Susan Elsa © Spiritual Magic Film Director

Susan Elsa © Spiritual Magic Film Director

Official introducing Susan Elsa, “Spiritual Magic” Movies Director.

Susan Elsa has studied Film Directing & Cinematography in Los Angeles/California and presented her Debut Short Film at the Student Film Festival L.A. in 2007. (Nextdoor Witch- Friend or Foe? Genre: Mystery & Horror)

A tiny second project has been released in 2011 and is named “WOMEN OF THE WORLD”- Science meets IsIs with Special Guest Star Dr. Peter Brugger.

Susan Elsa has been doing Music filling her time until now. She is now launching her first big Film Productions and will debut her first Animated Film Works this Summer 2013. (Mystery Garden´s MADE IN HEAVEN: “The Living Project” to be released August 29th 2013.

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Susan Elsa: World Exclusive Debut of Channeled Film Directing (Heaven & Earth Bridge)

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