HOW and WHY Twin Flames’ Souls Reunite © The Complete Soul Insights

How and Why Twin Flames Souls Reunite on Earth © Experience and Reasons Beyond Earthly Life Form

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Some People are claiming, that they have met their twin flame or that, they have a direct and conscious, aware contact to their twin flame in the spiritual realms, while being incarnated here in the flesh body still. Some claim, of course, that “famous People” are their twin flame, just like many people would claim that they “were someone famous in a past life”. These moves are nothing new and such things, such claims, have been going on in the new age worlds and fortune teller psychic reading´s world for a long time. Many people who offer such “spiritual services” for money, just tell people what they want to hear and never the full truth, nor can most people see ANYTHING, really, about the person. Continue reading

Michael Jackson Dangerous Album Cover Art: Ancient Egyptian Clear Symbols and Remember the Time- TWIN FLAME SOUL CORRECT INFORMATION

Dear Readers

This is a short post, a little more information to educate about Michael Jackson´s true work and legacy, and the battles against evil he fought during his Career. This is very central and he wants me to put it out separate, so you all can see his soul truth and the Past Life he talked about on the same Album, in the featured Song Remember the Time taking place in- ANCIENT EGYPT. Continue reading