The Blue ArchangelMichael777 Bath Orb *Exclusive Secret Recipe* ® Mystery Garden Brand Products

The Blue ArchangelMichael777 Bath Orb *Exclusive Secret Recipe* ® Mystery Garden Brand Products

Dear World

We are nearing the 10 year (!) Anniversary of the ROSE FLAME Energy Heart Chakra transfer Michael did on Easter Friday, 4th April 2010, and about which I even channeled a Pop Song later in 2010, named “The Rose Flame 888”.

We are in general right now, in the 10 year anniversary phase, those special weeks described in my Book “Archangel Michael’s Wedding”. (Amazon, Barnes & Noble Digital Edition)

Now, let us look back at few points before I get into this very special article, I call it, the new “Active Articles” on ArchangelMichael777.

Active Spirituality, we have not gotten much into yet, dear Readers. You have heard and read things, but not tried and experienced them yourself yet. 2020 will be a very special year.

ORIGINAL MARCH 2010 ARCHANGEL MICHAEL ORB PICTURE SUSAN ELSA © Right after Michael´s Return to me in Spirit at a Waterfront Hotel in Venice, Italy

How Michael Jackson’s Spiritual Return in 2010 Began © 2010

Take a good look at the above, origial Photo from 4th March 2010, showing the so-called “Angel Orbs” all around me and me looking at someone invisible. My Dad caught the Photo, not aware of anything. I was in Venice, Italy, as you can see.

This was the start of me seeing Michael, hearing Michael, feeling and touching Michael, in Spirit. I was taken off-guard, to be honest, back then, and I was floating on a “Majestic Blue Cloud” you could say, for months, in that time then, like, walking between Heaven & Earth.

Please watch the following Video by Diana Cooper to learn more about ORBS:

I love Diana Cooper, she is like the British Version of my Grandmother, her face and energy I mean remind me of my beloved Grandmother Bedur. And, Diana put my Archangel Michael Jackson Dream from 2004 in her Book “777 Real Angel Stories”.

After I was back from Venice and Modena (North Italy) in March 2010, I was home, still confused, and thinking Michael is just there to watch over me, in Spirit, to protect me and just, be there. I did not see coming what happened then.

I mean, the Man was in SPIRIT!

I found myself suddenly channeling, dance moves I could never do before or did, my style as a lifelong singer began to adjust somehow, be in a strange new flow that makes me be able to channel songs, no pen no paper rhyme, in English, directly into the Microphone, in English. And German/Arabic are my mother tongues/languages.

ONE LOVE (Spiritual Channeled Raw Pop Birth)

14th April 2010 by Susan Elsa 

This came through Michael, it wasn’t a finished, commercial production. It was a sharing, a publishing of a whole new honest concept.Raw, channeled spiritually, between TWIN SOULS, me and Michael, honest, direct, no editing, no faking, no fake stuff to create something new AGAINST the fakeness of the Music Business.

I just found myself opening the Mic as he said,a after he would tell me very fast like channeled physical guidance, how to make the MUSICAL CONSTRUCT OF A SONG (Composition), he would come into my head somehow telepathically and just channel words through my mouth and I would try to keep up, and out would come a real Song with meaning, spiritual Meaning. And all that, suddenly new in English, without any thinking on my side.

We had a pure intent and plan, before the huge ongoing interferences then later that have lasted until today.

Because Michael had recorded his Song from Thriller, named “The Girl is Mine”, literally on my Birthday on 14th April 1982, he reminded me of that and wanted me to publish this channeled raw song ON my own Birthday, to birth “Twin Soul Pop” we were building, energetically.

ONE LOVE (Spiritual Pop Debut 777) © Released as BABY STEPS of a New Genre Concept on Susan Elsa´s personal Birthday (April 14th 2010)
ONE LOVE (Spiritual Pop Debut 777) © Released as BABY STEPS of a New Genre Concept on Susan Elsa´s personal Birthday (April 14th 2010)

I held my MJ Hat for the energy, like another face becomes visible under the Hat being removed. Freestyle, Live, Channeled (Spiritual Term)

After that, I began right away to work on the widely debated “Archangel Michael – Secrets of Heaven 777” Album, which was hacked, interfered with, attacked, before it was even published in an emergecy release on 13th July 2010, guided by Michael to protect the raw concept and demos and energy, belonging to me, Michael, our soul and my Company. More on that though, later, dear Readers.


