Susan Elsa: 1st TV Twin Flame Counselor EVER & Updates on MJ Situation © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Susan Elsa- 1st Twin Flame Counselor on Television 2019 & Updates on MJ Situation © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

I have been very quite this year, on my blog, and that due to many different things going on. I am busy, working on what my actual real work is. I am a film director, I am a humanitarian constantly helping people even in my private time as soon as I find time, and I have been working on maybe to you boring things too like office work for Music Publishing activities and surprise projects for Michael.

I have gotten many messages, also from worried supporters, because I seem to be so silent. Well, dont worry about me, I am absolutely fine!

Now, let me update you all quickly on what I have been doing so far and give you insight into something very dear to me, once again.

Susan Elsa: 1st TV Twin Flame Counselor EVER

Are you surprised?

I started working half a year ago on TV, its a specialized spiritual consulting show, where I gained quickly all the attention of the local “psychics and spiritual counselors market”, including the most famous guy on TV doing this type of stuff.

I remember that me and Michael decided to not even speak out his name, until now, not ONCE on the TV Show. But I explain Twin Souls, I sketch live, I do energy transfer every single person no matter how difficult feels, live transmitted on TV. I look into Twin Soul communications, help with Michael open the energetic doors, remove blockages, perform live Magic Rituals on TV, channel Angel messages, and do detailed readings using the “Bedur Method”, a method my Grandmother taught me that is secret and magical.

And these clients, unrelated to the whole Show Business or MJ stuff, are all feeling it, enjoying it, reconnecting with their twin souls, younger and older people, even elderly women.

I have proven my spiritual truth and skills live on TV.

And that is just the beginning.

I do this type of work since years in private, with discretion and protecting clients privacy. I have given spiritual business consulting advise to business people and done readings, including for business projects, to help bring the soul back into business making as well.

Updates on MJ Situation

I really am trying not to say “I told you so”, but I did.

I remember, that there were some fake agents online trying to confuse all of you and bury me alive and mess with my personal truth, crimes done against me and bully me over it when speaking up and all that.

I remember, certain MJ Fans too I think, from few messages I got, did not understand what I am screaming about throughout the Internet, talking about Michael’s FILM CAREER PLANS, putting RIGHT HERE AND YOUTUBE beginning parts of MY DOCUMENTARY for Michael, his Perspective, and everyone thinking, its not so important.

I am tuned in, I take steps maybe before many of you recognize why. I am ahead of time, because Michael guides me, and sees what they plan against him too.

I remember yelling about Hollywood, telling you to the public fairly unknown things, trying to get you to care, remember, wake up, to the truth of this Show Business and spiritual elements involved in Michael’s situation.

I have been parallel fighting regularly energetic spiritual interference attempts, anger attacks and sleep problems from what they are doing to Michael’s innocent Legacy. It affects me like it would him, because there is an energy remaining on the Earths memory, from Michaels suffering when he was here, and I am tuned in the most to it, so ONE TABLOID DISS ON MICHAEL, and I see it, its like a knife to my heart, like its about me too.

I get angry. Its not true. Michael wasnt gay to begin with. And he was not into little WHITE BOYS. Think about it, and only accusations from AMERICA, nowhere else. Nowhere else did ever any such accusation come from but from THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Think about this point very well.

I am not surprised. They published a fake, criminally fake “Jane Doe” story, after I published this, that is my personal childhood data:

If you look at my blog, articles from years ago, always prior to their moves, and this documentary plan, and the bits and pieces I put out, you will KNOW WHY NOW they entered FILMMAKING as a tool against me, and Michael.

They want to show Michael he does not have a right “to direct films”, and especially also not his partner and Egyptian, female Director Twin Soul. Of course.

When are you going to see this all?

Remember what Michael said. What he endured. And look honestly at what they are doing and understand, that this is a live, current, PRESENT spiritual battle against Michael, because the people who done wrong are being eaten up by their guilt and karma, and know he is present and coming for them.

And the good souls out there and the MJ Fans, feel it in another way, feeling loyal, feeling connected to Michael on all levels, feeling his energy, even, getting spiritual visits because Michael is actively helping as many souls as they want by free will and need his help.

Its about the very LIGHT vs. DARK here in duality, what is happening. Michaels story and energy go way beyond the skin color discussions, he blurred not only the boundaries between “imagined races” (all humans are same race), but he also blurred by now the boundaries between Heaven and Earth, if you look with your heart.

Take the path to Heaven.


Discover your own Twin Soul Magic, your full powers. Be yourself, unite within yourself, be strong. We are all together in this, you are not alone and never will be, and any MJ Fan loyal to Michael and defending Michael is definitely part of the soul family and blessed. Thank you from the bottom of my soul for this, thank you!

If you know Michael well, you know, he cannot be stopped. This is a fact he proven over and over again.

So stay tuned and watch the show, because Michaels innocence will win this battle and I am with him, no matter what, I will fight for Michaels truth like I fight for my own truth and rights. We are a team and I will never be silent or let them damage Michael, his legacy, his pure innocent hard work, his pure heart, his many days thinking about how to help more people, his soft heart and emotional compassion with everyone, including often people who didnt deserve it.

Me too, I feel bad often, silently, for the haters, wishing to see them change and heal and find love in them again.

We will win this battle, with Gods help.

I am very calm as you can see. My anger attacks have healed very far, and that thanks to Michael and many great human beings in my life supporting me in this uniquely difficult journey. I do not let anyone anger me anymore, I sleep well, I am healthy and fit to do good work now. I overcame my “almost death” and survived. My whole suffering is unfiltered online, no faking, no calculating, just like a child speaking up the way it is, moment by moment. So this Twin Soul truth is publicly documented.

They tried doing all this to me in silence, in the dark and hidden from the public, so me and Michael found a way to air the truth on this Blog, to mess up their evil plans.

And now, the good times can begin. I promise you, I will do something great for Michael and I will give all of you also a chance to join for Michael and help, everyone who loves Michael is welcome to join this project.

And, there are also good folks in Hollywood, there are good people and bad people everywhere. And I have great new partners from there who love Michael and respect all I do for him and my skills.

Love & Light,

Susan Elsa

Susan Elsa- 1st Twin Flame Counselor on Television 2019 & Updates on MJ Situation © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Susan Elsa- 1st Twin Flame Counselor on Television 2019 © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official