MICHAEL JACKSON INNOCENCE – Healing the Anger over Injustice and Lies – My New Book 4 Healing and Justice © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

MICHAEL JACKSON INNOCENCE - Healing the Anger over Injustice and Lies - My New Book 4 Healing and Justice © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
MICHAEL JACKSON INNOCENCE – Healing the Anger over Injustice and Lies – My New Book 4 Healing and Justice © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

I am right now not really blogging or anything, I have just recently wanted to let people know I am okay, and then got stalked again by crazy folks, and fake profiles online as usual. As soon as I posted something, tons of people viewed my Facebook Page and as usual, through some stalkers ganging up on me I discovered some recent ongoing defamation attempts, libel and slander against me and my Label by one of my worst stalkers named Debbie Stefaniak, and other anonymous fake profiles without real persons behind them, pretending to “be the ones that care and speaking up against me”. Well, sue me for the truth! How sick is that.

You do not know the people behind this whole game, and everything I said is absolutely logical and true. I know logical thinking and THE TRUTH seem out of fashion in modern society, but you know what? I am sure, in this case, everyone will be curious and more interested in the truth than the lies. I have to believe in that. I do not have to act or pretend I am something I am not, nor do I have to talk and act A CERTAIN WAY for the public, I just have to be myself and I am direct in calling out liars. Of course they feel uncomfortable, exposed, and make increasingly mistakes proving to the public that they are aiming at me personally, to cover up for Michael´s enemies interest.

It is turning into the same malicious lies intensity they aimed at Michael himself…

A few months ago already, and then in the Spring 2016 now, I have been getting too angry inside, having anger attack after anger attack and it would not stop. I worry about that, since 2009 I had these anger attacks that feel like my soul is being shattered by the anger into million pieces. People have no idea, how it is to be factually a real CONNECTED Twin Soul to Michael. This is not a joke, nor a fashion statement, nor a pr gag. This is my life. I am fighting for my soul, and for my life and rights here.

Michael said I should stop blogging and write in private out my chest all this, the past years since 2007. I realised when I began that I have to do this for my own health and to be able to overcome and digest everything I had to endure. I have not digested emotionally and psychologically all these challenges that arose from getting into personal contact with Michael in LA, and all that took place afterwards in my life. I have fought and fought, and never rested for years now. It is not good for my heart. I was already close to needing an oxygen bottle next to my bed, from the pressure on my chest and heart chakra from all these unfair attacks on my person and continued tactics and lies against my poor innocent Michael. I keep remembering then how he died, and get super angry, cry for hours until I have a headache and swollen eyes, sobbing like a child. When I want to give up, and “somehow get out of this circus and live a normal life”, it is not possible any longer, because THEY started this war on us and hacked my computers and label internationally, and quick, from the U.S., and haven´t stopped and keep increasing pressure and abuse on me and Michael.

I am proud of his Children, and his Mother as well, and Janet, which have been very good to Michael and speaking up with class for Michael in recent years.

Other than that:

I am the ONLY 100% honest, naive, innocent, open WOMAN around Michael here in this whole Circus, that has been screaming my lungs out to tell the truth and defend Michael with all the energy I got.

I do not think that any Woman in Michael´s previously life has spoken up so harshly, and honestly,directly online, not via tabloids or TV Interviews seeking fame and other profits. Real people around Michael , loyal and unbreakable in their loyalty, do not get aired on the System´s Radio and TV stations worldwide!

*Please check the following previous Links to get the big Picture more*








Michael Jackson: The Extreme Injustice and how it damaged his Sleep Ability © Official TwinFlame Soul Information





It is not like you get heard easily, they tried everything to censor me, so I went online and made this Blog in 2011 and began fighting for my and Michael´s full Human Rights, including respect for our Soul. The above links are from a Blog called “MichaelJacksonHumanRights”, for which we have good people helping to inspire new laws to protect the souls more specifically and ensure respect for deceased human beings and more. It is obviously not an “Entertainment or Music Blog”.

I had to fight publicly to defend my hacked personal information and scream the truth out as they abuse and lie. It became personal. Nobody hacks me and then publicly harasses and lies about me, nor uses my years of Music work and my Brand to sell off as their own, nasty fake People from Hollywood´s Music Scene. Nobody comes here and swipes off all MY DATA to cover up Michael´s Business matters and private matters at the end of his earthly life, to hand it to OTHERS THERE and mislead and “bury me with him alive”- I am still alive and I won´t shut up for your convenience, Hollywood!