As you see, we are evolving. Meaning, all of us, and we are here on Earth to do exactly that. Now, a while ago, as I am preparing things related to public demand from people knowing me and my work from a live Swiss TV Show, my dear friend and spiritual sister Danielle Nova surprised me with a great concept that fit to my own Vision and hers at the same time.

I do not and cannot make everything myself, but I did make some things on the TV Show, serious ancient Egyptian magic spells, that worked, for strangers who saw me on TV and called me with certain wishes.

Elsa Individual Ancient Egyptian Energy Magic Amulets charged in Egypt (Pyramids) Swiss TV Show Original Product 2019 © Susan Elsa - Mystery Garden Productions Property 2010-2019
Elsa Individual Ancient Egyptian Energy Magic Amulets charged in Egypt (Pyramids) Swiss TV Show Original Product 2019 © Susan Elsa – Mystery Garden Productions Property 2010-2019

Yeah, I haven’t told much about that, because I simply silently went in there, teaching about Twin Flame Souls, and Magic, Ancient Egypt, Energy, Aura and Chakras, doing live energy transfer on TV to the people calling in, and some actually send messages into the live shows saying they felt it “very intense, fell backwards onto beds/couches” and such. It’s public data, so, gotcha. (For the doubters, lol, that was just a starting breathe…)

Michael was behind me the whole time, active, but I just never said his name out loud, on this TV Show in Switzerland.

Susan Elsa - Live on Swiss TV 2019 © Susan Elsa TwinFlame Soul Expert- Mystery Garden Productions 2010-2020
Susan Elsa – Live on Swiss TV 2019 © Susan Elsa TwinFlame Soul Expert- Mystery Garden Productions 2010-2020

So, Danielle called me and asked me what she should do, since she had come up with this beautiful idea we can partner in, to make “The 7 Archangels Bath Bombs”, and so we did.

We talked on the phone and she took a paper and pen and began asking me step by step, to which Archangel which gem stone and which essential, natural oils fit. This is insight into some serious witch recipe, spiritual magical, natural “energy alchemy” process and knowledge I got.

As we were on the phone, no big deal but just saying as usual fully open and honest: I felt very precisely, how some people were listening into our conversation and Danielle heard a “click noise” on her end. I joked about it, we kept going and focused. Then, I told her, and I never did that before:

“Hey, let me switch to real phone call, not Whatsapp, as we are talking Business details and my Witch Recipes stuff”. We hung up on WhatsApp, and I called her from Switzerland to New York on the Phone to continue.

It was fun, like a digital spiritual science lab discussion, me the teacher, her the student taking notes, to add into her original bath bombs idea, for REAL energy.

We don’t do fake around here.

Now, after musically, in writing, talking, and hosting even “TV Spiritual Seminars Live”, I would like to open this door to all of you in these challenging times. It is always good, and healthy, to take care of your AURA and ENERGY BODY as well, it is the secret on how to stay young as long as possible, and have more energy, balance and health on all levels, in combination with a healthy mind and body, healthy natural foods, lots of water, and so forth. Its a whole Science of course, and here I call that like the ancient Egyptians “Spiritual Science”.

Danielle, being creative and talented with her hands, intuitive and a nurse, then went right at it making the first blue Archangel Michael Bath “Orbs”, with a chosen Gem Stone inside in two Versions 1) Gentle Blue (Cheaper) and Majestic Blue (Luxury Version with a more expensive Gem Stone) and Essential Oils, of course for Women and Men’s tastes © More on that soon and in our Etsy Shop (Digital Store)

