My Own Resurrection 2019 © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

First of all, I want to thank you all for the interest and support in my Blog. You guys are awesome! And people like you have the potential to see the spiritual truth, no matter what, and are the KEY to heal the World.

THANK YOU, from my Heart and Soul…

I have basically stopped blogging since almost 2 years, due to private reasons I do not want to explain here. I value my privacy and private respect and trust a lot. I know I disappeared on you, unexpected. But I am still alive and well. I have been going through some unique private life circumstances and lost a bit focus, trying to help someone I care about, and with that, a whole people.

Then, my dear friend and soul sister Cormael (Michael Hutchence Twin Soul) recently passed away surprisingly in her sleep. I remember one private phone conversation with her, where she said something about passing in her sleep, that she knew it would someday happen that way. I was shocked by the news, which I got from another close friend of ours. I want to say thank you, Cormael, for your love, support and friendship. I will always remember you, and continue our work to educate the World on Twin Souls and the very essence our all souls are made of, for the benefit of humankind and the spiritual healing this World must continue. Thank you for all your work and dedication, and your trust bringing forth your own story to the World!

But I got so many emails, videos, messages, chat messages all over the place, from caring people who worried about me, reached out to me and wanted to see how I am doing, complimenting me and well, asking for more. More Music, especially.

I haven’t really “started” something, yet! (Music Reference MJ “Wanna Be Startin Something”

As you know, my Music yet has just been a starting baby steps experiment, building a new Genre and Concept based on my own real life and spiritual experiences. I named it “Twin Soul Pop”. By now, due to this Music and Blog the energy was released in 2010, and by now, 2018, the whole Internet is talking about Twin Souls.

That makes me happy, that at least the WORD IS OUT.

A Twin Soul Metamorphosis is not a game, and very, very challenging in today’s World. I am still saying, MOST people who believe, reading about it prior, that some “crush must be THE Twin Soul Half”, is incorrect. Those things should not be taken lightly, its about your original FULL, COMPLETE SOUL, and all aspects coming back together. It involves energies beyond this World, Universal energies, that challenge you spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally.

Many people still do not understand really, what a Twin Soul is. It is not some other person, we are talking about YOUR FULL SOUL, the TWIN within YOU. Those two can never separated and your soul is always a unit, whole, anything that would try to attack this or split it up, is of evil, vampiric sources.

It means, literally, they try splitting your spiritual body up, and that is not a trait of the light and good, divine godly, at all.

God is unity, the devil is separation.

And the only way to that is inside of you. WITHIN YOUR OWN SOUL, MIND AND INNER EFFORTS. First.

And, let me tell you, I am a whole new experiences bundle about challenges, on this World, when being a MERGED, COMPLETED TWIN SOUL.

Imagine it like this: You are human, you are here, you breathe, eat and sleep. Then, you have a whole complex psychological, emotional and spiritual apparatus in you, which can be affected by life experiences alone. Now think about this multiplied and MULTI-DIMENSIONAL. Think about having to, in all ways including physical to the LIMIT, handle the experiences, psychological and spiritual and emotional, of death, ascension, other dimensions and rules, another perception becoming as tangible as physical perception, and THEN, going back into the low frequency and perception of this dimenson/world.

It is almost impossible, and I am certain I am one of the very few on this planet right now, who has experienced this unique perceptional experience, having a healthy brain and above average bodily functions proven by Science.

I promised those Scientists in 2004, that I will activate more of my brain than average is possible or known, and I am certain it is happening. Our brains are made to perceive everything we are, and we are spirit too, not just physical.



In the few months leading up to this event, I have been digesting double experiences, analyzing my own childhood and Michael’s, working still on myself, as usual. I discovered a weak spot in my heart, and reflected on my sometimes very innocent naivety and faith in the good in people, and shocking awakenings and betrayals. I am just like Michael, no matter how well I saw what he went through all his life, and saw the traps he naively tapped into with some people, I am just the same by nature. And I wouldnt want to change, because I see first people innocent, not guilty. I see first the good and that comes from my own view, in me I have only innocent compassion and really, really care about people and to help them.