I could not stop being angry, and every time I hear lies being told about him, my heart shakes and I feel sick and then it constantly feels like “parasites attack my heart chakra and suck on it”- I get physical dizziness and feel it that intense. I have been a psychic medium all my life, and super sensitive with a strong, exceptional intuition. This is why I have joined as far back as 2004 already, parapsychological experiments, curious back then to figure myself out and all this spiritual unique stuff in my life.

I saw something really delusional and disturbing yesterday, sent it to my lawyer, and then after first laughing and not believing it, I just started crying and kept crying for 2 hours straight. It is always the same, first I feel like they are energetically “stabbing my heart core”, and then I cry it all out and Michael comforts me. These people know no limit in their obsessive stalking and evil jealousy feelings toward Michael and me, they don´t give a fuck about truth, and THIS you see in this screenshot below, is not sane or normal behaviour and you KNOW IT and SEE IT NOW.


ABOUT COUNTERFEIT TWIN FLAME STORIES ONLINE/ FAKE PROFILES TACTICS: Exposing the Delusions and Crazy Jealousy Behaviour © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official



EGYPTIAN REINCARNATION: My Original Copyrighted PAST LIFE POP Projects and How Lady Gaga AND Debbie Stefaniak Impersonate my Life Story and Work © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official



Michael Jackson Ghost: About False Claims about Spiritual Contact and Messages © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official




AEG: Michael Jackson Ghost Claims in Court Trial and mocking of his Soul /Twin Soul
AEG: Michael Jackson Ghost Claims in Court Trial and mocking of his Soul /Twin Soul
AEG: Michael Jackson Ghost Claims in Court Trial and mocking of his Soul /Twin Soul
AEG: Michael Jackson Ghost Claims in Court Trial and mocking of his Soul /Twin Soul
Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson Twin Soul Situation: Constant technical disruptions and interference in Blog and Bullying Messages
Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson Twin Soul Situation: Constant technical disruptions and interference in Blog and Bullying Messages


FEBRUARY 2015 (see below…)

Obsessive Stalking and Defamation: Deborah Vitale Stefaniak/MJacksonMurder/Debbie S/Other Fake Profiles (?) - LIBEL & SLANDER TO COVER UP MUSIC INDUSTRY CRIMES -
Obsessive Stalking and Defamation: Deborah Vitale Stefaniak/MJacksonMurder/Debbie S/Other Fake Profiles (?) – LIBEL & SLANDER TO COVER UP MUSIC INDUSTRY CRIMES –


First I “worked for the pharma industry”, now “I work for Randy Philips from AEG to cloud some nobody´s bla bla”? Sure…and they distract, I said, from the MAIN FOLKS IN HOLLYWOOD THAT DONE WRONG TO MICHAEL IN HIS CAREER AND PRIVATE LIFE FOR DECADES! Hell all up in Hollywood- as Michael said in one of his Songs featured in his Movie “GHOSTS”!

This person has imitated my Prince Spiritual Message as well after I wrote about him and took off from this Blog for 2 Months, and gets into things for the sake of her obsessive stalking of me, when never having had anything to do with Singer Prince nor his Music, nor any of that which is part of MY STORY AND MUSIC BRAND HISTORY and VOCAL INFLUENCES. This is so disgusting, I have no words for that, but it shows you her ugly truth once again.

Have you ever considered the one logical, and in-your-face-fact that I AM his real Twin Soul, and this is why PEOPLE BELIEVE ME AND FEEL IT, I got all this power, motivational anger, endurance, even with asthma fighting through, filling the Internet with “keywords of truth to crush their lies and attempts to abuse my hacked data publicly”? To cover up their crimes, huh? Fuck you lying pieces of shit, you can’t bury me and my human rights alive, and with me, Michael´s truth survived! Too bad for ya!

You know, why I have such a strong endurance in all this and am a volcano of energy? Because I have survived a near death experience, and have this anger and nobody they place will be able to pick a battle with me. Nobody can fight me which has NOT survived such crimes, physically, and the data crap after and strongest spiritual attacks. I have rhino skin now, an armour around me, which is forming into an unbreakable shield of light as I write my new Book.