Mystery Garden Unique Handmade Energy Aura Products - ARCHANGEL BATH BOMBS SPIRITUAL ALCHEMY WITH GEM STONES AND OILS © Property of Mystery Garden Productions
Mystery Garden Unique Handmade Energy Aura Products – ARCHANGEL BATH BOMBS SPIRITUAL ALCHEMY WITH GEM STONES AND OILS © Property of Mystery Garden Productions
The Blue ArchangelMichael777 Bath Orb *Exclusive Secret Recipe* ® Mystery Garden Brand Products
The Blue ArchangelMichael777 Bath Orb *Exclusive Secret Recipe* ® Mystery Garden Brand Products
Danielle Nova - The Spiritual Nurse (Original Title) © Danielle Nova - MGP Publishing March 2020
Danielle Nova – The Spiritual Nurse (Original Title) © Danielle Nova – MGP Publishing March 2020

For the dear readers here who have read my Book before, “Archangel Michael’s Wedding”, you know that there was a very special Bathing situation right before the magical moment I describe regarding me and Michael, after he was in Spirit in, a Moment that took place in April 2010.

Mystery TwinEye Store on ETSY:


✨🛒✨ Order directly  🌐

In 2011, when I was starting this Blog, I made the following simple meditation Video, 11 Minutes with Archangel Michael for a particular Energy. You can try it together with the Blue Archangel Michael Bath Orb. We are always very happy about feedback, as we want to create over time the best spiritual products for everyone ever.

These things are not thought of or “calculated”, we let spirit and the Angels guide us, intuition and the very connection to Mother Earth. So, this is a beautiful, perfectly fitting product for all of you to enjoy at home, while bathing and reading and educating yourself, while staying clean and good smelling.

Much Love & Light,

Susan Elsa ✨💕🎶✨

Danielle Nova Specials – Introduction Article Series © ArchangelMichael777

Danielle Nova - Spiritual Counselor & Nurse © TWIN EYE Spiritual Consulting 2020
Danielle Nova - Spiritual Counselor & Nurse © TWIN EYE Spiritual Consulting 2020
Danielle Nova Specials – Introduction Article Series © ArchangelMichael777

Dear Readers

This is an introduction article that is written by me, but more about my friend Danielle, that will be writing the Article Series herself on this Blog exclusively for you, dear Readers.

She will be sharing a lot of wisdom, her own Twin Flame experiences and healing experiences, insights, stuff about her psychic journey, and I have taught her on Webcam my Grandmother’s secret method of reading with Bridge Cards the Past, Present & Future.

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Danielle Nova is now available for Webcam session/ phone call appointments and written readings at TWIN EYE Spiritual Consulting. About Danielle Nova: Danielle is originally a nurse from New York and a spiritual Healer. She is specialized in Twin Flame readings and counseling, general energy readings, the Bedur Method, spiritual coaching and can make for you special individual bath essences at inquiry. Email us for an appointment & prices with Danielle Nova at: Love and Light TWIN EYE Spiritual Consulting Team #twineyemysteryschools #twinflamespower #truelovematters #twinsoultruth #twinsoulmetamorphosis #twineyeconsulting #twinflamescounseling #twinsoulhealing #daniellenova #twinflameexpert #nyc #nycspiritualnurse

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Well, Danielle is a nurse in New York.

I know, not an easy situation and job to be in right now.

A few years back, she contacted me online, reading my blog and seeing my videos, on Michael Jackson. We quickly became friends, and I have seen proof that she is a very evolved, unique and very strong soul.

Let her best introduce herself by watching her latest video about the Corona virus situation, from a spiritual perspective:

I watched it as well, it is a very good message.

Healing is definitely one of her main missions, and in the coming articles you will find out more about her story and get some good guidance for the current situation, from the spiritual Nurse.

Danielle is writing a Book, and she has wanted to move away from the Medical Field in a while, not because she doesn’t care, she cares a lot. But because the system is not functioning properly. She has spoken out since months, and had a vision I witnessed myself which now is needed to come into action more than ever.

The things happening right now do not only have to do with physical reality, but the spiritual as well. Everything is connected, body, mind and spirit. Our behaviour as human beings has caused this situation.

And we are called to wake up and change, now.

Take a look at this good read


Could the coronavirus actually be saving lives in some parts of the world because of reduced pollution?

Satellite images show less pollution over the US as coronavirus shuts down public places

Isn’t that interesting?

How dangerous do you think it would be when it is too late of a condition, the ongoing pollution and behaving in ways destroying nature instead of keeping things healthy in “our home”?