I then discovered somethin that explained some of my own, and Michael’s family situations, which explained Joe Jackson perfectly: Narcissistic Personality and Behaviour, short NPD.

It helped me in my own healing to realize how I have let people in the past use me, not care at all about me or my well being, and the burnout type situations I experienced from it, and how important it is to shield myself.

Then, Joe passed, in June, like 2 days after Michael’s death date.

This was very personal for me, and I do not want to say too much, as most things I know are just private between him and Michael. But, let me tell you so much:

I was shocked, and couldnt believe it at first. And I worried about his soul’s fate, and his reunion with Michael, what is going to happen. It was, as usual, classy like Michael is, and like God handles those things, and when Joe passed, Michael accompanied him, and Joe saw him in his true spiritual form.

Michael’s love and forgiveness, as his own son, was the key for Joe to be forgiven and ascend to Heaven, and they are together again now, in a completely renewed relationship. I saw Joe happy, with a vibe I never seen on him on Earth, and he looked much younger.

I feel like a big burden is healed, in Michael, and mirroring into my own Soul parallel. Something major…


In the recent two years, I had to digest and overcome a lot. Things the public has no idea about mostly. I am very open and honest, but I do things with purpose and in harmony with Michael. I published heavy spiritual information and was unfiltered. Yes.

But I do not speak of real life private matters, or my family, or Michael’s family, much. That is just how I am.

I also will never publish anything too personal on Michael’s two years on this Earth, his body, his medical situation or what he took or didn’t, or his actual sexual habits, likes or body details, or his Penis size.

That’s our style, with class. Open spiritual teachings, but respect for privacy.

The only thing I talk about, and will keep saying, is that he was 100% heterosexual and only into adult Women, sexually. He is absolutely innocent of those disgusting false accusations.

So, now, in 2018, I am announcing my own Resurrection from those extreme experiences since I was living in Los Angeles and all this went down, including living 8 months with a dangerous poisoning while nodody helped me, but God and his Angels.

I guess, this very unique and challenging Twin Flame Merging took time. I noticed also in the recent months especially, how suddenly my dance skills took a quantum leap. Not only can I do Michael’s exact movements, but I evolved naturally into my own FEMALE TWIN Dance Skills and own Choreo. And nobody will be able to even come close to copying THIS.

And for some funny reason, despite of aging, I look younger. It’s just weird sometimes to me, I even got bullied in a strange way by a woman that is my age, in public, for no reason, because she is bitter and thought I am a TEENAGER.

I was worried for nothing, I guess, about the Twin Flame Mirror Effect, and it doesnt look like my appearance is getting tired or “zombie” like I thought could happen, thank God.

I also am blossoming in my feminine powers and energy, and at the same time, Michael is becoming more visible in me. I look often very different on different photos, check out these new Photos from my official Instagram. I am right now, mostly active on Instagram.









I wish you all a lot of love, healing, compassion in your surroundings, happiness and a lot of light for health!

Stay tuned for more soon.

Love & Light,

Susan Elsa

GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: Some More Priceless Rare Twin Flame Soul Information © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Michael Jackson channeled his own feminine Twin Soul side -Secrets behind the Appearance Mystery © Susan Elsa

Dear Readers

I know, many of you have picked up on the whole Twin Flame Vibration spreading all over this Earth, and the many digital information sources on the Internet are getting louder and louder and increasing in numbers.

I remember, how in early 2010, or in 2007 when I was actually with my Twin Flame in the flesh, nobody seemed to know or talk of this Topic, nobody mentioned this term to me before he did, in Spirit early 2010, ever. We had serious challenges, trying to analyse why we are so differently connected, by my feelings or conditions affect him even physically, and vice versa. He informed me about it, pure and with me being a blank paper about even the term “Twin Soul”, directly after God showed him in Spirit the full Truth, no fake human information or talk.

