proud like a Cat, and always know, that you deserve RESPECT and LOVE. You are beautiful, I am beautiful, WE ARE BEAUTIFUL.

by IsIs-Susan Elsa

2011 – Original Publication:

Now as you can see in this old writing piece of mine, you were not able before to actually get the secret ingredient, the lion foot plant, I have spoken about on the blog then in explanatory articles further or this meditation, to do it correctly and fully, not just the meditation.

Since I did make that product last year and it is available to my TV Show clients and fans here exclusively, I am now opening this door for all of you in the whole World to order the real lion foot incense, exported in Summer 2019 from Egypt.

I actually made a special magical alchemical mix, so the lion foot plant does not smell bad, to neutralize the strange smell, and, to intensify the clearing, cleansing and protection powers of it, so it is not just lion foot, but a triple mix of my own witchy recipe.

You may use this the way that it is explained on the Etsy Store Page, anytime, or also before going to sleep for your aura and your bedroom to protect your dream time. I will write a detailed guidance article on how to use it exactly in different ways, for rituals or meditation as well.

The red wood mix in it smells incredibly great.

I use those type of things since forever, regularly. My house always smells good and is protected.

Lion Foot Protection Mix (Incense) © Susan Elsa /Mystery Garden Productions 2019
Lion Foot Protection Mix (Incense) © Susan Elsa /Mystery Garden Productions 2019

Link to Order easy and simple to your home:

(everything new is packed with gloves! Most packages were made 5 months ago, many many)

Lion Foot Protection Mix

Click the Link Above or Copy Paste it.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

I do also make custom made incense mixes for spiritual purposes, adjusted to what is needed and everyone’s personal auric energies.


(Please use only for Product Questions or Orders)

Much Love & Light,

Susan Elsa


About Spiritual Health & Mother Nature -Special Article- © ArchangelMichael777

About Spiritual Health & Mother Nature -Special Article- © ArchangelMichael777
About Spiritual Health & Mother Nature -Special Article- © ArchangelMichael777
About Spiritual Health & Mother Nature -Special Article- © ArchangelMichael777

Dear World

Today, I have a rather longer article for you, dear readers, because I have a few things to share regarding the current situation on the planet.

I have been watching the energetic situation for a while now, and I have blogged many times about it in the recent years. In 2021, this Blog is going to turn 10 years old. You can find a whole library of energetic and spiritual explanations on the conditions on this planet, and I have to be honest here as usual.

The point is, Michael wants you all to know, he is there for you. And this is why we are speaking now.


As you might already know, if you have been following my blog, I make no secret out of my past life memory. I was in ancient Egypt, as Isis, wife and Twin Soul of Osiris, and am now reincarnated. I have this past life’s full memory, and some bits and pieces of other past lives and the knowledge I had there as well.

Those things do not happen without purpose. Not like this. And if you think about my TwinFlame Soul having returned as well, before me, preparing big time in public for you to be aware enough to HEAR THIS MESSAGE NOW, and this Man was MICHAEL JACKSON, you know this is serious.

We did not come here, in these special times, for no reason.

Michael did not do the work he did, for no reason. Watch closely now.

And the witch hunt against him also did not happen, for no reason, or for the reasons they give you falsely to distract you from the core truth, urgently important to understand.

Michael, is Archangel Michael.

Now, since I am connected within to Michael, and can see what he sees, from his eyes, his heart and everything, and we talk and discuss any questions I have daily, I will share now a few important things from our private conversations and insights he gave me and try to explain the spiritual aspects of the current situation and what we must watch for and change in the World.

The time has come, Mother Nature had enough.


In my previous article on this blog, I talked about the animal kingdom and many thoughts I kept having for weeks by that time. I am not surprised, to see now a situation where a Corona virus jumped from animals to other animals, which is us, and the Corona virus in fact is showing everybody, that the human race is one race, we don’t have “different races” amongst human beings and that is why it is affecting all of us, worldwide.

I have to admit, I was taken off guard by this situation. I was spending a lot of time with animals recently, dogs especially and cats, playing, gaining respect for their intelligence, tuning in spiritually, intuitively.

And I was joking around in private phone conversations with friends in the recent weeks, how I feel like “detached, like studying/observing humanity like an animal I don’t understand” and wondering about such things. It was quickly clear to me that it was thoughts from Michael, now in spirit and looking on it from a higher, detached perspective, that I was tuning in naturally.

This is natural and normal for me by now, the merging is in total balance between us.

To me, all of this Corona virus situation is very strange, as I have not felt any negative energy about it in my heart chakra, meaning, it is not something artificial, it is definitely connected to karmic replies from the Earth and the whole living energy field we do not treat well and our unhealthy lifestyle going AGAINST nature and nature and spiritual rules.

I literally have tuned in to spirit and the planet through Michael before the news broke in mid January, with my THOUGHTS GOING IN THE DIRECTION OF EATING NO MEATS OR CHICKEN ANYMORE. No other living, walking beings.

Then the Corona outbreak news popped out, worldwide, and I kept watching in disbelief. Also, my intuition told me strongly, and I have said this in private on the phone to friends, that I do not “feel that this Virus really originated in China”, there is no scientific proof nor is patient 0 known, for the news to state this as fact, from the beginning of the “supposed surprise outbreak”, in China, which is by now the Number 1 Economic World Power.

We simply do not have proof for where and how it came about, the virus, that is new. It took people by surprise, and China reacted optimal in that situation, where other places in the World are being slow and risking total chaos.

I have been poisoned in 2007-2008 for months, right after getting in private contact with Michael in LA back then, and it caused me chronic allergies and allergic asthma. I have written about it in my book and this blog in very honest and open details.

So, my doctor advised me to keep away from people, public gatherings, any public transportation, airports or such things and wear a mask, for the moment. This causes a bit of disruption in important projects I am working on right now, to help the native Americans, but we will make it happen somehow anyways. I can always find the best and most creative solutions to get around a problem.

Michael says, I am fine, because in fact, I have not gotten any fever or flu viruses in 10 years. I am absolutely immune, since 2010. Since my energy ascended a bit I guess, because Michael, my Twin Soul, is in spirit and in the immortal light body.

I said it before, now you see it.

The higher your energy, your frequency is, on a good energy, towards Heaven so to speak, the less you get sick, the more you are in shape, the less fast you age, and so forth. I trust in Michael’s protection and guidance on precautions in this time, whatever he says, I follow.

This is a spiritual explanation, of the unhealthy things that manifest from human habits and human behaviour as well as low energy. If we bring the natural energy fields out of order, it will create dis-ease, its natural spiritual law! But of course nobody talks about that, typical humanity. I mean the mainstream media, not you, dear Readers, as I am sure you think of the whole picture!

The lower a person or the whole planet in SPIRITUAL ENERGY and in the CONSCIOUSNESS FOCUS, because of many persons with low thoughts, jealousy, hate, abuse all that, the more dis-ease we manifest.

And because EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED IN SPIRIT AND ONE, everyone gets affected by decisions of a few. Check this out, and wake up and think and feel your souls again and the animals and nature’s soul.

I know it is a true part in this whole story because I have felt it before the news of any outbreak were in front of us all, that meat eating habits, or meat handling habits, originally created this virus, I am not sure it was actually in China, like I said, and these are SPIRITUAL INTUITIVE INPUTS I am getting through Michael.

Michael Jackson with Snake Monkey Bubbles - ArchangelMichael777
Michael Jackson with Snake Monkey Bubbles – ArchangelMichael777

The mixing of human and animal, or animals from different regions, continents and climates, with humans, or eating them especially, is not a good idea. I am happy to see actually now the Chinese people moving to VEGETARIAN AND VEGAN EATING and it getting super popular now. Smart. Right direction!

I am careful, because I carry responsibility also for other people around me, who are older, have had heart problems and more, and it is important to stay safe, for everyone. Don’t just go with the flow of the press, have patience, and don’t be thinking going around and about is fine if you are not a risk group, it’s going to be karma if someone else with preconditions or old age dies because of your selfish thinking. Remember the soul, it’s about time now.

In ancient Egypt, we barely had any diseases. Think about it. Also native Americans were fine, before the Europeans brought them diseases imported, killing almost all of them.

And, the Chinese know about Twin Flames more general knowledge than most other cultures nowadays and have a long spiritual history.

The Chinese Legend of the Red Thread of Fate – 双灵魂 – © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Direct Link:

Get back in BALANCE WITH MOTHER NATURE, our very home here…

Think about it, and stay bit home, people. Its not that hard. I am working from home and canceled many appointments and even earn less and still do it. Because even if I am very strong, lets say, and nothing would happen to me I hope, I could give it to others if I catch it, and I do not want all that and am staying aware, until there is medicine and immunization for it. I love Science and I understand it, so I am factual and logical about it, and calm.

I trust in God.


But it is funny to note, how the press and politics have to educate the public on how to wash hands properly. I have always kept a good hygiene, I find this horrible and funny at the same time.

But what is hillarious is, that now Michael Jackson’s Music is used for videos showing people how to wash hands appropriately, that is too funny! Trying to throw dirt at innocent Michael, and now you realize, he was teaching you the whole time the opposite, how to be CLEAN and INNOCENT!

MJ Face Mask for Educational Purpose
MJ Face Mask for Educational Purpose


One of the things I noticed first was a realization about Nostradamus’ prophecies, thinking deeply about all this, watching, asking Michael lots of questions like a curious child or a worried scientist.

Suddenly, in the middle of a business talk with my Bermuda team on the phone, I realized that all of Nostradamus efforts were to warn us, its all a WARNING about our behaviour and God’s reaction at some point.

And its all, despite of listing natural catastrophes too, about WARNING US TO NOT DO CERTAIN THINGS HE SAW WE WILL DO, like, nuclear world war he said, destroying a third of humanity, and…here it comes:

A disease, a virus, a plague, that will arise and kill a another third of humanity.

That, in Nostradamus vision, will leave the World with only a third of the human population surviving all of this, and having to rebuild everything.

That is the worst case scenario, brought by human behaviour, we must change, before it is too late.

Read that again:

That is the worst case scenario, brought by human behaviour, we must change, before it is too late.

He was right. I am shocked.

It was one of the predictions I noted out for a class back in Junior Highschool, doing a speech on Nostradamus, and handing out a paper with the summarized predictions he made for our time we live in right now.

I am shocked.

I am sharing all this from pure memory, so you can look it up and research his quadrants (poems type coded prophecies) for yourselves, to see and realize it for yourselves, independently from what I am claiming.

Let’s hope this is just a little shock and the World will make the turn before God has had enough of our behaviour. Make that Change, now.


The following, like I said, is just the SPIRITUAL SIGHT on things, from what Michael explained to me.

Back in ancient Egypt, funny enough, we understood what humanity nowadays seems to have forgotten. Check throughout my blog articles about:

  • Osiris Vegetarian Eating Habits Introduction to ancient Egypt and WHY
  • Aura and Energy Field Articles
  • Twin Soul Energy and Ascension
  • Ascension of the Planet (Gods Plan in stages)
  • Angry Complaining Articles on things that should not happen and are very negative for everyone and the World’s energy field and mass consciousness
  • Undercover Angels coming here to remind over and over of the same Message
Michael Jackson and Aries Animal Real - ArchangelMichael777
Michael Jackson and Aries Animal Real – ArchangelMichael777

Michael, for example, played with animals, gave them a home, learned about them and studied them. He did not eat them.

He was Vegetarian.

Michael Jackson and Animals - ArchangelMichael777
Michael Jackson and Animals – ArchangelMichael777

It’s so cute, I love animals. Joe Jackson as well became exceptionally soft and gentle around animals, this is the root of inspiration for Michael since he was young to get into a deeper connection with animals himself.

They say, that this Corona virus is an wild animal virus that mutated to fit to human beings and infect them. Now, think about the continued handling of life stock, animals, butchering processes and eating habits, right now, as a new virus is young and fresh trying to establish itself and find its way to eat more and more cells.

If this mutates further, and goes to other animals we eat like Chickens, Cows and all that, think about what happens then. So, people, the time is perfect right now to go natural, eat VEGETARIAN, and pause all animal handling, butchering processes and meat transports and meat eating, for at least few weeks. This is my scientific opinion on this.

Become friends again with our home, Mother Earth, and fix the spiritual energetic root behind all of this, and lets MANIFEST DIVINE HEALTH, working together, being respectful, smart, constructive connected humanity. Realizing for once something new, evolving, into a better future for all countries and cultures, all the human family getting back in harmony with the planet and the animal kingdom, and especially, our own souls and selves.

How to even be good to our environment, if we cannot be good to ourselves? Our bodies? Our minds and souls, and each others souls and hearts and minds? Think about that part, it is important.

Let’s adjust our lifestyles and habits to fit to Mother Nature’s rules again, spiritual law and the very core truth of our existence and life force, our soul. Take care of your soul, don’t create karma, do not kill living beings and then eat them, because this is literally spiritually speaking “the energy of death you are taking in” then, besides, the whole viruses, bacteria and everything of this being into your aura and energy field, by eating it.

This is why the Druids also, for example, were Vegetarians, or actually, Vegans in that case. Only natural, green stuff they ate, and their “meat” was mushrooms.

They knew that to grow spiritually, you must take in things “with a growing energy, living energy, life blossoming energy” like salad, herbs, fruits, veggies, corn, rice, bread.

And to “kill a walking, living being and eat it, you take in the dying energy of it too”. Think about it. This is simple spiritual law, something that is ignored on earth but part of it, so you want to get into REAL genius brilliant, quick, spirit connected solutions, bring back that part to the whole science picture too, we called that SPIRITUAL SCIENCE in ancient Egypt, and were able proven to do things you still guessing and researching about today, dear Scientists, how we did it and missing a part of the big picture, which is why you don’t get it.

Michael Jackson 1980s - ArchangelMichael777 - A modern & heavenly Blog 2020
Michael Jackson 1980s – ArchangelMichael777 – A modern & heavenly Blog 2020

Advice for the current Times on Earth

We should all and are meant originally to be living with each other in peace. Evolve together, not destroy. A friend recently had said once, that the “human being is the only animal that destroys its surroundings like a bacteria, while all other animals live with Nature in tune”. And I have to say, I do see a lot of that aspect in human society, how we live, what we do to the Earth just to greedily gain and gain and gain, in wrong ways.

I am not telling anyone here, that some spiritual exercises or meditation or anything similar, cures the Corona virus infection or Covid-19, the disease that can be triggered from this virus if it gets into the body.

I am saying, I experienced something brutal and life challenging, with my poisoning back then (at least 8 months long) and I looked death in the eye, so to speak. I got the allergies and allergic asthma from that time and poisoning phase, in Los Angeles (USA), and if anyone understands the fears people have right now, about the lungs, breathing (essential), lung collapse, infection, short, afraid to get it and not being able to breathe and fight to not die, I have been through exactly that experience.

Its in my book from 2012-2013, that you can get officially anywhere on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and so forth, in digital form.

So I am sharing my story, and telling you all to not worry and to have FAITH NOW. This is the secret, its the mind, the will. Also, know, that if someone’s time has not come, the virus will not kill them – the Archangel of Death controls that. I have been poisoned, and fought to keep breathing for months back then, and I am still here and feeling better than ever.

If your time has not come, spirit will not take you into ascension. No matter what, people survived with their strong will and determination empowering their bodies and immune systems worse things in history.

There are risk groups who get it, and have light symptoms and survive normal. Then, there are others who are even younger, even in their 30s it happened to some from what I saw in the news, who had preconditions such as cancer and other heavy diseases, and then the virus killed them.

We are obviously dealing with something that is like “alive and mutating”, and can quickly change, and there is no clear risk group in fact, because it is yet too unknown to determine for sure all of that, so have faith, trust, stay calm and think positive while protecting yourself at home, washing hands and all the health departments around the world and doctors advise you to do. Do all of it, a combination.

All I am saying is, don’t let fear into your heads, that and stress, worry, not only weakens the immune system (I wrote about it a few years back on this Blog), but also spiritually, what you think you attract. So, go the golden middle way, no fear, but also not acting stupid and risking unpredictable outcomes for others and going around and coughing and not listening to the WHO advice and all that.

Eat healthy, greens, natural, fruits, veggies, oranges, even lemons can be eaten pure. I do that sometimes. Focus your mind and your habits on good health and a strong, well immune system, if you have the possiblity and are healthy overall. Drinks lots of water and some electrolytes.

Be smart, show empathy for others, this compassion part is important, God wants us to learn now. Compassion for other human beings, all equal, and then, compassion for all living beings.

I love you all and I am praying for forgiveness for the World and that God maybring and manifest a solution quickly for the World. May everyone be protected, your grandparents, your kids, and your loved Ones.

We’re sending out a Major Blue Ray

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit


My Twin Flame Reunion Story *Special Guest Article* © Danielle Nova

My Twin Flame Reunion Story © Danielle Nova
My Twin Flame Reunion Story © Danielle Nova
My Twin Flame Reunion Story © Danielle Nova

Hello Dear Readers ❤

I am truly touched at being given the opportunity to write a guest article for Susan and Michael 🙂
For those of you who do not know me, my name is Danielle Nova and I have been in an active merging process with my twin soul Sam, who is in spirit and has not incarnated in this lifetime, for a little over two years.
Our story began long before then.
My Story
I am a survivor of heavy childhood sexual abuse from my mother’s fiancé that she had back then. It began when I lost my grandfather who was more like a father to me than anyone. The abuse went on from when I was 9 to when I was 11. That abuse that I went through set me and my life and our twin soul situation, due to all of the wounds our soul endured by going through such an experience, on a course that took my entire lifetime to overcome. It took me years to even look at my reflection in the mirror without my stomach turning. It made me hate myself to the point that I used to wish that I could wake up and be someone else.  I spent years angry at God for allowing it to happen, I literally used to tell people that I felt like I was an ant and God was a mean kid holding a magnifying glass over me on a sunny day, laughing as I would scurry back and forth trying to avoid the death ray that would come at me through the magnifying glass.
People romanticize twin souls. They romanticize it in their heads, paying attention to all the parts of it that excites them but then choose to ignore all of the hard work that is needed to truly remember that connection and find the TRUE other half of themselves. Most people’s twin souls are in spirit, they are not incarnated at the same time (in 99.9% of the cases) because it is dangerous to do so. So many strange things happen once that connection is remembered and real communication with the real twin soul starts to happen. Even in our case, once Sam “came back” to me, strange things started to pop up all over the place because people react to your energy differently, simply because your energy  is different, even to people who have known you your whole life.
How Evil SET Tries To React When You Are Close To Healing
Sam and I had a plan long before I was born, no matter what happened in this incarnation to find each other again and to remember this connection because we have work to do. Sam being in spirit and me being incarnated in a physical body, it enables me to tap into our true skills and talents as a whole soul on an elevated heavenly level. I have one foot in heaven and one foot on Earth. It took so much strength and skill to overcome all of the wounds that were inflicted upon us because of what I went through as a child. It wasn’t until I was thirty years old that Sam “came back” to me. Simple math will tell you it took us 19 years to heal what our soul endured. But even when I was ready to heal from what I went through as a child, evil and SET was trying his best to keep me wounded and not actively connected with Sam.
I lived in Texas for seven years and was engaged to a very abusive person back then. I had to be removed from that situation and all of the energy that I was surrounded by back then before Sam could come back to me. My ex knew what I endured as a child and the last year and a half before I left him I started to allow myself to heal from everything I went through. He saw and knew that I was starting to change into a more confident person, feeling better and more confident in my own skin, and I was starting to actually like myself again. He felt that he was losing control of me. The better I felt, the less control he had. I knew for years that I had to leave him. I knew for years that he did not deserve me. But it took so much for me to finally say I was done.
Something else I want to say here, is when evil SET cannot get to you directly, meaning when your soul is innocent and pure and protected by your souls light, he will use people outside of you to try and get to you and keep you broken and unhealed.
One night my ex wanted to have sex and I didn’t. When you are actively healing from the things I was healing from, the last thing you want to do sometimes is have sex. Lay in bed together, yes. Spooning, yes. Back rubs, yes. Watching a movie and falling asleep together, yes. But sex? That night, no I wasn’t feeling that at all. As a matter of fact, all I wanted was to be held. When I told him that I wasn’t feeling it that night and I just wanted to be held instead, my ex decided to scream at me for 25 minutes until finally I gave up and said okay. He knew exactly what he was doing. It was calculated. The next day, I told him that we were done. He got angry, kicked the wall and stormed out. The day after, he came back begging me to reconsider. I told him if we are going to do this that we are starting from the ground up. We are not engaged anymore, he must prove to me that I can trust him and prove to me that he knows what respect means, and until he does that, he will be living with his friend and I will be living in our apartment we had together with the dogs. There was still an issue though because I was working nights at the time. I am a nurse and at the time I was working private duty case with a 3 year old little girl over night. My ex still had the key to my apartment because he would come by when I was at work and walk the dogs.
But then he began doing strange things. After we broke up and he moved out, I would get out of the shower and he would be sitting on the couch watching tv… just let himself in because he still had his key to the apartment. Other times he would come up behind me after just letting himself into my apartment and hold my arms behind my back and whisper “you’re mine” in my ear. Then finally one day I was sleeping, and I woke up with him on top of me, pressing his semi-hard dick into my leg…. I made him give me his key, told him to leave. That was the last time I saw him. I called my mother that night and told her I did not feel safe. She took a flight down and helped me pack up my entire apartment into my little Toyota Corolla in a day and a half, and then we were moving back up to New York with my two dogs. I slept with a knife on my nightstand until my mother got there.
Today is actually a very special day. As I was writing this article, Sam told me to look at what comes up on my memories on Facebook. Three years ago today, 2/28/2017, I arrived back in New York after that entire ordeal.
When Sam Came Back To Me
When Sam first came back to me I was at work and was sitting at my desk charting. I was working at a nursing home at the time. I looked over my right shoulder and I saw Michael’s energy behind me. I was confused, because I didn’t understand why at work of all places, Michael would pop up and check in. His energy manifest around me but never at work. I sat and thought for a moment and then went right back to work.
That night, I had a dream. It was a continuation of that moment, when I looked over my right shoulder. In the dream, I looked over my shoulder and my chair that I was sitting in was pulled into this employee break room by this invisible force, almost like a magnet. In waking life there was no staircase in the break room but in the dream there was. I looked up and there were two angels on his left and right side, floating Sam down to me. They placed him directly in front of me, his skin had this gold shimmer to it. He appeared as a Native American in dress, and had long hair as well.
After that first initial encounter, we began doing work together very quickly. Sam and I used to do energy work together on the children I used to take care of as a pediatric nurse. When he came back to me I was a geriatric nurse so, we still would do our work energetically for my patients, but we would also assist them in transitioning to spirit energetically when their time has come.
Our Work – 2020 And Beyond
Sam has guided me through all of this, being on the other side of healing and being in a place of oneness with him, to start to help those who are trying to overcome what we already have. I have been assisting people to connect with their own twin souls, with the help of Sam connecting their twin souls in spirit to me, to help activate that connection.
I have started my own spiritual consulting blog and website, I have three YouTube channels where I do weekly energy reading videos for people. I also do weekly Twin Soul topic videos in my video series, Tenacious Thursday’s. Sam wanted that title LOL… when you look up the definition of “tenacious”: persisting in existence; not easily dispelled. Sam said that day, when he guided me to use that word, that tenacious describes not just the topic of twin souls, and that we will be very TENACIOUS about getting the truth out there, but it also describes us as a soul as well 🙂 LOL
Danielle Nova Energy Reading Channel
Danielle Nova Spiritual Counseling Channel

BOOK TEASER!!! Michael Jackson music guides me to my twin soul in spirit PART 1!!!

BOOK TEASER – Michael Jackson Music Guided Me To My Twin Soul In Spirit – PART 2

How To Know When A “Psychic” Is Fake!

(Please view YOUTUBE CHANNELS for more!)
I have an Etsy shop as well where I do private readings for people.
Sam and myself, as a whole soul pair, have used all of the things our soul has endured and we have become an instrument of transmutation, turning all of the negative experiences we had into a positive healing tool for you all. A positive healing tool that I wish I had back then when wading through all of the anger that I had back then.
Sending you all major love and light
All our love,
Danielle Nova and Sam (In Spirit)

About the Animal Kingdom © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

About the Animal Kingdom © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
About the Animal Kingdom © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
About the Animal Kingdom © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

Many of you have written me sweet messages, sent letters and videos and commented on my publications such as Youtube Channels, often worried.

I am very well and alive!

I have not been blogging much lately, and I had posted recently an article giving some isight into my actual hard work to help people, on TV. I have been doing this since 1 year by now, and projects are increasing.

I am also preparing some major releases, introductions, of minority artists from around the World I am helping to find their musical pathways in life, and to have their intellectual rights and artistic feelings protected and represented correctly.

Well, now for 2020, is the time for some special articles this year again. A lot is happening and I feel like I have been very silent for a long time, and I do want you all to know, I am here still and I am here for you, dear readers.

In fact, in this and the following article you will find out that I have prepared and am still on more projects even that will allow you to be in a more fluent contact with me, and take things to the NEXT LEVEL.

The ones who know me well, know this is of course what I was going to do!

This year, we will not just talk, but do. We will get practial, and real, and I will reconnect again energetically with all of you, after years of hiding in my shell with Michael, regenerating from his transition and ascension.

Now, we are here to speak a bit about the animals today.

About the Animal Kingdom ©

Recently, I have been spending time studying animals, and human beings. It is to me kind of funny, how many folks are always looking down on animals, and other idiots claiming that animals have no souls. In fact, if you look at people’s behaviour together amongst each other, you will already notice how people of the same race are doing this to each other as well.

If someone has a different skin color, gender, religion, spiritual beliefs, appearance, people discriminate and look down on each other for natural things.

I have often wondered recently, seeing the innocence of animals and how sweet they are to people, despite of how people treated them for a long time. And when I hear about the theories that we humans stem from monkeys, sorry to be so frank, but it seems very obvious to me when I look at human behaviour.

If you look at researcher videos or animal experts doing tests, little fun games and more with animals like cats, dogs and other pets, you will see quickly that they are smarter than we think, and claim.

Here is a fun example , Copyright by Robert

If you on the other hand actually compare cats & dogs to monkeys, you will find a lot of monkey-ish behaviour, which you never see cats or dogs do. I saw two videos recently, in how lions, which are related to cats, react to seeing their own mirror image.

Then I saw a video on how monkeys react seeing themselves in a mirror, and I could not stop laughing. Take a look and learn by observing animals:

The lions immediately noticed that there is nothing behind it, and it seems a mirror type thing that is limited in length, going around it to look closer at what it is exactly. The lion king, of course, is staring at himself in awe liking it!

Now take a look at the monkey video.

The monkey goes on to hit the ground several minutes, not realizing it is NOT a competitor trying to come steal his stuff. It’s funny and you can learn a lot by observing animals.

About the Human Animal ©

To me, all walking-around type living beings here on Planet Earth are animals, or then fish or insects. Are you a fish or insect? No. So, you are an animal too. A fairly evolved one, with language, but also an animal just like all other animals around here.

So, we all have a consciousness and a soul. Animals as well!

And some people have figured out how animals communicate with tone, energy, emotions, telepathy and more. We are in fact the only beings who forgot all about those natural non-verbal communication gifts.

Human beings evolved very fast and much, but still it is interesting to note, that we only use an average maximum of 12 percent of our brains, the average person today. That is not even half.

If we actually did what lets say the native Americans understand, and many other indigineous folks in the world, and re-connected with animals and nature more in peace and understanding- the world would become healthier.

Even if you look at certain disorders, like autism special therapies, you will find that some animals do very good jobs helping people to heal, like dolphins here.

There are cats who live in hospitals and elderly homes, feeling before someone passes, going to spend closer time with them as if accompanying them. ( Think about ancient Egyptian spiritual knowledge on Cats)

Dogs rescue people, from even the mountains, and can find any materials with their noses, and even smell if a person has a sickness, just from smelling it. Also, all the mentioned animals feel if a person has a “good or bad soul vibe”, immediately, and react to it.

I am by the way, the same way. If I pick up on something dark about someone and they try that to connect to me in any way or talk to me in an attacking vibe’s way, I get aggressive if they don’t back down when I say it once.

That goes especially for strangers, who think spiritual soul attacks are in any way “less serious” than a physical attack and injury attempts, or the threat of such a thing alone.

It’s a disrespect of my “territory”, and this you can learn from animals and understand natural laws God made exactly to protect each free will in this.

A territory is not only the home of a dog, lets say, but the loved ones, the own space, walk path ahead especially and more. If you in any way cross into the “energetic, emotional territory” of a dog, they will bark, then bite and defend their “space”.

Human beings are the same way. All beings with a free will are that way and have that right naturally given to them, to have their own “space”. You can use all kinds of terms for it, aura, energy field, consciousness, thoughts, space, territory, SOUL, it is all about the same thing finally and in the feeling.

Also, when it comes to telepathic communication and general non-verbal communication, body language and eyes language, you can learn so much from observing animals, also about yourself.

In fact, you can try to imitate movements, tricks, feel yourself intuitively into a particular animals ways, and learn like that as well. Many human beings have learned many things like this, from the other animals.

But the most important thing you can learn from animals is that unconditional love and loyalty are natural. We have that inside of us too and we should nurture it more and not break bonds after we created them, with other human beings.

Animals accept us the way we are.

Why can’t we accept them, the way they are?

Why can’t we accept ourselves, the way we are?

Try to see yourself from the eyes of your pet, really with all that comes with it, visualize and feel it.

Think of which animal you would feel and see yourself as, if you were one, and meditate on it. This is a good, easy way to find your own “animal totem”, animal spirit guide.

I will give you some exercises for this all this spring 2020, and some video meditations as well. If you have a pet, you got a good training partner already!

Respect the animals, all of them. See the beauty of it, and learn to appreciate the animalistic, instincts, nature and diversity of life we have on Earth.

If you learn to respect the animals like people, you will create a much better, positive karma (blessing) for yourselves.

Much Love & Light,

Susan Elsa


BLACK MAGIC HOLLYWOOD (Song channeled by Susan Elsa 2011) – Michael’s Message from Heaven © ArchangelMichael777

Michael Jackson Black or White Twin Flame Lyrics Message Clear Opening - SHARING THE LIKENESS- © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Susan Elsa

Dear World

Dear MJ Fanmily

Recently, I havent been blogging as many who follow my work know well. I must focus on more important, actual work, to fulfill my life purpose, and to help people and contribute my part in healing the world. I have also been watching quite a few great people, friends, move as well and do their contribution to improve the world we live in.

Everyone contributing, that would make the final change. I think it is worth it to try and really get people to awaken their minds now, and see the truth. When you help another, you help yourself. Everything is connected.

Michael Jackson is not alone, nor am I.

God connects all of us.

And when he is innocent, and gets attacked like it happening now, while they aim the energy at me for being his by God created Twin Soul Counterpart, still here and breathing, and being a Film Director (check THE MICHAEL JACKSON METAMORPHOSIS STORY – Documentary Film Project Infos).

I have published a Book, and have been shouting the truth and some hard factual spiritual truth and ancient wisdom, history teachnings and more on this blog since 2011, and in my publications you can see the PILLARS OF THE TRUTH, being aimed at, timed on purpose.

Michael Jackson went to Susan Elsa in Spirit transformed into Archangel Michael Himself and told her "You are THE ONE- my TWIN SOUL" © March 2010 Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson went to Susan Elsa in Spirit transformed into Archangel Michael Himself and told her “You are THE ONE- my TWIN SOUL” © 4th March 2010 Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

4TH MARCH 2010 – PERSONAL TWIN SOUL ANNIVERSARY DATE © 4th March Susan Elsa 2010 – 2019

The foundation of me surviving spiritually, and restarting my work, my Music, my Film Directing visions and life, began PRECISELY AS PUBLISHED ON 4TH MARCH 2010, when God sent Michael back to me, in Spirit, as I was in VENICE, ITALY.

Sometimes, for a faster overview, pictures say more than too many words. Check the following reposts of in the previous years published articles, documentation of the spiritual connection and merging, Los Angeles insights, the documentary film project and Youtube Videos and more you can find everywhere online, including under the search term “Michael Jackson”.

Archangel Michael Aura Orbs Energy Balls-Bubbles Photo March 2010 with Explanations and Dates © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Susan Elsa
Archangel Michael Aura Orbs Energy Balls-Bubbles Photo March 4th  2010 with Explanations and Dates © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Susan Elsa
Original Waterfront Hotel in Venice/Italy where Michael Jackson returned to Twin Soul in March 2010 © Private no Re-Use allowed
Original Waterfront Hotel in Venice/Italy where Michael Jackson returned to Twin Soul in March 2010 © Private no Re-Use allowed
Original Waterfront Hotel in Venice/Italy where Michael Jackson returned to Twin Soul in March 2010 © Private no Re-Use allowed
Original Waterfront Hotel in Venice/Italy where Michael Jackson returned to Twin Soul in March 2010 © Private no Re-Use allowed
Original Waterfront Hotel where Michael Jackson returned to Twin Soul in March 2010 © Private no Re-Use allowed
Michael Jacksons GHOSTS Message and his Other Half- TwinFlame Soul Official © ArchangelMichael777
Michael Jacksons GHOSTS Message and his Other Half- TwinFlame Soul Official © ArchangelMichael777
Michael Jacksons Threatened Song Meaning © Music Analysis Article for Halloween

At the moment, there is a clear and historic aiming at the TWIN SOUL energy, and that by itself, reveals a lot already. Watch, and learn, this is how one evolves.