Now that many of us are home and doing home office or just staying home, take this time to meditate on these questions and try to relax your mind, relax your hearts and have hope.

Much Love & Light,

Susan Elsa 🎶

Lion Foot Protection Mix (Spiritual Incense Product) © Susan Elsa 2019 – MJ TwinFlame Soul Official Blog

Lion Foot Protection Mix (Incense) © Susan Elsa /Mystery Garden Productions 2019

Dear Readers

Today, I am having something very, very special for you.

Most of you just know me as a Blogger from the recent years, if you know me from the Internet. But, of course, I am also a real person and a lot of the things I have been writing about and teaching about here on this Blog, come from real life experiences.

Some things, I can talk about, but if anyone wants to more actively work on themselves and grow, talking is not enough.

So, for 2020 and these important times, we move more into active spirituality now.

As my regular readers might remember, I have shared recently with you, the World, that I am here in a smaller way locally, in Switzerland, working on live TV, doing Twin Flame Counseling and active energy transfer, rituals and more. It has been a dream first year on TV, I never thought I can be good at hosting live TV in any way.

But I guess I am, having gotten an over 90% positive feedback and in fact, extremely exceptional type of feedback often.

It was a pure coincidence how I got there, because a friend of mine kept asking me for over 10 years, to do such a thing, more publicly. I have been doing spiritual consulting and spiritual business consulting since long over 10 years, but discreet and private, not on TV.

I have blogged here, due to also being pushed by Michael and interferences, to protect our data and the very spiritual sacred information we are bringing back, our spiritual work, but, a Blog is not live Television.

No faking possible.

I proved my skills on TV, for a year now, and helped many people with their twin flame situations or general spiritual questions and life situations.

There is a lot going on right now, and I am here and will update you very soon on the current projects and other TV show projects.

Lion Foot Protection Mix (Spiritual Incense Product) © Susan Elsa 2019

I want to bring you a little back in time to remind you of something I spoke of years ago, which my Grandmother Bedur taught me.

Its actually a link with my original text from 2011 or so, reposted by Gavin:


Thank you Bast and Susan!
*** gavin


Dear beloved Souls of the Human Race,

I am here to send you a Message, as a representative of all Cats, naturally, as well as all other Animals and Animal Spirits.

A while ago, we used to live closer together with the Human Race. We would not only be Pets and Farm Animals, performing physical work, but also in a clearer empathic communication. For us, nothing changed.

Since the most ancient Times of this Planet you inhabit at the Moment, we have heard your Thoughts as well as felt your Hearts. This is one of the main reasons why your Media always represents so-called “Witches”, always having a cat around. Of course, I must say all these stories are twisted and do not represent the original Truth. Spiritual People in general, would keep Cats around as a form of a spiritual Security System, because Cats DO NOT HAVE THE VEIL IN BETWEEN- THEY SEE LIFE AND EVERY BEING, GOOD AND BAD IN THE OTHER DIMENSIONS. They can warn their beloved Human, of any approaching Danger/Negativity and more.

This is fun, for me, to be speaking to you, I haven’t spoken to you this direct for a very long time. I am fear-less, and sometimes I do like to provoke to challenge you, in productive, fun ways. As one of the very, very few if not only Pet of all Animals, who usually are kept inside the Homes of Human Beings today, I have kept my independence, did you notice?

Special Doors and Stairways of Wood are made for Cats. They go in and out, however they like. Often, when you feel sad, your Cat comes up to you, cuddling you until you feel better. Other times, Cats don’t like to be touched nor played with and want to be left alone, and they get what they want. Most other Animals, are kept on a Leash or in a Cage, which brings me to the next important Point I would like to mention:

Always make sure to treat your Pet right. If it has to be a cage, make it a big one. If it has to be a leash, hold it gently. It is clear, that the way the World works right now, Animals are definitely more in danger, if you would let them free. Around the corner, a car might hit them, in the same time polluting the air parallel as well. The Animals don’t mind, if you keep them in a controlled space, most Human Beings are lovely to their Pets and REALLY love them deeply. Your Animal feels that and knows that, without speaking your verbal Language.