I am happy about that, that I found out the real, natural way and not through people talking about it and giving false impressions to folks online, by projecting low vibrational earthly relationship information and statements onto the VERY different, and unique, MUTUAL connection a Twin Soul experiences, when the two halves of the same Soul meet, re-fusion into one aurally and energetically, emotionally and mentally, and how profound and other worldly strong and magical this is.

The Topic went viral, in the meantime.

Most of the information seems false, insulting, made up, DEGRADING of the whole very HIGH OVER-SOUL TYPE connection that real Twin Flames actually have. God created this connection as the perfect companion and literal embodiment of God’s love for each soul.

God’s love is eternal.

God doesn’t play games, doesn’t trick you or mislead you. God never rejects you, never. If you go to God, you will never under no circumstances be rejected!

Now, think detached and logical, about the point I am trying to explain, once again, to cleanse away the false infos those Fakes spread online:

If God’s love is eternal, intense, you never get rejected if you reach out, why would it make sense to anyone that a real Twin Soul Counterpart would first of all, run away from you, or you having to chase them, or them chasing you and you do not feel the same?

Why, in God’s name, would a real Twin Flame Connection be about God guiding you into earthly contact, when BOTH AREN’T EVEN READY for such a divine, supernatural connection affecting your very SELF in your Soul, and then it all just being for him/her rejecting you, running away, wanting to be with someone else in front of your eyes, leaving you to sleep with someone else and all this NEGATIVE, non related earthly, human, non spiritual stuff?

Don’t let those fakes who filled the Internet by now degrade the whole THINKING you have about Twin Souls, it ain’t true what they saying, and your real Twin Soul would always feel AUTOMATICALLY, like a spiritual mirror, each feeling you feel, and his/her feelings you would feel too, no guessing ever, its different than with people who ain’t your SOUL.

That is the point, another soul can know you, can have met you in past lives or spiritual dimensions, can be a soul mate or soul family, or karmic soul mate with unresolved lessons to complete. Strong and spiritual connections exist as a general, basic form of spiritual world’s communication style, it goes deeper than human earthly superficial sounds we make with our tongue and mouth and all that – think about how you communicate and telepathically feel the person you interact with, in DREAMS perception!

So, the whole MAIN point here is, another person/soul can know you, but can never know everything about you. It can never be you. Another soul can never be precisely you, take your energy, lets say, like people on Earth take Animals bodies and skins/fur and wear it. Those things don’t exist in HIGHER spiritual realms.

Another soul is never totally like you, but in parts only, like soul mates/soul family members of the same soul group.

The only One that is totally like you, knows you like they know themselves and always feels like, he/she is you, and you are him/her, that is a Twin Soul Counterpart of the SAME SOUL, and you feel it, know it, get proof on it by interacting with a real Twin Soul, and you can SEE IT too, and OTHERS CAN SEE IT TOO.

Michael Jackson channeled his own feminine Twin Soul side -Secrets behind the Appearance Mystery © Susan Elsa
Michael Jackson channeled his own feminine Twin Soul side -Secrets behind the Appearance Mystery © Susan Elsa
The Chinese Legend of the Red Thread of Fate - 双灵魂 - © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
The Chinese Legend of the Red Thread of Fate – 双灵魂 – © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
About the Magic of Being ONE and the Personal Universe © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
About the Magic of Being ONE and the Personal Universe © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
The Michael Jackson Metamorphosis Story: Merging with his Twin Soul Counterpart *Real Magic Article* © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
The Michael Jackson Metamorphosis Story: Merging with his Twin Soul Counterpart *Real Magic Article* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