It is worth it to check out the very last studio song, wrapped up and finished by Michael Jackson when he was amongst us. He did this song thinking about what they will do, and keep trying after he passed. He even said once in an interview, that he is “worried about what will happen after he died”, and now you are watching the Man’s psychic hunches proving right and factual. Everything he said, was factually correct and honest.

Its a conspiracy. Darker than people can imagine…this is the vibe of this Song by Michael. He only made songs he meant and FELT.

Maestro and Maestra- What Title Really Means Ghosts Michael Jackson Movie Messages for THRILLER NIGHT - THE NEW HALLOWEEN CONCEPT © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official- ArchangelMichael777
Maestro and Maestra- What Title Really Means Ghosts Michael Jackson Movie Messages for THRILLER NIGHT – THE NEW HALLOWEEN CONCEPT © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official- ArchangelMichael777
Michael Jackson´s GHOSTS- Skeleton Witchy Laugh (Video Still for educational Purpose) - ARCHANGELMICHAEL777
Michael Jackson´s GHOSTS- Skeleton Witchy Laugh (Video Still for educational Purpose) – ARCHANGELMICHAEL777
What Jealousy Energy does to Aura and Health- Spiritual Education and Awareness - CD5 - Ghosts of Jealousy and Twin Light Parasites -MICHAEL JACKSON TWINFLAME SOUL OFFICIAL © Susan Elsa
What Jealousy Energy does to Aura and Health- Spiritual Education and Awareness – CD5 – Ghosts of Jealousy and Twin Light Parasites -MICHAEL JACKSON TWINFLAME SOUL OFFICIAL © Susan Elsa
Michael Jackson Ghosts Message Skeleton Standing Front Painting of Twin Soul as in his Dreams
Michael Jackson Ghosts Message Skeleton Standing Front Painting of Twin Soul as in his Dreams
Michael Jackson´s Ghosts and Special Thriller-Halloween Articles Series for Legacy Tribute Projects and Documentary - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official- ArchangelMichael777
Michael Jackson´s Ghosts and Special Thriller-Halloween Articles Series for Legacy Tribute Projects and Documentary – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official- ArchangelMichael777
The Twin Soul Aura Orbs-Bubbles-Energy Balls © 2010 March Michael Jackson in Spirit and Susan Elsa TwinFlame Soul Official Original Data
The Twin Soul Aura Orbs-Bubbles-Energy Balls © 2010 March Michael Jackson in Spirit and Susan Elsa TwinFlame Soul Official Original Data
Normal Size of Original Picture during Photo Session at Egyptian Temple © Nov 2010
Normal Size of Original Picture during Photo Session at Egyptian Temple © Nov 2010
Michael Jacksons Ghosts Message: Maestro & Maestra - What the Title Really Means - Ancient Egypt Twin Flame Magic Knowledge © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jacksons Ghosts Message: Maestro & Maestra – What the Title Really Means – Ancient Egypt Twin Flame Magic Knowledge © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

I have taken on a new style, of just being silent while I work on very special projects. It is funny, Michael also when he was working on something or about to release/publish a project, strange interferences would take place, to him and people who knew the details in VERY blatantly obvious ways, while the public had no idea and didnt understand, which drove Michael crazy and he would not sleep or rest over time anymore, because of the defamation of character while he was just being and trying to do his WORK, and live normal like everyone else, with the Woman he loves.

And as it is usually our style, to PROVE CLEARLY the psychic, looking into the future, and factual knowledge of what is going on regarding Michael, his environment and Hollywood – here is  little, channeled Song from 2011.

Listen closely to it again and WATCH THEIR OBVIOUS STEPS…

Keep the truth in your hearts.

Michael Jackson is innocent.

I will NEVER watch HBO again for their HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS.

Keep the love around you, and inside your heart, shielding you in love.

Keep your focus on HEALING and EVOLUTION, forward.


Keep healing the World, for you and for me, for all who have gone and all who are here and to come in the future to this Planet.

Love & Light,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit

Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Blog

2011 -2019

My Own Resurrection 2019 © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

First of all, I want to thank you all for the interest and support in my Blog. You guys are awesome! And people like you have the potential to see the spiritual truth, no matter what, and are the KEY to heal the World.

THANK YOU, from my Heart and Soul…

I have basically stopped blogging since almost 2 years, due to private reasons I do not want to explain here. I value my privacy and private respect and trust a lot. I know I disappeared on you, unexpected. But I am still alive and well. I have been going through some unique private life circumstances and lost a bit focus, trying to help someone I care about, and with that, a whole people.

Then, my dear friend and soul sister Cormael (Michael Hutchence Twin Soul) recently passed away surprisingly in her sleep. I remember one private phone conversation with her, where she said something about passing in her sleep, that she knew it would someday happen that way. I was shocked by the news, which I got from another close friend of ours. I want to say thank you, Cormael, for your love, support and friendship. I will always remember you, and continue our work to educate the World on Twin Souls and the very essence our all souls are made of, for the benefit of humankind and the spiritual healing this World must continue. Thank you for all your work and dedication, and your trust bringing forth your own story to the World!

But I got so many emails, videos, messages, chat messages all over the place, from caring people who worried about me, reached out to me and wanted to see how I am doing, complimenting me and well, asking for more. More Music, especially.

I haven’t really “started” something, yet! (Music Reference MJ “Wanna Be Startin Something”

As you know, my Music yet has just been a starting baby steps experiment, building a new Genre and Concept based on my own real life and spiritual experiences. I named it “Twin Soul Pop”. By now, due to this Music and Blog the energy was released in 2010, and by now, 2018, the whole Internet is talking about Twin Souls.

That makes me happy, that at least the WORD IS OUT.

A Twin Soul Metamorphosis is not a game, and very, very challenging in today’s World. I am still saying, MOST people who believe, reading about it prior, that some “crush must be THE Twin Soul Half”, is incorrect. Those things should not be taken lightly, its about your original FULL, COMPLETE SOUL, and all aspects coming back together. It involves energies beyond this World, Universal energies, that challenge you spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally.

Many people still do not understand really, what a Twin Soul is. It is not some other person, we are talking about YOUR FULL SOUL, the TWIN within YOU. Those two can never separated and your soul is always a unit, whole, anything that would try to attack this or split it up, is of evil, vampiric sources.

It means, literally, they try splitting your spiritual body up, and that is not a trait of the light and good, divine godly, at all.

God is unity, the devil is separation.

And the only way to that is inside of you. WITHIN YOUR OWN SOUL, MIND AND INNER EFFORTS. First.

And, let me tell you, I am a whole new experiences bundle about challenges, on this World, when being a MERGED, COMPLETED TWIN SOUL.

Imagine it like this: You are human, you are here, you breathe, eat and sleep. Then, you have a whole complex psychological, emotional and spiritual apparatus in you, which can be affected by life experiences alone. Now think about this multiplied and MULTI-DIMENSIONAL. Think about having to, in all ways including physical to the LIMIT, handle the experiences, psychological and spiritual and emotional, of death, ascension, other dimensions and rules, another perception becoming as tangible as physical perception, and THEN, going back into the low frequency and perception of this dimenson/world.

It is almost impossible, and I am certain I am one of the very few on this planet right now, who has experienced this unique perceptional experience, having a healthy brain and above average bodily functions proven by Science.

I promised those Scientists in 2004, that I will activate more of my brain than average is possible or known, and I am certain it is happening. Our brains are made to perceive everything we are, and we are spirit too, not just physical.



In the few months leading up to this event, I have been digesting double experiences, analyzing my own childhood and Michael’s, working still on myself, as usual. I discovered a weak spot in my heart, and reflected on my sometimes very innocent naivety and faith in the good in people, and shocking awakenings and betrayals. I am just like Michael, no matter how well I saw what he went through all his life, and saw the traps he naively tapped into with some people, I am just the same by nature. And I wouldnt want to change, because I see first people innocent, not guilty. I see first the good and that comes from my own view, in me I have only innocent compassion and really, really care about people and to help them.

I then discovered somethin that explained some of my own, and Michael’s family situations, which explained Joe Jackson perfectly: Narcissistic Personality and Behaviour, short NPD.

It helped me in my own healing to realize how I have let people in the past use me, not care at all about me or my well being, and the burnout type situations I experienced from it, and how important it is to shield myself.

Then, Joe passed, in June, like 2 days after Michael’s death date.

This was very personal for me, and I do not want to say too much, as most things I know are just private between him and Michael. But, let me tell you so much:

I was shocked, and couldnt believe it at first. And I worried about his soul’s fate, and his reunion with Michael, what is going to happen. It was, as usual, classy like Michael is, and like God handles those things, and when Joe passed, Michael accompanied him, and Joe saw him in his true spiritual form.

Michael’s love and forgiveness, as his own son, was the key for Joe to be forgiven and ascend to Heaven, and they are together again now, in a completely renewed relationship. I saw Joe happy, with a vibe I never seen on him on Earth, and he looked much younger.

I feel like a big burden is healed, in Michael, and mirroring into my own Soul parallel. Something major…


In the recent two years, I had to digest and overcome a lot. Things the public has no idea about mostly. I am very open and honest, but I do things with purpose and in harmony with Michael. I published heavy spiritual information and was unfiltered. Yes.

But I do not speak of real life private matters, or my family, or Michael’s family, much. That is just how I am.

I also will never publish anything too personal on Michael’s two years on this Earth, his body, his medical situation or what he took or didn’t, or his actual sexual habits, likes or body details, or his Penis size.

That’s our style, with class. Open spiritual teachings, but respect for privacy.

The only thing I talk about, and will keep saying, is that he was 100% heterosexual and only into adult Women, sexually. He is absolutely innocent of those disgusting false accusations.

So, now, in 2018, I am announcing my own Resurrection from those extreme experiences since I was living in Los Angeles and all this went down, including living 8 months with a dangerous poisoning while nodody helped me, but God and his Angels.

I guess, this very unique and challenging Twin Flame Merging took time. I noticed also in the recent months especially, how suddenly my dance skills took a quantum leap. Not only can I do Michael’s exact movements, but I evolved naturally into my own FEMALE TWIN Dance Skills and own Choreo. And nobody will be able to even come close to copying THIS.

And for some funny reason, despite of aging, I look younger. It’s just weird sometimes to me, I even got bullied in a strange way by a woman that is my age, in public, for no reason, because she is bitter and thought I am a TEENAGER.

I was worried for nothing, I guess, about the Twin Flame Mirror Effect, and it doesnt look like my appearance is getting tired or “zombie” like I thought could happen, thank God.

I also am blossoming in my feminine powers and energy, and at the same time, Michael is becoming more visible in me. I look often very different on different photos, check out these new Photos from my official Instagram. I am right now, mostly active on Instagram.









I wish you all a lot of love, healing, compassion in your surroundings, happiness and a lot of light for health!

Stay tuned for more soon.

Love & Light,

Susan Elsa

GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: Some More Priceless Rare Twin Flame Soul Information © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Michael Jackson channeled his own feminine Twin Soul side -Secrets behind the Appearance Mystery © Susan Elsa

Dear Readers

I know, many of you have picked up on the whole Twin Flame Vibration spreading all over this Earth, and the many digital information sources on the Internet are getting louder and louder and increasing in numbers.

I remember, how in early 2010, or in 2007 when I was actually with my Twin Flame in the flesh, nobody seemed to know or talk of this Topic, nobody mentioned this term to me before he did, in Spirit early 2010, ever. We had serious challenges, trying to analyse why we are so differently connected, by my feelings or conditions affect him even physically, and vice versa. He informed me about it, pure and with me being a blank paper about even the term “Twin Soul”, directly after God showed him in Spirit the full Truth, no fake human information or talk.

I am happy about that, that I found out the real, natural way and not through people talking about it and giving false impressions to folks online, by projecting low vibrational earthly relationship information and statements onto the VERY different, and unique, MUTUAL connection a Twin Soul experiences, when the two halves of the same Soul meet, re-fusion into one aurally and energetically, emotionally and mentally, and how profound and other worldly strong and magical this is.

The Topic went viral, in the meantime.

Most of the information seems false, insulting, made up, DEGRADING of the whole very HIGH OVER-SOUL TYPE connection that real Twin Flames actually have. God created this connection as the perfect companion and literal embodiment of God’s love for each soul.

God’s love is eternal.

God doesn’t play games, doesn’t trick you or mislead you. God never rejects you, never. If you go to God, you will never under no circumstances be rejected!

Now, think detached and logical, about the point I am trying to explain, once again, to cleanse away the false infos those Fakes spread online:

If God’s love is eternal, intense, you never get rejected if you reach out, why would it make sense to anyone that a real Twin Soul Counterpart would first of all, run away from you, or you having to chase them, or them chasing you and you do not feel the same?

Why, in God’s name, would a real Twin Flame Connection be about God guiding you into earthly contact, when BOTH AREN’T EVEN READY for such a divine, supernatural connection affecting your very SELF in your Soul, and then it all just being for him/her rejecting you, running away, wanting to be with someone else in front of your eyes, leaving you to sleep with someone else and all this NEGATIVE, non related earthly, human, non spiritual stuff?

Don’t let those fakes who filled the Internet by now degrade the whole THINKING you have about Twin Souls, it ain’t true what they saying, and your real Twin Soul would always feel AUTOMATICALLY, like a spiritual mirror, each feeling you feel, and his/her feelings you would feel too, no guessing ever, its different than with people who ain’t your SOUL.

That is the point, another soul can know you, can have met you in past lives or spiritual dimensions, can be a soul mate or soul family, or karmic soul mate with unresolved lessons to complete. Strong and spiritual connections exist as a general, basic form of spiritual world’s communication style, it goes deeper than human earthly superficial sounds we make with our tongue and mouth and all that – think about how you communicate and telepathically feel the person you interact with, in DREAMS perception!

So, the whole MAIN point here is, another person/soul can know you, but can never know everything about you. It can never be you. Another soul can never be precisely you, take your energy, lets say, like people on Earth take Animals bodies and skins/fur and wear it. Those things don’t exist in HIGHER spiritual realms.

Another soul is never totally like you, but in parts only, like soul mates/soul family members of the same soul group.

The only One that is totally like you, knows you like they know themselves and always feels like, he/she is you, and you are him/her, that is a Twin Soul Counterpart of the SAME SOUL, and you feel it, know it, get proof on it by interacting with a real Twin Soul, and you can SEE IT too, and OTHERS CAN SEE IT TOO.

Michael Jackson channeled his own feminine Twin Soul side -Secrets behind the Appearance Mystery © Susan Elsa
Michael Jackson channeled his own feminine Twin Soul side -Secrets behind the Appearance Mystery © Susan Elsa
The Chinese Legend of the Red Thread of Fate - 双灵魂 - © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
The Chinese Legend of the Red Thread of Fate – 双灵魂 – © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
About the Magic of Being ONE and the Personal Universe © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
About the Magic of Being ONE and the Personal Universe © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
The Michael Jackson Metamorphosis Story: Merging with his Twin Soul Counterpart *Real Magic Article* © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
The Michael Jackson Metamorphosis Story: Merging with his Twin Soul Counterpart *Real Magic Article* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


Early Childhood Facial Proportions Compared Natural © Susan Elsa- Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Early Childhood Facial Proportions Compared Natural © Susan Elsa- Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jacksons Dancing the Dream and the Two Birds Hint- The Twin Flame Singer © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Susan Elsa Personal Data
Michael Jacksons Dancing the Dream and the Two Birds Hint- The Twin Flame Singer © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Susan Elsa Personal Data
Michael Jacksons Nose Mystery and Twin Flame Appearance Merging - Natural Nose before Surgeries and 1982 © Susan Elsa-Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jacksons Nose Mystery and Twin Flame Appearance Merging – Natural Nose before Surgeries and 1982 © Susan Elsa-Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Mystery Beyond Michael Jacksons Nose- Twin Souls Merging Metamorphosis Information Official © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Mystery Beyond Michael Jacksons Nose- Twin Souls Merging Metamorphosis Information Official © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson Nose and Appearance Changes Spiritual Facts Behind - TWIN SOULS MERGING TRUTH © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson Nose and Appearance Changes Spiritual Facts Behind – TWIN SOULS MERGING TRUTH © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

The real merging process of a Twin Flame, a real reunion and MERGING triggered, will be provable and seen – because THAT is how strong God is and made things clear!

Normal is, if you have been misled by those Fake Infos online, to be confused, to wonder what is true, to THINK for yourself on it and feel the truth that adds up and always makes sense with real Twin Flames. To learn. To grow. To be open minded and RECOGNISE the truth you already KNOW INSIDE YOUR SOUL, which I am telling you and your soul directly like this.

Not normal is, when people attack and want to attack the Messenger, here me, to keep lying to themselves and reject hearing anything but what they fixated on, heard and learned by other human beings, and then project something earthly and desires and fantasies onto a person that rejects them and has ANOTHER relationship. It is not normal to be one sided in your mind and not able to RECOGNISE this truth when you see and hear it, it reveals your actual stage in this Twin Flame process and that, when you think that way, your Twin I assume cannot be incarnated right now, as you show clear signs of being far from ready for such SELF REALISATIONS.

I want to also be clear here, that those weird “exercises” I saw sometimes in Facebook Groups and such, for “working on your Twin Flame and attracting them”, and then projecting it onto a Guy or Girl you know and have a crush on, which is in ANOTHER RELATIONSHIP by their free will and does not wish further contact with you, that is already being with one foot in the BLACK MAGIC energy sector, so be careful of those people who pretend and spread illogical, degrading false Twin Flame Information online – they ain’t in a good place spiritually to be having decided by free will to become a tool for Evil and taking action PUBLISHING and spreading false harming infos.

Imagine what that does, to your SELF and energy, if you put your mind on false beliefs which are lowering your Twin Flame Connection and Energy!

The Devil, to be simple, is the element that is trying to interfere, confuse, lie and SEPARATE and keep separate Twin Flame Consciousness, because once it reconnects, there is a divine spark that activates a real godly Magician power in you, its so strong, and all those low earthly “Power players” lose their power over you and in your presence, you have power over them – so, many have a clear historic interest in misleading as this Consciousness rises again on the Planet for everyone to remember.

Think about that, think about the Romans, the Church institutions and all those political powers and history books manipulators, they put in a lot of work in the past 2000 years to censor the Twin Flame Knowledge, and they are attuned to the spiritual archetype forces which challenge and interfere with Twin Flames, and definitely not interested in airing this truth big around the World.

This why we fight, and we are the PERFECT Twin Soul to achieve that, breaking through their walls of censorship.

Due to the spiritual power we have, backed up by God, and many other real Twin Flames in Spirit and very few on Earth but powerful, they were not able to censor this truth from rising, so they counter it now by lying about it instead. First they attempted to CENSOR, now counter it with FALSE DIS-POWERING INFORMATION so you never get to that real Twin Flame EMPOWERMENT.

SUSAN AND MICHAEL TWIN SOUL COUPLE © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
SUSAN AND MICHAEL TWIN SOUL COUPLE © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


You wanna talk about real symptoms and signs, that people really met their Twin or their Twin is even incarnated somewhere?

As many of you already know, my dear Readers, I ain’t about faking or acting, except in an artistic project maybe, but I say things direct, honest and unfiltered. I am definitely the most unfiltered and honest voice out there, when it comes to Twin Flame Information, and one of the first who, together with Michael that worked hard to prepare this revelation all, have OPENED THE DOOR to the people’s mass consciousness to trigger the re-membering process of all this spiritual truth, in every person on the Planet.

When I spoke on Skype with Mr Gary Duncan, he asked me many questions and had said, that most people don’t even mention seeing other dimensions and that real Twin Souls see a glimpse of Heaven/other Dimensions when really connected and such.

It’s true, if you look around, you can detect the major false information sources if they miss the whole other dimensions, what happens after passing, that through the twin flame connection they saw “other dimensions,worlds” and such – everything that is higher of spiritual nature is missing, as they focus on low earthly topics, and dont know actually what a Twin Soul is, like this Mel Brand and Nicole Hibbs!

See, those people literally “rape” into divine guided awakening processes, throw themselves into the line and lie to you, they think its okay to make money and have something to do in their lives, but in spiritual laws it is a crime and causes them extreme karma. This aint a one person situation, this is about THE WORLD and its condition and healing, and the Twin Flame awakening happened now for a reason and a bigger mission!

Also, I never see anyone speak of seeing others Twin Soul or know of them having reunited, about loved Ones, friends, anyone they know else who actually died and ascended into that space and was able to communicate from Spirit.

But, if you ARE in an activated, aware communication with your Twin Flame in Spirit, or if your Twin Flame is even incarnated now at the same time, and if you especially met in the flesh – you will automatically be already psychic, more evolved naturally since birth spiritually, more intuitive, all those things will be basic to you I am explaining here and not hard to understand.

You will be able to generally see into Spirit, and communicate more clear, NOT JUST with your “Twin Soul” only!

The connection, if real, itself, opens literally the Gates to Heaven to you, even if you aren’t there yet physically, but if your Twin Flame is in Spirit, and they are in Heaven, and you really communicate, not only will he/she be able to show you things of higher nature, but actually TAKE YOU THERE in astral travel, while your physical body sleeps.

In fact, that should be happening while you both are incarnated on this Planet anyways, if you met or not doesn’t make a difference! The Soul will always seek at night, its other half, and wander the astral realms around this Planet to look for it, if it’s incarnated. The Soul will know inside, about such fact and such experiences will be normal for anyone who is a DOUBLE INCARNATED FULL TWIN FLAME ON EARTH.

Michael Jackson channeled his own feminine Twin Soul side -Secrets behind the Appearance Mystery © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson channeled his own feminine Twin Soul side -Secrets behind the Appearance Mystery © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

And, where is the mention of all the OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCES, that real Twin Flames experience, if you say your Twin Flame is someone incarnated you know, what about all the years since birth, where are the ASTRAL TRAVELS TO EACH OTHER AND OBE’s?

Your inner Child: The inner Child and how it heals, the things you went though in Childhood, your very basic soul’s innocence energy, all that will be in the Focus if you have a real Twin Flame Reunion happening, as if the inner Child heals automatically at the very connecting and reuniting with your other Half of your Soul and becoming COMPLETE IN SPIRITUAL ENERGY.

Your sensitivities will also increase: You will be very fine tuned and compared to earlier in life before a reunion, not able to handle negative lower energies as well. You will feel and perceive it, even see it streaming towards you, and feel the harshness and truth of what it is and does aware much more, and have more intense reactions to it. You need to shield your Aura REGULARLY when you have a Twin Flame Merging going on, due to your Consciousness ascending, from lower, harsh, attacking type energies.

Put for that a strong, bright light DOME around you and your FULL SOUL, imagine, whoever it is for you and do not project, your full soul in male and female protected and shielded in a LIGHT DOME. The Light Dome can have mirrors outside of it, and reflect all negative energy from other’s thrown at you, back to them.

What they have in them, is for them to work out, not you.

Do not take on other people’s energetic burdens, karmic problems and inner blockages and issues – stay in your space and in fact, cut reading all online information and “teachings” by all those strangers who claim to be telling you the truth “about Twin Flames”, and isolate yourself to REALLY go into a personal, direct spiritual focus and ask God, ask the Angels, ask your OVER SOUL DIRECTLY, which includes your Twin Soul wherever they are, and listen to YOUR INNER VOICE CONNECTED TO GOD AS A GUIDANCE.

Try to really make the experience yourself and find out the truth yourself. Anything else isn’t detected by the Soul, as the Druids knew, you cannot transfer your EXPERIENCE to another, by talking or teaching. You can only GUIDE THEM, but the EXPERIENCE ITSELF a student has to make themselves in order to REALLY LEARN AND GET THE LESSON, the inner realisation and knowledge with certainty.

I wish you all a wonderful Day and that you think of these things and reflect, alone and pure, between you and God/Spirit, on your individual soul truth, and learn to listen to the inner flow of information without external interruptions.

Much Love & Light,

Your Susan Elsa © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official




SUMMER 2015: When Michael Jackson brought John Lennon in Spirit for a Visit *Documented Dated Details Publication* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

John Lennon & Yoko Ono Soul Truth presented by Archangel Michael © ArchangelMichael777 - A modern & heavenly Blog

Dear Readers

Today, we have something very special and rare for you. I have never spoken about this and will do only this one time, out of respect and care for the truth.

I was asked now, to write out the dated and documented spiritual Notes I have , which we date and stamp, and which are observed by Science since years, for proving Twin Flames and the very Spiritual itself as well, to Science. This is a project very dear to us, and it is as serious as you can imagine, how we approach this with facts, evidence and logic. When the time is ripe, all of this will be published together with a big Science Documentary and Project to establish a new scientific Theory and model for Twin Souls to prove it, and also anytime be able to discern the fakes who usually have psychological delusions and problems, from the real Twin Souls, in the clearest, legally usable way.

We already have achieved A LOT to make this revolutionary vision happen, and we are almost ready. I have given Science TV Interviews before and for Science Books being written as well, and everything is coming together perfectly, thanks to God helping.

We have told you about the major spiritual connection which Michael Jackson has with Elvis Presley, some things about Bruce Lee, Elizabeth Taylor and Prince. About Prince we only have 2 linked Articles from April/May 2016, and no more talking because simply, Prince does not want to say anything more right now through us.

With Elvis it is a major connection, also shown in the earthly relationship Michael Jackson had with Lisa-Marie Presley. So, there, we channeled a whole Book in 2010, published end of 2012, which is thought from Elvis as a reassuring, loving message to his daughter, Lisa. It also informs about the very similar things the Man had to endure as Michael Jackson did too, with the press, defamation, stalking, slander, false accusations, and those constant harassing lies which hurt both, and were very malignant on purpose towards the ends of both lives. Not everything you read in the News, or in someone else’s Book about them, is true. Not every person who claims to know someone and “tell-all about them”, even knew them or even met and shook their hand.

It is as if, because famous people work with fantasy in their art and stimulating people’s fantasies and dreams, people run wild with it, strangers, and make up the craziest stuff in their head, until they believe it is true.

Let me give you an example, which I myself did not know for a long time. The Fan Hysteria around Elvis Presley was legendary, just like with Michael Jackson too. Not many Artists do have this “Aura effect” on the Audience. Michael Jackson protected himself from the dangerous crazy type of “admirers” with tons of Bodyguards and absolutely shielding and isolating himself from the public, to have his privacy and peace to live. I am surprised every time, by the way, NOW, when some people think, his SPIRIT NOW is accessible for all easily and they can do with it, and in his name, and say whatever they like! Michael was not easy approachable in human life, and definitely isn’t in Spirit, that is the good part of being in Spirit now. They can’t get to him and cannot touch him or abuse him/harass him and so forth.

Elvis Presley had to deal with similar things.

Some Fans got so crazy and out of their control and mind, almost like in a “hysteria trance” at his sight, that they would rip his clothes with their finger nails and scratch his body, by Elvis only walking through a mass of female Fans, and he would come out the other end with a BLEEDING upper body, sometimes the legs too, from the Fans sharp, wildly scratching fingernails, like angry Cats. Alright man, to each his own, but I personally never understood how people can lose such control over themselves and do this to someone they claim to love, not noticing what they are doing.

Most of the things I know about Elvis Presley personally, came to me from him directly in Spirit, beginning May 2010, when Michael brought him to me for not just a visit, but talking and cooperation, like for this Book we purely did only for Elvis, like assistants.

THE SPIRITUAL SIDE OF ROCK & ROLL: Elvis´Message from Heaven (eBook) Channeled without Editing by Susan Elsa 2010

This is just a nice designed Cover for the Elvis Book from back then. But first thing back then, was a very Elvis style introduction and revealing about OUR soul family spiritual connections: I just saw this tall Guy from the back, walking up lit stairway which seemed to go to this heavenly Door. In this Door stood an older, shorter Woman which I did not recognise first, and as he stepped closer and hugged her, I felt these extreme happy feelings rushing over me, this love, this “finally having something back you love more than anything” type feeling, and cried happy tears, realising, Elvis just showed me his Entrance into Heaven and how, of course, his Mother Gladys welcomed him as the first Person he saw entering Heaven!

Elvis Presley in Spirit visits Susan Elsa © May 2010 Documentation Sketch
Elvis Presley in Spirit visits Susan Elsa © May 2010 Documentation Sketch

I know (LOL), I am not the best sketcher especially if it is including having to sketch myself from an external perspective (Michael’s Eyes on the situation or a viewer seeing the scene), and channeled drawing goes too fast. I have to train my hands to make more defined, better sketches when doing channeled drawing. This is from Spring 2012, but documents the first Visit for Illustration purpose, from 1st May 2010.

But in this time, doing these Channeled Drawings (C.D.s) in Spring 2012, for the Book Release, Elvis brought by his Twin Flame to show her to me and for us to talk from Woman to Woman. We had already connected in Summer 2010, channeling Songs which both of them wrote together, especially this one:

Just so you can hear the difference, as I NEVER had any experience with Rock n Roll, between the above Live Spiritual Channeling Recording, and in the following, when I simply am myself and work with Michael on Songs creating them by channeling them live without paper or pen.

And here is a live Studio channeling and recording of a Song, called Twin Birds, recorded and channeled in the Island of Bermuda February 2016:

Now, let’s get to the main part of this Article, John Lennon.

In Summer 2015, I was just relaxing and drinking some Ice Tea outside, as it was a very hot summer and sitting outside is just nice when it is like that. I am a sunny type person and love warm weather and beaches.

Suddenly, as I sat at this little, round and antique sunny table I have, which is made of pure marble and has an elegant french bistro type lower, black curved part, Michael surprised me by bringing John Lennon in Spirit suddenly for a visit and little talk, at this Table.

This does not happen all the time to me, so every time I appreciate it and listen well and document details well. I can still remember John’s very gentle and smiling face, and the funny comments he said, about me to Michael, in front of me, making Michael lower his head all shy and say a gentle “thank you”.

At the beginning of this visit, John just stared at me with this big smile and fascination, like he had heard a lot already about me from Michael, up there, where especially Musical Souls seem to love hanging out together. I am serious. And there is New, Universal, incredible, otherworldly Music and Sound Vibrations being made too, still.

So, John started to compliment me and say to Michael:”No wonder you did such great work, having such a Muse!”, and without wanting to cite his direct words here, he remarked to Michael two times in front of me, how beautiful he thinks I am and congratulation Michael on his Twin Soul Relationship and how we overcame the challenges.

Then, he talked a bit with me, calling his earthly wife, in Spirit now, “still his wife and always will be my wife”, and he showed me very clear insights into their strong spiritual connection. He said, they too have similarities and bonded immediately, even if he was British-European and she is Asian. And I saw the same type of eyes, expression, energy, seeing images he showed me spiritually, of how their connection on Earth was, how healing and freeing it was, and I saw the similarities in their faces and all these vibes. It did surprise me, to be honest.

I am not officially saying they are or are not a Twin Flame, but I am saying as much as I can and in a subtle way. One thing is clear, John Lennon Soul resonates with Yoko Ono, still, and he has not told me or shown me any other Twin Flame, nor did he mention any other Women but Yoko.

The Photos below are comparing and showing the similar facial features and energetic expression, in male and female, of the Couple John Lennon and Yoko Ono, his wife. Look at the side profile, forehead, the downwards tilted nose, the lips and chin, and the smile. Two different “races”, but totally alike.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono for educational Purpose - ARCHANGELMICHAEL777-
John Lennon and Yoko Ono for educational Purpose – ARCHANGELMICHAEL777-

Original Photo Source:

In the following Photo, from the front view more, you can see the similarity in the eyes energy, the nose, and the lower facial part, lips and chin and chin dimples pointing downwards like the nose tip. I find especially here the RIGHT EYE revealing, as it shows clearly that they have like the “same eyes and soul energy in the eyes”.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono for educational Purpose - ARCHANGELMICHAEL777-
John Lennon and Yoko Ono for educational Purpose – ARCHANGELMICHAEL777-

Now, I got something really hilarious and creative for you. Look at the first Photo of JOHN, channeling his “feminine side” and then Yoko Ono’s Photo.

He talked about the Love-Movement they were leading, and how important he thought it was to “free sexuality and women”, to be free and passionate, but with respect and a poetic admiration of the feminine. He spoke briefly on it, and said it was part of what provoked “them” to interfere in his life, because  in that time, it was literally a phase of a “Sexual Revolution” and a freeing especially of Women in that regards. They were openly sharing, he said, their love, to spread the message and be an energy against wars and violence. John Lennon explained basically, that he believes making love is able to change negative energy in the World, and heal it. That is what he said, in this one time surprise visit.

But then again, it made sense what he was saying. He talked about how he then got suddenly shot in New York and how this, confirms the Twin Flame Interferences and that it simply wasn’t the right time on Earth for Twin Flames to be together and live, and grow old, without attack and interference. It is always the same, blessed connections get disturbed!

