Michael Jackson: About BEING LOVE ©

Neverland Painting Full: The Ascension of Archangel Michael © Spiritual Promotion (Incarnation Purpose) - Photo Educational Purpose
Neverland Painting Full: The Ascension of Archangel Michael © Spiritual Promotion (Incarnation Purpose) – Photo Educational Purpose
Neverland Painting: The Ascension of Archangel Michael © Spiritual Promotion (Incarnation Purpose) - Photo Educational Purpose
Neverland Painting: The Ascension of Archangel Michael © Spiritual Promotion (Incarnation Purpose) – Photo Educational Purpose



“Sometimes, it is really sad how human beings cannot feel happiness for another Soul. Why not? What does it do to you if another is happy? I would like to ask people to remember, when we were children: We used to have fun with each other, be honest and, adults when they see babies, even many “tough adults”- they can´t but to SMILE. When women see another woman with beautiful hair, a nice dress, be happy, appreciate the beauty you see, don´t compete, compare and get jealous! When men see another man making it, having some successful business etc., respect him and take him as an example, a template for your own dreams! Don´t compete, attack and get envious. Try to make that Change in the MAN/WOMAN in the Mirror today, start today, and watch for your thoughts and emotions, words and actions toward others.


When I say that, however, some seem to misunderstand this deeper message. I never said, love someone that attacks you or wants to hurt or DESTROY you. I would never say such thing nor stand for such a thing. I defend the innocent. It would be conflict of interest, to say any or stand for any such thing, while I am loyal to one side. I am all and only about LOVE and nothing else. I can get very aggressive, when defending love against injustice and evil. I am the type that would cry, when I lived amongst you as Michael Jackson, I would cry and get anger attacks over the injustice I would see on TV or News, in the World. I cared. I didn´t pretend for image purposes. I really did care and still do! Like, Mothers and Fathers, when they see someone hurting their child, they are ready to crush, literally. That is LOVE. Don´t let people play with your head. I would never allow any bullying of my woman or disrespect toward her, and I would surely never tell her to accept it. Think before you give into lies circulated by people who don´t love me in their heart.

This is the time now, the time to make that change. It is not something that you can afford to ignore. You will carry personally consequences if you do not make any change now. This is exactly what I meant, regarding “we have to do something before it is too late”. I meant for the Planet, for this World as we know it, or knew it. We have to heal this Jealousy from the Planet. We have to heal it from the Minds. Envy and Jealousy are what has brought this Planet down. Envy and Jealousy, has damaged many souls, starting with IsIs and me back in ancient Egypt. Jealousy, Competitive Thinking, envious attacks on innocent Souls or Lovers, is what is causing a risk for the Planet to go to waste. It has taken on dimensions, which are not bearable any longer for God and all of us Angels. Whole Nations and People are being oppressed, raped, held down in their human evolution and life and career dreams. The system is the problem, not one thing or two. THE WHOLE SYSTEM IS THE PROBLEM!

I want to  state clearly today, that I am not allowing any longer any insults, harassment, bullying, lies being told into my woman´s face, her heart being stabbed over and over. This is something I gone through. I! I was in this exact emotional space when they kept harassing me, trying everything to turn tides against me, make me look like the evil guy, when I was fighting evil! I am not allowing anyone, especially not some lower vibrational, jealous human beings, to interfere any longer in my relationship. From today, you do or say something to her, and I will reply. Is that clear? Nobody, I said, nobody is going to try and “harass prolonged and bully and break” my woman away from me. I have had enough of that. Every time in fact, I was with any woman on Earth before too, the same would happen, as soon as the public knows, or press, or these, you know, unfriendly confused Souls in the Industry, they would lie, harass, degrade, HUMILIATE my women I´m with the whole time, so they get sick and tired of being with me! This is why I would keep my relationships secret, so they cannot be ruined by outside forces and disturbed constantly.

My Twin Soul, Susan Elsa (Artist Name), loves me eternally, and she has innocently and ONLY because of MY wish published now all these things we did go ahead with, and I will make sure, that you show some respect now. You have no idea. Sometimes she would cry out of shyness and fear, not wanting to publish, fearing the tabloids and all that. I had to literally convince her, sometimes over long periods of time, to assure her I am with her and we will do all as we wish and nobody will break her privacy like they did with me.Nobody is allowed to bully her over things she does because I asked her to do so. This is between me and my girl only. I asked her to do all that, I want to YOU to know the truth, because now it´s HER TURN. We are Twin Souls on a Soul Mission, a particular Life plan we designed before Birth. When you love someone, and pass, and she stays behind, what do you do? You show your love, in all ways available. What do you do, if your twin soul is left behind affected by your physical death, PHYSICALLY, and spiritually and emotionally to the point she cannot see a Future on the Planet? You move Heaven and Earth, to give her back her FAITH. At least, this is how I am. This is how I LOVE. I love intensely. I want my Fans to understand that and know the truth. It´s a war between TRUTH VS. LIE, or can´t you see it?

