ARCHANGEL MICHAEL JACKSON: “Adjust New Laws on Earth to protect ascended Souls and their Legacy!” © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

When I was a Teenager I always was very interested, hobby-wise, in the law and reading up laws and educating myself, especially Copyright law. I enjoy reading about these things and learning, as I love the law concept, and justice concepts, and I also like reading Science publications and think further than others getting to new ideas and concepts myself. I always liked these things, as a hobby.

When Michael Jackson got attacked, especially 2003-2005 with false accusations and a ridiculous trial, I felt like a lawyer again. I mean I would argue with people around me, with intelligence and wisdom as if “I had studied the law” and brought up convincing and logical points into every defensive argument with others.

I remember when it began, and that was 1993 of course, and I was 11 only. But I began defending him, telling everyone that he is innocent and that I know it and if they say such things about him, “it is as if they say it about me personally”. I would say to people out loud, not knowing where that specific formulation came from: “I know Michael Jackson is innocent, just like I know I am innocent!”

MJ Metamorphosis Story Susan Elsa and Michael Jackson Science Documentation and Education on Twin Flames A New Perspective 9 © ArchangelMichael777
MJ Metamorphosis Story Susan Elsa and Michael Jackson Science Documentation and Education on Twin Flames A New Perspective 9 © ArchangelMichael777
Twin Souls Merging- Comparison Likeness Ages 28-33 © Susan Elsa- Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Twin Souls Merging- Comparison Likeness Ages 28-33 © Susan Elsa- Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
MJ Metamorphosis Story Susan Elsa and Michael Jackson Science Documentation and Education on Twin Flames A New Perspective 1 © ArchangelMichael777
MJ Metamorphosis Story Susan Elsa and Michael Jackson Science Documentation and Education on Twin Flames A New Perspective 1 © ArchangelMichael777

I was having 3 types of repetitive dreams in these years of my childhood, all my childhood after the age of 5/6 to be precise. One of these repeating dreams, was being with Michael in this white Bed, over and over again the same place, someplace else.

This is no joke and no game around here and my personal most intimate memories and dreams from childhood. It accompanied me for YEARS in my childhood, these “bed dreams with Michael Jackson” and I did not understand them back then. Not really. But I knew somehow in my soul, that it was about love and something spiritual, and that “I just have to grow older to be able to reply to the things he kept reaching out to me for”.

I remember clear and vivid like it was yesterday, how I saw this one footage of Michael climbing up some fence, during the BAD Era when I was still little, like seen above in my Childhood photo with my two Birds (pets).

I could barely look at this footage, I felt the SAME energy emanate from him like in those Dreams, and I was trying to control it and not let it “take me over”. I felt it like some energy transmitting “too much to me”, I don´t know how to explain it. I guess he felt in this moment like in these Dreams too, the energy spiritually I mean.

Let me try to find the footage for you online in a link.

Hehe, this is funny seeing this again. I see it now like totally normal, like “oh yeah, Michael being Michael again” and smile. Back then, I was confused about this energy exchange between my Aura and his Aura when seeing those scenes as a child.

Later on my life evolved into really funny and difficult situations, and I really met Michael in person when I was living in Santa Monica, Los Angeles. Looking back it is weird to remember all the private details, and watch how extremely oppositional the lies are, totally false!

I knew Michael´s Soul long before we met, again in this lifetime, in person. I know from direct person to person experience that he is absolutely not like this and I understand him and his spiritual side. I know the real Michael, not the public Image people are stalking.

I know, from factual contact in the PHYSICAL with Michael in LA back then, and from THE INSIDE OF THE SOUL AND MIND, that Michael is innocent. I know he is innocent in all ways POSSIBLE TO IMAGINE.



So now, my question is reaching into practical solutions maybe, that can stop this defamation circus going on around my innocent Michael´s Name and Legacy.

Archangel Michael´s Message: THE LAW OF PROTECTING SOULS *Special Message* ©

I have told you, publicly now, and openly and honest as one can be, that Michael Jackson now in Spirit is and always has been Archangel Michael. And yes, I mean this famous injustice-battling Archangel everyone in this World knows, and every Religion knows, and every Soul knows.

Think about it and SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING. He is not done yet, and he fights the injustices from Spirit, completing his mission. He endured these things to expose the holes in the system and minds, so people remember him, and HIS story of “Injustice and damaging Jealousy and the Miracle of Overcoming it and Justice winning the Battle”. He endured these attacks to show you what we all need to change to improve this World, for us all. This Video is meant in a highly SPIRITUAL WAY by Michael.

  • Check the ARCH and the “Army in Array/Formation”
  • Check the Angel Sculptures on Pillars around the ARCH ARRAY
  • Check the Feathers falling onto the happy celebrating People after recognizing him and his work
  • Michael is not seen in the later part of the Video, but he is being memorialized by this Archangelic Statue and a new Era of a healed World begins

I looked up some laws, since a while this is a vision I have, but now learning more and more I am shocked. As some of you might know, I have vivid memories of my past life in ancient Egypt, and you know what, I not only made a Song in 2010 about the “Spiritual and Earthly Laws of ancient Egypt”, the 42 Negative Confessions, I wrote them here for you too in a modernized form. This is mainly about what PEOPLE SHOULD NEVER DO FOR THEIR OWN SOUL´S SURVIVAL AFTER PASSING!