Early Childhood Facial Proportions Compared Natural © Susan Elsa- Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Early Childhood Facial Proportions Compared Natural © Susan Elsa- Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jacksons Dancing the Dream and the Two Birds Hint- The Twin Flame Singer © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Susan Elsa Personal Data
Michael Jacksons Dancing the Dream and the Two Birds Hint- The Twin Flame Singer © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Susan Elsa Personal Data
Michael Jacksons Nose Mystery and Twin Flame Appearance Merging - Natural Nose before Surgeries and 1982 © Susan Elsa-Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jacksons Nose Mystery and Twin Flame Appearance Merging – Natural Nose before Surgeries and 1982 © Susan Elsa-Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Mystery Beyond Michael Jacksons Nose- Twin Souls Merging Metamorphosis Information Official © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Mystery Beyond Michael Jacksons Nose- Twin Souls Merging Metamorphosis Information Official © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson Nose and Appearance Changes Spiritual Facts Behind - TWIN SOULS MERGING TRUTH © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson Nose and Appearance Changes Spiritual Facts Behind – TWIN SOULS MERGING TRUTH © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

The real merging process of a Twin Flame, a real reunion and MERGING triggered, will be provable and seen – because THAT is how strong God is and made things clear!

Normal is, if you have been misled by those Fake Infos online, to be confused, to wonder what is true, to THINK for yourself on it and feel the truth that adds up and always makes sense with real Twin Flames. To learn. To grow. To be open minded and RECOGNISE the truth you already KNOW INSIDE YOUR SOUL, which I am telling you and your soul directly like this.

Not normal is, when people attack and want to attack the Messenger, here me, to keep lying to themselves and reject hearing anything but what they fixated on, heard and learned by other human beings, and then project something earthly and desires and fantasies onto a person that rejects them and has ANOTHER relationship. It is not normal to be one sided in your mind and not able to RECOGNISE this truth when you see and hear it, it reveals your actual stage in this Twin Flame process and that, when you think that way, your Twin I assume cannot be incarnated right now, as you show clear signs of being far from ready for such SELF REALISATIONS.

I want to also be clear here, that those weird “exercises” I saw sometimes in Facebook Groups and such, for “working on your Twin Flame and attracting them”, and then projecting it onto a Guy or Girl you know and have a crush on, which is in ANOTHER RELATIONSHIP by their free will and does not wish further contact with you, that is already being with one foot in the BLACK MAGIC energy sector, so be careful of those people who pretend and spread illogical, degrading false Twin Flame Information online – they ain’t in a good place spiritually to be having decided by free will to become a tool for Evil and taking action PUBLISHING and spreading false harming infos.

Imagine what that does, to your SELF and energy, if you put your mind on false beliefs which are lowering your Twin Flame Connection and Energy!

The Devil, to be simple, is the element that is trying to interfere, confuse, lie and SEPARATE and keep separate Twin Flame Consciousness, because once it reconnects, there is a divine spark that activates a real godly Magician power in you, its so strong, and all those low earthly “Power players” lose their power over you and in your presence, you have power over them – so, many have a clear historic interest in misleading as this Consciousness rises again on the Planet for everyone to remember.

Think about that, think about the Romans, the Church institutions and all those political powers and history books manipulators, they put in a lot of work in the past 2000 years to censor the Twin Flame Knowledge, and they are attuned to the spiritual archetype forces which challenge and interfere with Twin Flames, and definitely not interested in airing this truth big around the World.

This why we fight, and we are the PERFECT Twin Soul to achieve that, breaking through their walls of censorship.

Due to the spiritual power we have, backed up by God, and many other real Twin Flames in Spirit and very few on Earth but powerful, they were not able to censor this truth from rising, so they counter it now by lying about it instead. First they attempted to CENSOR, now counter it with FALSE DIS-POWERING INFORMATION so you never get to that real Twin Flame EMPOWERMENT.