I do not have to explain myself to anyone out there. This is private, as private as it can be. And yes, it is also public, because I AM PUBLIC, and she is part of me. She is under attack by MY business opponents now. We do not let other´s dictate what we say, when, how or how much. We decide. I decide mainly, as her man, and guide her. She has no experience and is not famous and does her best for me. Susan Elsa IS MY WORK. My Legacy. The Treasure I left behind, for a bit longer, for YOU. It wasn´t easy, she didn´t wanna do it.

I take personal, when anyone lies about her. Or lies to her about me. Oh that especially, I take very personal. I don´t even want her to SEE any of the tabloid crap or evil, malicious lies told about me now by certain people, at all. I wish I could burn the newspapers away, when she walks to by some newspaper stand where a new lie about me is printed. I do not want her to see any of this! Please respect my wishes. Do not send her links and such, about these things. Okay? Leave US alone with that.

Nobody, I mean it, NOBODY has ever done as much for me as she did and the totality of that will never be fully known or understood, by anyone on Earth. Only when you too pass and ascend, you will see all of this. The full truth. She is the most innocent woman I ever knew, she has pure love for me. She is the only remaining Soul on your Planet, which has ALWAYS KNOWN that I am innocent and how I felt. The only one. She was my relief, the key that opened the Door for me to ascend. It is HER LOVE that gave me back my wings. Her loyalty. Her eternal Love, I always dreamed about and remembered. Her face when I would hold her and look deep in her Eyes. Her care I saw after passing, still, wanting to give up her life, that is how much she loves me! Her truthful, pure, unconditional love for me. She rescued me! And this is me being who I am, when I love. I love her, I have to do something and give back. She gave me so much. You cannot even imagine.

I love her, more than anything beside God. More than ANYTHING beside God. She is my everything, my all. If you are a fan of my work, of my Soul, me as a Human Being as well, please, remember the things I endured and do not tap into this trap the evil ones are spinning: You hurt ME if you harass her, I see it and share her pain. It kills my soul almost to see her being harassed and I cannot jump in PHYSICALLY and shield her or turn off the Computers and all those little things. I cannot do that anymore now, I am in Spirit and I fought hard to get her back and rescue her. Please, if you really care about me, understand that she is part of me. She is like, my HEART. Don´t stab me, be nice. I feel it if you do that. I feel also when you send her and me love, I feel so happy then. Please, think about the words I said and do not ignore them, because some want you to out there, okay?

This is all that it is about, it is simple, you decide, you have free Will, use it wise:




This is the only situation finally here, the underlying truth behind everything. Do you chose love, or fear? Love or hate? Truth or Lies? Jealousy or Compassion and Empathy? Closed Eyes or opened Eyes?

You make that change, by DECIDING today to being working on yourself, make the best of yourself. This is what life is about finally, to train, to make better of yourself and then evolve into an increasing, wonderful Being of Light.

Chose wisely. Try to remember the greatest moment of love you ever experienced in your earthly Life- and tune in to it and keep up love and “well-meaning vibes” in your heart as much as you can. Try to BECOME LOVE itself. 

I love you all with all my Heart and I am doing all in my capability to continue helping Planet Earth.


-Michael Jackson in Spirit – June 20th 2014- © (Spiritual Message New: About BEING LOVE ©)

Dictated to Susan Elsa- June 20th 2014 at Noon


The Human Mass Soul Consciousness: WE ARE THE WORLD

The Human Mass Soul Consciousness: WE ARE THE WORLD

 Michael Jackson about the Soul Family and the Human Mass Consciousness:

“Everyone is connected to me- I AM Archangel Michael”

I remember that on the day when Michael had just passed, I felt literally as if every human being on the Planet is thinking about him. I walked out for a walk after crying and screaming around for a while and totally breaking down, and this little Boy came walking toward me with his Dad.

As they walked by me I could hear the little boy, maximum age 3, say with his tiny voice to his Dad: “Michael Jackson died!” Continue reading