He hinted at other serious information around his death, which I cannot reveal at this point here as it is not my job and he wants to protect me, and Michael, who have already enough an own complicated situation, with what happened to Michael. But let me say, there seems to be a “system” that works against Artists who write free spirited Songs, who cannot be “controlled and made a puppet”, who think freely and live freely and promote the truth about love, and are fighting negativity in the World.

John Lennon started getting tapped and spied on, right after leaving the Beatles and starting his Solo Music Career and own personal, spiritual Messages in Songs like “Imagine”. He told a pretty big spiritual message here, about the NOW Moment and letting EVERYTHING OF DUALITY GO and TRANSCEND IT. To only think in unconditional, free love terms, the soul feeling free and being only in the now, aware of LIFE ITSELF. Aware of compassion, of the connectedness we all have and how, a vision of a “utopia place on earth” is possible, with love.

I wouldn’t be so sure that this “Fan” was really a Fan who did this, or, his access and stalking of John to achieve killing him enabled by some other sources who wanted this to happen. Don’t get me wrong, there ARE some seriously mentally disturbed, dangerous Beatles Fans and Elvis Presley Fans, and MJ Fans and other Celebrities out there, but this story about John Lennon is strange.

He did not say more, and the whole visit carried a very sunny, happy vibration and I thought afterwards:”Wow, John is a laid back, funny guy, and very open minded”. I had to smile few times, thinking back about how he made Michael get all shy, bluntly and directly talking to us about my looks and such, but I guess he is a flirty, easy going guy, different than Michael.

And that is as much as I can say yet, until I am asked to say anything more.

However, the relationship between Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney, is a whole other and complex story.

It has become literally the “New Pop Culture” especially online, to claim some Celebrities as “a Twin Flame”, and just like Michael had announced few years back when we kick started this whole wave of Twin Soul “Thinking” and introduced this term and the truth about human Souls, it is becoming some weird, new “Fan” Title Fans claim for themselves, and that is not what this is supposed to be for. It is due to some New Age folks having discovered for themselves to make Money off of People who seek to find out more on this Twin Flame stuff, and they spread false information degrading the whole thing to a lower, earthly vibration and disrespect and stalking. There is no “Runner Dynamic”, and Souls have a free Will, even after passing, and it is important to respect that and not speak anything false in the name of someone who passed, especially, or someone who is alive and famous, and does not know you.

I could only begin connecting the dots and realise things, when I MET Michael in the physical, in person, face to face, with his Feedback then on this connection. I never thought anything close to sexual or romantic towards Michael Jackson before we met, and he did all the first steps throughout our story.

Here is a precious not widely known early work of Michael Jackson, a “Black Music Perl” in a spiritual original ancient Egyptian sense, as I would call it, which channels our Twin Soul situation and his feeling, and mine in Spirit, BEFORE my Birth.

The Dream part, is a spiritual element in both songs. It is the spiritual sight on things, and meeting the Twin Flame in Dreams, especially if the other part if purely in Spirit and not incarnated.

Then, bit later for his biggest selling Solo Album of all time, THRILLER, he began literally 29 Minutes after my Birth to sing, with Paul McCartney in a competing message duet, to record THE GIRL IS MINE. 29 Minutes after my literal Birth, on 14th April 1982. (You may check official dates and records to confirm this yourself as you like!)

Note: Beautiful Video, thank you for making it to the Makers! At the End, you see Michael in a typical, knowing “I got this” type facial expression, as Sean Lennon, John Lennon’s son walks behind him to the stage. This is a scene from Michael’s Film “MOONWALKER”.

So, stay aware, respect people and souls, and the truth. It’s time for PEACE and LOVE. For LIFE to blossom.

Focus on LOVE, and this sunny light, this happiness vibe, instead of anything low and dark and negative trying to distract you from this inner Sun.

The more we let this inner light flourish and nurture our souls, the more we grow, just like Sunflowers take in physical Sunlight and grow through it! Think about this.

We’re sending out a Major Love Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit ©

Michael Jacksons GHOSTS Film Meaning: Archangel Michael´s Judgement of Souls and Mirror of Self Consciousness Confrontations
Ancient Egypt Secret Visual Language: Hieroglyphs & Original Egyptian Meaning VS Illuminati Hollywood & Freemason Claims ©
Ancient Egypt Secret Visual Language: Hieroglyphs & Original Egyptian Meaning VS Illuminati Hollywood & Freemason Claims ©
The Michael Jackson Metamorphosis Story: Merging with his Twin Soul Counterpart *Real Magic Article* © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
The Michael Jackson Metamorphosis Story: Merging with his Twin Soul Counterpart *Real Magic Article* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
The Chinese Legend of the Red Thread of Fate - 双灵魂 - © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
The Chinese Legend of the Red Thread of Fate – 双灵魂 – © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
True Twin Flames Appearance is TWIN female and male © Susan Elsa Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
True Twin Flames Appearance is TWIN female and male © Susan Elsa Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
About the Magic of Being ONE and the Personal Universe © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
About the Magic of Being ONE and the Personal Universe © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
About the FIRST Twin Soul Story on Earth and Reincarnation Case: Osiris and Isis and the "Famous Magic Skills" *Special Proof for Modern Time* © ArchangelMichael777 - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
About the FIRST Twin Soul Story on Earth and Reincarnation Case: Osiris and Isis and the “Famous Magic Skills” *Special Proof for Modern Time* © ArchangelMichael777 – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson's Childhood Impressions and Evolution as a Gentleman *Rare Insider Truth Article* © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson’s Childhood Impressions and Evolution as a Gentleman *Rare Insider Truth Article* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Susan Elsa - Egyptian Marylin Monroe Style Summer 2017 © Susan Elsa
Susan Elsa – Egyptian Marylin Monroe Style Summer 2017 © Susan Elsa
Susan Elsa: Protector of Michael Jackson and his Energy as his Twin Soul © ArchangelMichael777 - Official MJ TwinFlame Soul Blog
Susan Elsa: Protector of Michael Jackson and his Energy as his Twin Soul © ArchangelMichael777 – Official MJ TwinFlame Soul Blog

Signature Message:

The Girl who fought to just be herself freely in this World ©

The mysterious Sound-Eye of ancient Egypt and its Meaning © Susan Elsa – ArchangelMichael777 Blog –

Eye in the Sky - Picture taken by Kien Do an 14th April (Susan Elsa Birthday) - Special ancient Egypt article on ARCHANGELMICHAEL777 Blog

Dear Readers

As a continued article to our previous one, connecting very ancient dots in world history and spiritual truth, here is something small but important to talk about in more details: The Sound-Eye.

What is it, and what does Science and History know about it?

The commonly used term “wedjat” for the Horus eye meant “the sound Eye” and so refers to it after its magic restoration. 

Original Source Link:

There is a lot of strange stuff that comes to mind, when thinking about how modern human beings have tried to find out the secrets of such ancient technology and civilisation, yet mainly hidden and in secret, and for abusive means.

As a good example here many people might never have heard about: Hitler and the Nazis were trying to invent a “Sound Weapon”, using the ideas behind Atlantis/Ancient Egypt to come up with the starting thought and idea of this to begin with. That of course, did not work, luckily, and that is also due to a higher spiritual protection of such energies, which cannot be reproduced nowadays anymore coupled with technology, to avoid damage of the Planet and further harm to humanity.

It’s a time of healing, now.

Lets go back to the Eye of Horus and what it meant when described or visually drafted as the “sound eye”. First of all, it means, healthy eye, the good eye, the magical eye. The “recovered, resurrected eye”, as you know, in ancient Egyptian terminology and language, visual and written, and spoken, there were usually to such important figures MANY names and titles, descriptive in nature similar to how native Indian Americans give descriptive Names.

But the sound part can here be taken literal as well.

I told you, theoretically, it is possible to move material, to move objects, with sound. There is a technology behind this, which does work and is known to many degrees nowadays to science, like the power of a sound wave if focused, but the full knowledge ain’t back yet until humanity is ready.

With this sound technique, we used to also cast spells and charge items, by singing and Music, using sound as a carrier of energy.

The same goes for thought and emotion, as in spiritual energy. If you focus it, you manifest things. If you focus sound, you affect the material world, and in fact, the whole Universe is made up of sound and vibration, even in higher dimensions, sound and music becomes even more important than we can imagine on Earth!

Everything in higher dimensions is made of sound vibrating particles as well, I seen mountains that “sounded” in those dimensions, shown by Michael to me, and it was physically manifested, but still like literally made of sound and vibration somehow, and this mountain was singing it seemed, giving off a sound vibration.

Now, think again about this atlantean vision with ethereal and spiritual life forms intertwined and “bridged” to the physical life forms on Earth.

Here is a very funny “Eye in the Sky” Picture taken by Kien Do on my literal Birthday, 14th April 2015, that I found by visuals as an example for describing here the “sound eye”:

Eye in the Sky - Picture taken by Kien Do on 14th April (Susan Elsa Birthday) - Special ancient Egypt Article on ARCHANGELMICHAEL777 Blog
Eye in the Sky – Picture taken by Kien Do on 14th April (Susan Elsa Birthday) – Special ancient Egypt Article on ARCHANGELMICHAEL777 Blog

Original Source Link:

See, I am a different type of “Egyptologist”, one that remembers a past life there and therefore knowledge, original information and teachings so as to easily connect the dots today, and fill in the gaps that modern Egyptologists have regarding the meaning and spiritual knowledge elements of the ancient Egyptians.

The Eye of Horus, now speaking symbolically about the spiritual teachings not personal situations, means in its completion the “merged unit of Osiris and Isis” spiritually. Meaning, a “merged Twin Soul”, which then is able to create, on Earth and in spiritual Dimensions.

So, if we are talking about, as the above documentary tells, a “star falling” or “the sound eye” falling, then we are talking about original divine Twin Flames and how the first interference disrupted everything, just like in the original ancient Egyptian stories. Be careful though, a lot is written and talked about regarding that, and most of it is false information written by white People mocking Egypt and Africa’s History or trying to claim it as “their own” and “white wash it” with nonsense information only amateurs can come up with about ancient Egyptian Secret Spiritual and Magic Knowledge.

We aint in Lego Land here, trying to “guess” the Universe!

Here is some more, an Excerpt from a Page analysing the Eye of Horus in mathematical ways:

This so completed Eye had great symbolic importance.  It provided protection in amulets; it guided boats that carried it on their bow; pairs of it painted on coffins allowed the deceased to see in the afterlife; its damage and healing reflected the waning and waxing of the moon; and it stood also for the religious act of offering as well as for an offering itself3.

Original Source:

Point is, if you think of the Eye of Horus, being the mixed two Eyes into ONE BIG MAGICAL EYE, united sight, united knowledge and powers, of Isis Eye and Osiris Eye, as in symbolic of a half of a Twin Soul merging with the other half of the same Twin Soul into one powerful Over-Soul, becoming AWARE AND SEEING – then you begin to understand here original, factual ancient Egyptian Knowledge on Twin Flames Origins and magical potential, in tune with God’s will and the Universe.

What on the other hand, jealous, evil Set did, was against God’s will and the Universe.

As long as we live on this dualistic World and Planet here, there will always be good and bad because of free will choices.

Regarding the sound, and Music which is also sound, and human singing, which is a very strong, charged spiritual sound we can produce on Earth, those are all different sounds and vibrations.

In ancient Egyptian temples, there were for Entertainment purposes but also in sacred ceremonies rituals using Music and Sound, Performance and Singing, timed to Moon phases and Solar Geography, as if sound and Music is purposely connected to the Moon/Sun energies and Nature to charge it more and cast a real powerful, natural spell.

We will show you more on that one, soon. 🙂


Here comes something you might find funny at first, but ask any Mathematician and they will confirm to you, that indeed, Math can calculate the vibration in the Universe in the clearest most organised and factual ways.

Important Excerpt:

“The common unit of volume, used for measuring amounts of grain or flour, was the hekat, approximately equal to 4.8 litres or just over a [British] gallon. (…)  

For smaller amounts, the hekat could be progressively halved to give /2, /4, /8, /16, /32, and /64 fractions. (…) [These ] are known as the Horus-eye fractions, because they were written with distinctive signs that resemble the parts of the eye of the falcon- headed god Horus, known as the wedjat-eye

This is the point. Remember the traditions I have written in previous articles about, regarding the “Bread Man” as a symbol of Osiris, and a holiday feast similar to Eastern, being celebrated a long time ago by the ancient Egyptians?

Let me ring a bell here that “sounds” into modern general knowledge: How about the traditional Gingerbread Man, or Dough Man, made for Christmas?

Recommended Gingerbread Man Recipe by Beach Body on Demand (Proteins)
Recommended Gingerbread Man Recipe by Beach Body on Demand (Proteins)

Original Source for healthy Recipe:

Now let me find again some link with more information and confirmation for you, dear Readers, on the ancient Egyptian Traditions of the “Osiris Bread Man”, which was traditionally re-enacted through the Story of Osiris and Isis, and Set, so they would cut it in 13 pieces and spread, looking for each part, like Isis once did, and re-membering the whole. Then they would celebrate Osiris reign and pay respect, and eat the Gingerbread Man as a form of Vegetarianism taught to the people of Egypt by Osiris Un-Nefer. He was the King that stopped Cannibalism and meat-eating habits, and introduced bread making and the wheats and herbs for it, and how to make it, together with Isis. (That was me, by the way, thats how I know all this)

You can see now already, that whole World history in how we perceive it, feel things and how we communicate it to next generations is similar and connected all over the World. Even in China, they know since ages of the Soulmate concept and everywhere the same root, primeval knowledge is still stored in each human being’s and animal’s soul, as we live in Nature, and we are connected to our surroundings.

And, the Universal dimensions are connected to the earthly dimension, as everything is connected in the Universe’s limitless energy field. As in the celestial, universal, so on Earth, was the main focus and motto of the ancient Egyptians, and everything even mathematical, or measurements of bread content, was calculated using spiritual knowledge, it is a form of spiritual math ( applying the mathematical logical of the Universe onto resonating, parallel buildings, temples, and more similar to “Feng Shui” concepts), which does not exist anymore today – but, it could be revived. I would be happy to see that happen, and actually have a very good friend which is Mathematician, so let’s see what can be done to inspire this.

I will leave you with this portion of information now to reflect on and meditate. Try to tune into your spiritual, finer mind and perspective, to see the memory of this universal truth I described.

Use also your words wisely, and speak in a good vibration. The time has come, no matter what, to ignore the dark and heavy, the jealousy and the disturbances, and focus concentrated spiritual light, and love energy, to animate others to do the same.

If we, as humanity, join into this in masses, it will automatically rise the vibration of the Planet back to its original, healthy state, and you cannot even imagine how healthy Nature will be around us again and blossom.

Please read the previous article to understand what I mean with this, here:



THE MOON & ITS EFFECT ON PEOPLE AND SLEEP/DREAMS *Special Dreams Analysis Article* © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
THE MOON & ITS EFFECT ON PEOPLE AND SLEEP/DREAMS *Special Dreams Analysis Article* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

THE MOON & ITS EFFECT ON PEOPLE AND SLEEP/DREAMS *Special Dreams Analysis Article* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official



The Shen Ring of ancient Egypt at the Centre of the Sunny Beach in a Dream © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
The Shen Ring of ancient Egypt at the Centre of the Sunny Beach in a Dream © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

REMEMBERING ATLANTIS – ANCIENT EGYPT: Major Past Life and Spiritual Memory Surge * Article * © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


If you think about today’s Pop Music also, you can see clearly that the Industry learned from this knowledge, or at least, tried to grasp and reproduce it for their own interest in dark directions. This is why it never works, as powerful and bright, like when Michael Jackson did it, because he used original, ancient Egyptian knowledge and used it for the direction of light, not the dark.

It is no surprise, that Songs and Music also have such power still today, and can literally connect two people. Music can do that, and when a lover sings a heart felt song to his loved One, then that vibration can also connect deeper, create real Magic and even heal hearts.

More on this soon. Wishing you all a wonderful Weekend with lots of Enlightenment!

Love & Light,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit ©

REMEMBERING ATLANTIS – ANCIENT EGYPT: Major Past Life and Spiritual Memory Surge * Article * © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

The Shen Ring of ancient Egypt at the Centre of the Sunny Beach in a Dream © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

This will be a purely verbal article, just writing out right now the “light bulb” moment I had, connecting dots in a major way.

As you might have read in my previous Moon Magic article, I spoke of revealing and very stirring dreams, that guide me and show me the truth about spiritual matter and earthly matters from different aspects.

Here you can find the previous article I am referring to:

THE MOON & ITS EFFECT ON PEOPLE AND SLEEP/DREAMS *Special Dreams Analysis Article* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


In that dream, the second part where I was at the Beach and it was this summer happy vibe in the air, and all these Couples in a row at the Beach happy and kissing and smiling at each other, there was a huge white round Arch type gate structure, in the middle of this Beach Promenade in the middle of it.

In ancient Egyptian symbolism, the round circle was a symbol of eternity and the feminine.

Here is a little Excerpt Visual from an old Article we did on Michael Jackson’s Scream Video Symbolism with sister Janet.

The SHEN-RING of Eternity in ancient Egypt © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
The SHEN-RING of Eternity in ancient Egypt © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Now this Shen-Ring, the round circle symbol with the seat below it holding this big round ring like an Arch, imagine this one very big like a tall building type size, at this Beach in my Dream! And it was white and looked pure. It was this clear summer vibe, very sunny and bright but not blinding it was pleasant light, and all those Couples filled the Beach, happy, kissing, hugging and smiling at each other in love.

Now check out some more confirming dot connecting info here.

Important Excerpt:

The Shen Ring of ancient Egypt at the Centre of the Sunny Beach in a Dream © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
The Shen Ring of ancient Egypt at the Centre of the Sunny Beach in a Dream © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

The shen-ring is represented as a double strand of rope, the ends of which are folded in such a way that a closed ring is formed with a knot on the underside. The shen-ring appears as a hieroglyph, as a protective sign on stelae or in tombs, and as an amulet. It was used as a magical aid; during the 3rd and 4th Dynasties it was worn around the neck for protection.
Because the circle had no end, the shen-ring was regarded as the symbol of infinity, and when it encircled the sun, as the symbol of the eternity of the universe. The notion of encirclement then led to an expansion in meaning – protection – added to that of infinity. The shen-ring was particularly associated with Horus the falcon and Nekhbet the vulture, who hold the circle above the king to offer him eternal protection. Royal names were written in an elongated version of the shen-ring, the cartouche.

Original Link:

So, as I am still reflecting on this second part of my New Moon Dream from 3 Days ago, I suddenly remember a big major thing connecting dots.

I always was confused about something regarding my past life memories. I do remember bits only of a past life where I was native Indian American, before the invasion.

But only a little bit and parts.

Then, I remember this clear first incarnation, from ancient Egypt, but at the same time always remembered how my first incarnation was in Atlantis. I always felt connected to it since childhood, and integrated it therefore into my Past Life Reconstruction Cartoon right here, you can check:

Suddenly some questions came to mind, today in the morning as I reflected on this and Michael made comments.

I checked this Video, did not even watch it fully attentive, but was reflecting, listening to Michael, and talking with another Twin Flame friend chatting, as I had some deep realisations. Check out the Video I found, from “Archaic” Mysteries, pure spiritual synchronicity:

I haven’t finished watching this Video, just had to write out the memories that came through in the flow, I then saw this reference to this other channel called “Archaic Mysteries” and watched this Video, when I connected the dots:

Could it be, that the original description of “Garden Eden”, stem from the oldest writings about Atlantis?

As we know, Greek Plato studied a lot of ancient Egyptian writings and re-explained them in his way and understanding. Could it be, that Atlantis was a half physical, half spiritual place, accessible from Earth, that was filled with Twin Flames and because of its high vibration, Magic was possible like moving objects with SOUND AND PURE MIND FOCUS?

Could it be, that the Story between me, Osiris and Set, which disrupted everything, took place in Atlantis – which is the same as the very early origins of ancient Egypt and with which knowledge it was built later on?

Think about the parallels between Garden Eden and Atlantis. The whole heavenly Garden, some Couple made “from each other as in being same soul”, and the disruption stories and “disappointment of God” manifesting. In Garden Eden, it was some devil snake making Adam and Eve get “kicked out of Garden Eden”. In the ancient Stories it was Set, attacking Osiris and Isis, killing Osiris out of jealousy and disrupting everything, and then “Atlantis” did not “sink down” but was “taken up” and “removed from being accessible from Earth”, for protection reasons.


I remember since very serious spiritual experiences as a teenager, something about this Eye of Ra, as we called it in ancient times, which linguistically translated to modern time means nothing different than “the Eye of God”, which sees everything, everyone and can find anyone.

In this above short video, you see it mentioned again, as the original story of “the fall of humanity”, as in fall from grace and God’s trust.

Due to the heavy spiritual crime that Set did, which was the first attack on Twin Flames on Earth, and therefore the first direct, aware attack on another innocent human soul, disrupting the rules of Nature and the Universe, Atlantis was disrupted and had to be removed, then the remaining masters build ancient Egypt. But I do remember the very basics being laid during the good times of Atlantis, and a lot of knowledge of the ancient Egyptians came from there, from this otherworldly, dreamy, in-between dimensions place.

So, since a short time, about 2 years, I am seeing this “dream place” that seems to be in a higher dimension right above us, but not higher like a mid station, change. It is healing and there seem to be regular spiritual gatherings of Twin Flames happening, to discuss healing process and tasks to help.

If you think about all of this, this goes way back and seeks a revival of the trust bond between humanity and God. Humanity asking for Forgiveness by changing, that is the best apology. God, I know this for sure and felt it, was very sad and hurt over watching what Humanity did, and what certain people did to other innocent souls, disrupting everything.

And we can only achieve this healing of this major relationship and approach higher dimensions to Earth again, if we raise the vibration. And many have to do that, and join in. Yes, Twin Flames carry a very strong light in their soul to help with this, and that is a very important task and focus now.

But we need more than that, to win back God’s trust and get “Atlantis” back on Earth. To be able to evolve and have real Magic as a solid part of earthly life again, a Nature healthy and attuned to the Universe, a humanity able to achieve miracles with just a thought or sound. Imagine, how Pop Music would sound in such a World!

It seems “utopic” and impossible, but anything is possible if your mind and dreams can think it.

I think, the wording Atlantis speaks of something about waters, a big island in the Atlantic Ocean once, or accessible from there. I think, it is a later term and story that originally came from ancient Egyptian writings, about something even older as ancient Egypt, the spiritual roots of ancient Egypt.

I think, those writings and knowledge are mainly lost nowadays, but many people feel a resonance and remember in their souls a bit, and seek more information. I think, that the whole Myth of Atlantis, a place which was obviously not really physical and “did not sink” anywhere here or else we would have found evidence, is the original description of Garden Eden. A time, when spiritually humanity was completely different and in tune.

In my Dream, seeing this scenery, it felt almost like a memory, as I was there. Like I am watching it spiritually, and I felt a big sadness and melancholy, over the abusive disruptions from jealousy and evil which changed all of this. You always feel melancholy, if you remember something beautiful and are at a place where you see also, how evil destroyed all this beauty and you have to find a way to save humanity and rewind everything and don’t know how to make the rest of people wake up and help with healing this World and our very Souls.

I will leave you with this to reflect and meditate on it further. You may comment you feedback and own feelings and memories you might sense reading this, in the comment section.

Love & Light,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit ©

THE MOON & ITS EFFECT ON PEOPLE AND SLEEP/DREAMS *Special Dreams Analysis Article* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

THE MOON & ITS EFFECT ON PEOPLE AND SLEEP/DREAMS *Special Dreams Analysis Article* © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

This is a short but stimulating Article, for tonight’s New Moon, after the rare blue Supermoon about 2 weeks ago, on the 31st January 2018.

I have always, since I became aware as a Teenager, seen the effect of the Moon and it’s phases on me, my sleep habits and dreams.

It is always precisely, as I observed the last few years together with others, 3 days exactly before the full Moon that I start losing sleep, and am generally more energised, especially emotionally. That, depending on what is happening around me, can tilt then to positive or negative, to happiness and excitement and creative thoughts, or sadness and melancholy and irritation. I am super sensitive, as the Moon rises in it’s fullness, and I always feel strange also around New Moons, but not the same at all like around Full Moons!

I have written a few articles about this topic in the past few years, and would like to also remind here of Michael Jackson, my Twin Soul and the maker of the legendary Thriller Werewolf Album, referred often in his works to the Moon and its Magic, and was called the “Moonwalker”. He also named his Autobiography Book “Moonwalk – My Life”.

Check the Science Information on the Link of the original and beautiful Cover Image with the Wolf howling at the Moon:

The few people out there who were close to me Michael as well and knew him well, know that he was very serious about his craft, and meant what he envisioned and then produced. He was not faking, every idea and symbolism he put into his works came from deeper, analytic, and yes poetic /spiritual reflections he had in the most personal ways. He did not pick the Werewolf topic and did what he did with the Thriller Short Music Film, for fun only, he felt a resonance and the scene between him and “his Girl” are a big reference to himself, and how he felt about things. Watch here as a reminder:

Now, let me share a very profound New Moon Dream I had 2 nights ago. New Moons are more for cleansing, relaxation, and reflections. Full Moons are for activating and unleashing energy, the effect is different, physical and spiritual, on us all and the Earth’s waters and oceans too, which is a known science fact.


Strange enough, the Dream began with some publications which had been made, I saw some posters of Radios and TVs announcing something regarding me and Michael, and a mass of people awaiting something I was supposed to do.

Then it switched again to this big, white house, with a group of unidentified people. I say again, because I had a very similar dream last year, in the Summer, in the same house and a similar scene going on.

There seemed to be some Crocodile that was after someone or certain people, outside. I walked to this window, as the people asked me to and were afraid, to seal it well and check that the Crocodile can’t come through. But I felt it is already in the house, fluid somehow, like a Spirit, not a physical Crocodile. I never saw it, we just knew, and it seemed like it could come up from inside the House, from “downstairs”. I was the only one calm, sensing and not afraid of this Crocodile Spirit.

As we sat there, waiting for the Croco to finish it’s job, or, tour, we wanted to watch some TV all together. All were resonating and familiar to each other. In the middle was this woman, older, confused, like stuck in her own reality, and she kept saying that she wants to watch a certain “Hair TV Show”, she kept repeating herself saying “I want hair all around me”. She did not look at anyone else, but was literally obsessive and stuck in her own perception only, in total dissonance with the rest of the group.

I cannot share the whole dream, as later parts are personal, but it seems to be a very clear insight into “Twin Flame” gathering, and false people who are unstable and spiritually confused, trying to feed off of others and disturb.

Hair, in native American culture, means the “extension of one’s own spiritual energy”, so what this woman was saying in the Dream as if speaking to herself, meant literally that she wants to surround herself and feed off of/distract herself with other people’s hair/spiritual energy.

Later on, I walked across a Beach, where a huge “eternity and feminine” symbol from ancient Egypt stood white in the middle like an Arch, of this Beach, and many Couples were in the Summer sunshine at this Beach, kissing and smiling at each other. It seems a clear symbolism of “Twin Souls”.

But back to the Crocodile, after waking up I was confused first. Michael helped me decode the Dream, and said few things to analyse it correctly. He referred to Ammit, the ancient Egyptian “soul eater” that goes after the bad souls, and said to remember the old Dream from Summer 2017, where too I was in the same house, with a group of people, and then it was a Lion Spirit though who was after someone, or raging outside at people, making his tour.

Ammit, the ancient Egyptian “soul eater” commanded by Osiris, the Judge of Souls basically that decides if you did evil to others like jealous murderer Set who attacked a Twin Soul couple, or if you are pure and good to continue into Heaven/the Nefer lands.

Ammit is shown to be made up of 3 animals: A Crocodile head, and a mixed body part Lion and part Hippopotamus.

Ammit - the Soul Eater from ancient Egyptian spiritual Writings © ArchangelMichael777
Ammit – the Soul Eater from ancient Egyptian spiritual Writings © ArchangelMichael777

Original Source Link for further Reading:


Ammit (/ˈæmɪt/; “devourer” or “soul-eater”; also called Ammut or Ahemait) was a female goddess in ancient Egyptian religion with a body that was part lion, hippopotamus and crocodile—the three largest “man-eating” animals known to ancient Egyptians. A funerary deity, her titles included “Devourer of the Dead”, “Eater of Hearts“, and “Great of Death”.[2]

Ammit lived near the scales of justice in Duat, the Egyptian underworld. In the Hall of Two Truths, Anubis weighed the heart of a person against the feather of Ma’at, the goddess of truth, which was depicted as an ostrich feather (the feather was often pictured in Ma’at’s headdress). If the heart was judged to be not pure, Ammit would devour it, and the person undergoing judgement was not allowed to continue their voyage towards Osiris and immortality. Once Ammit swallowed the heart, the soul was believed to become restless forever; this was called “to die a second time”. Ammit was also sometimes said to stand by a lake of fire.

Twin Flame Interferences and resonating SOULMATES Interferences *Spiritual Energy Article* © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Twin Flame Interferences and resonating SOULMATES Interferences *Spiritual Energy Article* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

After the next day was progressing, a woman exactly giving off this obsessed, dissonant vibe tried to harass me, as if she wants to suck on my Aura and disturb me. She is someone that sneaks between groups of people who claim to be “Twin Flames” and is in total dissonance with the rest of this “group of Twin Flames on Earth”, and then Michael said something very spooky and defined:

This Crocodile Spirit was after someone. If it is Ammit, we know it is after the Souls who done bad, who are being judged for their actions. Ammit is like the personified equivalent of “Karma”, as known from India.

So, I realised, maybe he was after this Woman, that is why it felt fluid, and like he is in the house already, looking for someone. Because if you do anything negative towards another Couple or souls who are ascending, if you disturb them with selfish venting of delusions and your problems, disturb their peace or sneak between their group meetings not belonging there, you are acting like a Devil/like Set, and Ammit comes looking actively for those people now.

Original Source Link for further Reading:

I am telling you, since last Year, it seems, Ammit had begun again to “actively cleanse” situations and protect the innocent, while enforcing the judgement on the “disturbers and interferers”. Go look for your own soul and energy/hair, do not try leeching on real Twin Flames by disturbing them and stepping all over their sensitive Auras, just to feed off of them against their will. It’s like spiritual rape, that jealousy behaviour is part of the past, and now the future is rising, so you decide in which group of people you want to end up and be.

New Moons, are for cleansing. It all makes sense. And the clear sight in my Dreams speaks for itself, like I am able to see the sound strings and energy strings of the Universe, between dimensions where souls meet during sleep, earthly and over-dimensional spiritual events, clearer and clearer.

I truly believe that this group of people is the incarnated, few real Twin Flames, the souls who worked hard over many lifetimes to get here and to HELP, and the earthly confused elements that try to “sneak into it” and “disturb the group resonance” by ego.

So, for this New Moon, I advice you all to focus all your Love and Light, on yourself, and relax and shield your Aura as much as you can. Somehow, when the Moonlight is less strong during New Moons, I noticed that in these times anything evil and negative likes to attack, far more than around full Moons where you get empowered through the Moonlight. Light is in general the enemy of the dark beings, feminine (moon), or masculine (sun) -light, same thing.

Anything you want to decrease and diminish, bad habits, negative energy from others aimed at you, or own stressed out thoughts and feelings, when the New Moon comes in, you can focus on letting all this go.

As the Moon rises, you focus on what you want to increase and expand, everything positive, love, light, happiness, creativity, healing and peace. Getting stronger in some aspect.

This is how Moon Magic works in its basics.

And the Moon can help us not only discover more our feminine, emotional side, but also our fine tuned spiritual skills, as we learn to listen to it’s voice and it’s resonance effect on our souls.

And don’t forget, even Wolves howl at the full Moon, in an “emotional type of way”, and that means something. You can learn a lot about all this by watching how Wolves behave regarding the Moon, and this is a deeper message Michael Jackson worked into his Thriller Project.

Enjoy the New Moon and your Self!

We’re sending out a Major Moonlight Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit ©


Twin Flame Interferences and resonating SOULMATES Interferences *Spiritual Energy Article* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Twin Flame Interferences and resonating SOULMATES Interferences *Spiritual Energy Article* © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Twin Flame Interferences and resonating SOULMATES Interferences *Spiritual Energy Article* © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Twin Flame Interferences and resonating SOULMATES Interferences *Spiritual Energy Article* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

Today, I have a special and very open article for you. Every spiritual information that you can find on THIS Blog, is based on personal confirming and teaching experiences from my life, and direct source knowledge from the spiritual Dimensions.

What I want to talk about now, takes the whole “spiritual relationship context” a bit further and deeper, information I honestly never see others tell. So I tell, to help people out there understand throughly the Twin Soul SELF.

So, luckily, more and more people are waking up to the literal scammer frauds like “Mel and Nicole”, who call themselves a “Twin Flame” and charge people a ton of MONEY for stuff they cannot do for them. Or since when can you enter a person internally, and do the INNER WORK for them? Bullshit.

Check this out, stuff you can find online everywhere public records. DO YOU SEE OR FEEL ANY TWIN-VIBE OR ANY SIMILARITY?