SUSAN AND MICHAEL TWIN SOUL COUPLE © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
SUSAN AND MICHAEL TWIN SOUL COUPLE © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


You wanna talk about real symptoms and signs, that people really met their Twin or their Twin is even incarnated somewhere?

As many of you already know, my dear Readers, I ain’t about faking or acting, except in an artistic project maybe, but I say things direct, honest and unfiltered. I am definitely the most unfiltered and honest voice out there, when it comes to Twin Flame Information, and one of the first who, together with Michael that worked hard to prepare this revelation all, have OPENED THE DOOR to the people’s mass consciousness to trigger the re-membering process of all this spiritual truth, in every person on the Planet.

When I spoke on Skype with Mr Gary Duncan, he asked me many questions and had said, that most people don’t even mention seeing other dimensions and that real Twin Souls see a glimpse of Heaven/other Dimensions when really connected and such.

It’s true, if you look around, you can detect the major false information sources if they miss the whole other dimensions, what happens after passing, that through the twin flame connection they saw “other dimensions,worlds” and such – everything that is higher of spiritual nature is missing, as they focus on low earthly topics, and dont know actually what a Twin Soul is, like this Mel Brand and Nicole Hibbs!

See, those people literally “rape” into divine guided awakening processes, throw themselves into the line and lie to you, they think its okay to make money and have something to do in their lives, but in spiritual laws it is a crime and causes them extreme karma. This aint a one person situation, this is about THE WORLD and its condition and healing, and the Twin Flame awakening happened now for a reason and a bigger mission!

Also, I never see anyone speak of seeing others Twin Soul or know of them having reunited, about loved Ones, friends, anyone they know else who actually died and ascended into that space and was able to communicate from Spirit.

But, if you ARE in an activated, aware communication with your Twin Flame in Spirit, or if your Twin Flame is even incarnated now at the same time, and if you especially met in the flesh – you will automatically be already psychic, more evolved naturally since birth spiritually, more intuitive, all those things will be basic to you I am explaining here and not hard to understand.

You will be able to generally see into Spirit, and communicate more clear, NOT JUST with your “Twin Soul” only!

The connection, if real, itself, opens literally the Gates to Heaven to you, even if you aren’t there yet physically, but if your Twin Flame is in Spirit, and they are in Heaven, and you really communicate, not only will he/she be able to show you things of higher nature, but actually TAKE YOU THERE in astral travel, while your physical body sleeps.

In fact, that should be happening while you both are incarnated on this Planet anyways, if you met or not doesn’t make a difference! The Soul will always seek at night, its other half, and wander the astral realms around this Planet to look for it, if it’s incarnated. The Soul will know inside, about such fact and such experiences will be normal for anyone who is a DOUBLE INCARNATED FULL TWIN FLAME ON EARTH.

Michael Jackson channeled his own feminine Twin Soul side -Secrets behind the Appearance Mystery © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson channeled his own feminine Twin Soul side -Secrets behind the Appearance Mystery © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

And, where is the mention of all the OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCES, that real Twin Flames experience, if you say your Twin Flame is someone incarnated you know, what about all the years since birth, where are the ASTRAL TRAVELS TO EACH OTHER AND OBE’s?

Your inner Child: The inner Child and how it heals, the things you went though in Childhood, your very basic soul’s innocence energy, all that will be in the Focus if you have a real Twin Flame Reunion happening, as if the inner Child heals automatically at the very connecting and reuniting with your other Half of your Soul and becoming COMPLETE IN SPIRITUAL ENERGY.

Your sensitivities will also increase: You will be very fine tuned and compared to earlier in life before a reunion, not able to handle negative lower energies as well. You will feel and perceive it, even see it streaming towards you, and feel the harshness and truth of what it is and does aware much more, and have more intense reactions to it. You need to shield your Aura REGULARLY when you have a Twin Flame Merging going on, due to your Consciousness ascending, from lower, harsh, attacking type energies.