I have gone through a lot in Los Angeles, it is like, my life was relaxed, normal and private, and then after meeting Michael, in private space, and beginning our PRIVATE connection, everything changed. I noticed some strange things there, but only when I began standing up again and singing and dancing, in 2010, with his spiritual help, after he passed and I was totally broken, they attacked full on. I did not expect this. I did not expect to get hacked, and digitally my information and all my publication steps stalked and interfered with. I did not expect to become a “buffet for Hollywood to steal ideas and project content”, plus always private Data to “fish the MJ Fans with MJ Twin Soul hacked Data”. Understand? I knew right after he had told me the term, that “I am his TWIN SOUL” back in 2010 in Spirit when he came back, and after googling it and finding it really exists this term, that they “find out and understand that I am this Twin Soul to him they will never leave me alone again and try crushing me”. I was right, look at the situation by now, 2016!

I have explained in my 2012 Book, a little bit about challenges in LA, Michael´s Innocence and the false child molestation accusations and that I will be the Woman defending him over this, all my life if I have to. I have put out a few articles before, and as said in my Book information as well, to show the many bigger reasons behind the false accusations and tactics against Michael Jackson, and revealed a lot about the Music Industry and spiritual matters going on in “Hollywood”.

I have released on Michael Jackson´s Birthday, 29th August 2011, a Song dedicated to Michael from me as his Woman, and on his Birthday in 2012 originally the Elvis Presley Book, with the main wish from Elvis to reassure HIS DAUGHTER that all is fine. The Book was meant well, and without going into Lisa´s privacy, it is a spiritual Message finally from Elvis Presley to Lisa-Marie Presley. I have been traditionally publishing works on MY AND MICHAEL´S BIRTHDAYS, since years (2010). It is my own traditional Publishing Dates Style. I focus on his Birthday and promote it to become THE MJ Day for Fans, and loved Ones, to remember him, and NOT the 25th June.

In the introduction of that Book (The Spiritual Side of Rock & Roll- Elvis´Message from Heaven), and you may read back, and my own Book (Archangel Michael´s Wedding), I have written things that some fake agents online are claiming the opposite of, online. The interference forces are losing their mind and spinning more crazy delusional lies than ever, while supporting some major frauds. The disrespect toward Michael, and his private matters, is out of control. He still can feel and see that, and it is not nice to behave this way toward him when he never done anything wrong and was friendly and giving to many people all his life.

Some people do not understand maybe, why I like to check up close and talk with and analyse the folks swirling around Michael´s Property (Legacy) and his Money, Fame, Name and so forth, you know how I mean. I have not talked with many yet, and certainly nobody from AEG, personally. I would have told Michael to get the fuck out of any agreement with those people, seriously. But I was not there, I was back in Europe with a physical poisoning I had to heal from and it was very difficult.

One of the folks I spoke to is Quadree El Amin. I have spoken over the course of the last year many times on the phone with this Man, and was not judgemental, and fair, and gave a fair chance for spiritual peacemaking between him and Mike.

Quadree is sitting in court, suing the Michael Jackson Estate and Lawyers. I saw for myself, that he does not give a flying fuck about Michael´s unfinished Projects, and while he did know some minor things about it, he does not care about what Michael wants and MICHAEL´S FEELINGS. I remember telling him that for the projects I have the details of, which Mike planned and could not finish but I want to finish up for him, especially the CHILDREN PROJECTS, it is important that “I as a Woman and we all together find a way to eliminate the false child molestation accusations forever, FOR the children projects” and that nobody can bring this forth better and more shielded than I, as a Woman this time.

He kept agreeing and made comments of “with me, Michaels legacy can become worth more than 1 billion dollars” or whatever.

One story was really personal and weird. He had his first Day back in December 2015 in court, and then we talked. He told me, and other Partners in Bermuda, the following:

“He told the court about how badly the false accusations hurt Michael, and then he got overwhelmed and cried one tear, as if feeling Michaels presence, and this one tear rolled down his LEFT CHEEK”. -Direct Citation-

All this to slime around and make me think I can rely on and trust the Guy. He hurt me a lot with his disrespect, and seems to have said this in that way mocking my Ancient Egypt Cartoon “MADE IN HEAVEN” where Michael is Osiris and cries having one tear roll down his LEFT CHEEK, a specific content of my work from 2014.