Twin Flame Money Fraud Couple Mel Brand and Nicole Hibbs exposed - ARCHANGELMICHAEL777-
Twin Flame Money Fraud Couple Mel Brand and Nicole Hibbs exposed – ARCHANGELMICHAEL777-
Twin Flame Money Fraud Couple Mel Brand and Nicole Hibbs exposed - ARCHANGELMICHAEL777-
Twin Flame Money Fraud Couple Mel Brand and Nicole Hibbs exposed – ARCHANGELMICHAEL777-
Twin Flame Money Fraud Couple Mel Brand and Nicole Hibbs exposed - ARCHANGELMICHAEL777-
Twin Flame Money Fraud Couple Mel Brand and Nicole Hibbs exposed – ARCHANGELMICHAEL777-

And here is one of the many just normal random Couples without a Job, joining into this Mel and Nicole Fraud and spreading further the false Information on Twin Flames, taking their info from them, then others imitate too and so we have by now, a fraudulent mass new age movement, just like the folks who charge money for doing fortune readings and “removing curses” and all this bullshit, having no psychic skills whatsoever.

They are a FRAUD. Fake. You can even spot it by one look at them and their not matching looks and auras! Plus, Mel needs to be careful “selling Inner Child Classes” taking money from poor people who just seek truth and self evolution and happiness. That ain’t your field, and Michael Jackson carries this message and role, was attacked for it, and for being so “youthful and childlike” even as an Adult. Mel is an old wrinkly Guy who has no energy, nothing youthful in his aura, not even an open smile like a child. Nothing. Nada. He is a fraud, and those people need to be fined or locked up for breaking the law.

False Twin Flame Teachers Lee and Sherry - Friends of Mel and Nicole exposed Fraud Network to Make Money off People's spiritual Journeys - ARCHANGELMICHAEL777-
False Twin Flame Teachers Lee and Sherry – Friends of Mel and Nicole exposed Fraud Network to Make Money off People’s spiritual Journeys – ARCHANGELMICHAEL777-

And they are part of the group of people, led by this main Fraud Mel and Nicole, spreading super false information on what a Twin Flame even is, and trying to “charge the topic” with low vibrational, earthly thinking and confusion with SOUL MATE Relationship dynamics. There is no such thing as “Running away from yourself/ Twin Soul”, as it is HALF OF YOUR OWN SOUL we are talking about! Be careful to not let the low vibration and harming false energies of those people too close to your mind, stay free and YOURSELF. Stay in power of your own self and Twin Flame Journey. They are lying to you based on random, low earthly thinking and how they think of normal, every day earthly relationships, and they project this false information on the topic Twin Flames, BECAUSE THEY DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT REALLY, and aren’t living it.

False Twin Flame Teachers Lee and Sherry - Friends of Mel and Nicole exposed Fraud Network to Make Money off People's spiritual Journeys - ARCHANGELMICHAEL777-
False Twin Flame Teachers Lee and Sherry – Friends of Mel and Nicole exposed Fraud Network to Make Money off People’s spiritual Journeys – ARCHANGELMICHAEL777-

Factually in 2010 there was ALMOST NO INFORMATION ONLINE ON TWIN SOULS. I am a witness to that and was one of the first and the first “celebrity” Twin Soul to speak up. My Twin Soul is the ONLY ONE OUT THERE, besides Prince, who openly and honestly worked with his Twin Soul Merging and Connection for his legendary, FOR A REASON DIFFERENT Music.

The Chinese Legend of the Red Thread of Fate - 双灵魂 - © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
The Chinese Legend of the Red Thread of Fate – 双灵魂 – © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
True Twin Flames Appearance is TWIN female and male © Susan Elsa Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
True Twin Flames Appearance is TWIN female and male © Susan Elsa Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

I would never once think of taking money to talk with people about their personal soul situations and give advice, freely I do this, because I already get something out of it: I am happy to help others and see other people happy. I get more and more blessings for it, and that is worth more than any “money” which is paper made of trees that human beings gave an illusory meaning to.

Don’t you want to actually be happy? Don’t you want God to be proud of you and your evolution into a better and better, stronger Being? Don’t you want to see others happy and enjoy Love being everywhere? Does it hurt you when others suffer, even in your silence? Do you cry when you see injustice in this World or someone lonely and poor? Those questions you should ask yourself honestly, if you don’t know right away it is already a bad situation, spiritually.

If you have no compassion and just do whatever you want, with sacred spiritual information, CAUSING CONFUSION AND HARM TO OTHER INNOCENT PEOPLE, you are on a very wrong, misguided path spiritually. It is that simple.

The voice of truth is always loud and clear, while the voice of lies is sneaky and confusing. I will show you the clear comparing of two keywords lists of their lies that are illogical, and the truth, which we, Archangel Michael, stand for. I will try to summarise the wording of certain claims for clarity reasons, what they really saying in spiritual truth so you can see clearly.

They try spreading such false information about Twin Flames, like:

  • Real Twin Flames are opposite and do not look alike, only a “false” Twin Soul
  • The more you have in common, the more the Universe is “tricking you” and it is a “False Twin” (LMAO)
  • The more obvious your similarities and connection is, the more likely it is a “trick from God and you should put fear and mistrust on it” (!)
  • It is normal, for a real Twin Flame relationship if finally meeting on Earth, to “run away from each other in fear” (absence of love), and for one part to not see it (mostly the Man), so “stalk them” and know they will come back and “belong to you” (even if by free will, they ain’t seeing that mutual and are in OTHER relationships – stalking advertising!)
  • All kinds of exercises and “methods” to “aim bad jealous spiritual energy at some object of affection on Earth”
  • Stories “tagged Twin Flame” who talk about that Twin Flames reunite, hand out, have sex, love, connect deeply, and then separate and go sleep with other people! Stories talking about “some married Guy” being some Woman’s wishful Twin Flame and trying to force it onto others who do not agree.
  • They claim and tell you, that it is normal to be IN THE PROCESS OF EVOLVING AND HEALING, with basic stuff, and that you are able to be reunited with your real Twin Flame Counterpart on Earth, and both have problems with basic self evolution and did not do any work yet on yourself, but that God in such cases would reunite you, and watch you struggle together on Earth.

The Truth about Twin Flames looks like this:

  • Real Twin Souls always look alike, yes even to a degree when merging as if they are “the same Person in 2 Versions”, – very, very much alike and similar, because a “Twin Soul” means, they ARE the same.
  • There is no such thing like a “False Twin”, only a negative interference and challenge for your soul to learn and be tested to shield your mind from such lies and attempts to confuse you about your soul truth. The more you have in common, and especially if extreme amounts of details in common including appearance, you most likely are a real Twin Soul
  • If God is guiding you into self awareness, self power and an inner reunion of your Twin Soul aspects, it will be VERY CLEAR and not in any way “tricking or confusing”.
  • If you meet your Twin Soul on Earth for real, there is never any need to force anything and there is no single vibe or doubt of them seeing the same reality and seeing you, as you see them, seeing THE SELF. Kinda funny, think about this general question: If you saw yourself from an external view, would you recognise yourself or not? LOL
  • There is no “Runner Effect” in any real Twin Flame Connections or especially, and only when ready, meeting on Earth. Any such behaviour, spiritually, has to do with NOT READY and FEAR. Two factors that by itself prove that it cannot be a real Twin Flame connection, if one part or even both “run away from it and do not see it that way”.
  • In the positive, good spiritual side of all things, you respect the highest sacred gift, the FREE WILL, and would never even feel like “forcing anything” on someone or stalking, especially disrespecting another bond of a person you desire. That is very low vibration and definitely from a dark side of spirituality and energy and has nothing to do with Twin Flames. It proves the harm, as said, these people cause and damage to individuals like a crazy person stalking them, yelling “you are my Twin Flame you just have the Runner dynamic now”. Bullshit, this is stalking and going AGAINST free will and NATURAL PROCESS of Twin Flame Reunion!
  • A Twin Flame Reunion, as I keep saying, has to do with YOU, your inner aspects being merged into a fully aware, empowered, ascended full Twin Soul/Over-Soul. As long as you aren’t very far up this road of evolution and ready for such a thing, God would never “force” your inner aspects together without your soul being ready! It is powerful, you access basically something I could easily call “heavenly powers, self awareness, divine power”, and that is never given or activated for any Soul, here or beyond, which is NOT READY for such.
  • The “Lovers” aspect is NOT the main mission or focus, especially in those challenging times for Earth! It is a common, shared mission, always, of helping the World, a higher, selfless mission of bringing solutions and healing energy, awareness and awakening to Earth and “fixing things for humanity”. It is about changing the World, doing a quantum leap into the Future and next Evolution stage of Humanity.

Move ahead, don’t stagnate!

Low, animalistic thinking, has nothing to do with higher, sacred spiritual truth and those types of “relationships”. This is about insight and access into God’s heart, you think all God wants you to do and achieve as a highest goal of the soul is sex and being some lovers with someone? With all due respect, in all seriousness, THINK about this and stimulate your mind. I ain’t telling you what to believe, individually, everyone is different, but the main truth of the Universe which counts for all, is the same. Try to find direct connection and access in your mind to it, I am just placing some blue path signs for you to be protected and guided well at certain crossroads.


I want to begin by citing some general spiritual knowledge wide spread today, without any deeper details such as:

  • The Devil tries to “seduce” good souls to go stray and break, make them evil etc..
  • There is a battle between Good and Evil
  • The souls with a special mission such as Jesus, get interfered with by the Devil and Evil much more in order to block/stop their mission of Good
  • The Devil “seduced” Adam and Eve to manipulate them to be kicked out of Heaven by God

You always have to be yourself, evolve yourself, and also protect your self. Whatever you do or create in your life, there will be always other people who envy you and take action upon their intense inner raging jealousy. It is disgusting, but unfortunately a part of this dualistic World.

There are laws who society put in place, to protect people from such crazies. It seems, with sane people, if you ignore them they stop, but the insane type people begin stalking and can’t let it go, even if they don’t know you and never met you or have any information really about you. Those are the types of people to watch out for and avoid!

Online, by now sadly, you can find a limitless amount of pages, Facebook groups, Blogs, Youtube Channels and Websites with random people and earthly couples, who advertise themselves as “the Twin Flame Experts” or actually pretend, that they are a Twin Soul, not looking any similar, not having any similar vibration even or being anything close to “Twins”.

Many of those try to make Money off of this, and offer weird “Twin Flame Seminars and Classes” for a lot of money. That is literally against the law and fulfils all known requirements to be named “fraud”.

People now also in the Fan Communities of several “Stars” are proclaiming in masses that they are supposedly a “Twin Flame of so and so”. The only good part about all this is that the TOPIC ITSELF GOT MORE ATTENTION, in the meantime. But the real cases and voices guiding this ascension have been censored and mocked, and are being hidden behind a whole mass fraud movement, new age type stuff, by those false Twin Flame couples making money off of people’s soul.

Listen, I can’t enter your mind and soul and do the inner work for you! Neither can any other human being, or even Angel in Spirit, because of the very basic rules and RESPECT FOR FREE WILL.

That is impossible and would mean, they are glorifying actually spiritual possession and the giving away of your free mind to another to “magically fix things for you overnight”. Doesn’t that sound like something the Devil would try, hmm? Think about it. Don’t let any stranger like this into your Aura, YOU are the key I said over and over to your Twin Flame Reunion, it begins internally and has to do with doing the Evolution work God placed you here to do and work on YOURSELF.


You see nowadays everyone, who never even dreamed about Twin Flames, talk about it and pretend to know it all. Many contradiction claims are placed, but the main focus seems to be purely, earthly, sexual and romantic.

Nothing else.

Nothing about the Twin Soul Mission on a higher interest and level, for others and the World.

Nothing about Soulmates, Soul Family and the very dynamics with other souls, interacting and building bonds constantly as well in the Universe. The Twin Soul is just YOU, so if people focus overly just on that, it means spiritually they are Ego- Centric and cannot interact or connect with other Souls/Human Beings and evolve.

Michael Jackson: About Twin Souls (Human Soul) and God's Perfect Arrangement behind Earthly Matrix *Special Note* © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson: About Twin Souls (Human Soul) and God’s Perfect Arrangement behind Earthly Matrix *Special Note* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Truth is, listen close here: Anything you do, your thoughts, feelings and actions give out an energy wave into the Universe and this reflects back and manifests whatever you sent out.

If you neglect other Soulmates, due to a possessive unnatural focus on trying to force some “Twin Flame Reunion”, you aren’t doing yourself a favour.

If you give another human being, a couple you do not know and never met, or any “priest” type people the power over your soul, by free will, and let them just play in your soul like it is an amateur test on how to fix a high tech device, you aren’t doing yourself a favour nor is this spiritually “safe and smart”.

Humanity has always had this quest to find out who they really are, what the purpose of life is on Earth, what happens after Death and all those mysteries of life. It is an ongoing, basic quest for humanity and a part of the very purpose why we are here, temporarily, to learn and evolve, and also overcome certain limitations in our mind.

The mind and thinking will be a central source of how you live, and move, in the next, spiritual life form in your body made of light (looks like a white sparkly diamonds spiritual fire material). This is on another, higher dimension then and the physical laws there are different than here, in some parts, completely different.

Working on YOUR MIND is one of the main tasks you have here on Earth, and the ancient Egyptians already knew that and would spend their lives focused on training and evolving this mind, which is kept after death. The same “mind” and consciousness felt in “dream time” when sleeping, that is the spiritual mind each one has, not the physical brain!

I want to share something, from own real life experience, that most people don’t talk about or focus on: The Soulmates connections.

You can have soulmates, who resonate so highly and strongly with your Twin Flame, as in your own energy, that are other souls,  but so in tune you have a very similarly strong, earthly relationship “reflecting your both’s higher truth of each’s twin flame”. In that rare case, which would only be possible I guess after you completed the cycle of merging and consciousness fusion with your Twin Flame Self, knowing your soul that well – would attract similar jealousy and interferences as a clear reaction and feedback from others to the strong, light energy felt between you two.

I am now talking about Soulmates. An awakened Twin Soul, who then connects to such resonating Soulmate, experiences similar strong interferences and jealousy reactions from others, and similar, connected telepathy and a more intense energetic love connection and “feeling each other spiritually” and even in Dreams too.

Those people, who react jealous and get aggressive, hateful and actively attacking and interfering, towards such a Soulmate couple, are revealing their spiritual, dark truth! Making up lies about someone else’s partner, to the other partner, trying to stalk and manipulate, and force sex onto another person which is in another relationship already, in aggressive obsessing ways, is one of the sad, pathetic and insane reactions of certain people, when you build a relationship that reflects real Twin Flame Magic but is a high resonating Soulmate Relationship. It can get very serious, so that you would have to inform law enforcement and have the law force such people to stop stalking and lying and leave you and your Partner alone. Those people who react like this and interfere with another Couple, are most definitely in their dark minds connected to ancient Egyptian evil Set, and reveal the exact same type of vibration and behaviour!

There are also some very disturbed “Fans” of big celebrities out there, who one should avoid completely, as friendly as you might be and compassionate, some people cannot be helped and only attack you once you give them attention and are friendly, like a dog clinging to your leg with his fangs and not wanting to let go. It is no surprise that such “Fan cultures” would now be wildly claiming in a dissonant choir, to be the “Twin Flame of so and so” which they have a crush on and use as a focus to distract themselves from loneliness and actually looking at themselves and working on themselves, doing something! You don’t know for sure if you are a Twin Soul with someone else on Earth until MEETING AND TOUCHING. Anything else is pure fiction and fantasy, stay alert. I personally do not even interact much anymore with people online, because there are by now quite a few “energy stalkers” who have a weird, uncomfortable and obsessive focus on me personally, who “used” Michael Jackson for the same reason. I always spoke up clear and honest, about everything I ever said publicly. There ain’t no riddle, I am showing you the full truth, not just in words, but a whole life, about Michael Jackson and what he had to live through, what he saw and knew, what he was and is.

Once you merged with your Twin Soul, but you are still on Earth, and your Counterpart is in Spirit, was on earth or never incarnated in your lifetime for example, your task is to find your highest resonating Soulmate, that is like a Twin-Couple, to your own Twin- Couple, and between 4, resonates perfectly. Both full Souls benefit and grow and evolve then, and heal too, in such a rare constellation.

The relationship with yourself, will always be different than a relationship with someone else, that counts for the spiritual just the same! You don’t “have” a Twin Soul, you “are” this double consciousness, awakened Soul! It’s all YOU, becoming aware of ALL YOUR ASPECTS AND POWERS. It is a higher consciousness we all get once passing, and some can reach this consciousness while on Earth.

Those things are very hard to explain in human limited language, I hope it makes sense how I explained it to you, my dear Readers.

In all this focus on yourself and  therefore Twin Soul Self’s evolution journey and awakening, healing, do not leave out other souls, your soul’s family, your soul’s friends, your soul’s “mates” you know and love. Don’t forget the World and the Universe around you, as you get to know your inner World and Universe.



And enjoy the different, lovely experiences on your own soul’s eternal journey of learning, growing and living.

We will share more helpful information and actual spiritual protection exercises, for your mind, aura and twin soul mind, in a next Article when the time is ripe. For now, enjoy the approach of Spring 2018!

Love & Light,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit ©


The Chinese Legend of the Red Thread of Fate – 双灵魂 – © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

The Chinese Legend of the Red Thread of Fate - 双灵魂 - © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

As promised, here comes a World Article about Twin Flames and Soulmates, looking towards China this time.

When I was a little Girl, I fell in love with Asian Martial Arts Movies, mainly Chinese, and Karate, Kung Fu and the spiritual strength behind it. I watched so many original Chinese martial Arts Films I cannot count! Jackie Chan’s original Chinese stuff was definitely my favourite as a Child.

The Man is just really skilled, talented, trained at the SAME SCHOOL like Bruce Lee (which I love too and have a spiritual connection to), and he is just FUNNY. I love how in Chinese Kung Fu movies one single guy always takes on a whole group from all directions attacking him – no wonder, if you get into a fight in China, you must be fighting a few at once, it has the largest population of people in the World and equals almost half the World population! 🙂

Little Note here, in relation to Michael Jackson: Jackie Chan was filming “Rush Hour” with Chris Tucker, and Michael spent some time with them on the film location and got to know and appreciate Jackie and his humour too. Chris Tucker was a good friend of Michael.

China is definitely one of those countries on Earth I always wanted to visit, and I began to learn Chinese (Cantonese) as a child, training the letters in a little pink Book I still have. Unfortunately, I was so far away, and knew no Chinese people or kids here directly, as there are almost none in Switzerland I guess, that I gave up learning Chinese. I found out that there are over 600 dialects and different sub-forms of Chinese language, and had no idea what and how to learn to be able someday to talk fluently with the Chinese people!

But I am still interested in learning, as we always learn and grow in life. And I definitely want to visit China.

When I talked a bit with Mr Gary Duncan a while back, he told me that the Chinese know about Twin Souls and that he constantly gets Messages from there from people who totally get his Research and the Book he wrote with Jean Cline and George Reeves in Spirit. (Twin Souls Merging – A Psychological and Spiritual Journey)

In my own book (2012), I refer to the Red Thread of Fate in a Chapter Start, because of course Michael is very smart, oversees everything from Spirit now and even in his incarnation before, would read and read tons of Books educating himself on World History, discovering things with his sharp mind and analytical sight on things.

Let’s take a look first now at the original Chinese Legend and Story behind this Red Thread of Fate meaning:

Beautiful China - Source China Like Never Before:
Beautiful China – Source China Like Never Before:

The Red Thread of Fate (simplified Chinese姻缘红线traditional Chinese姻緣紅線pinyinYīnyuán hóngxiàn), also referred to as the Red Thread of Marriage, and other variants, is an East Asian belief originating from Chinese legend.

According to this myth, the gods tie an invisible red cord around the ankles of those that are destined to meet one another in a certain situation or help each other in a certain way. Often, in Japanese and Korean culture, it is thought to be tied around the little finger. According to Chinese legend, the deity in charge of “the red thread” is believed to be Yuè Xià Lǎorén (月下老人), often abbreviated to Yuè Lǎo (月老), the old lunar matchmaker god, who is in charge of marriages.

The two people connected by the red thread are destined lovers, regardless of place, time, or circumstances. This magical cord may stretch or tangle, but never break. This myth is similar to the Western concept of soulmate or a destined flame.


One story featuring the red thread of fate involves a young boy. Walking home one night, a young boy sees an old man (Yue Xia Lao) standing beneath the moonlight. The man explains to the boy that he is attached to his destined wife by a red thread. Yue Xia Lao shows the boy the young girl who is destined to be his wife. Being young and having no interest in having a wife, the young boy picks up a rock and throws it at the girl, running away. Many years later, when the boy has grown into a young man, his parents arrange a wedding for him. On the night of his wedding, his wife waits for him in their bedroom, with the traditional veil covering her face. Raising it, the man is delighted to find that his wife is one of the great beauties of his village. However, she wears an adornment on her eyebrow. He asks her why she wears it and she responds that when she was a young girl, a boy threw a rock at her that struck her, leaving a scar on her eyebrow. She self-consciously wears the adornment to cover it up. The woman is, in fact, the same young girl connected to the man by the red thread shown to him by Yue Xia Lao back in his childhood, showing that they were connected by the red thread of fate.

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As you can see in this very beautiful and old story from China, if two Souls are meant to be together, fate always guides them together and keeps them connected. (Soulmates)

I find here also the note of the old lunar God, meaning Moon God, responsible for Marriages, very interesting. The Moon seems throughout human world history to be connected with emotions and love, and Michael Jackson was called famously “Moonwalker” and in ancient Egypt, the Moon Goddess has a similar role to the Chinese Moon God. How interesting! Definitely will bring you a deeper article soon, about these dots being connected on the world map, spiritually.

This wise symbolic story can also though be applied to the Twin Soul too, as that is One Soul, two Halves, always connected, like Socrates in ancient Greece explained very well. (Concept of Soulmates/Twin Souls)

Of course, it is a bit different. The Chinese Legend speaks of earthly Situations, not purely spiritual situations after ascending and passing into spiritual form fully.

A Twin Soul is about the self, a Soulmate is another soul one is connected to, by such things like the red thread of fate!

A Twin Soul is a dynamic, inside oneself, as we all have a so-called feminine and masculine side, a dark and light side, good and bad habits, always two sides, and boiled down to the basics, in there, in your full own Soul, is a double consciousness, a so-called “Twin” Soul.

A Soulmate is a deeply connected, resonating, loving other soul you know, from spirit, from past incarnations, that could be friendship, lovers, family and children.

The relationship you have to other souls, is as important as the relationship you have with your own soul. Both things are connected in the Universal Journey, finally.

You cannot be just alone, and be your Twin Soul even, and never connect to other souls and interact, learn, love, grow, teach, listen, dance, enjoy and all this. You cannot be happy either, with a Soulmate, if you aren’t in a balanced state about your own Twin Soul Self! Think about this very important information and meditate on it.

Wishing you all a wonderful Day and much Love & Light,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit ©

About the Native Indian Americans and Spiritual – Physical Rights on Earth & the Universe © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

About the Native Indian Americans and Spiritual - Physical Rights on Earth & the Universe © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
About the Native Indian Americans and Spiritual - Physical Rights on Earth & the Universe © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Native Indian Americans and Spiritual – Physical Rights on Earth & the Universe © Blog Article ArchangelMichael777

Photo: Chief Joseph by Edward Curtis

Dear World

This is a special Article from my heart, written on the 18th January 2018. (©)

Many of you already know, since years, that I have driven “accidentally” in early 2007 while travelling through Arizona, through Indian Reserve Land. I have written about it in my 2012 Book, and on this Blog, over and over. I cannot describe well enough verbally, how intense the anger, frustration, sadness and again, anger over the injustice and evil I have felt when I saw the trailer mobile home park lifestyle in the reserves, dust wind, darkish it was that day, the trash piled up next to this trailer home, a horse, a donkey and some chickens. I felt the energy, I was so angry I almost cried, and my friend with me in the Car that day tried calming me down. I never forgot this sight. Seeing for myself, what they have done in the meantime to the native Peoples…how everything beautiful they once had and were seemed gone in this sad dusty desert wind.

NOBODY talks enough about it or calls it what it really is, but talks about meaningless tools and sell outs “Celebrities and what they like cooking and wearing”, or what some white old racist Woman in France thinks about other Women who were sexually abused and more, defending “the right to harass” publicly, that gets “media attention and time”, they give such people for bullshit a Megaphone, while in the meantime the problems for Natives continuing in subtle ways via racism, sabotage, discrimination job wise, financially, in “American” society, and so it keeps going, like the remaining sacred Natives are “invisible”. Where is the public, and Celebrity voice for also Natives? If you think there ain’t talent, you are very wrong!

Besides my memories and spiritual connectedness to ancient Egypt, a very important incarnation I had back then, I always slightly only remembered bits and pieces since my youth, about having lived once BEFORE INVASION, as a native “American” and I was a Shaman Woman and had a strong connection, naturally, to the Eagle and Falcons due to who I am in Spirit.

I sadly, in the years living in Los Angeles, never directly got involved with native Americans, I wanted to go “look for them” at some waterfall in Arizona, but we couldn’t find our way with the map we had and the car tire broke on the way too, in some mountains in the middle of heat and dust.

Also, as my dear Followers who have read my Book, I earlier in Winter 2003 had a spiritual attack going on and battle with a very dark Spirit, called “Set” (check ancient Egyptian History) and did a banning ritual, intuitively driving with a friend of my sister from Nebraska to Iowa to do the banning ritual at the Humboldt Park, because I had heard the following:

  • It is the second most haunted place in America
  • There are native American burial grounds and Spirits there

I knew, “my people” the natives, in Spirit, I could connect with there, can help me fight the good fight and ban evil Set. The first time, as it got dark, we could not finish the banning ritual, I called the native Spirits and they really came! Me and my sister’s friend, a super tall wide guy, stood there in dark silence up a hill in front of some cliff, and suddenly heard increasing in volume and closeness native drums sounding from all 4 directions, north, south, west and east. We kept going. Then a being that looked like it is made of light, spiritual, floated up the cliff and we immediately ran to the Car and drove home, to continue the next day during day time.

I never expected this, and the next Day it worked, and I felt the native spiritual support and how they helped me against Set.

We felt so “light like a feather”, like “sunshine and bright light fills our hearts” and kept singing all happy in the sunshine the Evanescence song “Tourniquet” in the car drive home to Nebraska.

If you didn’t know, Michael Jackson was partially native American, from his Father’s side. Michael did NOT feature anything of modern “America with white people” in his BLACK OR WHITE Video, he featured native Indian Americans.

Check his work here:


For the MJ Fans reading this, you KNOW what Michael fought for and stood for. You know his works, the details, the repeated messages by him personally in public. Remember that and think further, also how Michael himself was sabotaged and discriminated against FOR SPEAKING TRUTH in such a big mainstream way.

What happened to Michael, was not just about money, it’s a tool, a small part, money. It’s mainly about truth and power, about indigenous cultures and people’s situation and what has really all happened in history to get us in this situation. On the same Album, Michael features his famous World healing Message Song “Heal the World”, and “Remember the Time” about ancient Egypt, African Black History Truth.

Michael was a hobby Historian, he loved analysing everything and deeply understanding the root of everything. It is also typical Virgo by the way, but Michael just had a special brain. A special soul. A never ending hunger for knowledge and truth. He had the mind of a super detective, when closely studying word events and history, and he went out there to check things out for himself, around the World, in many places. He saw the World, and he studied and analysed it perfectly.

I always wanted, like I said, to get in touch with real native Americans personal and private, talking, learning, hearing their stories and truth of the situation nowadays. I never tried reaching out myself, to be honest, I had a lot of respect and didn’t know how to approach it and where to find them, I grew up in Switzerland far away.

Since over a year I am in touch now with the first native American in this lifetime I ever talked to personally, and we immediately formed a friendship. One of the first things he asked me was if I am myself “native”, as I look that way. I like that. I look indigenous, this is how the World’s indigenous Women and Men look like! I told him, yes, I am native Egyptian. I had my own struggle with stress and the things I was left with, after what happened to Michael and all this anger over injustices, on the verge of a burn- out and break down, and he felt it somehow and helped me somehow, I can’t explain it. That proved to me, again, the true spiritual knowledge and sacred spirit of the native Peoples. I will always be thankful for that and remember it. It is obvious that Spirit, and Michael, guided him to me.

I also am in touch since a short while with a great Shaman from Canada originally, doing a lot to carry the knowledge further to all who are open and get the message heard and remembered. People learn a lot from his Pages and he is a true Peace Bringer and Healer too. Someday, I will visit a real Ceremony, I always wanted to do that, and he invited me to visit anytime I am there, in America again. I am very happy to have overcome my fears and trauma and made my peace with traveling to America last October, and I feel free again and have hope to help heal the World.

Just yesterday, I discovered a unique Rapper, who is also native, and does the most unique stuff with his fashion presentation together with his Hip Hop, and it makes me happy to see all this love and art and effort by all those wonderful people trying to bring positive change and healing to this World.

I am still learning and hope to be able to help heal the native American people and get their voices heard, in Music and Movies too. And as for America, the whole World is seeing how troubled this country is by now, beaten up by Karma literally, and still like a train wreck driving into some dark abyss as if driven by sheer stupidity and absence of thought.

I said few times and will say it again: It is important to attune Earth and Spiritual Realms, it must resonate. We must all respect Mother Nature and live in tune with Nature, not against it. People are living, breathing soul beings on Earth also connected to her. Without giving back respect and actually involving and cooperating with native Indian American people, the country cannot heal.

There is no such thing as avoiding such big karma, it is like a cloud of the past until now hanging above this country. Besides many other additional injustices who caused karma, like what was done to Black People, shipped from Africa to other people’s lands. We talked a lot about Africa on this Blog.

The humane in humanity has to win. The compassion and love, has to win over hate and darkness. It is the only way, to really FIX what has been done to the natives, give them opportunities, improve the reserve life at least, give them power back in official positions too, ask their opinions and wisdoms too about important matters for the country.

They will be the ones who find the solutions and keys to HEAL America. That’s how God wants it, and that is how it makes the most sense. Stop before it’s too late, don’t do the same you did to ancient Egyptian Culture and People, to other people over and over, until all original indigenous people and knowledge is forgotten and gone!

That ain’t how to make the World better.

We all matter the same, and we all have rights that shouldn’t be touched and if, the Universal Laws aren’t a game to mess with. What you do onto another, you really spiritually do to yourself!

The spiritual wisdom and focus is, if you ask me, exactly what this World needs to make a big Chance beginning in the Consciousness of people and a real healing to begin. Think about and from your soul, before you do anything to another. And look honestly in the mirror, not just personal, but facing humanity’s truth, whoever you are, black or white, be honest to yourself and make the first step LOOKING at the problems.

Don’t look away, because it “aint your problem”. This is how we ruined this World so far. We are all naturally connected, and every action has a spiritual repercussion – so we should view things as a big human family, trying to solve things for all of us. It is all our problem, and every American should especially think about this and rediscover their humane side.

Take the time and try to imagine, what if you were born as a native American? How would your life be, or different? Where and how would you live, what would you work, what would be your HOPE FOR THE FUTURE exactly, in a situation like this?

We need to give back hope to the Children of the World, the Future, our all’s Future. And that includes especially native American Children and Youth as well! You cannot imagine, dear Readers, if you saw what Archangel Michael’s eyes see, what the native Indian Children were put through since hundreds of years, and native Women…that needs to stop. Archangel Michael protects spiritually and backs up now the native Americans. The Angels heard the call.

That would be a good start. Talk with them, acknowledge them, support their work, if they are a Model or a Musician, Artist or Author. Show support and love, compassion, let’s begin with that.

Respect their culture and learn from them, instead of trying to change them and “force assimilate” them to something less knowledgeable and false. I don’t get it, we can all learn so much from them and their true wisdom and actual EAR for Mother Nature’s subtle voice.

If you remember, how it is to have a “good relationship with Mother Nature”, the feeling of magic, life, fresh air to breathe, clean waters to drink, wonderful flower essences to smell, then you know what I mean.

We’re sending out a Major Love & Light Ray to all native American Tribes,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael)

Danielle Nova – A Voice for all Girls & Women *Special Article* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Danielle Nova - A Voice for all Girls & Women *Special Article* © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Danielle Nova - A Voice for all Girls & Women *Special Article* © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Danielle Nova – A Voice for all Girls & Women *Special Article* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

In the recent months, I have been very busy and did not blog most of last year, 2017. I have my own challenges and private life, and had to focus on more pressing issues and focused on helping others, privately, and not blogging and shielding my Aura.

Despite the more than half a year pause from blogging, I keep getting private messages and comments that are harassing, even sexually harassing, threatening, insulting, and simply defamatory. We all know who is stalking the innocent folks that follow me and Michael and this Blog, or my Music and Movie Projects.