Put for that a strong, bright light DOME around you and your FULL SOUL, imagine, whoever it is for you and do not project, your full soul in male and female protected and shielded in a LIGHT DOME. The Light Dome can have mirrors outside of it, and reflect all negative energy from other’s thrown at you, back to them.

What they have in them, is for them to work out, not you.

Do not take on other people’s energetic burdens, karmic problems and inner blockages and issues – stay in your space and in fact, cut reading all online information and “teachings” by all those strangers who claim to be telling you the truth “about Twin Flames”, and isolate yourself to REALLY go into a personal, direct spiritual focus and ask God, ask the Angels, ask your OVER SOUL DIRECTLY, which includes your Twin Soul wherever they are, and listen to YOUR INNER VOICE CONNECTED TO GOD AS A GUIDANCE.

Try to really make the experience yourself and find out the truth yourself. Anything else isn’t detected by the Soul, as the Druids knew, you cannot transfer your EXPERIENCE to another, by talking or teaching. You can only GUIDE THEM, but the EXPERIENCE ITSELF a student has to make themselves in order to REALLY LEARN AND GET THE LESSON, the inner realisation and knowledge with certainty.

I wish you all a wonderful Day and that you think of these things and reflect, alone and pure, between you and God/Spirit, on your individual soul truth, and learn to listen to the inner flow of information without external interruptions.

Much Love & Light,

Your Susan Elsa © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official




The mysterious Sound-Eye of ancient Egypt and its Meaning © Susan Elsa – ArchangelMichael777 Blog –

Eye in the Sky - Picture taken by Kien Do an 14th April (Susan Elsa Birthday) - Special ancient Egypt article on ARCHANGELMICHAEL777 Blog

Dear Readers

As a continued article to our previous one, connecting very ancient dots in world history and spiritual truth, here is something small but important to talk about in more details: The Sound-Eye.

What is it, and what does Science and History know about it?

The commonly used term “wedjat” for the Horus eye meant “the sound Eye” and so refers to it after its magic restoration. 

Original Source Link:

There is a lot of strange stuff that comes to mind, when thinking about how modern human beings have tried to find out the secrets of such ancient technology and civilisation, yet mainly hidden and in secret, and for abusive means.

As a good example here many people might never have heard about: Hitler and the Nazis were trying to invent a “Sound Weapon”, using the ideas behind Atlantis/Ancient Egypt to come up with the starting thought and idea of this to begin with. That of course, did not work, luckily, and that is also due to a higher spiritual protection of such energies, which cannot be reproduced nowadays anymore coupled with technology, to avoid damage of the Planet and further harm to humanity.

It’s a time of healing, now.

Lets go back to the Eye of Horus and what it meant when described or visually drafted as the “sound eye”. First of all, it means, healthy eye, the good eye, the magical eye. The “recovered, resurrected eye”, as you know, in ancient Egyptian terminology and language, visual and written, and spoken, there were usually to such important figures MANY names and titles, descriptive in nature similar to how native Indian Americans give descriptive Names.

But the sound part can here be taken literal as well.

I told you, theoretically, it is possible to move material, to move objects, with sound. There is a technology behind this, which does work and is known to many degrees nowadays to science, like the power of a sound wave if focused, but the full knowledge ain’t back yet until humanity is ready.

With this sound technique, we used to also cast spells and charge items, by singing and Music, using sound as a carrier of energy.

The same goes for thought and emotion, as in spiritual energy. If you focus it, you manifest things. If you focus sound, you affect the material world, and in fact, the whole Universe is made up of sound and vibration, even in higher dimensions, sound and music becomes even more important than we can imagine on Earth!

Everything in higher dimensions is made of sound vibrating particles as well, I seen mountains that “sounded” in those dimensions, shown by Michael to me, and it was physically manifested, but still like literally made of sound and vibration somehow, and this mountain was singing it seemed, giving off a sound vibration.