When it comes to the Wild Animals, outdoors and free, well, they aren’t so free at the Moment. When Human Beings create Technology, which is bad for their Health, and pollution, which is bad for their Health, it is naturally also bad for our Health. But compared to Humans, Animals do not go to a Doctor to have CHEMICAL MEDICINE prescribed. We endure it and suffer heavily, when Nature gets slowly “poisoned”.

Everything on the Planet has meaning. The Trees are there for a Reason! The Animals are there for a reason! Even the Seasons, are there for a Reason, just like Rain and Sunshine. When the balance becomes upset, everything on and around the Earth feels it. Animals have still a pure Connection to Nature, and the Balance of Life- they can help you remember how to live in HARMONY WITH NATURE and ANIMALS.

It is important, for the Transition Time after 2012, that as many of you as possible, re-connect to the Animals and become Friends for Life more than ever. We all learn constantly from each other, even if we are of different Species, in some way. On the other hand, everything that exists, is ONE anyways. This Rule of One, means, we are connected, and go through the Journey’s all together, no one is ever really alone.

The Animal Kingdom can help you then again, to re-connect to Nature, to expand and expand your connecting and empathic abilities. Open your mind. Animals have Emotions as well, and Soul. Any living Being God created, walking around, jumping around, with Legs and/or Arms and especially, EYES, has SOUL.

Cats are very much like Lions, in spirit. We come from a very old World, one of the oldest indeed. That is why we also have strong Protection qualities, not only can we perceive clearly the visible and invisible, but we can defend you against a bad Spirit on a spiritual Level. Like a Lion/Lioness.

Now I would like to explain a specific Cleansing Meditation, which you can perform to strengthen your Energy for the coming Times…

Incense Burning:

Take original Egyptian Musk, one piece.

Add to it Sandalwood, two pieces.

Then, last, add a few dried sage leafs.

As the Smoke starts rising, imagine the Spirit of the LION coming out of this Smoke, and the big, strong Footsteps of the LION, stepping on every dark Energy, powerfully eating everything negative in your House and around it. Keep this Meditation close to your Mind, it is very, very ancient and strong.

When you finish and feel all negativity has been eating, swallowed and destroyed by the powerful, majestic LION, thank him for his Help, send him/her Love if you like, and open Windows to allow fresh Air in, to “brush” the last bit of Rests and Smoke out of the House, rest assured and KNOW IN YOUR MIND: All Negativity has left me.

I will speak more at a later time, and don’t forget to LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE! Be proud and walk proud like a Cat, and always know, that you deserve RESPECT and LOVE. You are beautiful, I am beautiful, WE ARE BEAUTIFUL.

by IsIs-Susan Elsa

2011 – Original Publication:

Now as you can see in this old writing piece of mine, you were not able before to actually get the secret ingredient, the lion foot plant, I have spoken about on the blog then in explanatory articles further or this meditation, to do it correctly and fully, not just the meditation.

Since I did make that product last year and it is available to my TV Show clients and fans here exclusively, I am now opening this door for all of you in the whole World to order the real lion foot incense, exported in Summer 2019 from Egypt.

I actually made a special magical alchemical mix, so the lion foot plant does not smell bad, to neutralize the strange smell, and, to intensify the clearing, cleansing and protection powers of it, so it is not just lion foot, but a triple mix of my own witchy recipe.

You may use this the way that it is explained on the Etsy Store Page, anytime, or also before going to sleep for your aura and your bedroom to protect your dream time. I will write a detailed guidance article on how to use it exactly in different ways, for rituals or meditation as well.

The red wood mix in it smells incredibly great.

I use those type of things since forever, regularly. My house always smells good and is protected.

Lion Foot Protection Mix (Incense) © Susan Elsa /Mystery Garden Productions 2019
Lion Foot Protection Mix (Incense) © Susan Elsa /Mystery Garden Productions 2019

Link to Order easy and simple to your home:

(everything new is packed with gloves! Most packages were made 5 months ago, many many)

Lion Foot Protection Mix

Click the Link Above or Copy Paste it.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

I do also make custom made incense mixes for spiritual purposes, adjusted to what is needed and everyone’s personal auric energies.


(Please use only for Product Questions or Orders)

Much Love & Light,

Susan Elsa