I have had also private talks and built a sincere, positive friendship with Amber Minor (Athena), which is also an Artist and like a little sister to me. A crazy and literally criminal, lying “copycat blogger” named Debbie Stefaniak had talked with her, and incited her against me, an underaged Girl, to stay hidden herself, that abusive coward. Another friend of mine, Debbie also spoke to, only via email always, no Camera, no phone, nothing, to hide her truth of course and that she is a rapist minded fraud. This other friend as well, saw through her hate energy and evil intentions, and simply that she is fake, cut with her and told me everything she was doing and making up about my Person.

Think about the whole shit Michael went through, the ADULTS sabotaging, lying and working hard and regularly to disturb Michael’s peace, WORK, and PRIVACY. They too used children to hurt Michael’s soul, because he was always innocent, just like they try to stab my heart the same way. But it ain’t working, and now, Ladies and Gentleman, the Karma is kicking in and kicking Hollywood in the ass.

We are talking about an amount of sexual abuse, rape, stalking, sabotaging, lying, threatening, abusing that reveals a HISTORIC disrespect towards Women, in Show Business, just like I kept telling you all the whole time since 2011 on this Blog. I do not speak of details of my own experiences in public, but I have mentioned in my Book and this Blog that I got stalked once by a very obsessed crazy Man for months, another one when I was younger that literally “had sex with my door” like a total Psycho, because I didn’t want to come out of course, and other issues as a Woman being harassed trying to do my work, which is funny enough FILM DIRECTING. (That’s my education)

In fact, most of the time someone claims to want to help me with my work and future, projects, since I was a teenager, would get interested in me personally and somehow everything would become this forced trying to get me, not taking the work or me as a professional at the work space serious. Even if there were clear contracts in some cases, sexual harassment still happened and this disrespect, while I work, just because I am a woman, an Egyptian (racism too), or nowadays, because my connection with Michael Jackson is known to the public.

I heard a lot of shit from Michael, but this seeing it live, tops everything and confirms all he said, even if it sounded to me at first like “conspiracy talk” in LA. Everything is proven in the meantime he said, and he also said that “he saw at Hollywood parties in private Houses and events very shocking and disturbing things coincidently” happening in certain corners and rooms. He never told me details, as his interest was always to shield me from more sadness or shock. But I knew, due to the nature of our conversation, what he meant.

Now look at Hollywood…

Michael Jackson is innocent, and he keeps HELPING abused Children from Spirit. I myself am an abused child, by the way, and have gone through things people cannot imagine, and I don’t like talking publicly about it. But the Fans and the public has witnessed how they tried to “keep me harassed, threatened and feeling abused to get stuck in my trauma and never heal” , and people like Debbie Stefaniak belong in prison for such attempts, planned on purpose to drive an innocent victim of severe crimes into suicide or death on the street, broke and all ways to the OWN JOB blocked by slander and lies, trying to harm another’s existential situation and health after a severe through criminal means resulting horrible experience of near death. It is against the law, to make up lies about another to harm their reputation, professional AND privat, aiming at the person with obvious racist malice.


As usual, Michael functions autonomously from Spirit and whoever connects to his Spirit, he can guide literally to me. Same he did with Danielle, my very dear friend in the meantime. I remember her contacting me, asking for permission to use some Images and link to my Blog, as she wanted to defend Michael’s innocence. I always sense good and bad energies, and knew from the start, she has a good vibe. I dont’ have time to reply to all emails and messages I get, as you can imagine. This felt special.

In this year now, we have been talking regularly and I have lived with her through her breakup with her Fiance, which was not the right guy at all and disrespectful to her in many ways, selfish, like many Men are. And talking in healing ways through topics about childhood sexual abuse, general sexual disrespect from Men towards Women, or even the opposite (Michael was sexually harassed by some Women) and the whole spiritual Topics and Twin Souls. She experienced some serious abuse, as a child from the Fiance of her Mother, right after her Grandfather died, which was the most important male Figure in her life at that point, since the Father had left the family.

I couldn’t believe this, and kept focusing positive energy for her with Michael on this, and talking long hours together. I always get triggered to help, when I see any Girl or Woman suffering from sexual abuse or rape. My childhood friend, who got raped as a child as well, I tried helping her for years and then had to let go as she was not healing and causing me problems everywhere as if I became the sandbag suddenly. I am not a therapist, and I couldn’t help her anymore after she even tried black Magic at me out of jealousy and got totally weird out of control, and stalked my Boyfriend back then trying to “find things to make me break up with him” so she can have me alone and lonely, with her. Another friend of mine has gone through rape in a past relationship, her first in fact with the first Boyfriend, which used a knife to threaten her screaming like a nutcase, then raping her holding the knife. She is still suffering today, still working on healing completely so it doesn’t affect her and her relationship now anymore. It is one of the biggest crimes and invasion into the personal energetic space and Aura, when people sexually harass, abuse or violently rape another innocent person against their will. There is NO EXCUSE for it, also not from Universal Law and having to respect others FREE WILL.

Danielle was different, so strong, after everything, and I knew she has a special mission in her life. She is a nurse, who didn’t know about spiritual communication directly, twin souls and all that which they censor in public as you know, growing up.

She began with defending Michael, sensing a connection to him in Spirit, which got much stronger when she connected with me (logically), and then Michael guided her parallel, together with me, in Dreams and conversations to release her spiritual blockages so she can hear Spirit clearly and her Aura is cleansed. This happened faster than I usually see in other people, which again proved to me how special Danielle was.

Suddenly, she could hear and sense her Grandfather in Spirit, without any help or channeling from me! Very fast. I think I don’t remember anyone yet that learned so fast, like her. It was also interesting for me, as certain things would be “bridged” by Michael, like showing up in her Dreams and explaining something to her, or throwing a light-energy into her heart chakra, and she had no idea about how he did the same with me in early 2010 with the rose flame he shot into my Heart. It unblocked me, made me also more sensitive, emotional, crying faster, also when happy, I wasn’t like that before, it was like my heart chakra opened again after years of being blocked and shielded by fear of getting hurt.

These walls people built around them due to long years in the past of being taken advantage of, lied to, used, abused and hurt in basic trust. Michael had the same problem, over the years. The heart chakra is the energy center also of all emotions, love, connecting REALLY to others, also romantically, and therefore very important to be “vibrant and open”.

So, shortly after Danielle opened her third eye and spiritual sight so fast, her Twin Soul showed himself to her in a Dream, as he is in Spirit, Sam is his Name. He stood directly in front of her, dressed like a native American. I was so happy for her when she told me, and I was proud of Michael having made once again a sacred connection happen, so she can heal from all she went through in her past.

I wish nothing more for Danielle than to experience true, respectful love, real care by a guy and healing love. I also wish to see her blossom and enjoy sexuality and femininity, and all this her Twin Soul can help her internally with. Any Guy from now on that would approach a relationship with Danielle, would have to RESONATE with Sam, her Twin Soul in Spirit.

Let me explain something important here about Twin Soul Dynamics. Because a Twin Soul is not another person or soul/spirit, but just ANOTHER PART OF YOURSELF, a male resonating with HER MALE ENERGY, fits to HER and is LIKE HER, which then makes soulmate relationships extraordinary magical and great. And trust me, soul family and soulmate relationships last forever as well, we are all always connected.

With the sexual trauma she went through, Sam would of course not bring in the sexual energy right away, but step by step and in her best pace and rhythm, to finally heal her fully. Same thing with my friend, who got raped by her Ex Boyfriend, Michael and me connected her to her Twin Soul in Spirit back in early 2012 already, privately. There too, her Twin Soul keeps a certain distance, to also not mess up the Dynamics between her and her soulmate Husband on Earth. The energy must CONNECT AND RESONATE between Twin Soul Self Energies and a Partner’s energies. The more you are alike, the more likely that there is a strong spiritual connection, mind reading, heart communication by pure non-verbal intuitive means and so forth.

It’s a beautiful thing, soulmate love.

In this World, Selfishness is already a big problem in society, people think only of themselves mostly and their Ego. I have been hurt a lot in my life by friends and people who are like that.

It is not healthy or okay to take the whole Twin Soul Truth into such dysfunctional territory belonging ON EARTH, not to Heaven at all. It’s a pure, innocent spiritual truth about THE SELF, THE OWN SOUL IN IT’S DIFFERENT PARTS AND MALE/FEMAE ENERGIES.

It is just that really, if you know what it is about.

Meaning, RELATION-ships happen with other souls, soulmates mainly. But the basics to that is a healthy SELF, and Soul, which goes back to the Twin Soul Details.

You cannot have a RELATION-ship with yourself, you just ARE yourself and have to in RELATION-ships with other souls improve yourself, heal, learn, evolve, learn new skills, make memories and experiences, LIVE.

In order to get to this self mastery level, you must work on YOURSELF. Don’t project all your fantasies and problems onto some famous Guy because you don’t have any other outlet. Go INWARD, and work there, and this is how you mend and MERGE INTO A WHOLE YOUR OWN SOUL PARTS, which includes the Twin Soul in you logically.

Danielle has understood that from the beginning, because she got no envy in her or this jealousy, towards Michael. This is why she CANNOT have it towards me.

I said it before and will say it again: Anyone who feels things towards  Michael, good or bad, feels the same inside towards me. Words and acting fake or lies don’t make any different or count, it’s the INNER TRUTH that shows here.

She worked on herself, saw me as a friend and pure soul that I am, and I too could therefore trust her, spiritually also, and humanly, and open up my spiritual powers to connect her and help her, together with Michael. Michael deserves big credit here, because he is the Catalyst behind everything.

Michael continues from Spirit to help abused Children, abused Girls and Women as well, and of course Boys and Men too and Elderly. But this is a topic he cares about extremely, due to the injustices he had to endure, being innocent and in fact a victim of emotional and physical abuse as a Child himself. He tried to HELP, all his life, abused Children knowing how it is himself. He never done one thing wrong towards any child, let alone a boy(what a false, personally harassing lie), as Michael was completely heterosexual and only into Adult Women.

Michael suffered trying to find Women to date and form relationships with, due to the stalky, ongoing lies about his Person “oh he is wacko, he is crazy, he is this he is that”, sure. Michael was a passionate Guy with a big heart, he was honest, he showed in private happiness and anger like an innocent child being absolutely honest from their heart.

I can’t stand people who out of jealousy and envy, go make up lies about another Person, about them as a private Person, their intellect or sanity, without knowing them. I hate such people, and some women have done the exact same thing to me like it was done to Michael: Making up hateful, disgusting lies about me, like I wrote in my Book and this Blog years ago, and still- just to make some Boy/Man drop his interest in me because they want him, or just want to compete with me. It’s devilish. It’s evil people who show their evil jealousy when feeling my energy or seeing me happy with someone.

When those types of trash folks stalk my friends, like Danielle, or go publicly online on social media attack them and what they are going through, just to make a FAKE POINT ATTACKING ME, it is not acceptable and I will, if not for myself as I am too nice, I will take legal action against anyone who dares to harass Danielle or any other friends and Women I am supporting and helping and friends with. You have no right to attack them, because they are my friends. In fact, to begin with, you have no right to attack me anyways.

Debbie Stefaniak makes fake accounts, it seems, I am not sure to be honest. But we discovered some fake profiles, that talk like her, and defame and lie exactly her lies, as if she does it hiding as usual her face and ugly truth of being fake. I say a last time now: Stop harassing and lying, you are harming innocent people in the middle of a fight for survival, healing and justice!

Wake up folks, the World is FILLED with regular and somewhat ACCEPTED constant sexual disrespect towards Women, which includes all the stuff that happens when a crazy stalker or rapist goes around threatening, defaming the victim, making up lies to look innocent, even accusing the victim of having “wanted it” or “deserving it” and all this shit. Enough.

This CANNOT continue in society, or this World will go to waste. The Feminine is half of the equation, and it is time Women and Men, Adults and Children, people of different colours and cultures, to come together as ONE HUMAN RACE.

Men and Women can access Heaven, here on Earth, right here, in your mind if you only open up to pure Love. Let the Hate go away, let it die away from this World. Racism, tactics, people only able to pay bills and make a career if a Woman, by sleeping with Guys or allowing sexual favours against their will, or forcefully raped, must be eliminated by the Law now, once and for all.

Do you hear this Hollywood?

Danielle Nova is a big Voice rising now, for all Girls and Women who have gone through similar. She is courageous, has big visions, a huge heart that extends compassion to everyone. She works daily with Children as a Nurse, taking care of them, entertaining them, praying for them and doing literal energy healing work, which makes her a unique Nurse that can bring new ideas to improve the whole Healthcare Nursing Field. That is her Story and Vision, and I fully support it.

Danielle Nova - A Voice for Girls and Women © 2017-2018
Danielle Nova – A Voice for Girls and Women © 2017-2018

You know, it is not an easy road at all, to heal. We all are products of our childhoods, as Michael would say, and it is very true. True wisdom, which Michael thought about all his life to get to. From own experiences he developed a grand vision, for the World, to heal it by starting with THE CHILDREN, WHICH ARE THE FUTURE OF THIS WORLD.

When someone gets abused, sexually, physically by beating, emotionally and verbally, as a child, it takes a whole life time to heal it. You always have sensitivities and get defensive when those are “triggered”. And don’t forget the whole Post Traumatic Stress Disorder factor as well, it really affects someone emotionally, spiritually and even physically when such things happen. It makes you, without any control, by something that was forced by external forces on you, get those triggered feelings and fears, panic attacks, sweating, heart racing, all that come up in the blink of an eye, years later after such abuse has happened. It is spiritually, a big big crime, and gets one of the strongest karma backfires you can imagine, when people think they can do this to an innocent person. People who afterwards try bullying or verbally/emotionally abuse the victim further, get also their fair share of Karma. It ain’t worth it, show respect.

Show respect to people while healing.

You don’t know what people went through. It is not like, Elizabeth Taylor too has endured some severe disrespect of her privacy and space, it’s literally EVERY WOMAN who has anything special and gets known, or is just beautiful inside/outside, and that is not acceptable. Where are we? And did you know, the MOST raped Women statistically in America, ain’t college students it’s NATIVE AMERICAN WOMEN. This must stop, it is a crime against humanity. This is their land and you stole it, and then rape them and steal their Kids doing whatever who knows with them? No man, this is a spiritual warfare between GOOD & EVIL, and now Good will win and kick Evil in the butt.

It makes sense. And even more now makes sense, that this spiritual magic Focus has brought on a big Karma, MJ Style, exposing Hollywood.

They harmed him. They spread lies about him. They blocked his Film Career for years. They were racist. They are pedophiles. They are fake, they are Satanist/Setianists and fully aware of their System, living in it letting evil roam free. Now Michael put a stop to it with God, from Spirit, and the whole World is seeing what those wonderful and strong Actresses in Hollywood have been enduring…

I want to thank all of you for coming forward, for all of us Women and speaking the truth and fighting for justice for Women and better work conditions in Show Business. I want to thank Danielle especially, for her courage speaking of horrible experiences in public, just to help other Girls and Women, and I want to thank Michael for always defending and protecting us Women in all this.

Thank you, Archangel Michael, for continuing your effort to heal the World and see ALL human beings happy one day.

I myself will continue the efforts of making Voices like Danielle heard, until finally the “Women of the World” and their voices are heard and RESPECTED.

If we give you something, sexually intimately, that deserves respect and love. If we trust you like this, that deserves respect and love. If we love someone else, or simply don’t feel like it with YOU, that deserves respect and staying away and accepting a Woman’s free will.

It’s about time people not only understand the Twin Soul Truth, but what it means relating to the Self and the Feminine now. A Man ain’t nothing without his other half, his Woman.

Nobody is happy, being lonely.

Make Love your Being, not Hate and Greed.

Think and try to hard to love first, before you hate someone. Try it and see how YOU will change. It should show you that something is wrong, if you “hate” someone for no reason not even knowing them. Think about those b basic human needs and skills, and don’t let evil make you a hater, a prejudice racist liar. Don’t sell your soul to the Devil, keep it in LOVE and LIGHT.


Danielle Nova is writing a very honest, deeply moving Book right now, stay tuned for her story and unique reunion with her Twin Soul in Spirit and incredible Healing Journey!

We’re sending out a Major Love & Healing Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit © ArchangelMichael777



About LGBTQ+ in relation to the spiritual Twin Flame Aspects *World Exclusive Guest Article by Parker* © ArchangelMichael777

Hello everyone

My name is Parker and this here is my article on LGBTQ+ experiences and souls, as I am on the LGBTQ+ Spectrum myself I have some advice to share.

If you have sexuality considered homosexual and you are male, you more than likely have a feminine soul and the opposite is also true, if you are female and like other females you more than likely have a male soul.

Note: Of course all this is much more complicated in it’s depth and very individual. But this is a general compass, a direction to open your thinking.

If you are bisexual it’s a little more difficult, first you got to find out if you are male or female on a soul level, only you can figure this out. It doesn’t matter how you express your identity, you can be masculine but like dresses, dolls or heels.

You can be feminine but like sports, videogames, cars etc. You can decide to not care about your physical gender presentation and do whatever you like regardless of if they are considered girls or boys things, if you are Trans or Genderqueer the same principle goes you have a different gender soul to your physical body, an important piece of info, when god created your soul, they created you in two combined parts of the soul, called the twin flame.

There is both a masculine and a feminine polarity in each completed soul; the male soul has a more energetic feel kind of like how the sun gives of strong bursts of energy, the feminine soul takes on the masculine energy, like how the moon takes on the light from the sun.

See you guys soon, I’d like to thank Susan for letting me post this on her blog, I’d like to thank Michael for being an awesome guy and finally I’d like to thank god for making this all happen.

Cheers from Parker

Susan Elsa: Back in America after 9 Years *Updates & Healing Message* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Susan Elsa: Back in America after 9 Years *Updates & Healing Message* © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

I haven’t blogged any new post or article in the past few months, I have been as announced, taking a long break from blogging and writing any Books, to focus on Entertainment projects and some private and spiritual matters in my life.

Much has happened in the meantime, and much has changed. I am realising many things and getting super clear, as if the interferences and evil from the past injustices is slowly but surely fading, the pain and anger, from my heart chakra. Anyone that is victimised goes through this type of stuff and must overcome it, but the ones who cause such stress and interfere with other innocent people, get some serious karma and are finally the one’s who suffer from their own actions, this is how karma works and manifests.

Nothing can bring me out of balance again. I have too much of an influence, energetically and spiritually on all the people around me as I have been told and noticed very clearly recently, that, when I am happy the sun shines on everyone so to speak, and when I am out of balance or angry/sad then everyone feels it, somehow. Especially other women seem to be affected by my spiritual focus a lot.

I have realised, how it harmed me and my health, exactly like it happened to Michael, my sleep, my breathing (worsened asthma from stress and constant defamation and lies) and so forth. That is exactly what they want, those really non-spiritual, blocked, blind and jealous type people.

I have shown you history, facts and life data parallels, physical resemblance that is undeniable, proof for physical scientifically measurable metamorphosis between me and Michael, proving the sharing of the SAME SOUL (that is in detail then the TWIN Soul, as in A TWIN PAIR WITHIN THE SAME SOUL) – I have exposed Michaels enemies AND their current new strategies to keep suffocating and hiding HIS TRUTH AND INNOCENCE, and I have not filtered my mouth in my honesty at all – my Heart is out there for you all to see and hear me ask each of you to LISTEN TO THE TRUTH OF MICHAEL JACKSON, for once.

I have also shown clear evidence on malicious and on purpose interferences with me, now after Michael passed, and exposed stuff he shared with me about the Music Business and the Hollywood Film Scene. (Look at the News right now, and expect more Karma to come down on them…)

It doesn’t matter, what any human being claims by words or pretending, it doesn’t matter if you believe even in Michael’s innocence or mine, or not at this point, because GOD SEES everything, external and INTERNAL OF PEOPLE’S SOULS, and whatever wrong you did, you will get Karma for it, even if you can hide and lie in THIS WORLD.

Meaning, words don’t matter, the spiritual truth is what matters and your mouths can’t change God’s judgement. God knows that me, and Michael, are completely innocent and an honest, well meaning Soul. It didn’t change Michael’s spiritual fate, because YOU (MEDIA, PRESS, PEOPLE, COMPETITORS) LIED.

Michael is rewarded for staying true to himself and what is righteous and good, no matter how much you lied about him on Earth. Understand? Your lies don’t trick God, and if anyone thinks so, you are insane.

Same goes for me. It doesn’t matter, if you try to lie about me and harass me in my life and work and good mission of my soul, for the rest of my life even. YOU will feel the effect of YOUR ACTIONS, not me.

I am free of your hate and jealousy and I do no longer engage with any evil doers and liars, and I will act as if you have no name and don’t exist.

In this time away from online activity and social media, I have focused on helping people privately and spiritually, and doing what I always used to do again and being myself. I have realised, that those very evil, twisted and devilish folks who tried to copy me, steal my info, defame me and lie to hide the TWIN SOUL TRUTH OF MICHAEL JACKSON IN THE PUBLIC EYE, have harmed my health by the constant stress and energetic auric stabs with their hate and jealousy at me, for few years. I have fought with my Blog, which was THE FIRST SUCH ABOUT “A CELEBRITY” for truth and justice, enduring personal attacks and harassment, stalking and threatening behaviour from strangers and dubious people popping up as if orchestrated to interfere with anything I do, plan, prepare, as long as it was VISIBLE FOR UNLAWFUL ACCESS BY THEM ON MY INTERNET CONNECTED COMPUTERS.

The Michael Jackson Metamorphosis Story: Merging with his Twin Soul Counterpart *Real Magic Article* © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
The Michael Jackson Metamorphosis Story: Merging with his Twin Soul Counterpart *Real Magic Article* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Twin Soul Dream Science Theory *New* © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Twin Soul Dream Science Theory *New* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Susan Elsa Michael Jackson - MJ Metamorphosis Story Ancient Egyptian Spiritual Power © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Susan Elsa Michael Jackson – MJ Metamorphosis Story Ancient Egyptian Spiritual Power © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
About the FIRST Twin Soul Story on Earth and Reincarnation Case: Osiris and Isis and the "Famous Magic Skills" *Special Proof for Modern Time* © ArchangelMichael777 - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
About the FIRST Twin Soul Story on Earth and Reincarnation Case: Osiris and Isis and the “Famous Magic Skills” *Special Proof for Modern Time* © ArchangelMichael777 – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

I have endured all my UNIQUE AND INCOMP ARABLE life data, when going public, being copied, twisted, lies added on it, complete lies made up about me and my name and such ridiculous tabloid style lies, and even got to having to take sleeping pills to be able to sleep, just like it started for Mike back in the day too from MALICIOUS DAILY LIES AND NOT LETTING HIM LIVE AND BE, constant jealousy…

I put out a lot of my personal story and data (which I own no matter how you copy or lie and I say it out clear and public!)  to educate and raise awareness as Michael guided me, spiritually about the topic of Twin Souls to complete our mission to make people remember all this again.

Many people are really opening up, and see the truth. I am thankful to have all this support and all those fine folks and MJ Fans out there, who are spiritually open or opening up and tuning in to me, and Michael.

Michael can function with me as a united force field, or independent. So, once people connect with me, the real deal, they connect also naturally to Michael through me, and then have direct clear communication open up for them to Michael in Spirit, via direct presence or dreams.

My dear friend Danielle Nova, is one of these wonderful and unique souls. She has been guided by Michael to find me and contact me, and then it opened up her direct independent communication with Michael automatically. Michael values her friendship a lot and how she felt me and jumped in to not only defend me, but also listened to me, so she saw the truth herself and it stimulated her spiritual awareness to open up and opened up her awareness and re-united her with HER Twin Soul in Spirit. You may read more on her Blog, and I am very looking forward to her courageous Book, as it will help a lot of Children and Women find their path to healing as well.


© Danielle Nova Blog

She is a wonderful person, and has very noble visions. But more on that later in the Article.

Many of you have read my Book, or stuff on this Blog for the past 6 years, and know a bit of my life challenges and very difficult interferences. Many of you also know about the dimension of the stuff Michael had to deal with.

I had sworn to never return to the U.S.A, and it was very clear as I am always honest, I also said my opinion openly in public, of course. I would always say the truth, for Michael, and myself, and anyone I care for which can’t speak directly anymore for themselves. I don’t care what disadvantages it causes me, I am sometimes like an innocent child that just yells the truth out and can’t lie or be sneaky. My zodiac sign is also known for these traits, being honest and even too honest, too direct, not very diplomatic sometimes telling people the truth and facts in their face, being stubborn and willed. Every little single detail in my story and published data adds up.

This is why, after putting out some major teachings and information over those years, I am done with talking. I don’t have anything more to add, until the stuff I published is understood first. I will show you now the truth, but the talking phase and writer’s phase is on a big break now.

I said what I had to say, and this is it for now.

I also learned the hard way, as a very psychically empathic and compassionate person with a huge heart, to NOT get angry anymore over people who harm their own souls by being evil and taking action on inner jealousy feelings and losing their souls. I would get so angry in the past, because to me, I can’t relate or understand why they don’t do what is best for them, this is not about ego, if you attack my soul unfairly, you HARM YOURSELF, if you treat me and Michael with respect and not knowing us, listen or ask first, you behave correctly and with a certain feeling for others, a respect, that comes back in good ways.

Everything comes back. Good and bad.

Susan Elsa 2017 wearing American Fashion © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Susan Elsa 2017 wearing American Fashion © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

It’s not happening online, but in real life. People who show love and respect, get blessed, have Angels pop up, reconnect to their Twin Souls, kick start a healing from life challenges and past trauma, as if Heaven’s light connects to them immediately, as soon as they approach ME WITH A SINCERE, PEACEFUL HEART AND INTENTIONS.

No hate. No jealousy and envy especially. That is like an energy that makes my alarm bells ring and immediately Michael pushed you away from me, and him, and any higher dimension. Understand that? You can’t push him around no more, in Spirit, backed up by God.

Those universal rules cannot be twisted or avoided and must be respected to become a “universal master”, evolve, become a better and better version of yourself and ascend spiritually.

If you can’t even approach me with respect, how do you think you can reach Mike in Spirit? (LOL)

I am right here, and I am the first step, other than that he ain’t even gonna reply anything to you, if you can’t connect with ME RIGHT HERE and be attuned with Spirit. Meaning, on Earth as in Heaven, meaning, you say you really care about Michael and like him in your heart’s truth, then you will feel the same for me and show the same approaching me, if not, something is wrong about you, very simple.


I honestly can’t understand or find any accepting of the fact that in the MEANTIME, through frauds claiming to be like me and Michael, meaning a double incarnated Twin Soul Pair and “able to tell you what it’s all about and REUNITE YOU with your other soul half, them, human people not God, for MONEY”.

They have buried the whole NOW MOMENT and LIFE’S DIFFERENT BEAUTIFUL ASPECTS, with this misguided, fake public Twin Flame discussion and fake information made up by them.

If some stranger came up to you on the street and told you, “hey I can help you get a really good sex life with your wife” or so, would you pay them money and listen to their bullshit? Are they in your house, do they know you, all your details, your wife’s details? Do they stay with you in your bedroom, restroom and when you shower and bathe?

NO! Obviously…

Why would anyone then think that paying some strangers money will help them, avoid God and the Angels and SELF WORK, to get reunited and ascend with their Twin Soul Counterparts? That is EVEN MORE PERSONAL and invisible to other human beings in details and inner personal fine details.

I help people really reunite, for FREE, and because I got Michael in Spirit, able to function in his Archangel role to help with that, the way it is supposed to be and permitted by God.

And if anyone really understood what this spiritual love does, pure love, then you would never exclude soul mates and all life and HOW IN A PROCESS OF VERY LONG TIME AND DETAILS Twin Souls really reunite. You would not push away any love, or devalue soul mates.

Soul mates are the form of connection most people can access right now, I said it many times: You are HERE to LIVE and evolve. Not to stop and look towards death and going somewhere else. You are right now breathing and alive right here, and any special, pure and good connection, that is deep and helps you learn and evolve, is valuable.

And that is what most people have, right now, in their lives, and they look away and lose themselves in the “fake Twin Flame fantasies” planted by fake Gurus craving money through weird “spiritual services” and simply, crazy folks online.

Important Spiritual Truth channeled from Michael Jackson in Spirit © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Blog
Important Spiritual Truth channeled from Michael Jackson in Spirit © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Blog

You are letting them distract you from the best and biggest, most natural and intended LEARNING AND REUNION PROCESS FOR YOUR SOUL: Life.

Yeah, Michael picked the picture above, because a little fun has to be 🙂 it helps you endure all this stressful stuff, just smile and stay cool. I learned that now, and they didn’t make it easy for me, and I still reached inner peace.

Now, let’s get into the celebration part of this article, something that will probably surprise you a lot.

SUSAN ELSA BACK IN AMERICA AFTER 9 YEARS FOR HALLOWEEN 2017 © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
SUSAN ELSA BACK IN AMERICA AFTER 9 YEARS FOR HALLOWEEN 2017 © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


So, based on some private things that happened and such which I cannot share, I felt for the first time in many years that I can return to America and find my peace with this place again, after everything that happened and being poisoned in 2007/2008 and leaving half dead back to Switzerland.

I went back to the U.S. to the East Coast this time, for a first return and vacation, in October and returned early November, so I wanted to spend Halloween 2017 in America.

How fitting, that they coincidently aired and promoted “Michael Jackson’s Halloween Special” for 2017, something that he wanted for a special Halloween concept he had in mind, a good start at least.

I met friends, made new friends and had a really good, and calm week there. One of the things I really planned and cared about is to meet Danielle, we have been friends now for a year and talking regularly on the phone, so we had never met yet.

Before she came to meet me, having to take a train for a bit to come to meet, I already had made new friends also and even did some funny Karaoke night and met really good, friendly, respectful people.

Then early in the morning, Danielle was supposed to arrive at my rental Apartment, and I barely slept the night prior, jet lag and everything, so I had the phone next to me waiting for her text to go downstairs and open the main door for her and greet her.

She arrived with the taxi and I was waiting there in my pyjamas, and to be honest it was funny, like seamless, like it’s not the first time we meet in person, like we already know each other. We spent a good time then, like friends and sisters from two different Mothers, and even did some readings together and just hung out and went out also, she ended up missing her Train back and stayed bit longer, as I had enough room in my rental Apartment anyways.

Danielle Nova and Susan Elsa meeting in America © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Danielle Nova and Susan Elsa meeting in America © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

I am very happy we had this short time to meet, and definitely will plan in more time next time we meet, maybe in New York or so. I enjoyed the people there and the vibe, the East coast seems totally different than the West coast.

Susan Elsa: Relaxing in my East Coast City Rental Place for Halloween 2017 © ArchangelMichael777
Susan Elsa: Relaxing in my East Coast City Rental Place for Halloween 2017 © ArchangelMichael777

This has been like a Rebirth, a new Start for me. I had panic attacks when packing and driving to the Airport to fly back to the U.S., I faced my 2008 near death experience and memories of losing Michael there and found the courage to go back, and found a new start.

Michael said, after I came back and everything went well, that “now the first step for America to heal is done”.

Susan Elsa: Sun Bathing in my East Coast City Rental Place for Halloween 2017 © ArchangelMichael777
Susan Elsa: Sun Bathing in my East Coast City Rental Place for Halloween 2017 © ArchangelMichael777

Me and Michael are back and will do all we can to help America and the World heal.

Stay tuned for the coming Projects and keep love always in your heart, no matter what dark phases life might make you endure, keep the light in your mind and keep PURE LOVE in your heart, as a shield for your soul.

Believe that everything is possible, because it is, and God can make anything possible.

We’re sending out a Major Love Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit ©

Has the World learned yet ANYTHING from Michael Jackson’s Life Story? © Susan Elsa

Has the World learned yet ANYTHING from Michael Jackson’s Life Story? © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Blog
Has the World learned yet ANYTHING from Michael Jackson’s Life Story? © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Blog
Has the World learned yet ANYTHING from Michael Jackson’s Life Story? © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Blog

Dear Readers

We are in the October month already, and this has been since a long time a special spiritual time to me. Since 2014, we have a spiritual energy around this month, that can only be called “Karma Enforcement” and “Souls being judged for their actions”.

In 2014, fatefully then, God’s Angels took one of the worst Injustice Causers in Michael’s Life: Sneddon, and that right the Morning after Halloween Night. I like to call it “Thriller-Halloween”, in Michael’s senses and based on plans and concepts he had for his life’s works.

Threatened (his last studio song), Thriller, and Ghosts (A musical and spiritual Short Film of 45 Minutes) are the pillars of Michael’s original and personal concept for Halloween.

This year in 2017, finally, they are airing some TV Specials in the direction of Michael’s original Halloween concept, but not fully and really precise his plans, which I do not understand to be honest. There is no guessing game, they know what Michael wanted, discussing this concept even A DAY BEFORE PASSING, on 24th June 2009 at a last meeting…

So, as this is a special time of the year for me, and always has been for Michael as well (he initiated for example Neverland Ranch on Halloween Night, howling like a Wolf at the full Moon at Midnight with Friends) – let us reflect not just on INDIVIDUAL GUILT & INNOCENCE, but on the World and society’s guilt and innocence.

Michael Jackson has a very known life story, and it happened since his childhood under the PUBLIC’S EYE AND WATCH. So, it is not like my own story, that took place in absolute private which I value extremely knowing what I know today.

Everyone could see Michael going through childhood, puberty, growth, acne, love life drama and problems, friends betraying, family problems, health problems, just everything that should stay private no matter how “famous through the job”, was in a constant public spotlight for Michael Jackson, all his life.

The part that wasn’t public, he barely remembered anything from. So, since Michael could consciously remember and his brain developed “memory skill” like that, he was famous and crowded and approached anywhere he went, day and night. In the beginning, it was his family and his father Joe, constantly “trying to control him”, later it became the labels, contractors, the public and also the MJ Fans, to be fully honest in this Note…

From a spiritual view point, we all have a natural free will and NATURAL RIGHT, to chose, to evolve how we feel inside and according to our inner, personal dreams and beliefs as well as, FREE HUMAN WILL.

How can other human beings decide to take away an innocent, individual soul’s right to free will in life?

Since I can remember, I have literally had some “emotional and spiritual allergy against lies and injustice/evil”. I do think seeing what has been done to Michael Jackson since 1993 only made my allergy against injustice and malicious evil lying much stronger. Since Michael passed, it is simply not allowed in my presence, and if it happens, I must speak and defend the truth and Michael’s rights, as he no longer can directly and verbally.

So, since children are innocent and pure, Michael remained in this innocent, pure childhood mind, to a big degree, all his life, as he never had the space and chance to develop like other’s can, in life experiences and going out and all that and socialising, his own adult mind. That remained a part of him, but still he actually developed a very wise, very mature side of thinking and feeling as well, but his main thing was “feeling young inside”, and it got stronger as we grew older, his INNER CHILD, again for particular reasons explained further on my Blog.

It was contradictions, but in harmony. That is how I would always explain myself, and I do think it is very precisely describing Michael’s personality as well. A very old soul, but also a very central huge inner child and youthful vibe, no matter what age. This shows a person’s spiritual condition, how “young” you feel.

Innocence always feels young and is “child-like” (not to be confused with immature and childish, but that can be part of the unbalanced, negative side of the inner child), and shows in your personality and behaviour.

Children always tell what they think and feel, straight out. They don’t fake emotions or decorate words based on manipulative reasons and wanting something particular from it, just say what they think out loud.

Michael kept this quality in his heart and personality all his life. This is also, by the way, why I think he was a good father, because he could tune in to children’s perspective and feelings. He was intuitive, smart, a very deep thinker and loved analysing people, situations, history and human nature and beyond, with HIS MIND and through READING RECORD BREAKING AMOUNTS OF BOOKS AND WRITINGS.

He shaped his mind with the precision a sword-maker in Japan uses to forge an authentic, sharp Samurai Sword.

He could argue with almost anyone, about anything, and it was almost impossible to convince him of your point, once he was convinced he is right. He would convince YOU, with his knowledge. He out-thought almost every person in his life and beyond that, people he didn’t even know from history.

But knowledge like this, and a sharp mind like this, can be pretty dangerous when you are a public person everyone knows, and many are affected by whatever you promote. If you promote then on this level truth, history truth, the rights of minorities, make a stand against racism and economic manipulation based on racism, all that which Michael then did with his Music and Speeches and own Writings, was not “liked” by the “power system and hierarchy” that spans around this Globe like an invisible virus.

Why is that? Why can’t humanity learn, from life stories like Michael Jackson’s, or other people in a public life, who we have records of, and can study to not repeat past mistakes and MOVE FORWARD with evolution and this humanity?

Why can’t we all work towards improving life on this Planet, instead of ruining it more and more and more? Why do people so often chose, with their free will, to do wrong to others who haven’t done anything to them, to discriminate, to oppress, to threaten and harm and control other human being’s free will, career and personal public message?

The amount of lies and “misunderstandings” that were thrown at Michael are historic and pathetically obvious in it’s purpose to cover up the Man’s goodness and exceptional innocent message. There is tons of envy and jealousy rising up in many folks, as soon as they hear the name “Michael Jackson”, as if their evil inside immediately is called out by speaking his name.

Why is that so many people? Why are the masses giving into bullying, and envy over fame, money and whatever they think is valuable in this world of false illusions and money?

What about soul? What about the reality and truth of things happening right now as you are reading this, people being raped, killed, oppressed, defamed publicly for an evil agenda to block their success, and all this nonsense?

And people are quick to judge others, and judge strangers on a personal, even intimate level, they never even met! Just because their work makes them known to the public…

That’s unhealthy thinking, spiritually speaking, and just not right. It brings bad karma, and I mean the people who see this public dilemma between good and evil, innocence and guilt, and chose to give into the negative manipulation, over, again, someone they never met and do not know to begin ANY judgement on what they do in private or even, how they think. Sometimes an own parent doesn’t know how the own child thinks, we hear news stories that show this. How can strangers, based on tabloids and obvious false accusations, just take the right to judge a stranger’s soul?

That INVOLVES YOU in the karma cloud which these liars and backstabbers have caused to Michael Jackson. I advise you, spiritually, to not take part in this, and that means also to not repeat the same mistakes towards ME.

That would only seal your karma in very sad ways.

People are strange. They see an individual suffer, or even a whole people and indigenous groups, but watch and feed their boredom or stress by just watching other’s suffer, but do not move one finger to help or support.

Not all people and not always. There are some very heart warming stories of masses of support, for such individuals in need of help and support, that show there are good people out there.

But from my experience, the majority of people remains silent and does not do anything, even emotionally or spiritually, to help other innocent people in need. People get attacked on the street, in front of tons of folks watching it, and NOBODY steps in to help, all thinking totally selfish and glad they aren’t attacked and hide and walk away. Again, it isn’t the same everywhere, but Europe is definitely that way, but in Egypt, the whole street and surrounding houses come to any individual’s aid if attacked or in need of help, ESPECIALLY WOMEN.

I seen it myself. If a woman gets sexually harassed, even just verbally, by some guy or a group of people in Egyptian streets, a whole army of people comes in to protect her from them and confront them with their unacceptable behaviour, while to compare, in Japan, nobody says or does anything if young Girls and Women are sexually abused in public transportation, trains and buses and such.

But the things that become general, need to be worked on and healed in a “humanity team effort”.

The planet generally, needs to be healed and cleaned, from oil in rivers and lakes, and plastic and garbage everywhere. That too shows the condition of the “masses way of thinking”, when you see such things. There is a whole island of plastic in the ocean, from all the disrespectful using mother nature as some garbage can and throwing trash around forests and waters. Or doing dangerous techniques, for money, that ruin a life space for animals and human beings, for a long, long time.

People often think so arrogantly, that humanity is so smart by now, with all this technology and medicine, but in spiritual reality and natural reality, humanity has gone backwards. Many ancient indigenous folks knew more than people know today!

But those types of ignorant people also are the one who would tend and still probably tend to judge a Michael Jackson, out of personal frustration and guilt. He was innocent.

And if you are facing innocence, someone who DOES something for others and is not selfish, you judge him because in reality you judge yourself and know YOU CARRY GUILT, not Michael.

Think about this, and your own Man/Woman in the Mirror for this October and Halloween. Get your heart in the right place again, for your own benefit and the World’s benefit and healing. We all have a part in this and can help to make the World a better place.

This is what Michael Jackson’s life story tells, and it’s about time people really learn, from History as well, to not keep repeating past mistakes and move humanity forward. Respect minorities. Respect the poor. Respect different people and cultures, learning from them and feeling enriched in life, not judging. Ending racism, in all our hearts.

The World owes that to Michael, and this is the spiritual universal truth.


Susan Elsa

© ArchangelMichael777 Blog

About the INNER CHILD: My Childhood Resonance with Ariel the little Mermaid’s Story #innerchildmovement © Susan Elsa – MJ TwinFlame Soul Official Blog

Susan Elsa in Spain 2017 - Original Ocean Photo © Susan Elsa
Susan Elsa in Spain 2017 - Original Ocean Photo © Susan Elsa
Susan Elsa in Spain 2017 – Original Ocean Photo © Susan Elsa

Dear Readers

This is a very happy Article, and it’s all about the INNER CHILD, we have been talking about for a while now.

As we are alive, and keep evolving and changing and growing, we can tune into our inner child more and more, sometimes more, sometimes less depending on what is happening in your life and challenges. The goal though, and the ultimate secret of youth  and beauty that always shines when real from INSIDE FROM YOUR SOUL, as I am telling you, is the constant elevation and health of the INNER CHILD.

I AM Ariel the little Mermaid and have always strongly identified identified with that beautiful Disney Story since I started singing as a little Girl 💦💙☀️💦💙💦💙☀️🏝🌹🌹🌹
I AM Ariel the little Mermaid and have always strongly identified identified with that beautiful Disney Story since I started singing as a little Girl 💦💙☀️💦💙💦💙☀️🏝🌹🌹🌹

I just got back from a really needed and fun family vacation trip to Spain. As a child, I went with my family often to Spain and it is a core part of my childhood memories, watching Michael’s Moonwalker Movie and other Disney stuff like Ariel the little Mermaid on the little TV in the Van we used to drive with to Spain for long hours.

I feel very happy and sparkly and bubbly right now, and this is also thanks to someone really special I have in my life, a very dear close soulmate that inspired me to be happy and enjoy my life, to be “part of this World”. I am very thankful for all the beautiful people and souls that God made, and finding my peace with this Planet and life form.

When I was a child, my Mother would go especially to this special VHS Rental store, and get us the Ariel the little Mermaid Cartoon Movie in original English. Watch my Beach Video Message for more on this Childhood memory:

So, after all that happened in my life, I am feeling the resurrection vibes. In ancient Egypt, it was believed that all life came out of the deep waters, and there are secret magical spiritual teachings that came from ME PERSONALLY AND MY SOUL, regarding the “holy/sacred blue lotus rising”, and I know what it means and will teach it soon again, in modern time, in our “TWIN EYE Mystery Schools”.

Music and singing was a big part of how Osiris was resurrected in ancient facts, you can sing “with your soul” and use voice, sound and music to manifest magic spells and change even the whole World. It is all about sound and vibration finally, and you are an instrument of Nature/Magic.

Here is for fun a little experiment I did in the water, with waves washing all over my camera tripod and I had to do it quick. In a pink bikini *smile*, singing “Part of your World” a bit, just like the Original Ariel leaning on a cliff overviewing the Beach from the Ocean Water.

I call it my “Ocean Acapella” ©

I am working on my new Album, a very commercial and cool Production with a very diverse and interesting Team involved. Very excited to present to you all this Music stuff soon, and also the STYLE PROJECT we are working on- expect Fashion and Style stuff that you will just feel brand new with, and more yourselves. It will bring the best out of the FEMININE.

Susan Elsa Egyptian Style Project and Eyeliner History Ancient Egypt © Susan Elsa 2017
Susan Elsa Egyptian Style Project and Eyeliner History Ancient Egypt © Susan Elsa 2017

And yes, if you want to really focus on your natural Beauty and Energy, dare to show yourself without Make up completely!

I am glad I do not have any Vitiligo and can lay in the sun and tan, even though I got a little sunburn from falling asleep at the Beach. It was so much fun, water and fire are my personal elements and I feel at home at the Beach and in the Ocean waters.

I have been an exceptional swimmer since my Childhood and won many Swimming competitions, still having all those medals and awards from these times. This was also due to my Ariel fixation and identification with that Disney figure, and I even did a professional course for “rescue swimming” , meaning how you rescue someone out of the water and perform in water, or on coast, mouth to mouth, or through the nose, resuscitation. I have a permit for it, lol.

All this makes me a very real embodied similar Personality to Ariel, as I always felt, and it is really just like Michael Jackson felt he is the real Peter Pan in his Soul and real Life and how he is and feels.

I AM Ariel, the little Mermaid, and my life story fits into it in spooky ways. Walt Disney was a far greater creative and spiritual Mind obviously than people realise.

This is also why so many children and people can identify with these Stories, its simply carrying true inner child vibes and resonance. I love Disney Movies and intend to make wonderful Cartoon Movies for Kids myself, as a Film Director/Cinematographer.


Susan Elsa Natural No Make Up Beach Girl Style 2 © Susan Elsa
Susan Elsa Natural No Make Up Beach Girl Style 2 © Susan Elsa

This is me, simply me, tanned nicely, enjoying my evening about to eat after a nice long day at the beach, and totally tuned into my Ariel Mermaid vibes. Under the Waves…immerses a whole new World…to become part of your World…

Susan Elsa Natural Girl Inner Child Beach Vibes © Susan Elsa 2017
Susan Elsa Natural Girl Inner Child Beach Vibes © Susan Elsa 2017

I am telling you, the inner child is the key to long lasting youth and beauty, and no cremes and lotions and plastic surgery. It is all about your internal condition and your personal energy and how it affects your body, and the more childlike soul vibes you emanate, the more it affects positively your outer appearance and looks too.

Susan Elsa Natural Egyptian No Make Up Beach Style © Susan Elsa 2017
Susan Elsa Natural Egyptian No Make Up Beach Style © Susan Elsa 2017

I don’t mind showing my true self, and always did. I am one of the most honest and open speakers, writers and artists out there on this Planet, and people know what fact about me. I carry my heart on my tongue.

Susan Elsa No Make Up Beach Girl Style - May June 2017 © Susan Elsa
Susan Elsa No Make Up Beach Girl Style – May June 2017 © Susan Elsa

I love the sun and beach and the ocean, it makes me feel at home, like in Egypt. In Egypt we have beautiful beaches, and underwater worlds. I once dived in Hurghada/Egypt, and it was one of the most impressive experiences I ever had. I saw fishes, and rocks underwater, it was like the real Ariel the little Mermaid World, under the Sea, in all it’s beauty. My mother was worried about me, as I had no education and no course before, nothing, and just went in with one of the teachers from the school of my Dad’s friend there, he owns a Diving School.

I will never forget this experience, and I am feeling totally my inner child come alive and my heart healing, and it feels so, so good.

Working on Fashion, an idea and vision I always had as a child too, is a very reviving and wonderful thing, and while doing it I focus on loving myself the way I am, physically.

Susan Elsa Label MGP Logo and personal Symbol Tree © Mystery Garden Productions Brand and Logo History
Susan Elsa Label MGP Logo and personal Symbol Tree © Mystery Garden Productions Brand and Logo History

I am working on my looks and doing a lot of sports, not just for the looks of course, but mainly to feel balanced, fit and strengthen my body and heart muscles and all that.

A few months ago, to just say a bit not too much personal stuff, someone found me that is very special to me and he helped me to feel happy again about being on this Planet, and knowing him. He is a very, very special soul and I love him with all my heart. I want to say here, anonymously to him, that I am happy he is in my life and there for me. He is my Hero and my Beloved.

This weekend I dived even deeper into my happy mind and went to a Birthday BBQ dinner of a friend, had a lot of fun, and then the next Day, yesterday, I had a wonderful and intense outdoor training with my sister visiting from abroad, like in the old Days, doing Martial Arts together.

We always have been into that and I started doing Karate by the age of 9.

So, she had recently visited a real Shaolin Training for a few weeks, in China, and really enjoyed it. I want to do this soon too. She showed me some stuff she learned from her Sensei/Teacher there, and it’s also very good for your legs and butt muscles to do these kicks daily I am telling you.

Check this out, still got some of the years of training strength left in me, and now I am picking it up again and feeling great!


Susan Elsa Karateka Kung Fu Sports Style © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Susan Elsa Karateka Kung Fu Sports Style © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Getting in shape for very cool projects, to share my joy with all of you, and bring happiness to the World. This is me, purely me in private preparing for really entertaining your souls!

I always been a very strong fighter, in real life, not physically I never hit anyone, despite a few situations in which I was physically threatened as a child and teenager by other Girls, out of envy and jealousy. I got a special mind and energy, and I know I am too strong for a direct physical fight with others Girls. But with Guys, I would enter a competition match and fight, no problem.

Susan Elsa Muscle Power and Training Photos © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Susan Elsa Muscle Power and Training Photos © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Sports is super important for your spiritual health and balance as well. I personally tend to have too much energy, and it doesn’t come out well if I don’t have a physical outlet to balance my extreme personal energy out. It has always been that way, so since I am physically working out and doing sports intensely again, I feel so alive and so much more balanced and happy, I can only say again and again to all of you: TAKE CARE of your physical body and health, if you really want to be spiritually mastering yourself and healthy and balanced. Love yourself, whole heartedly and fully.

Martial Arts Training Summer Nature Karate Kung Fu Mix Shaolin Wisdoms © Susan Elsa June 2017
Martial Arts Training Summer Nature Karate Kung Fu Mix Shaolin Wisdoms © Susan Elsa June 2017
Martial Arts Training Summer Nature Karate Kung Fu Mix Shaolin Wisdoms Kicks © Susan Elsa June 2017
Martial Arts Training Summer Nature Karate Kung Fu Mix Shaolin Wisdoms Kicks © Susan Elsa June 2017

And my dear Girls and Ladies out there reading this, sisters, this is the way to go if you want to feel good about yourself, your body and own your energy and vibe! Be confident and work on yourself, until you feel you are looking the way you feel inside!

Do what your body tells you to, if you don’t like too much sports and are more chubby, that is sexy as well, if you are very sporty and have a firm body, that is sexy as well. As long as you ARE BEING YOU and honestly vibrating from your heart, your personal energy, you are in the right place and on the right life track.

I cannot stress and tell clearly enough, how important Sports is for me personally. I need it, just like I need physical movement daily and really to move and LET OUT and let FLOW my personal, intense energy.

Sports is not just for your physical body, that body is your vessel for YOUR SOUL right now, and so when you keep it healthy and strong, your soul too feels better in it! Nobody even closely estimates my real age correctly, Kids and Adults “see me as much younger” than my actual age numbers…

Susan Elsa May 2017 Spain - Teen and Inner Child Vibes Girl © Susan Elsa
Susan Elsa May 2017 Spain – Teen and Inner Child Vibes Girl © Susan Elsa

There is a lot of good stuff we will present you soon, also from other Artists who are incredible and unique in their multiple talents!

This World has so much beauty to give, let us all relax and focus on happiness!


I am also happy to say, that I have found my peace with the United States of America, due to my special Someone I have in my life, and for him, I will go back there and peacefully put my hand into American very cool Entertainment Productions and work with American Partners that are wonderful souls and focused on creating Magic as well.

Here is a link to my current Music Producer, which I value very much as a Friend and Producer- he really believes in me and is a good soul spreading happy vibes on this Planet, Mr Bill Hamel from FATUM:

Bill Hamel from FATUM and a very interesting Cooperation Project with Susan Elsa © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Blog
Bill Hamel from FATUM and a very interesting Cooperation Project with Susan Elsa © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Blog

Link for full Article:

I have to say, the circumstances through which these new Partners came around were funny and all over the place, but God knows what he is doing and I feel very happy that I am getting respect for my talent and work from America now, and seeing that there is much Good left within the United States, ready to unfold it’s Beauty and heal everyone through Love and Music.

Can’t wait to reveal more of this Project to you all, stay tuned!

Wishing you all a wonderful and successful, happy Week.

Love & Light,

Susan Elsa

© Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Blog


About Feminine Soul Powers and Self Mastery *Special April Article by Susan Elsa* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

About Feminine Soul Powers and Self Mastery *Special Update Article by Susan Elsa* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

As you might know following this Blog, I am not really active online since few months, but do try and post updates and little messages from time to time, when it’s an important, fitting timing and Michael says to tell something to the public.

Today, precisely 35 years ago, on 14th April 1982, Michael Jackson began recording officially his Song “The Girl is Mine”, and it was the very first opening studio session that Day starting the focused recording of his legendary best-selling Album “THRILLER”.

This was a “beautiful day” as Michael once told me. He felt “magical, sunny and good inside”. He remembered it very well in details.

This Day carried a special magical energy, which pushed energetically his Album production energy, adding “Twin Soul Energy” into “THRILLER”.

I was born exactly 14th April 1982, 29 Minutes before he began recording “The Girl is Mine” that day.

Do you understand now?

This is a special, very positive and happy vibes Article for today, because working on the Self, evolving and becoming better within yourself can be fun too actually.

The more you understand and discover your Self and true personal powers, the better you will feel and really live your lives and enjoy the journey of learning and growth.

Michael Jackson was not just some “random, talented and successful Artist”, he was a very unique and special SOUL. His work was carried by this certain “MJ Magic”, all along and you know it FEELS DIFFERENT THAN WITH OTHER ARTISTS.


Now think about it and tune in with your FEELING & INTUITION, as we begin the main part of this Article. And Girls and Women reading this, this is for you especially my dear sisters.

About Feminine Soul Powers and Self Mastery *Special Update Article by Susan Elsa* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
About Feminine Soul Powers and Self Mastery *Special Update Article by Susan Elsa* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


The Universe, which controls all life, has a female and male balance that prevalent throughout our Sacred Grandmother, the Earth.This balance has to be acknowledged and become the determining factor in all of one’s decisions, be they spiritual, social, healthful, educational or economical.
– Russell Means –

About Feminine Soul Powers ©

Being a Female is not always easy in society. We all know that. In some cultures it tends to be more difficult, in others less, and it depends on the time and epoch we look at regarding those questions as well.

How often are Girls, Women and Mothers disregarded and how often do we see a lack of appreciation and care towards Women, by society and by Men?

Men have a lot of wonderful things about them and the masculine spiritual energy is a beautiful thing that God created.

But we Women too have things to offer, on all levels. We have a special, motherly-spiritual power as well, with which we actually nurture humanity from baby age to adult age – do you notice that?

If you take some time to sit down and meditate/reflect on this more deep, you can think through all the different things that Women/Mothers offer to society and humanity, and the relation of that to “Mother Nature”.

The Feminine is very important in the times we are in today. It should not be oppressed and mistreated, it should be involved fairly and valued.

God created Male and Female to go hand in hand, to assist and help each other. Both are equal and have different skills and wonderful things about them, that can benefit the other.

In life, there are tons of situations and circumstances where you need the “mind of a man”, or the “mind of a woman”, and if we talk about Twin Souls here, the whole story gets another additional, complex angle.

About Feminine Soul Powers and Self Mastery *Special Update Article by Susan Elsa* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
About Feminine Soul Powers and Self Mastery *Special Update Article by Susan Elsa* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

A Twin Soul, meaning an evolved conscious complete soul, is AWARE of BOTH its MALE & FEMALE ASPECTS AND PARTS. It might be confusing for people with the whole physical embodiment, when they see me, a female person, and think back about Michael Jackson, having been a male person in his earthly life, they think: “Obviously, two different people!”

But then you missed the whole basic truth, the whole point here about Twin Souls, as hard as it might be in the beginning for your mind to grasp it:

We are the same soul, thats the point!

Not “different people”.

Not “two souls”.

Just one, the same, a twin/aware SOUL…

Also, now that Michael is not incarnated anymore and in Spirit, I am here just sharing deeper insights into finally what you can call “self discovery”, spiritual evolution, reflections on life and death and beyond, energy studies, and all that which I always loved and cared about and can teach others about.

I know, life on Earth can be very hard. I know people don’t always mean what they say or even feel, they are often just “a surfboard subdued to the waves coming however they come” but one can have also a good grip on the own pathway.

One can be more aware, more free-feeling, unbound energetically and emotionally and naturally, healthy focused. It is all about THE MIND, and how you adjust/attune it: What your mind is on, grows.

About Feminine Soul Powers and Self Mastery *Special Update Article by Susan Elsa* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
About Feminine Soul Powers and Self Mastery *Special Update Article by Susan Elsa* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

About Relationships and Compassion Skills ©

I see people constantly now talking about “Twin Flames” and linking in a wishful-thinking type tendency the general topic to celebrities and potential partners, as in romantic potential partners and such.

I keep saying, a Twin Soul is not about those earthly things, it is about ONE COMPLETE HUMAN SOUL, containing a male and a female side, it is not about “some other persons or souls”!

It is not about how people view relationships also in earthly human ways, influenced often by local culture and traditions, art and folklore as well.

It is simply about THE SELF.

The more though that you can learn about yourself and discover “your inner truths and powers” the more you are also a good partner to anyone you have a friendship or romantic relationship with.

Your relationships get better, when you get better at the relationship “with yourself” – this is very deep Twin Soul teachings now.

About Feminine Soul Powers and Self Mastery *Special Update Article by Susan Elsa* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
About Feminine Soul Powers and Self Mastery *Special Update Article by Susan Elsa* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

The Goal: Self Mastery ©

Finally, what is it we all try to achieve?

Don’t we all want to be free, our own “Boss”, decide what we do and how and when in life?

Isn’t that every person’s individual goal and wishes for life?

Michael Jackson was different, simply because he TUNED INTO HIS FEMININE SIDE, here embodied, it’s that simple really! And I am different, as a  Girl as well, always having been open and tuned into my MASCULINE SIDE, with my martial arts hobbies and all that. This only raises the quality and vibration in any soulmate relationships and teaches you about the SELF AND LIFE AND BEYOND.

More on this in the follow up articles today for this Holiday Weekend. Sorry for publishing this one late, I have had a lot to do regarding private stuff and didn’t find the time, simply speaking, to blog.

Lots of Love & Light to all of you!

Susan Elsa

© Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Blog

About Changing the World and Healing *Updates and Reflections* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Blog

About Changing the World and Healing *Updates and Reflections* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Blog
About Changing the World and Healing *Updates and Reflections* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Blog
About Changing the World and Healing *Updates and Reflections* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Blog

Yo Yo Yo

It’s me again. 🙂

As you might have noticed, I haven’t blogged anything and was basically mostly offline, working on Productions and living my Life. I am doing an intense Sports program, and focused on my Health, because certain projects take a certain level of Fitness, especially if you are a Perfectionist.

I am surprised, I kinda start to look years younger. Like, time is being “unmade” again, or rather, the “effects of the harsh transition and heavy interferences”.

Many things are happening in my Life, and I cannot talk about it here, but I am very happy and learning new things, and the main thing is…

I am healing the core issue I had persistently with “being on this Planet”, especially after Michael passed to Spirit. I never had an issue handling the Spiritual Realms, but I always felt like I cannot find “peace on Earth”.

Now I am working on finding my Peace on Earth, and this is releasing lots of good energies and healing vibes.

It is not easy, certain aspects of it, and the whole shadow side of Show Business is no joke, but one can learn to overcome anything with love.

There is also good news happening, regarding something that was stressing me out on a personal level since last year 2016. I wrote a bit about it before, how I was mistreated and lied to by this Qadree El-Amin, and how he then handed some really sensitive and legal information I shared on the phone personally in 2015, to Shana Manga-Tale for her Crap Fantasy Book, in which he too of course is mentioned like some kind of “Hero Figure around Michael that was trying to help him” – bullshit.

He was talking shit to me about this lawsuit he was in in LA, with Michael’s Estate. I was there, in exactly this time 2007/2008 and I shared some things superficially on the phone with him about what Michael was working on with me and planning. He did say some things too, but I could tell something is not right, and I wanted to have patience and talk in Person in Bermuda in early 2016, but he played a weird unprofessional game and didn’t even show up while others including local Politicians were waiting on him as well there.

Then I knew confirmed, he is fake. I gave him a second chance, after he let Michael down, to have an open talk about all this.

What is the funniest about is, that right before Shana went public with TABLOIDS to trash Michael and yell around in those tabloids for attention for herself and her failed acting career, I emailed Qadree.

I was very clear, and Michael said clearly he is going to “kick his ass” if he moves further ahead with this shit and that it will be “between him and Michael then”. And that he has “zero chance of getting to Michael’s stuff in his Lawsuit”.

Guess what, lol.

They got crushed now in this joke lawsuit they filed, him and those other fuckers like Raymone Bain and so forth. The only thing that made me really angry, was how around last Month I think, there were News on “Katherine Jackson joining Lawsuit” and I just had to hit the couch because I got so angry over Qadree STILL sneaking around the Family further and taking his Game further fully rude like this, and especially going around MICHAEL’S MOTHER.

That is a no go.

Hopefully now it is clear also to Ms Jackson, how fake and dishonest this Qadree guy is.

And Shana is a cheap Opportunist and Groupie, friends with Qadree El-Amin, and she was NOT with Michael during the time I was with him there and I never heard one word about her from him. Not one.

There you go, the truth always prevails.

They embarrassed themselves extremely, going to Court against the Estate trying to get some “solid shares of Michael’s Company”, based on claimed “oral agreements”. Lol.

I couldn’t stop laughing for 10 Minutes after seeing this detail in the News 2 Days ago. They have no documents, but claim they “officially founded a company for Mike named Michael Jackson Incorporation”. All this stuff Qadree told me, all those fancy stories, supposed “ready investors from Japan which he had readied for Michael already and all this, but nowhere any documents or business paper works?

Just words? lol

Going to Court based on “oral agreements”….I guess then I can go to court too anytime, lol, at least I can prove the oral agreements via published material and records and dates.

Qadree is a Clown.

“Music Mogul” my ass…

That brings me to the next point actually. There have been such Clowns, similar in their greed and obsession with getting into Michael’s shit who have defamed me online and lied in very malicious ways about things just like Qadree and Shana. These people would always try to attack me saying “Michael would never be so angry or aggressive over evil and injustice and lies”, aha.

I keep trying to explain that there is no such thing as “two people who are somehow something else in essence” being “two Twin Souls”, this is all false online information by others to confuse.

A Twin Soul is A SOUL, A TWIN SOUL, meaning, one and the same soul. This is all me and always has been. 🙂 I know it is complex for people with the earthly perception to grasp, but that is the simple truth.

The way I talk sometimes, when things are really messed up and tabloids heat up their crap, the way I get passionate and angry defending the truth and facts, that they say “ain’t Michael’s style or energy or way of talking”. LOL

Recently, there was a wonderful, very courageous Interview done by Paris Jackson, his beloved daughter, with the Rolling Stone Magazine.

Here is a Quote regarding the point I made:

Funny Honest Quote Paris Jackson about Father Michael Jacksons Private Way of Talking and Focus on Education and True History -Rolling Stone Magazine Interview - ARCHANGELMICHAEL777 BLOG-
Funny Honest Quote Paris Jackson about Father Michael Jacksons Private Way of Talking and Focus on Education and True History -Rolling Stone Magazine Interview – ARCHANGELMICHAEL777 BLOG-

There you go. People that know me for a long time privately, know I constantly say the same thing and specifically regarding the injustice towards Natives especially. I wrote about it since few years, it is a fact most people do not think about or ignore.

I love the Native American People and feel spiritually very connected and always did. When you care about something, and you are not in a public format such as TV, an Interview or a Red Carpet where you gotta show “diplomacy and contain yourself professionally”, but you are private and the topic is dear to you and you are passionate, you obviously express it verbally and nobody watches or judges you, like on TV. Michael was not the way he was on TV, in private as a Person!

Try for ONCE, to understand Michael Jackson truly. I am here to help with that. And I am so happy to see how Paris is evolving and Michael’s children bring his truth forth as well. I love also the new Ying/Yang Tattoos Paris and Prince Michael got together just recently.

Prince, Paris and Blanket are exceptional and beautiful Personalities and Michael is very proud of them.

I highly recommend you read it all, because she got really something to say.

Here is the Link:


Paris Jackson: Life After Neverland

In her first-ever in-depth interview, Michael Jackson’s daughter discusses her father’s pain and finding peace after addiction and heartache


Obviously I won’t comment on the content or personal things she decided to share, but let me say I worried extremely exactly around the time she tells of “assault and abuse” about her and felt something like this must have happened and kept praying and felt bad that I cannot protect her directly somehow.

I was shocked when reading the interview, and I applaud you Paris for being so courageous and overcoming all of this in such a young age. You are powerful, Girl!

I am working on a wonderful charity project with my a good friend of mine now, and it is really making me feel so good to do something important and meaningful to help others. I have never been about “posing and showing off”, this is not why I decided to work in Entertainment. Maybe many others think this way, superficial Girls and Men are all over Show Business, we all know that.

But true love, passion for art, and a need to “express soul” and connect with people giving them healing vibes, happy vibes, joy, fun, upliftment all that is what true Art, Music, Dance and Performance should be about.

It is sometimes as if the Music Business especially is right now the furthest away from the original Purpose and Definition of what Art and Talent really is. Like, people forgot what “talent” and “uniqueness” and “skills the average person doesn’t have” is all about.

Talent means, something most people cannot do, something exceptional.

And despite all those challenges and miracles that this year 2017 has begun with, I feel very peaceful now and am working very hard on several things.

I will therefore not be able to blog in the next few months, except for sporadically whenever I find some time and have something to say.

I am sending you all in the meantime lots of unconditional love and light, and wish you a wonderful spring and summer time as well.

And don’t forget: We might be in duality here, where there is good and evil, but good is much more powerful and the most important thing in life, and in spiritual realms, is simply love. Love erases anything negative and heals everything.