Now, think again about this atlantean vision with ethereal and spiritual life forms intertwined and “bridged” to the physical life forms on Earth.

Here is a very funny “Eye in the Sky” Picture taken by Kien Do on my literal Birthday, 14th April 2015, that I found by visuals as an example for describing here the “sound eye”:

Eye in the Sky - Picture taken by Kien Do on 14th April (Susan Elsa Birthday) - Special ancient Egypt Article on ARCHANGELMICHAEL777 Blog
Eye in the Sky – Picture taken by Kien Do on 14th April (Susan Elsa Birthday) – Special ancient Egypt Article on ARCHANGELMICHAEL777 Blog

Original Source Link:

See, I am a different type of “Egyptologist”, one that remembers a past life there and therefore knowledge, original information and teachings so as to easily connect the dots today, and fill in the gaps that modern Egyptologists have regarding the meaning and spiritual knowledge elements of the ancient Egyptians.

The Eye of Horus, now speaking symbolically about the spiritual teachings not personal situations, means in its completion the “merged unit of Osiris and Isis” spiritually. Meaning, a “merged Twin Soul”, which then is able to create, on Earth and in spiritual Dimensions.

So, if we are talking about, as the above documentary tells, a “star falling” or “the sound eye” falling, then we are talking about original divine Twin Flames and how the first interference disrupted everything, just like in the original ancient Egyptian stories. Be careful though, a lot is written and talked about regarding that, and most of it is false information written by white People mocking Egypt and Africa’s History or trying to claim it as “their own” and “white wash it” with nonsense information only amateurs can come up with about ancient Egyptian Secret Spiritual and Magic Knowledge.

We aint in Lego Land here, trying to “guess” the Universe!

Here is some more, an Excerpt from a Page analysing the Eye of Horus in mathematical ways:

This so completed Eye had great symbolic importance.  It provided protection in amulets; it guided boats that carried it on their bow; pairs of it painted on coffins allowed the deceased to see in the afterlife; its damage and healing reflected the waning and waxing of the moon; and it stood also for the religious act of offering as well as for an offering itself3.

Original Source:

Point is, if you think of the Eye of Horus, being the mixed two Eyes into ONE BIG MAGICAL EYE, united sight, united knowledge and powers, of Isis Eye and Osiris Eye, as in symbolic of a half of a Twin Soul merging with the other half of the same Twin Soul into one powerful Over-Soul, becoming AWARE AND SEEING – then you begin to understand here original, factual ancient Egyptian Knowledge on Twin Flames Origins and magical potential, in tune with God’s will and the Universe.

What on the other hand, jealous, evil Set did, was against God’s will and the Universe.

As long as we live on this dualistic World and Planet here, there will always be good and bad because of free will choices.

Regarding the sound, and Music which is also sound, and human singing, which is a very strong, charged spiritual sound we can produce on Earth, those are all different sounds and vibrations.

In ancient Egyptian temples, there were for Entertainment purposes but also in sacred ceremonies rituals using Music and Sound, Performance and Singing, timed to Moon phases and Solar Geography, as if sound and Music is purposely connected to the Moon/Sun energies and Nature to charge it more and cast a real powerful, natural spell.

We will show you more on that one, soon. 🙂


Here comes something you might find funny at first, but ask any Mathematician and they will confirm to you, that indeed, Math can calculate the vibration in the Universe in the clearest most organised and factual ways.

Important Excerpt:

“The common unit of volume, used for measuring amounts of grain or flour, was the hekat, approximately equal to 4.8 litres or just over a [British] gallon. (…)  

For smaller amounts, the hekat could be progressively halved to give /2, /4, /8, /16, /32, and /64 fractions. (…) [These ] are known as the Horus-eye fractions, because they were written with distinctive signs that resemble the parts of the eye of the falcon- headed god Horus, known as the wedjat-eye

This is the point. Remember the traditions I have written in previous articles about, regarding the “Bread Man” as a symbol of Osiris, and a holiday feast similar to Eastern, being celebrated a long time ago by the ancient Egyptians?

