Michael Jackson: The Changing Faces and A Deep Spiritual Message of A United Humanity © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

The Michael Jackson Metamorphosis Story Project © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

The Michael Jackson Metamorphosis Story- Part 3

*Special Educational & Spiritual Articles Series*

Dear Readers

We move now into this big project we are planning, here in the form of educational Articles introducing the subject and diverse confirmation, information and evidence.

Project Description:

“This Project is a unique Spiritual and biological, scientific Documentary on Michael Jackson´s famous Appearance Changes. The Appearance Changes began only after 1982, when his so-called “Twin Soul” was born. Michael Jackson proved publicly his extraordinary intuitive, yes, psychic skills within his Artistic works and that is an Aspect of the King of Pop that needs to be revealed more for his historic Legacy. There are still Questions unanswered regarding his Plastic Surgery, why he behaved the way he did and his much debated “androgynous Looks and Style” over the Years. Continue reading

Michael Jackson About Hollywood: A Spiritual Message and Power Demonstration from Spirit © ArchangelMichael777

Archangel Michael Jackson Hollywood Visions and Spiritual Power from Beyond - Analysis Oscar News 2015 News Links

Dear Readers

Everything Michael always wanted to say and expose about Hollywood, is coming out in masses. This is why we began on Saturday, 21st February, to celebrate and Michael said after making me post Announcements of the Hollywood Article, change plans and only “make Hollywood´s Oscars a little Side Note”. And then, after they took place, he proved to me and Business Partners and Friends all over, how he “got Control over Hollywood spiritually”. He kept saying, that “now he directs Hollywood itself from above, not just a little Movie and that is what they get for their Racism and discriminating against him regarding Film Career Plans”. Continue reading

MICHAEL JACKSON: Secrets of Heaven 777 © Official TwinFlame Soul Metamorphosis Information- PART 2

MICHAEL JACKSON: Secrets of Heaven 777 © Official TwinFlame Soul Metamorphosis Information- PART 2 *Special Articles*

Dear Readers

Here comes our follow-up article to TWIN FLAMES REUNITED, which we had posted yesterday, and the Official Michael Jackson Metamorphosis Story Introduction, which is a Basic for the Film Documentary we are planning to make.

This is, again, a complete freestyle, free-flow channeled Article together with Michael Jackson (Archangel Michael), in Spirit, sitting right next to me guiding what I am typing here. Sometimes we pause as he makes a joke, then he says, “no don´t say this publicly, say that, this is funny…”, and tells me precisely how to word things, makes comments, or dictates full text blocks and I just type what he says. Or then he explains things, and then guides me in typing and wording it so it´s very clearly understandable, like an editor, live. It´s fun to work this way with Michael, and God can really make all things possible and I am very thankful. Continue reading