Love & Light,

Susan Elsa

About Twin Flame Evolution and Soul Mate Journeys for Spiritual Learning *Special Evolution Article* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

I AM the only CONSTANT in your Universe - Quote MJ Spirit to his Twin Soul Susan Elsa January 17th 2017 © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
I AM the only CONSTANT in your Universe - Quote MJ Spirit to his Twin Soul Susan Elsa January 17th 2017 © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
I AM the only CONSTANT in your Universe – Quote MJ Spirit to his Twin Soul Susan Elsa January 17th 2017 © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

A few days ago, I was in this private limited group chat exchanging personal experiences with few other Twin Flames, few others only not many, but real ones and great friends, and then I noticed something that isn’t talked about enough. I said to them, quote:

“I think people kinda, not appreciate or value soul mates much, in the whole discussions around twin flames…others help us learning more relationship skills, the twin helps us learn THE SELF relationship, both are important experiences for our evolution.”

So, as Michael kept saying few different things we should write on the Blog about, I thought this is a good start as it is CENTRAL of a topic for all who seek to know more and better about their Twin Soul Situations, and since MOST Twin Flame counterparts are in spirit, and only one part incarnates at current times, many people will hopefully find this article very helpful.

I have given some insight before, about previous relationship and friendship with the Guy who looked like Elvis.

But not only do the “soul mates from the soul family group” mirror and reflect our parallel “environment and relationships”, but also parts of each other.

Meaning, this Elvis Twin Guy from my past, was not just mirroring Lisa Marie Presley’s relationship with Michael, in my life, being Michael’s Twin Soul.

But, Lisa Marie too mirrored at the same time aspects of me, to Michael, and the Elvis Double mirrored aspects of Michael to me, creating a very identical parallel pre-experience, for me and Michael, before we as a Twin Soul reunited.

We had an instant understanding for each other, and attraction, and TRUST especially, BECAUSE of all these parallels. The more he shared things, the more I saw how we don’t just “feel” like we are alike, but it is factual throughout all our lives, and even relationships with others. And the contrast proved the difference, as there is a big, big difference between Soul Mate Relationships, and the one and only True Twin Soul Counterpart, the other half of YOU.

The Michael Jackson Metamorphosis Story: Merging with his Twin Soul Counterpart *Real Magic Article* © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
The Michael Jackson Metamorphosis Story: Merging with his Twin Soul Counterpart *Real Magic Article* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


Obviously, Life is eternal, in spiritual Form, and spiritual Body. We ain’t some weird floating around “presence without body”, we have an eternal, everlasting, immortal BODY OF LIGHT, when we get into Spirit again.

So, technically speaking, for Michael and from his view NOW, his incarnation as Michael Jackson from 1958 to 2009 is already by now a “past life”, a passed “earthly life”, because obviously, we keep the main spiritual Life over all those incarnations, in between, and above in other Dimensions.

When I encounter people now, that knew Michael in person too, it feels “familiar”, right away. Like we already met before, because they met Michael. Some still have now a spiritual connection to Michael, and resonance, some don’t and were just factually in physical terms in contact with Michael. Usually with these, Michael also did not talk about his spirituality or Dreams, which makes sense.

Other’s Michael did talk about Musical and Spiritual things with, and they do have a clear understanding of what is going on and resonate and understanding Michael now, in Spirit, and his connection with me.

It is funny to note also, that male Friends Michael had, react in funny ways towards me being his FEMALE Counterpart, and see a “whole other Dimension of MJ Vibes in Female”, and they find it fascinating.

Obviously for female Figures in Michael’s life it seems different to encounter me now. But mainly those which never had any contact with Michael, or were swirling around trying to get to Michael but him rejecting their advances, or, mistreated Michael himself anyways and so they behave same ways towards me.

Same here also for Boys and Men who mistreated Michael, betrayed, backstabbed, lied and did wrong to him, they don’t treat me well either, so it all mirrors and is parallel now as we progress further in our Twin Soul Merging.

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley 1994 - Twin Flame Research Appearance and Age © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley 1994 – Twin Flame Research Appearance and Age © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


In the types of relationships and friendships were one could learn things, evolve, see different opinions and angles that help you grow, heal, expand yourself, there too is a Twin Soul Mirror Effect.

I had explained that before, regarding how Michael’s Relationship with Lisa Marie Presley, for example, mirrored precisely on my life “manifesting” a Guy in my Life when I was younger, that resembled Elvis Presley. The relationship challenges, issues, details, were totally parallel and identical, and me and Michael were stunned at the tons of parallels in our past experiences when we discussed this initially.

It was major in the very beginning, bringing us close, and showing me, as well as him, that we can TRUST each other and that it is DIFFERENT between us than with others in previous relationships and social experiences.

The identical understanding, was clear, and the contrast was so visible because of the previous, preparing experiences.

Everything makes sense, and I would not want to never have known this Elvis resembling guy, or that Michael wasn’t with Lisa Marie Presley and had a good time in his life with her back then too, and learned things in this experience that benefitted our relationship.

See how I mean?

And this is a very important point, because I see all those people discuss in heated and obsessive ways the “Twin Flame” Topic, going out of reality often it seems, not seeing the wonderful, many connected Souls right in front of them.

If the Twin Soul Counterpart is in Spirit, and was never incarnated during the other’s Lifetime of Incarnation here, what do you want do to? Never have any relationships, physical love, children, family?

You evolve with the help of experiencing OTHER SOULS, reflecting different parts of your Twin Soul’s Personality and past life issues and all that, and it brings you closer to reunion with your true other Half.

God made things this way for a reason.

Because beyond the unique personal Twin Soul Relationship, we are all connected in the Universal Consciousness Field.

Just like we have friends, relatives, family on Earth in physical terms, we do have such relationships also with other souls in Spiritual Dimensions, and we even have “soul children”, procreation in spiritual Dimensions!

I have done some in previous years spiritual work for friends, in private, and I saw things regarding how they can channel their Twin Soul Counterpart into existing relationships, or attract a Soul mate which IS right now incarnated and in a fitting age, to “reflect a resonating vibration with the Twin Soul Nature” and Counterpart’s energy, spiritually.

I had the unique opportunity to see clearly how in my life, with Michael and in his life, between us, and between him and others, and me and others, how it all reflects always going back to the ONE TRUTH CENTRE OF ME AND MICHAE BEING ONE AND THE SAME.

The perfect and only eternal relationship.

This is how he explained it to me, about the Quote shown in the Cover Title of this Article.

He is “my only Constant in our personal subjective Universe”, and all else we see manifest and experience on Earth, in this Dimension, tends to reflects aspects of our ongoing, eternal, always connected Relationship.

The Twin Soul is the only COMPLETE Connection one can ever have.

This is why Michael had issues with “finding” this complete connection with other Women before, and I had the same issues with Guys in my Life before meeting Michael.

Michael wanted me to put this Song here, as it is one of those expressing his Vision, before we met, of his “female Version” and “perfect Counterpart”.

It also expressed a lot about the taste and style of individual people’s perspective, here, Michael’s perspective on how “his Twin Soul Counterpart makes him feel”.

About the Magic of Being ONE and the Personal Universe © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
About the Magic of Being ONE and the Personal Universe © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Nothing can top the Twin Soul Connection, because as explained, it is the Centre of Being, it fits on soul level, physical, mental, emotional and is the embodied “perfect Partner” created by God.

It is different in nature and in experience, than with other Souls.

The Twin Soul is the same Soul, from two different perspectives.

Other Souls are OTHER Souls, and that too is very fascinating, the whole Science of Soul Mates and Soul Family. I have gotten to know many wonderful people, that I feel connected to spiritually, as in soul family vibes. I guess, this is also why so many MJ Fans feel such a deep spiritual connection with Michael, because in reality, in spiritual reality, we are all connected through God’s Magic.

If you are in any relationship, a marriage, a partnership, and you have certain issues, disagreements, problems in the bedroom also, you can only profit if you try to learn a bit about Twin Souls and get to know yourself and tune in to your Twin Soul Counterpart and activate this connection, because it can reflect serious healing and magic on your current relationships, also friendships and family relations for example.

It is a very complex higher thought, detached from duality really, because it is all about realisations of a higher perspective from the Universe and the own Soul in its complete truth and multidimensional perspectives.

But I and Michael are in the Centre, and all else is a manifestation of our personal Journey and Experience, and as in this earthly duality, like an illusion kind of, we seemed separate, we were one and together in this connection spiritually the whole time already.

It is like “chapters of our minds” merging and layers of understanding details opening up, step by step, and even the whole time and space seem to not matter here because I can by now just tap into Michael’s personal memories as if its my own memories, naturally, without even noticing or trying.

If you want to say it in factual cold words, you could say “the Twin Soul Relationship is the only remaining and real bond”, while all other relationships are of “another kind”, they can come and go, change, help, support, damage and cause karmic issues to be forgiven and resolved, and all that. It is like, the Twin Soul is the calm Centre, the eternal inner Bond and Peace, while around us different seasons and experiences shine, storm, rain and swirl, and we can learn from all that as it is finally a big picture, a reflection of our own Truth in Experiences on Earth, reflecting Spiritual Truth.

I am Michael’s “World” and he is my “World”. But in this World, this big wide space, are many Friends and Soul Mates and it makes up the Beauty of THIS EARTHLY WORLD Aspects.

Regarding romantic type relationships, it needs a whole separate focused article, which I will publish this weekend.

I will let you in on a secret, a type of knowledge we knew well in ancient Egypt in society, but today it seems like some forgotten knowledge.

We’re sending out a Major ONE LOVE Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit ©

Twin Souls and Astrology: About Merging Zodiac Energies © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

About the Magic of Being ONE and the Personal Universe © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
About the Magic of Being ONE and the Personal Universe © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
About the Magic of Being ONE and the Personal Universe © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

I realised something very curious and new recently, and spoke with few friends about it like Cormael ( or Andrea Mai (

They both know I felt, more than me about astrological calculations, the mathematical aspects I never really got into. I am not an expert on such calculations, I prefer others do it.

But I am good at directly tuning in, and I have Michael. We can share a very multidimensional perspective now, and through his ascended clear perspective from Spirit on things, I can tap with him into a very clear thinking and seeing “universal and even zodiac energies connect”.

It is a direct process, and communication, and psychic type “reading of energies” and thinking back on people one encountered on this Planet and their Zodiac Signs and astrological Energies and Behaviour influenced by those constellations.

As our Twin Soul Consciousness Merging keeps going deeper and deeper, I am realising how all my Life, before even being aware like today, I would always feel any resonance, vibe, understanding, have good conversation or friendships and romantic feelings also, for people always from the same certain “zodiac signs group”, like Sagittarius, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius.

I do not recall meeting other Aries much, scanning back through all my personal circle of people, I never had other Aries in it.

One of the Zodiac Signs I NEVER got along with and did not have also folks from in my closer circles, I thought, was Virgo.

Michael Jackson was a Virgo.

I am Aries.

This is me, thinking back and noticing those things, because I am seeing a completely changed energy in these matters.

I myself, am “more in Virgo now than before 2009”, but I notice I always had Virgo qualities and influences in me, and Michael had Aries energy and qualities.

Check out the following Video we picked as example. In the behind the stage footage, you see Michael more in the “Virgo” modus, and when he goes on the Stage he turns on this “inner fire and energy”, that is the Aries-Virgo merged Energy.

And Michael clearly brought this “new aggressive, going through walls with his head type” energy after my Birth, in 1982, being born in the Aries Zodiac Sign.

Now check out the changed, more aggressive, raw energy after 1982…including the whole provocative dance moves such as the crotch grabbing thing, which was only an expression of this inner energy Michael felt. Artistic expression of body consciousness and energy in Dance.

 You see clearly, how Michael’s physical expression and energy changed, and “something additional” got activated in him and expressed.

So, Michael was not just “Virgo”, he was also “Aries”, and I am not just Aries but also Virgo. These things also merge, when a Twin Soul merges, and due to the universal natural RULE OF BEING ONE AND THE SAME, this is an aspect and truth that seems to be yet missing in modern Astrology Sciences.

I see the clear astrological mirroring of the Twin Soul Merging we are going through, as I said, Michael was clear about that we merge on ALL LEVELS you can imagine.


So, what I would like to put out there to all the wonderful and skilled Astrologers is the following Twin Flame Zodiac Theory, a spiritual Science Theory based on ancient Egyptian Knowledge I am trying to bring back into modern Consciousness.

Twin Souls are two and one at the same, two bodies, male and female, sharing one Soul, called “a Twin Soul”. So, if this is the case, then that counts for Astrological Aspects as well, and both carry TWO ZODIAC SIGNS AND BIRTH DATES ENERGIES.

As I took my time, reflecting on this and other funny and magical things happening, I noticed that Michael was already showing typical Aries qualities and behaviour when he was a Child.

For example, when he would be the only one and most of all, rebelling against his father Joseph, as in “a battle of wills”, which is typical Aries and not typical Virgo. But funny is, I was not born yet back then, when Mike was a child, and so I realised that even before both Twin Soul Counterparts are born, the “Energies are already arranged”.

I would even go as far as to say, it is a theory, that maybe in spiritual polar energies of male and female within our soul, Michael is more the Aries, and I am more the Virgo really, but we incarnated in the other’s energy and zodiac vibes more, as we channel each other and it is a big purpose in our personal and individual Message and Soul Mission.

It is how we show you and demonstrate also all this Twin Soul Truth.

I also thought back, and in my youth I had this extreme Virgo side in me already showing, with the whole analytical thinking and dissecting things in my mind and reading into Psychology Books and Medical Books, and such, “studying” things, being shy and introverted and very work focused and THINKING TOO MUCH AND NOT ACTING OFTEN.

But then I would also switch and be in Aries again, and do things without thinking first, and rebels and “push against walls with my head”.

Michael Jackson said publicly often, and showed in his work, that he “goes against the norm, and if someone told him to NOT do something or wear some fashion idea, he would do it even more willed”. This is TYPICAL ARIES, not Virgo.

Michael even explains now, that the Aries Zodiac Energy helped him achieve what he achieved in his Career, giving him “the fire, stubbornness and iron will to fight”.

And for me same thing, I can only give that back to Michael and say, the Virgo Zodiac Energy helped ME to become so analytical and scientific thinking, detail oriented and able to grasp mentally and conceptually now all these things I need to do to complete our work on Earth.

It is what helped me to be so aware and understand in precise details, from complex different angles what is happening in my life.

I love being an Aries and Spiritually a Virgo.

What is also funny, leading to the next Article for this Weekend, a follow up, is that the environmental Zodiac resonance also changed and is merging. Meaning, our personal circles of people who resonate with us, that changed as well.

I have suddenly tons of Virgos in my life, when before it was the opposite.

And I get along perfectly with Virgos, when before it wasn’t that way and I do not get along like I used to with other Signs which I used to get along with earlier in my life.

Let me explain that in depth in the next Article, and please, feel free to take this Theory on and put in numbers if you are an Astrologer. Please don’t forget to mention that this is channeled by me and Michael Jackson in Spirit, thank you.

I will write more on this when reflections, ideas and information comes up.

We’re sending out a Major Zodiac Merging Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit ©

Michael Jackson in Spirit 2017 – New Personal Message *Channeled 2nd January* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Michael Jackson in Spirit 2017 - New Personal Message *Channeled 2nd January* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Michael Jackson in Spirit -Message for 2017. Direct dictated words in his own words, put into Audio for the Video and easier listening for all via a web voice.


Spiritual Message full Text Original in written Form:

“Hello, this is Michael Jackson speaking from Spirit.

I have not been saying much lately, as I have been busy with helping souls and giving them support for their healing journey and self empowerment. I love doing that, I love to see people happy, in tune with their soul, filled with joy, smiling, and knowing they are loved.

Today I decided to say a few things, and I will be more open with you all, than in previous messages.

I am as well, simply getting used to be in Spirit and not having to worry about earthly Paparazzi and the Press dissecting each of my words or my Face and taking Photos of me at all times and in all places. I am free now, and I can communicate in a way much more open and direct with my beloved Fans as well.

Many things that have happened to me, in my lifetime as Michael Jackson, were not right, not just and inhumane. I had a very difficult challenge in my life journey, and certain things kept happening over and over again. It felt often unfair and I would wonder, why those things happen to me, and why certain people come out of their way to hate on me, attack me, and harass me. People I don’t know often. People I don’t like, and don’t have any closer relationship with. People that simply had no basic idea even about me or my public Work, such as so called Journalists, and Promo folks, just saying freely and in public whatever they want about me, without consideration for the truth or facts.

But that was not all of that. I also had people in my private environment betray and backstab me, over and over again. It made me trust people less, and children and animals more.

As a human being, you do need social contact, conversations, hugs, nice caring words from time to time, a feeling of a “support net” in your life. If you do not have that basic safety feeling, it is very, very difficult to handle. I felt extremely lonely for a long, long time, and I did try all that was in my hands, to have better friendships, a real loving relationship and marriage, an own family, children, a wife, all that. I tried my best, but there too in these areas of my life, I had it more difficult I felt than most other people.

Everything in my life has always been more difficult and strange to me, than in the life of other people I knew and watched. And I wondered, for years about that, and why it was that way.

One thing has always been clear to me, in the basic energy behind those attacks and lies. I felt this “hateful, aggressive jealousy type energy”, and details of those incidents raised even more questions in my mind, like: “Why were several things and timing always linked as if someone orchestrates the attacks on me on purpose?”

And I thought and thought about those things, for many days and nights, and I read intensely into things, analysed things in my mind and came to some conclusions.

When I became aware of the detailed motivations behind those orchestrated attacks and lies, always happening also around certain timings where a Project is being prepared or a Release, these lies and attacks would be done even stronger.

The more I worked, and tried keeping my focus on my work and my future, my vision, my life and health, the more aggressive they lied about me and spread the lies everywhere, they did everything imaginable to try and turn the people, the public against me.

Over and over, such things would happen right as I am about to release a new Project, and it became clear to me because of such timing that it is being done on purpose and to damage my coming Release and do something I would name “Anti Promo”.

If you look between the lines, look closely and analytical at details and research, watch for dates and timing and details, you can see a clear plan behind those attacks. You can see, that others in the Business, do not get treated that way, but in fact, the opposite. False promotional news stories are fabricated, fancy sensationalism style words and titles are launched, and biased reports are circulated to impose a particular image of the Artist on the public’s mind and to make people buy their stuff.

Don’t misunderstand me here, I love the promotional opportunities and how my own special style I developed of “Image Concept and PR” completed my work and presentation style of releases. But all my Promo and Promo Stories were based on truth, compared to many others in the Business.

Point is, the Press writes about me in a different, personally attacking tone, always biased negatively, but then you see others who ain’t Black like I was, where the Press writes totally different, in a personally complementing, positively biased tone. This is what I mean.

Today, you have an even bigger problem with getting to the real facts and truth, because of the Internet.

The Internet has many wonderful aspects to it, and I love seeing my Fans being able to talk together, share, not feel alone and enjoy a community I like to see myself as the founder of. A worldwide community of different people of all races and genders and ages. I love that part.

But, there is also, as logically expected, another darker force on the Internet, the same people who would make Newspapers and Tabloid Papers, News Shows and the whole “Anti Promo” tactics, now do their thing the same way online, on the Internet.

I know you have many questions, out of caring and love, to understand what happened in my life and business matters, and what happened in June 2009. But let me decide, when and how I share this information, and if even. Let me decide, according to what I believe is best. Because my goal and purpose has never been to make you sad or spread negativity, I dislike negativity and it has been a burdening thing in my life, as explained before.

My goal and purpose has always been to bring joy, to make you in fact escape the negative emotions, sadness, bad thoughts, things that are stressful and negative in every day life. This is what I called Escapism.

You have to know, I am seeing everything, now, from Spirit. I see things even more clear than I could as a human being before, because with the ascended spiritual sight you see energies around people, thoughts, emotions in the heart chakra and know the truth, despite any words being spoken or any pretending attempts. You see clearly when something is not resonating outside, as it is inside a person.

And in Spirt as well, I do need my time and insight to trust someone, so that I can directly connect. I can do that with my Fans as well, and it is a wonderful way, something new which I wasn’t able to do that way before I ascended into Spirit.

When someone is directing bad energy at me, I see that, and I do not go around or connect spiritually with people like that.

It is not even possible.

I am not bound to duality no more, my ascended spiritual mind and body do not connect with people that are not meaning well towards me, spiritually and in their true heart’s emotions. I can see that, clearly.

In those recent years, I have enjoyed this healed, ascended state of being and I enjoyed that I can bring this joy and healing also directly to my other half, my Twin Soul Counterpart.

I am the one that informed her in my own direct words, when God allowed me to go back to her, even if I am now in Spirit.

She was not aware of the challenges that will arise with this, and I didn’t tell her in details what I saw ahead already. But you all can see by now, that there is an on purpose attack on “Twin Souls” and this sacred spiritual information and truth as well.

Now think back about all the things I had to endure, in my lifetime as Michael Jackson.

Think about the ongoing lies, the tactics, the constant never leaving me alone type of situation.

The constant discussions about my face, my work, it’s meaning, and lies about me being somehow “abusive” toward innocent people.

Then look how some folks came out to attack her now too, and use the same tactics and style of lies in their same old game.

I am no longer going to sit back and wait for those people to change and heal their darkened, envious minds. I do not like this feeling at all, of being hunted, and stalked, and lied about. It reminds me of what I had to go through, and I am therefore telling you the truth, so you know what is happening.

I wanted to share so much more with you all, show you what I am seeing now, what I am living now. My wish and motivation for coming forward in Spirit like this and with her help, is all to share our happiness and knowledge of life being eternal with you all. I want you all to know, I am well, and my children to know, I am well, and my friends and other loved Ones to know I am well. I want you to know, your loved Ones which ascended to Spirit, are well too, and to know, get a little glimpse of Heaven from Earth, so you have hope, and feel the love surrounding you which God has for you.

I am not here to be negative, from Spirit. If I was, that would be very telling, and this is not who I am.

I am all about love and positivity, and now in Spirit even more.

However, being all about love never meant I can’t fight or defend myself against what is not of love at all and the opposite and interfering.

I can be very protective of my loved Ones, and my innocent Fans seeking to find out why they felt all they felt in my Music and in watching me and truly care and feel genuine love for me.

And because of all that, I want to share a few facts with you now, directly, and you may listen or not. It is your free will and I have to accept that, even when some people’s decisions make me sad.

You have to know, that the intellect can be tricky. You can see something, read into it, see Videos or Stories that appear at first as if they are authentic and detailed, and that may make you think, it is truth, but when it comes to me and my Name, anything with the Michael Jackson mention has to be evaluated carefully and using your spiritual intuition and logic.

It is good to use intellect as well, but don’t let false stories and false accusations and such horrible slander cloud your heart’s intuition about things. Don’t fall into their trap and get confused about what is the truth and what is a lie.

Try and take some time in the next weeks and months, to focus your mind on your inner feeling, your intuition and “subconscious gut feelings”. Try to focus on peace and love, calm and safety and warmth inside of you, in your core heart centre. Understand that the Music, the artistic innocent expressions that were the job, the work I chose to do with my life from an early age on, is a very spiritual job in itself. There is nothing wrong with choosing to work in the Entertainment Business, choosing to sing and dance to bring joy and positive energy to others.

Why do you think I chose that job?

The same counts for my Twin Soul Counterpart. She has never seen herself working in a field where it’s all about money as in financing business or, insurance business, or any such jobs which are pure office jobs and carry no expression of spirituality. She is like me in this regard and does a lot of charity efforts she doesn’t like speaking publicly about.

I can’t stand those leeches that keep aiming at her now, and I have to watch this, and fabricate lies about me and my very soul. How insane is that. I can’t stand this Deborah Stefaniak person, she is not who she claims to be and if you want to know the spiritual truth here, is attacking me personally by what she does. I never talked with her from Spirit, nor did I tell her to go public about murder claims and talking about this very difficult event in my life, as if she knew anything. This is pure malice.

I do not approve of her claims, and I have no spiritual connection to her at all and clearly stay away from her very obsessive, vampiristic energy. She is getting on my nerves and has caused me several angry and worried moments, seeing from Spirit what she plots, spits out and writes up against my true Twin Soul Counterpart, and I am just waiting here to enforce the Karma of her doing on her when she gets here. Nobody, I said, nobody messes with my Girl. I am very serious about this.

Focus on love and truth, Music and Joy, not fear and negativity, and all those lies.

I do not approve of the Music Industry tactics, which they dared to use on my innocent Twin Soul, to mess with me in Spirit, knowing she is one with me and I love her with all I am, and get hurt when they try hurting her. This is pure evil what those people do.

But then again, love finally conquers everything. And I am very confident in my spiritual truth and know, that everything is in place to reveal the truth so that the lies cannot cloud your sights any longer and everyone knows about and focuses on LOVE.

Love cannot be forced. You have to be ready to receive it and see it in all it’s beauty.

But when you are ready, I will be here and you can call on me anytime. I can and want to help you all discover your own spiritual Self, your full Being, your own Twin Soul Truths.

I see you.

I see the inner truth, and the inner child, and the double Twin Soul Consciousness within all of you.

I want you to focus on that now, for the next weeks and months.

Discover yourself, your true inner Powers.

Learn more about yourself, and your hidden talents and aspects.

This is all about evolution here, and it has the potential to transform human consciousness once and for all, if everyone would understand

who I truly am, and who Susan is to me and with me.

It is like a mirror, showing you your own truth as well. You are all like me, and Susan. You all have this spiritual truth in you waiting to be discovered.

Think about the Man in the Mirror, the song I did with beautiful, generous and talented Siedah. Think about it’s deeper implications, on a spiritual level.

How would you look like, what would you see, if you looked at your Mirror, on a spiritual not physical level?

I will say more when the time is right.

I love you all and I am proud to see more and more of you evolve and open up, so we can all be happy and enjoy each other’s company, forever.

Keep the Love in your hearts and minds.

With all my Love,

your Michael”

Michael Jackson in Spirit 2017 - New Personal Message *Channeled 2nd January* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson in Spirit 2017 – New Personal Message *Channeled 2nd January* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

© Monday, 2nd January 2017 by Michael Jackson in Spirit dictated to Susan Elsa (Twin Soul Channeling)

Michael Jackson’s Childhood Impressions and Evolution as a Gentleman *Rare Insider Truth Article- PART 2* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Michael Jackson's Childhood Impressions and Evolution as a Gentleman *Rare Insider Truth Article* © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson's Childhood Impressions and Evolution as a Gentleman *Very important Information* © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson’s Childhood Impressions and Evolution as a Gentleman *Very important Information* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

Yesterday, I did not sleep much as I felt a bit dehydrated and kept drinking my vitamin water, which probably gave me too much energy, or it’s Michael’s energy that was very intense yesterday. But when I did fall asleep, Michael woke me up again after 2 hours, because he was stroking my leg and such. Michael is funny sometimes, like a little Boy insisting on Candy LOL.

I am saying that, because Michael insist, and I noticed something clearly and aware yesterday evening. I did my dance training as Michael said, and then got into it and did my own typical hip moves, and Michael was totally going nuts, like, the way his Fans feel when seeing him do his hip moves and special, energetic dance.

I started giggling, because his facial expression was priceless. Like, I move, and have this funny sexual control over him with it, he can’t stay cool. He did his best though, he tried to contain himself for about 2 hours, and let me sleep, but then woke me up.

That was funny to me, to see Michael Jackson act like he is my Fan. I have always had this special, unique me hip type moves, but you haven’t seen any of it yet really! I will show you soon what I mean…in very unique artistic ways.

Anyways, we have been talking A LOT these days.

And yesterday, after he woke me up and such, we talked before I went back to sleep. And I almost got out of feeling sleepy, because first of all, its a lot of energy to handle when we, you know.

Second, he told me about these other things he wants me to clarify in this Article right here. I wanted to start typing, but it was super late and he insisted I sleep first.

This is personal, and so what I will be saying in this Article is to be taken very serious, as in, people need to be careful to not cross legal boundaries, I got my rights as a Woman, and Michael had his rights and still does, as a Man too.

It might seem contradictory to you, thinking in human terms and such, that I speak to some SPIRITUAL DEGREE openly about our sexual connection and such, but I never mentioned physical details from our time in LA, not once, and keep that private.

You might have seen and understood, that Michael Jackson under no circumstances liked anyone talking publicly about his sexuality. He even made people sign this, that they can never speak to the public, news sources, or other people about his sexual habits or that private space and what he does, likes, wears, looks like and so forth.

Here comes the ONLY EXCEPTION, and that all had a reason and purpose. Michael Jackson is a Twin Soul with me, and he protected our SPIRITUAL TRUTH like this in the past.

You also see, how even today still, others keep spitting out lies about him and his private character, and especially sexuality, taking it even to court and making false, horrible claims.

This is why he wanted me to write this Article here today. And as we are one soul, anything you do, say or claim about him you say about me too at the same breath, and I am not speaking just about him, but about myself here. I am still here, and all the lies you fabricated about HIM, you attacked ME AND MY SOUL WITH TOO.

This is Michael Jackson in his Childhood - Photo for Educational, Documentary and Science Research Purpose -
This is Michael Jackson in his Childhood – Photo for Educational, Documentary and Science Research Purpose –


Up to here I wrote the above text part 2 days ago, today I am continuing and it is Friday the 30th December 2016.

Now, let’s get into it!

I rarely say anything about personal matters, regarding Michael’s Family. But recently some things took place, that, no matter if they want to get along or not, I am forced to speak up about now, because Michael ain’t approving of certain people promoting “a slutty and nasty image” now on him, after all he already went through.

Let me start by sharing the things Michael told me personally and private, or a few things of those very intimate things, and then mend it into how those things shaped his thinking as a Man later on and made him “become different”, than the examples he witnessed doing their thing when he was a Child yet.

Much of it is public anyways, I am not saying anything super new or shocking here. Everyone knows, how Joe and Michael’s Brothers were behaving back in the day, when they reached “fame” initially.

One of the funniest things Michael would make jokes about, in a serious way, but also mocking, would be about Jermaine for example, saying:”Jermaine has no idea how many Children he really got, he got so many officially documented, and those are just the official ones.”

It made sense, and I asked Michael a few things about details like in “did they never use protection or what, that’s dangerous and nasty!”, and he would feel ashamed of his Brothers in that moment.

Think about it, how reckless is that, okay, they started all this before HIV and such, but think about how dangerous this is in reality, if they randomly sleep around like that.

And I think many of you saw the Interviews and his own words, about those times, and how his Brothers sometimes would bring in Fans/Groupies into the same Hotel room and have sex with them right next to Michael pretending to be asleep, but of course not able to sleep and trying to plug his ears in some way.

The way I grew up, I am shocked at the idea alone, that they CAN do it while the little Brother is there, or a few Brothers in the same room. What a Hoe do you have to be, to be able to even get into it, in front of your family members?

That’s sick.

Look, you might think it’s not sick, but everyone has a personal way of thinking and feeling about those personal matters, and there are tons of folks who do stuff, which I am not judging, as in partner switching, this swinger stuff and all that, or two friends sleeping with Girls at the same time in the same place next to each other and such stories, but not everyone is like that and some people like it private.

That too should obviously not be judged or mocked.

But the truth is, Michael’s Brothers and Father were constantly mocking him for “not being a Hoe like them”. And I say it the way it is and the way Michael worded it.

There is also people who have those so-called “open relationships” as in, married even or so, but sleeping with others from time to time and its an open agreement in the couple’s relationship. Fine, do whatever you like, but let others also be how they are.

It makes a big, psychologically negative impression on you, when your own Father and Brothers treat Women that way, and you watch it from before you even are in puberty. You watch it unbiased and neutral.

As if that wasn’t enough, and Michael was developing his own ideas about Women, relationships, trust, friendship, intimacy’s value and privacy, they, and I won’t say names here, would even arrange to let in Groupies into Michael’s Hotel Room and such, even lock the Door and laugh around, thinking “let’s try convince and force him to be like us”.

Can you imagine, if you walked into our room not suspecting anything, and then found some naked Man or Woman you don’t know, just waiting to get right at it, if you like it or not?

That’s even illegal….there is no consent from Michael, he never invited those particular people himself into the room.

This is a wide spread problem in society, this whole “abusing Women as a sex object” and that this is supposed to be somehow “real man’s behaviour to never say no to sex and do everything to get it and then leave”.

Women ain’t a tool, some fast good, or property.

Here is one of the rarest honest expressions about this in Michael’s Music, “Superfly Sister”.

Then think about the things he said himself in his Autobiography too, about those “holes in the restroom walls” from which Guys would spy voyeur style on Women. Michael said also here honestly that he looked through that too, as a Child, and how “him and his brothers were fighting to get a glimpse”. LOL.

I can’t believe he said that. But also, I think I would have a harder time doing such sexual Songs like the one above, saying or singing such words out loud, or certain things he did in the “In the Closet” Song vocally. It’s okay he did that, as a Man, but I am more shy. I can’t believe he could do such vocal things in the Studio, and now based on this closeness between us I can’t really listen to these Songs without giggling around.

He is honest, as you see, and that had a distance to it, he didn’t physically touch or get touched here by anyone, it was just looking type thing and curiosity. Tons of Teenage Guys do such things, in Wardrobe walls and all kinds of places. This type thing has been featured in many Movies also.

Michael has ALWAYS and without exception been honest to me in private as well, in details that sometimes would shock me, as in like “Michael, too much information, how can you say this out loud?” and such, but this is private and it is one of the things in Michael’s Personality which I love. He can be very blunt, but in sophisticated classy ways.