Let me ring a bell here that “sounds” into modern general knowledge: How about the traditional Gingerbread Man, or Dough Man, made for Christmas?

Recommended Gingerbread Man Recipe by Beach Body on Demand (Proteins)
Recommended Gingerbread Man Recipe by Beach Body on Demand (Proteins)

Original Source for healthy Recipe:

Now let me find again some link with more information and confirmation for you, dear Readers, on the ancient Egyptian Traditions of the “Osiris Bread Man”, which was traditionally re-enacted through the Story of Osiris and Isis, and Set, so they would cut it in 13 pieces and spread, looking for each part, like Isis once did, and re-membering the whole. Then they would celebrate Osiris reign and pay respect, and eat the Gingerbread Man as a form of Vegetarianism taught to the people of Egypt by Osiris Un-Nefer. He was the King that stopped Cannibalism and meat-eating habits, and introduced bread making and the wheats and herbs for it, and how to make it, together with Isis. (That was me, by the way, thats how I know all this)

You can see now already, that whole World history in how we perceive it, feel things and how we communicate it to next generations is similar and connected all over the World. Even in China, they know since ages of the Soulmate concept and everywhere the same root, primeval knowledge is still stored in each human being’s and animal’s soul, as we live in Nature, and we are connected to our surroundings.

And, the Universal dimensions are connected to the earthly dimension, as everything is connected in the Universe’s limitless energy field. As in the celestial, universal, so on Earth, was the main focus and motto of the ancient Egyptians, and everything even mathematical, or measurements of bread content, was calculated using spiritual knowledge, it is a form of spiritual math ( applying the mathematical logical of the Universe onto resonating, parallel buildings, temples, and more similar to “Feng Shui” concepts), which does not exist anymore today – but, it could be revived. I would be happy to see that happen, and actually have a very good friend which is Mathematician, so let’s see what can be done to inspire this.

I will leave you with this portion of information now to reflect on and meditate. Try to tune into your spiritual, finer mind and perspective, to see the memory of this universal truth I described.

Use also your words wisely, and speak in a good vibration. The time has come, no matter what, to ignore the dark and heavy, the jealousy and the disturbances, and focus concentrated spiritual light, and love energy, to animate others to do the same.

If we, as humanity, join into this in masses, it will automatically rise the vibration of the Planet back to its original, healthy state, and you cannot even imagine how healthy Nature will be around us again and blossom.

Please read the previous article to understand what I mean with this, here:



THE MOON & ITS EFFECT ON PEOPLE AND SLEEP/DREAMS *Special Dreams Analysis Article* © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
THE MOON & ITS EFFECT ON PEOPLE AND SLEEP/DREAMS *Special Dreams Analysis Article* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

THE MOON & ITS EFFECT ON PEOPLE AND SLEEP/DREAMS *Special Dreams Analysis Article* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official



The Shen Ring of ancient Egypt at the Centre of the Sunny Beach in a Dream © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
The Shen Ring of ancient Egypt at the Centre of the Sunny Beach in a Dream © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

REMEMBERING ATLANTIS – ANCIENT EGYPT: Major Past Life and Spiritual Memory Surge * Article * © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


If you think about today’s Pop Music also, you can see clearly that the Industry learned from this knowledge, or at least, tried to grasp and reproduce it for their own interest in dark directions. This is why it never works, as powerful and bright, like when Michael Jackson did it, because he used original, ancient Egyptian knowledge and used it for the direction of light, not the dark.

It is no surprise, that Songs and Music also have such power still today, and can literally connect two people. Music can do that, and when a lover sings a heart felt song to his loved One, then that vibration can also connect deeper, create real Magic and even heal hearts.

More on this soon. Wishing you all a wonderful Weekend with lots of Enlightenment!

Love & Light,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit ©