MADE IN HEAVEN – Trailer (Production Insight 2012/2013)

MADE IN HEAVEN – Trailer (Production Insight 2012/2013).



9th October 2011: First Mystery Secret Project Trailer released. Little by little Info given over time in mysterious ways. Check the corrupt News and how they use the exact content to promote her Crap RIGHT NOW.


(Original on Youtube PR Video publishes Text Announcement and Titles)

Published on Apr 18, 2012

Secret Project- secret Release Dates yet

It will shock you

It will amuse you

It will scare you

It will entertain you

Stay tuned for a

2012 is not the End

It is only the

Lots of Love, Mystery & Light to all of you,
Mystery Garden Team

Original 2nd Trailer:


“Face of IsIs”- Spiritual PopArt 777 ©

From our “Pop & Art” Section of Spiritual PopArt and C.D.´s (Channeled Drawings/Psychic Sketching)

Title: Face of IsIs ©
Publisher: MGP Publishing

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Special Insight from the Official Book channeled by Elvis to Susan Elsa in 2010 ©

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Archangel Michael-Secrets of Heaven 777 (CD 2010)
Archangel Michael-Secrets of Heaven 777 (CD 2010) ©

APPLAUSE PLEASE! – Spiritual PopArt Story © 29th July 2013

Michael vs. Lucifer (Spiritual Pop Art 777) ©
Michael vs. Lucifer (Spiritual Pop Art 777) ©   PROJECT START DEC 21ST 2012


by Susan Elsa & Archangel Michael

(Spiritual POP Art 777: Short Story July 29th 2013) ©

It was a nice, sunny Day as usual in Heaven´s lands. Michael just got up from resting a bit and walked to his window, where a stunning view welcomes him each time.

Stretching his back and arms and loosening his shoulder muscles a bit by shaking them, he grabs a sparkling, goldish drink.

“Time to check on Planet Earth!”, he says with a curious tone in his voice.

He flys out his house-ramp, as naturally, nobody owns cars or such in heaven: They fly.

Arriving at something that looks round and futuristic from above, Michael descends at the entrance of this strange looking building. It almost looks like a big eye from above.

“Hello Michael! How you doin´?” greets the friendly man at the desk as Michael walks in.

“I am good, Bob, and how are you doin´?” says Michael with a big smile to the man at the desk.

“Oh well. Glad you are here, Michael, I have something you must take a look at!” mumbles Bob as he jumps suddenly from his seat.

Both walk fast and determined into another Hall, that looks like a control room. From here, the Angels watch Planet Earth and all that is happening here.

Michael sits down at one big, soft chair that is made with special extra space for the back, so his wings can fit it. Right next to him, Bob takes another seat and turns on something like a device. A type of screen opens and after about 2 Minutes,

many situations from life on Planet Earth start to appear, similar to the Chrystal Ball of a Witch as we know it.

Bob makes a few hand moves and then looks toward Michael with a serious and worried face:

“Michael, I am sorry I have to tell you this now. But that bastard Lucifer is raging again, or better, the remains of him. There is this human being, that has called his darkness into her heart before you finished him, and inside of her, the remains of his dark spirit linger on. What do you think we should do, Captain?”

Michael takes a moment and breathes in three times deeply and calm. He stares at the screen, seeing this person, a human being with such an ugly soul, that it almost brings tears to his eyes. Then his face turns into pure disgust as he sees this dark soul sending people to spy on his Twin Soul, which is secretly incarnated on Planet Earth to help. Anything his Archeia Faith is doing on Earth, this person interferes with. Each step. Each word. Each project. Each art idea. Each spiritual move is fought.

“GO AWAY! What are you…doing there…back off my baby!” Michael suddenly yells at the screen. He is obviously emotional and upset and stands up balling his fists.

“I am so sorry, Michael. They found out she belongs to you. I´m afraid you have to go down there and finish the job once and for all…”, calms Bob in a soft tone.

Michael is shaking from anger. He just stands there, staring at the screen and the iron will that makes up his famous fighting skills becomes visible in his eyes once again.

Bob puts his hand softly on Michael´s shoulder and assures: ” I am sure it is all not as bad as it seems, my friend. Lets analyse the situation first and check all details, okay? Please, try to stay calm, Michael…”

In this moment, Michael rushes with full force out of the control room and walks with earth-shaking steps to the exit, where he flies off as if he is an angry rocket.

Now, his face does not show any emotion any more. Not even anger. His face is simply unreadable and his wings fly as fast as the speed of light. He makes a quick turn in his flight pattern and with a smooth transition penetrates the earthly dimension- unnoticed.

He cannot think of anything else but his “baby”. He flies above her house, throws a quick “scan eye” through it to check if all is well. She is sitting at home watching a Comedy Movie, eating and laughing. He smiles happily as he sees her being well and innocently enjoying her Movie.

He then calls 4 Guardian Angels to her House, to guard it and her until he is back.

The wind makes noise around his wings as he fans very fast flying to the problem zone. At arrival, the first sight he sees is Lucifer standing on a stage, inside the Body of this blonde Woman. She is emanating his aura, which Michael immediately recognises. He balls his fists, holds his sword real right and still, no mimic in his face at all.

“I am working to heal my past. The world needs compassion. I am your friend.” says Lucifer to the fooled masses.

The people have insanity flickering in their eyes, the insanity of Lucifer which transmits to them as they take in his words. They get aggressive and cheer and scream like a vulgar choir.

“I am your icon! I am your leader! I am art! I was born this way! APPLAUSE PLEASE!” screams Lucifer into the Microphone as he tears wide open his red, hate & pride filled eyes, taking in the admiration and energy of the audience.

Michael, in the meantime, has sneaked to the side wings of the stage, watching Lucifer´s fake show “under cover” from the dark behind the curtains.

He watches the show with disgust as he asks himself, how a being can become so lost, arrogant and evil. He shakes his head a few times, every time Lucifer speaks, tries to dance or sing.

“What an insane dude…” says Michael to himself softly.

He starts walking slowly onto the stage, as Lucifer is raging with darkness, building a black cloud of negativity around himself.

“Hey!”, Michael yells toward Lucifer in a strong, loud and determined tone.

The monster twists his head and starts fletching his teeth, staring to Michael and then to the audience that seems to be getting out of his spell.

Michael holds up his sword, and a bright light is released flooding the whole concert hall. The audience suddenly starts crying and screaming, as if they are being exorcised. Lucifer is angry and screams: “No! Nooo!”

Michael stares now to the audience and from his eyes a light shines into the masses. It is brighter as the sun. A major light.

Lucifer bends, the stronger the light from Michael shines. He seems to feel pain by the sight of heavenly light. He continues like a crazy person to repeat: “I am art, I am the leader! I am like God, not you! I am! I am the best and these souls belong to ME!”

Michael shakes his head in disgust at the crazy talk of Lucifer and ignores him, continually sending forth his light as the masses slowly start waking up. Some grab items such as chips, bananas, used tissues and start throwing them at Lucifer. Lucifer rages increasingly, like he is losing his mind.

A wide door opens above the stage, letting in 6 Archangels, that arrest Lucifer in shame in front of the audience watching.

Michael shakes hands with them, greeting them, waves with a silent smile at the audience like Superman, and then flies off to his beloved One.

To be continued…

This story is part of:


“The Living Project”

by Susan Elsa and Archangel Michael


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