He said many other things I do not want to mention, and I have told him also many things, but I tried always staying superficial so the information is not obtained, on the phone I mean. I always watch to protect Michael´s private information he gave me, because I have seen strange bits and pieces of specific information being used on Michael before, in 2013. You will understand more in my Book then. Anyways…

I have mainly spoken of the anger attacks, the tactics done NOW to me to cover up that he was heterosexual and not gay at all, and certainly never did anything wrong to kids ever, not even a thought he said in such direction. That was MY main focus for justice, and some business matters about Movie Projects and how Michael was planning for me to be “his special actress” for certain discussed film project plans.

I told him about the hacking attacks, how they spy online on me and my information, and make fake profiles to cloud my truth and hand work data to other folks in Hollywood for abuse, from the Music Industry, one person mainly, but few others took material a few times as well. He said:” Yes, this is how they work.”, and that there is some IT Woman in LA, Silicon Valley or so, which is specialized and known there to be good and has spied and hacked and all that for folks in Hollywood, and that they hire her to spy on competitors and such things. I was shocked about this confirmation.

IT´S ALL ABOUT COPYRIGHT AND MUSIC PUBLISHING BUSINESS, precisely parallel to the ATV – Michael Jackson owned- Music Catalogue, meaning Music Catalogue = Collection of COPYRIGHTS OF SONGS. This is a branch of the Music Business which is the most profitable, the Publishing Rights and Aspects are where the Industry makes Money and since ages I have heard always that Major Labels do not like or want to allow their Artists to OWN COPYRIGHTS themselves. I have seen things myself, as a Musician, since my youth too.

I told him naive and honest about my anger over the injustice, and that things changed from the Twin Soul Connection and Merging, and he said:

It is not a problem for him, as Michael also had anger attacks, and some names one was banned even from mentioning, or else, Michael would get so angry, a dark cloud would come across the room”, and then we laughed because I am like this too and was happy he understands. I thought he understands and means well.

This is kinda how we talked, and then he started childishly lying around regarding a Meeting in Bermuda, where even Politicians waited on him for nothing. He had his chance, to join the Michael Projects, but he cannot deliver and I started seeing how he behaved toward Michael as well, when Michael needed help. I feel super betrayed, and I know more things and more Names, but will not mention that here.

You know, when I would call Quadree, he would sound happy as soon as he hears my voice. I thought, he means well and loves Michael and wants to help. But he disappointed me big time, to say it lightly.

MICHAEL JACKSON INNOCENCE - Healing the Anger over Injustice and Lies - My New Book 4 Healing and Justice © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
MICHAEL JACKSON INNOCENCE – Healing the Anger over Injustice and Lies – My New Book 4 Healing and Justice © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Btw, check it out, now I seen that he supports this Shana Mangatal in her Book efforts, on Michael´s Birthday, called “Michael & Me”. There are other strange elements involved in this situation, but too private for me to formulate right now openly or show well. But this was very shocking for me to see, because Michael is not okay with those people disrespecting his privacy to that degree, and add lies, and insult his relationship and private efforts for trust with Lisa-Marie Presley. Michael felt LONELY most of his life, and that for a reason. Please think logical.

Now you, dear Fans are called on to judge for yourselves, and use your senses and intuition. I won´t say anything about this more, except what Michael said and refer to my full Book for Lisa-Marie Presley and say clearly, Michael is not allowing an insulting, sexually harassing behaviour publicly toward his Ex-wife he truly loved.

He said, Shana had a crush on him, and that “80% is not true what she says, and 20% is true”. I am not sure, as I do not look up things in detail and keep what Michael told me in heart and faith, but she seems to claim at the same breath as saying she is “an aspiring actress”, that she was with Michael UP TO PASSING, meaning 2009. It seems she wants to “sensationalize his sexual habits and claim details” which goes completely against his wishes and how he handles his private DETAILS, especially sexually.

What would YOU think if you were in my shoes, after years of impersonation tactics attacks and hacking of your files? Check this out, so you can see through my Eyes right now, without any further comment- these are factually hacked and by IT experts rescued files, and some LA files from my Laptop there I had since 2005 (Photos 2006 & 2007), and the later hacked files in 2010-2011.

Susan Elsa Truth and Original Files Photos 2006-2010 and Shana Mangatal New Book 2016 (PHOTOS FOR EDUCATIONAL AND DOCUMENTATION PURPOSES) - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official-
Susan Elsa Truth and Original Files Photos 2006-2010 and Shana Mangatal New Book 2016 (PHOTOS FOR EDUCATIONAL AND DOCUMENTATION PURPOSES) – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official-

That is all I will say about this here, and leave the rest up to you.

Maybe some Fans will begin to see and understand now, why I am speaking up so aggressively and passionately. I cannot take all these tons of lies about Michael anymore. I have been unfairly involved against my will, and I was not famous, not in contractual agreements with any of those people, nor did I allow anyone to abuse my personal information or private matters in public. This is very serious.

And when the Truth gains more and more attention, as God helps me and Michael with his power, they throw more and more impersonators in our way to distract. Distract from the FULL picture, the full truth, including the Entertainment Business matters in full, the years of struggle Michael went through and why, the LONELINESS, the trouble to create a normal relationship to a woman, to have kids like everyone else too, to live a normal life. The motivations behind the false accusations, the wiretapping and them knowing prior to 1993 that Michael is innocent, and still going ahead with a false trial to break him on purpose.

So, now all these things are playing vividly in front of my inner eyes, like an inner memory film, a double film, his and mine, and I am seeing things up to back into my childhood more clear than ever before. I feel a weight lifted off my chest, a bit, and can breathe much better and my heart is better, when I write out a bit each time I type for my Book. I don´t see it as a “Book” actually, nor some book project.

This is my personal soul therapy phase, to heal from this anger and overcome the injustice, and break the negative energies in the situation to balance the Twin Soul cycle. I do not want to die like Michael, and I do not want to live the rest of my life under personal attacks, and business projects attacks like he had to live. I owe this to Michael, to myself, and to all of you out there that care, about family, loved Ones, children, art and Music, the very human soul and human rights, to do this. And I mean, to overcome this all, and to be peaceful inside again and feel like I can too live a life still and grow very old and healthy. I want my heart to survive this until old age and for this purpose, I have to release this truth off my chest. As I do this, I won´t write out sexual details, obviously, as I never have and never will, because I handle things in Michael´s style and senses in agreement with his Soul.

I am offline now, and certainly not available for the next Days, and Months for sure. You may all talk, discuss, debate, accuse, misunderstand, get angry at me for “proclaiming our Twin Soul Connection publicly”, but maybe at some point, your humane side will win and your compassion in your hearts, and then you can see Michael Jackson as a human being with rights, the right to be happy and live and breathe, just like me.

I am not “someone else between your dreams and Michael”- I am a part of Michael´s Soul, manifested in a female Body. We are the same Soul. Someday you will understand, and I hope it will be without that I endure the same fate and die after years of suffering and attacks and interferences.

Don´t let his haters and soul enemies manipulate you into attacking me, and therefore him, as they have started doing first, back in 2011, publicly. Don´t let this Hollywood competitors and jealous people that envy Michael and his talent, his work and legacy, and his unique Aura trick you into attacking his Soul.


We are all connected finally, and everyone can chose between Love & Hate. Truth & Lies. Justice & Injustice. Inside. It is HOW you use your free will that determines your fate and karma.

The truth is not always convenient for EVERYONE, depending on how you subjectively view things. But the truth is the truth, and in this case, it does not matter how few folks might feel, desiring Michael Jackson sexually somehow in fanatic ways- what matters is THE TRUTH FOR JUSTICE. This is not a game, and anyone that cares truly about Michael, and generally other human beings, will put ego aside and focus on the truth that sets things free and brings true justice, as Michael´s soul needs it. This won´t be some online thing, which is why I write this message to you all, online. My Book will be only a print Book with a Hard Cover. Nobody will hack THIS Book….

Sending you lots of Love & Light and hope you will enjoy a nice Summertime.

Susan Elsa

© Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Susan Elsa- 2006 Los Angeles-No Make Up © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Susan Elsa- 2006 Los Angeles-No Make Up © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official