That is the main stuff he remained with, just watching or reading up on things to “learn theoretically”. Michael did not have sex with tons of people in his life, he was super lonely and seeking the FULL PACKAGE in a WOMAN.

This is also how he then used this whole energy rather in his Music and Dance Energy, than doing things.

It gave a unique energy to his Music, because he put all his energy, all his focus, and also sexual energy a lot into his work, and he liked fantasy and innocent romantic Dreams.

Michael Jackson's Childhood Impressions and Evolution as a Gentleman *Rare Insider Truth Article* © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson’s Childhood Impressions and Evolution as a Gentleman *Rare Insider Truth Article* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


So, with all this going on already in Michael’s childhood around him, he had time and reason to think deeper about things, and the whole truth about Men and Women’s relationships.

Michael was definitely more a Mommy’s Boy, and he cared a lot about his Mother and reflected on her feelings and experience with how Joe was behaving, and he saw tons of Fans and Women cry and lose their minds over his Brothers “using them sexually and then throwing them away”. The typical total asshole move all Women HATE.

Michael had a deep, profound interest in being “the best Guy for Women they ever knew” his whole life. He would make presents to his female Teachers as a little Boy already, loving to make them smile, simple as that. Michael LOVED being nice to Women, and giving them a “unique and good feeling”. He didn’t want Women to think bad of him, nor did he actively do anything or lacked in care about this.

This is why he is Michael, the way I know him.

Stop thinking about Show Business only now, this is a problem of human relationships in every culture and around the World!

How many female Friends do you have that have gone through such experiences or even sexual abuse or worse also?

How many naked Women do you see regularly in the Media, Music Videos and Movies? How many naked Men do you see compared, in Advertising and such?

Why is it okay to show everywhere female Breasts, but not male Genitals in any way?

I have seen in my life even things like some buttermilk drink commercials on TV, showing a female Model completely naked and her Breasts showing, and some animation around the belly area as in saying “this drink is healthy for digestion and such”. Why is the Woman naked, when it’s about a DRINK?

If I’m not mistaken, I think you can also find commercials showing regularly for Shower Gel Women completely naked, but Men only facial close ups, hair and chest, but no behind, no legs, none of that how they do it with Women’s imagery.

Why is that?

Why are Men, that sleep around, applauded for it?

But Women, who don’t even sleep around, but have a healthy sexuality or strong libido, are totally harassed and insulted and judged for natural physical feelings?

You have to be “sexually blocked” as Woman, but play the sex object tool for Men, without own will or needs?

You aren’t to expect anything much from the Man in this regard, but only give and please?

We are not “hand bag or attachment” for Men!

Women and Men are supposed to be equal and complete each other, and Women’s spiritual and mental strength potential is very underestimated, and Women can back up their Man in challenges as well. It’s not all only and always about sex, what is it with people about that?

This is kind of animalistic behaviour. Not human evolved thinking, and Michael thought a lot about those things and understood things on a deeper level, also through our spiritual Connection.

It explains itself, that I would have never bonded with Michael that way, if he was a male Hoe like his Brothers and Father, and many other People in that regard too in Show Business…

I think the same here, equal, about Men and Women, both should not sleep around randomly and it’s something that is a big turn off. It also, besides that, pollutes our aura and spiritual energy/chakras, because besides the physical intercourse, you get the aura energies mixed up and exchange energy as well.

Don’t you want to know the person first and well, before moving into the most intimate thing?

Then, Michael says here, there is a very important point he studied later on. Back in the Days of horrible Slavery, did you know, they would “breed humans” as in throwing some Black Man with few Women into a Cage basically and forcing them to “breed” while watching them and such?

Think about those implications and how wrong this is, degrading the sacred private space between Women and Men.

The Truth about Twin Flame Soul Mates and the Twin Mirror Image of Counterparts in Male and Female Versions of Each Other © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
The Truth about Twin Flame Soul Mates and the Twin Mirror Image of Counterparts in Male and Female Versions of Each Other © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


My whole perception has completely changed upon meeting Michael and our Twin Soul Reunion taking place, about self perception as a Woman also.

How I especially often felt like I am being stared at as an object, Guys blinded by looks and not caring about my mind or way of thinking or emotions much, as like about my looks. I always hated this superficial thinking and behaviour, so common in society, and rejected it all.

Michael was different, completely.

He cared in precise details, with a unique understanding also, about the things I had to say, about my childhood, or parents and family matters, or my wishes and secrets and thoughts.

I just recently also explained in an Article bit more on the Dreams conversations, and how our both Dreams perceptions fit and were connected.

Honestly, I can only say Michael is a real Gentleman and very, very exceptionally intelligent as a Man about understanding Women’s needs, and I have no doubt that this is why he emanates this gentle energy also in his Aura to the public and tons of Women love Michael,even without knowing him in person.

He portrayed an important message for the World, about Men and Women, and it was under-heard because of the tabloid lies effect and slander war constantly going to distract from this Message.

I, especially being his Twin Soul Counterpart and all things so parallel and connected in our Lives, I had tons of situation of sexual harassment, and Guys even while working in Studios on Music or such, trying to make a move on me, and me having to block it off and feeling “disturbed in my professional respect”.

I am very happy to see how also that has changed a lot and keeps healing and changing, and even people from the past come up and apologise to me and have LEARNED something good from me and me staying classy and strong-minded always.

Men actually respect that.

And if a Woman can “understand a Man’s thinking and perspective” even more, as in being equal mentally and in the mind. Being strong in personality.

I even had Men tell me that “I got more balls than them”. I know it sounds funny, but its meant symbolic, and it shows you, if I as the FEMALE PART of my and Michael’s Twin Soul am so strong, imagine how strong Michael’s Mind is as the Man.

This truth some people saw already in me and the way I think and understand things, as in telepathic clarity, prove the connection of my Mind with Michael’s the whole time and they sensed “the male side in me”, which is Michael, literally.

Same goes for Michael, especially in public, he had this thing going with channeling me, and his “feminine gentle side”, and people often confused it for being “feminine”.

But I am not a Man, and Michael is not a Woman.

We are just internally intertwined, with a deeply connected double-consciousness, as it is with Twin Souls!

This is also the spiritual reason behind male MJ Fans feeling super strong emotions for the Guy, but not being gay at all.

It’s proven by now, that the male MJ Fans or the male Friends and People who met Michael, are in some weird funny way attracted to me. Like, Michael is their Man, their buddy, their role model and respected other Alpha Male, and seeing the feminine Version of Michael gives them a whole new, and confusing perspective. It’s funny to me. Maybe it’s also a motherly type feel, as in, I am “bringing out and healing their inner child”.

Through this inner spiritual connection, Michael had a whole other inspiration in his mind for ideas about how he views Women or sexual situations. He focused a lot on his heart chakra and his emotions, and Women’s emotions, and he thought very intellectual and spiritual about personal connecting.

He would do meditation, rehearse and work hard day and nights, he didn’t even have the time or the focus to waste his time and life and career with such superficial short term relationships. That was not what his mind was on. His mind was constantly on his Music and work, and “evolving his mind” in private, reading for hours, reflecting, growing his knowledge and mind.

He was analytical in this to a degree, he wanted to FIND OUT THE BASIC TRUTH AND SECRET of real lasting relationships, BECAUSE of his Parent’s example relationship and marriage, and Michael wanted to do it better than them.

He was not interested in superficial sex adventures, it didn’t give him anything at all, it would have just made him feel bad, not good.

That wasn’t the type of Man Michael Jackson was.

And they say, as Father so is Son, but in that case it could not be more different.

But other Brothers he has became like their Father…

And if you think, those things are of the past and they don’t live this lifestyle anymore, then check out the weird stuff about fights with their wives and being BITTEN by the wife and drama, drama, drama and joining shows like “Wife Swap”.

Or, taking Viagra at age almost 90 and almost dying on top of some super young Woman in Brazil…you know who I mean.

NO CHANGE, same old game.

And now, you think you can just publicly throw shit at Michael’s Image and how he was as a Man, compared to you?

And insult me publicly in this process too?

Let me say here also something very specific, because in recent years after Michael had passed, there were over and over people trying to make claims of being “his Son” and such, like this Brandon Howard.

Look man, I don’t know what this Guy’s personal issues are and if his father by registration is his real father biologically or not, but if it ain’t, Michael certainly ain’t the father.

His mother knew Michael only superficially, and why…because she was once managed by JOE.

So, who’s the father again?

Tell me.

You better not try selling this stuff you do under Michael’s Name. He ain’t the one with tons of Kids everywhere nobody knows about!

And by the way, if you look at it, you have to notice that besides the whole obvious “pretentious faking and imitations”, this Brandon Howard looks more like Jermaine than like Michael.

If you want to try and fool me, you have to get up much earlier in the morning to keep up with my sharp mind and pace.

I am here and ready to demand respect for Michael and for myself in this situation as well.

Don’t try to throw your nasty fake stories at me and Michael, we are pure and have a whole other thing going on between us than your cheap shit you do with Women.


An important point here also, because I seen so much nonsense being talked about it and it being then used for some weird adding to the false accusations as well.

Michael was not “used to sleeping with others in the Bed” due to his Childhood and growing up sleeping often in the same Rooms as his Brothers and on Tours and in Hotels and such.

It is not the reason why little Boys would later napping or sleeping in his Bedroom. Michael NEVER ONCE INVITED ANY CHILD TO HIS BEDROOM, they wanted and insisted, like Kids are, clingy and innocent.

Michael would let them sleep there, not able to break their hearts and say “no” and appear “mean and anti social”. He had a strong fatherly side and heart and would usually go sleep on the floor or couch, and leave the Kids his Bed. It was all totally innocent, why is that so hard for people to understand.

When it came to having FEMALE VISITORS, Michael did not like any eyes on them or him and Kids were also in those situations NOT ALLOWED to be in his Bedroom obviously.

The two things are separate, completely. And if you think back about those stories from the crowded Hotel Rooms when he was on the road with the Jackson 5 and later called “The Jacksons”, and think for a second with your brain, you know he didn’t see anything sexual about “friends hanging out like a gang in one room”.

In fact, because those Kids were little, like Michael was back then, they were pure and innocent and Michael could feel this family and safe vibe in his mind, because there was NOTHING sexual about it at all. It was peaceful and relaxing to not worry about such things and just be a human being and friend, eat popcorn, play video games and enjoy the INNOCENT ATMOSPHERE.

This is my personal View and Experience with Michael, and you may take it or leave it.

You can learn something, for yourself and your own evolution and happiness, or stay backwards thinking the way his Brothers and Father stayed in the old pattern all their lives and never learned anything about “relationship skills”.

It explains itself, that the type of rare Women also, in the opposite example, I guess like me, Michael says, who are like Michael had the whole package for Women, the same for Men, such cheap Guys NEVER GET. So, if you are a Guy and reading this, and you want a real loyal and good Woman, that has inner and outer beauty and a real mind and personality, you better work on yourself as a Man first to offer something, in human and spiritual terms.

We are here to reveal the deeper secret, the truth and SACREDNESS about sex and love, and relationships between Men and Women. People don’t yet understand what it means, what a Twin Soul is, let alone how a detailed personal experience in such way looks like or feels like.

Michael was very evolved, as a soul already at Birth. In his Soul, there has always been the “compass” pulling him towards me, his Twin Flame Soul Counterpart, the other half of him.

That is as good as it gets for you, there is no scandalous sexual behaviour or nasty sick sexual thinking in Michael Jackson. Not the least bit, he was and is the most healthy-minded Guy about Sex, ever. And I hope it is needless to say, that Michael was a Master at everything he did in life, including that area, way beyond anything his Brother’s are capable of.

This is it for now, more in the next Blog Post.

We’re sending out a Major Loyalty Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit ©

Michael Jackson: Completely Heterosexual and INNOCENT of the False “Child Molestation” Accusations *Rare Insider Truth Article- PART 1* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Michael Jackson: Completely Heterosexual and INNOCENT of the False "Child Molestation" Accusations *Rare Insider Truth Article* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson: Completely Heterosexual and INNOCENT of the False "Child Molestation" Accusations *Rare Insider Truth Article* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson: Completely Heterosexual and INNOCENT of the False “Child Molestation” Accusations *Rare Insider Truth Article* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

As I am getting much stronger and healing from the whole challenges in LA and after, the attacks on my Label and Brand, and this whole Twin Soul Interferences attacks situation as well, I am seeing very interesting things happening and am now ABLE TO REMAIN CALM AND STRONG and speak of those difficult topics.

Obviously, if you know anything about me, or my Music, or this Blog and my Releases, you know I am a very relentless and outspoken defender of Michael Jackson, and it is personal for me.

But still, nobody can really imagine fully how this all feels to me, I used to get super anger attacks over the top and sadness attacks crying heavily over this injustice they did to Michael. You cannot imagine the anger…

This is to me the most difficult topic to talk about, because it is the worst experience that Michael Jackson ever had in his whole life and I cried and worried about him for years watching this witch hunt, knowing he is innocent through our soul connection long before we met already.

If you look at my passion and anger when it comes to speaking up for Michael and the very beautiful, spiritual truth that is the reality of who he was, and debunking lies and misinformation, you might understand without any further comment why a Woman would be doing that, for years, without pause.

Many things also I am doing in my efforts are not public, and I do not write much about it here on the Blog.

I don’t read magazines or online news or tabloids, I get my information directly from Michael and am checking things up close in personal direct matters, not indirect.

I talked with some people that knew Michael too, and I keep those things mainly private, but have recently had to speak up on particular people, because they do wrong and take other people’s information and copyrighted information as well from work and Music, and fabricate lies and fake stories to get attention and “parasite on Michael Jackson’s name”.

The situation, up close, is much worse than people in the public and also the Fans imagine.

There is a constant pattern of “no humane compassion at all” in what is being done to Michael’s Name, or how he was treated before he passed. There is this very harassing and constant “abusive and malicious intent” energy in those attacks, like a thread throughout the whole picture.

So now, I want to share a little thing with you, connecting dots, because it seems many people are not aware of the big picture and motivations of people behind those false accusations and this false “witch hunt” launched on Michael.


I really don’t like even writing out these person’s names, but it is out there and they have launched those really illegal, human rights and soul rights violating false accusations moves at Michael since 2013.

Who tries to sue and defame a deceased Man?

So, Michael meant well back then, and he was in a situation where he felt, again, like many years had passed since his last big interviews, which he didn’t like giving at all, and he thought about “opening up to the public”.

It was a very honest, well meant idea from Michael’s side, also for the Fans.

But one of the main thoughts also was to generally speak to the public, and show “his truth” and CLARIFY the false imagery out there twisted by tabloids and tactical and constant libel and slander.

Michael trusted Lady Diana deeply, they were close friends. She had many similar experiences with the tabloids herself and so they could always vent and talk about those things. She had done an Interview with Martin Bashir prior to Michael, and naturally, she was treated differently.

After all, she was a Princess of the British Kingdom and a white Woman.

Michael Jackson came from a poor family background, worked himself up with his talent, and was an African-American Man.

He was tricked, he thought, Bashir did a good interview with Diana, so he will do a good one with him as well and “help him document and show his truth”. Michael has never been open towards the public before, and the first time he really opened up was in 1993, with the Oprah Winfrey Interview. Also, Bashir is not white and Michael thought good of him at first, and was then heavily disappointed.

Interesting how in the same year, later in 1993, he was attacked with false child molestation allegations, via non legal methods as in “fabricating the lie and planting it into tabloids and news without evidence or investigation”. He didn’t expect that.

Then, again, after TEN YEARS, Michael sits down in 2003 with Bashir, and compared to Oprah here, Bashir was even worse and again, same year, later in 2003 more aggressive false accusations and a trial were launched at Mike.

That is called “tactics” and shows a clear pattern!


Check here a link out confirming this:

TV documentary may have led to child molestation accusations


Me and Michael were discussing things and then he said to look up, as I had forgotten, a link on who aired the Bashir Interview, and paid Bashir as an employee…to place in this article for you.

In the first 1993 big Interview, Michael did good for himself, because simply, when Michael spoke, people would listen and see how he is different than the “public image portrayed by the media and tabloids” and it had this “image improving, promoting effect”.

More people liked Michael Jackson after his 1993 Interview.

So, the false allegations were in that regards also a form of attacking his image and “pulling it down again” so he loses support and Fans and his Brand gets stuck and damaged.

In 2003, they had “learned this idea from Chandler” and re-tried a new false accusation, this time with a trial, same people involved, same lawyers, same guy, Sneddon, same tactics and the “surprise attack factor”, no evidence, no truth to these nasty false accusations, and complete bias in investigating it, and still, NO EVIDENCE ever found.

The whole thing was a big show trial, a witch hunt.

And if you think Bashir was just some “bad meaning interviewer” and yes, edited later the Interview footage in ways so he can “throw in suspicions” in separate footage he filmed alone behind Michael’s back and such, but that was not it only!

This guy, Bashir, was once even caught clearly searching through Michael’s personal luggage, think about this shit!

Like a literal Spy in Disguise!

This Guy was already told to “look for something they can use against Michael” on purpose and planned ahead of these false accusations and trial.

Do you understand that?

They had the plan to go after Michael and plotted this witch hunt already prior to airing this Interview!

This is why this is so bad, and mean.

To me, and I hope many others that knew Michael in private too, like his family, few close friends, and many Fans even as well, it is clear that Michael was innocent and you all see through these tactics, the envy and jealousy in those liars and see his truth shining and that he was innocent.


For me personally I don’t just believe that Michael is innocent, but I KNOW IT.

I hope you understand that difference.


Michael was talked into doing an Interview in general, every time, he hated talking in Interview formats, because it was a dishonest media, and not interested in him or his truth or work inspirations, but only scandals and sensationalism and “weirdness”.

Also, other Celebrities would use Interviews to seek attention and they would talk about things like when they had sex first, with who sometimes even, how it was and such things that I and Michael obviously feel should NOT BE DISCUSSED TO THIS DETAIL IN PUBLIC. It’s cheap.

It’s not classy to be doing this “Interview Porn” type thing and how society lusts for such super personal details about a Person, just for being famous through THEIR WORK.

So, now, as in many bad decisions that increased over the years then around this time, there were people close to Michael working for him, managers and business associates and partners, and also family members certain ones, talking him into things he refused to do at first.

I personally love Michael’s interviews of course, but I think it would have been better if he gave even less interviews, and simply did a DIRECT PERSONAL SHORT FILM KIND REPORTING THING, letting in direct questions from Fans let’s say via Post Mail, Email and such, and then PRODUCED IT ALL HIMSELF, and edited a “Private Home Movie” type thing. Why go the way all others go anyways, why talk with some “Interviewers” that you don’t know and letting them into your House in this situation with the tabloid war since after Thriller…

Michael was naive and very innocent here, like a Child, just sharing naturally things with those strangers, those Interviewers, while his image was attacked regularly by “their colleagues in the news and TV business”, and he thought they will understand him and change their mind on him when meeting him and talking with him, seeing that he is not like this false tabloid image put out there.

Now, what is interesting here about this is to look at the things in the corner of the attackers and manipulators here.


I have shown few public cases and links in recent years about Hollywood, but now this is another detail that should make you think and see more truth and the bigger picture.

Now, you might have heard about the stories on Jimmy Savile and others working at the BBC.

Think also here about public claims made in recent years and even over decades, about Roman Polanski, Woody Allen, and the whole claims and stories of Child Actors like Corey Feldman and the Corey Haim story as well, speaking of a whole ring in Hollywood and many not public figures involved like producers and directors.

Now, you can look up those details yourself, especially about the horror of the stories on Jimmy Savile and others from the BBC, where supposedly this Guy was molesting little Kids, Boys and Girls, and even doing necrophilia, which is abusing dead corpses as well!

It cannot get more sick and devilish in my view. That is serious dangerous mental illness right there.

And that Guy was not taken down, not reported about, and in front of you for years on TV, fooling you. The BBC supposedly knew of claims and cases over decades and didn’t do anything about it, in fact, his job there gave him access to many people he then abused.

Check out what they say themselves on their platform now, as Karma kicked in and truth is being exposed:


Savile and Hall: BBC ‘missed chances to stop attacks’


BBC star Jimmy Savile ‘committed sex acts on dead bodies’ while volunteering at hospital


A small sentence in there, but super important and revealing here also, look at this:

“Savile was knighted by Queen Elizabeth and honoured by the Pope for his voluntary work at hospitals, which he exploited to gain unprecedented access to patients.”


If you ever needed an example of “crossing all boundaries of the humane”, this is a good example right there. It cannot get sicker than this.

Where is the reporting and going viral of those news, and regularly, why are these extreme and proven cases being talked down, and people responsible for presenting a “space and protection” for those over decades making excuses and “image pr moves” for their channels and such, but still, focus these completely made up lies on Michael Jackson?

Obviously as you know, Michael Jackson was never knighted by Queen Elizabeth nor did he get official recognition by the Pope.

No need to mention here too, that in 2010 there was a huge Pedophilia scandal around the Vatican and worldwide Churches, meaning the literal definition then of a “global Pedo Ring”.

There is a lot you have to think about deeper to get to the full picture.

Michael Jackson had nothing to do with those people, was protecting his private human space and trying to live a bit normal with his extreme fame and all that, and was completely different than those People in Show Business we mentioned here.

Also, all the Hollywood folks, the Music Business folks, the groupie culture, the sleeping around and partying type thing, Michael never lived that way and was a pure, INNOCENT LIGHT in between those shadowy-minded fuckers.


Publicly, to compare here, on the other hand over there in Hollywood, there was constantly claims and stories of children, and also women, having been sexually abused. The whole “red couch” thing about Hollywood…

The Roman Polanski rape case was brought to public attention over decades a few times, and then whole Hollywood stood up to defend Polanski and make the sickest, public excuses for him!

Nobody even said Polanski was innocent, they defended his rape in many ways, made excuses saying he “deserves to be respected because of his talent”, and “oh he was a war victim and in some Nazi camp as a Child and his Mother died there”.

I don’t give a shit about what your story is or what you went through, rape is a despicable thing to do, especially to a 13 year old Girl at Jack Nicholson’s House!

Now Racism in Rape and Sexual Abuse claims too and bias by the Press? Seriously?

Polanski is the same disgusting rapist as every other rapist, simple as that. And he makes on top of that movies about the Devil, as in Rosemary’s baby (featuring a rape scene, looks like it was a fantasy in his mind as the director), or the later film called “the 9th Gate”, also about the Devil, in serious well researched ways.

But they say constantly this same repeating thing like “oh no, this is JUST ART”.

Listen, if you express in your “art”, which is an inner reflection thing, emotions, expression of fantasies and thoughts etc, and you express in your “art” things like rape, devilish trickery, make Movies about pedophilia promoting it such as, for example the movie “Lolita”, this is a sign of DEEP SICKNESS IN YOU, and in MY VIEW NOT ART!

And by the way, have you noticed, when they say these types of things, they contradict themselves at the same time saying basically with this that “they lie in their art and it has zero connection to their mind and they never thought anything when making it”. Yeah, right…sounds very “logical”…


Then, you look at Michael Jackson’s honest Art and see his truth. Michael’s Music and Movies are filled with pure love, compassion, joy, innocence and a POSITIVE MESSAGE.

His Music carried positive energy, and the Fans know about this fact.

And a particular, recurring Message of “his Woman, his Counterpart” is all over his Music, in spiritually genius details! (Twin Soul Truth)

Yes, Michael was honest and he did make songs where he spoke honestly Messages about racism, things that need to be healed, troubled relationships in society, history and those things. But that is here simply good art, making a change and not just some “random Music without Message”, like especially the current Wannabe Artists.

If you can sing, or dance a bit, that doesn’t make you automatically “an Artist”, nor does it make you a “great thinker”.

But Michael was different, and this is why they all try to parasite on his Legacy now and bend and twist trying to “imitate” his Magic…

But REAL MAGIC is never “imitated” and is “faking proof”.

You might say with words only that you “got magic”, but people then will wait to see it proven. You can’t lie about those things, Hollywood!


There is a lot out there that you can look up yourself and videos of people telling their stories you can watch, ranging from Corey Feldman to this whole BBC scandal details, or Polanski and Woody Allen and more which we haven’t named here.

This should really make you think.

The title of this article, part 1, says also “completely heterosexual” and that information is going to be in part 2, which I will finish up and publish today, right after this one too.

If you look at the subtle information out there also, and connect dots with your smart brains, you can see the bigger picture and know that these types of things are a big problem overall in society and many institutions, and all over Show Business.

And the media is not an honest thing, we all know that. There is a lot of corruption and a controlled news network and such things, and one doesn’t get simple honest reporting on things more often than not.

It is not smart to eat up everything the press and news claim.

And you should ask yourself the big question here regarding this situation and the false aiming at Michael Jackson, while at the same time, covering up on those other cases all together. It is something I and also Michael himself over a long time, have wondered about, knowing he never did anything even close to wrong to any child that way.

WHY did they fabricate these specific lies about him?

Because they seem to have such horrible things going on, all over the place, and Michael was doing extensive humanitarian work and fighting for the protection of Children and Minorities and so forth!

There is something super wrong about this false accusation and aiming, and censoring by putting such a focus on his Name, while IGNORING the full huge picture and truth about the real cases and such child abuse happening in Show Business by other people and whole institutions and castings, and model photoshoots and all that.

So, I wonder, are you going to keep staring passively at all this circus they spin, or are you going to stay aware of what really is happening in this World and help make a real change and protect Children?

Are you going to focus on Michael’s message and thought, of the inner child, a spiritual healing focus, and the whole innocence message about the soul and pure friendships and relationships, good Music, joy and God and divine things, or…

are you going to let those folks brainwash you into focusing on their lies and this negative energy they try spreading with it to distract from Michael’s work and spiritual Message and purpose in his Life?

What do you spend YOUR TIME with, thinking about most of the time, reflecting on, evolving on?

Positivity or negativity?

Truth or lies?

Love or hate and jealousy?

That is not just personal here, what happened to Michael. It is a story many people can learn from, about this world, and about self growth and how jealousy is a problem we need to heal completely, as well as racism, and any “sick evil thinking of wanting to harm others”, and this whole violence in the media and movies.

There is no balance in news reporting, and there is not much of the positive, happy type spiritual Energy which Michael spread with his work, compared to other releases and works of people and movies and shows and all that, only fueling more of that in real life.

Most Media releases around us, daily, are NEGATIVE.

They didn’t even have any idea how to “categorise Michael or describe him”, because he was that Light they couldn’t comprehend with their dark minds.

Art, Music, Movies, Books, Visuals, Sound, Words, Ideas like that spread through Media all around us daily, can affect your mind, psyche, health and spiritual aura and energy focus, and tilt it to “negative mind focus” like this, instead of positive, which weakens you and gives them power over YOUR MIND.

Free your Mind.

Let the truth in.

It will set you free.

Michael’s Truth is in a whole other direction that what they tried making up. And deep in his soul he knew, God will provide the perfect solution and revelation of his Truth and Innocence.

Stay tuned for the next very personal Article.

We’re sending out a Major Truth Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit ©

Twin Soul Dream Science: Michael Jackson’s “Dancing the Dream” and Carl Jung Dream Research and Science © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Twin Soul Science Research Updates - THE BIOLOGY OF TWIN SOULS (Photos for educational and documentation Purpose) © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Twin Soul Dream Science Theory *New* © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Twin Soul Dream Science Theory *New* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

I am very busy, but still making time in between to write this for you and keep you updated on what is going on and evolving over here, regarding the Science Research and Documentary Project about Twin Souls and how they merge, why and how it can be proven, if two are a Twin Soul, or not, via Science methods clearly.

Now, as a warm up and introduction, I want to share one specific story.

I remember once having this wonderful conversation about one of my favourite Scientists, Carl Gustav Jung, with my Scientists friend Dr Peter Brugger, and I told him a few things he didn’t even know and had to send him later Video links so he sees, Jung really said those things.

Like here:

Interviewer: I know that you say death is psychologically just as important as birth and like it is an integral part of life, but surely, it can’t be like birth if it is an end. Can it?

Jung: Yes. If it is an end and there we are not quite certain about this end because we know that there are these pecular faculties of the psyche- that it isn’t entirely confined to space and time. You can have dreams or visions of the future. You can see around corners and such things. Only igonrants deny these facst (ja – german). Its quite evident that they do exist and have existed always. Now these facts show that the psyche- in part, at least- is not dependent on these confinements. And then what? When the psyche is not under that obligation to….live in time and space alone- and obviously, it doesn’t. Then, in .. to that extent, they psyche is not submitted to those laws and that means a..a practical continuation of life of a sort of psychical existence beyond time and space.

Note: Original Text Source in Video Description!


Of course, Peter found it very interesting and was surprised, having studied himself a lot and knowing a lot about Carl Jung, that he didn’t know this part and this Interview.

I myself have hobby wise, studied Freud and Jung’s theories since around age 12, out of pure curiosity and passion for Science I always had. So, after Michael had ascended and was in Spirit form with me, telling me of all this Twin Soul Details, and other Dimensions he can go to now and details of it, I had found this Interview of Carl Jung and watched the whole thing back in Summer 2010.

I was surprised too, and really always never stopped to passionately research into Science Theories and what they know, and how what they know by now yet is showing “spiritual truth elements” already, in order to inspire and push Science forward about the Spiritual Matters. It has been my Vision since 2004.

I am very excited now, to do all this Science Project and Documentary, and it will help Humanity understand the Human Soul in detailed ways, graspable and researchable.

Now before we move ahead, if you haven’t already, please review these previous Articles in the Links below, about specific Twin Soul Dreams shared between me and Michael over decades, obviously NOT BOUND TO SPACE AND TIME as well:


The Michael Jackson Metamorphosis Story – A New Perspective (PART 2- CHILDHOOD DREAMS) *Video Notes & Article* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


“Sweet Bird – My Soul” : Michael Jackson Ancient Egyptian Love Ode Poem © Official TwinFlame Soul Teachings and Information


Michael Jackson: Her Song is Heard in Mine – Making the Invisible Become Visible © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


About DREAMS and Colours Meaning and Twin Flame Symbolism *Short Note* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


Michael Jackson: Twin Souls and “Dream Consciousness Merging” -Important Update Article- © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


Michael Jackson Twin Soul Science Research Updates and More Cases © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


In the above few chosen links you get a little insight and overview on our very detailed Information and documentation, which by now at this point, takes a lot of time to read up on. We wrote so much about Twin Souls in precise details and from several perspectives, spiritual, emotional, scientific, physical, mental and even History parallels proving that ancient Folks already knew about Twin Souls very well.

Now, what was Carl Jung talking about, when speaking of “parts of the Dream Experience” or as he called it, “a part of the Human Psyche” being not bound to space and time, and therefore purely “psychic existence” possible?

I remember back in 2004, when I got involved in the Paranormal Science Research and Experiments, I did it only feeling like “I am supposed to help Science learn more about Spirit and Psychic Abilities”. I had those out of Body experiences, and did back then already hand sketches of my clear and detailed sight from out of Body for these Scientists and their Research, and to me personally one thing was clear from the start of such conscious experiences:

There is a part in us, our core being in fact, that is NOT bound to space and time or the human physical and temporary body.

And in this case, even the BODY AND PHYSICAL APPEARANCE is involved in real Twin Soul Cases, and that can be not only seen with the naked eye, but measured physically as well. This is then about physical Metamorphosis effects, shared between two People/Human Bodies, not from Human to Animal like in Mythology. Although it is quite funny, that Michael did a Werewolf Metamorphosis in his legendary THRILLER Short Film and then, ended up undergoing publicly a Twin Soul Metamorphosis/Merging.

This is pure logic, because A Twin Soul, as in one complete soul with both halves merging, is obviously THE SAME SOUL, ONE SOUL, shared between two Beings male and female. So, if any claims are true, they can be proven via Science and everything else we know on this Planet, because same is same and this similarity and parallels can be documented and measured and proven in factual ways.

Here is a little visual summary on what this means:

Childhood Appearance Natural Comparison Metamorphosis Story Details © Susan Elsa- Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Early Childhood Facial Proportions Compared Natural © Susan Elsa- Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Early Childhood Facial Proportions Compared Natural © Susan Elsa- Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
About Michael Jacksons Metamorphosis and his Twin Flames Natural Appearance after 1982 © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
About Michael Jacksons Metamorphosis and his Twin Flames Natural Appearance after 1982 © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jacksons Nose Mystery and Twin Flame Appearance Merging - Natural Nose before Surgeries and 1982 © Susan Elsa-Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jacksons Nose Mystery and Twin Flame Appearance Merging – Natural Nose before Surgeries and 1982 © Susan Elsa-Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Twin Soul Teeth Up Close- Susan Elsa and Michael Jackson Metamorphosis Project © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Twin Soul Teeth Up Close- Susan Elsa and Michael Jackson Metamorphosis Project © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson Nose and Appearance Changes Spiritual Facts Behind - TWIN SOULS MERGING TRUTH © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson Nose and Appearance Changes Spiritual Facts Behind – TWIN SOULS MERGING TRUTH © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
The Michael Jackson Metamorphosis Story Documentary Film Project Updates and Insights © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
The Michael Jackson Metamorphosis Story Documentary Film Project Updates and Insights © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official