I want to remind of these for educational reasons again, as this is what your soul will face when you all are going into Spirit like Michael did in 2009:



This is why, the Ancient Egyptians focused so much Energy on Meditation, Rituals, Dreams and Dream Research and doing Good toward others. The 42 Negative Confessions were seen as a good Guideline, to reach this beautiful Light-Body, now let us take a closer Look:

The 42 Negative Confessions:

  1. I have not sinned against Humanity.
  2. I have not oppressed my kinsfolk.
  3. I have not committed evil in the place of truth/acted deceitfully.
  4. I have not known destructive Human Beings. (Known means befriended/supported)
  5. I have not committed acts of abomination.
  6. I have not done daily works of supererogation.
  7. I have not caused my Name to appear for false honor/for free.
  8. I have not domineered over Slaves.
  9. I have not thought “negative/bad” about God.
  10. I have not stolen from the Poor.
  11. I have not done, what the “Residents of Heaven” abominate.
  12. I have not caused harm to be done to a slave by his Master.
  13. I have not caused no man to suffer.
  14. I have not allowed/caused any man to go hungry.
  15. I have made no man cry/weep.
  16. I have never killed any man/woman.
  17. I have not given the order for any man/woman to be killed.
  18. I have not caused pain to the masses/society.
  19. I have not manipulated/stolen offerings from any Temples.
  20. I have not touched the gifts to God/the Residents of Heaven.
  21. I have not stolen offerings to the Spirits (physical or emotional).
  22. I have not cursed any man/woman nor God.
  23. I have not manipulated the Weight of the Scales/Corn. (ECONOMIC MANIPULATION!)
  24. I have not acted the part of the SPY.
  25. I have not made my Voice loud when speaking. (a loud Tone was seen as disrespect toward all others around)
  26. I have not lain with another man’s wife.
  27. I have not increased my possessions except through my own goods/hands/effort. (Karma free Economy)
  28. I have not eaten my Heart (more on that below!)
  29. I have not stolen Land or added Land.
  30. I have not encroached upon the fields/lands of others.
  31. I have not added to the weight of the balance.
  32. I have not caught fish with the bait of their own bodies.
  33. I have not obstructed water, when it should run.
  34. I have not cut a cutting in a canal of running water. (Example: The Nile River, originally had 14 Branches (!), and due to the High Dam and other Interferences with Nature’s Ways, 12 Branches/Rivers already dried up! Egypt was very green in Ancient Times…)
  35. I have not extinguished a flame, when it ought to burn.
  36. I have not slandered.
  37. I have not been deaf to the words of Truth.
  38. I have not acted impurely/disrespectful of any of God’s Creations.
  39. I have not been angry without cause.
  40. I have not had the thought or plan to hurt/kill another.
  41. I have not acted deceitfully/lied/acted wickedly.
  42. I have not ignored God in his Signs/Manifestations- I AM PURE, I AM PURE, I AM PURE.

Okay, puhhh, these were lots of Points to write. I hope I could collect them and formulate them in a way, so my that my Readers have it easy to translate each point’s meaning into modern Life and connect the Confessions with Life today.

Let us take a quick look at some Confessions in more detail:

By the Way, let me mention before we start, that today in Translations of the very ancient Writings there appears often the word “Gods”. This is not correct, pure and simple. The Ancient Egyptians did never believe in multiple Gods, they believed in one highest Creator of all that is/exists, and what is originally meant by the Word today called Gods, is the ILLUMINATED ONES, in Heaven. The Ones, who reached the Light-Body and reside in Heaven- NEXT TO GOD.

Continuing directly with that Confession, let us look at Number 11:

This Knowledge came to the Ancient Egyptians through not only the first Mummy ever (IsIs and Anubis invented the MUMMY!), but through the whole Story of Osiris, the Green-Man, the first Mummy ever in human History. Osiris endured exactly what is forbidden in many of the above mentioned Confessions, done to him by his jealous Brother that killed Osiris. Like this, Osiris was compensated by God, becoming one of the main Judges of Heaven (kinda like a Member of Court Jury you can imagine it).

So, that means, if someone repeats let’s say, Seth’s behavior, this One does not reach the Light-Body, for this One cannot go where Osiris resides, if being impure. Heaven is pure, absolutely protected and made in a Way, you cannot even BE/EXIST there, if impure by previous Actions like this. This is what it means.

Confession No. 22: I have not cursed any man/woman

This Confession speaks not only of cursing as we know it today, by saying bad words about someone else. Here, being from the Ancient Egyptian Magical Spirituality, it means also a real, magical/ritual Curse (Voodoo and so forth). It is strictly forbidden to use any spiritual Knowledge to harm another in any Body Layer or Form.

Confession No. 23: I have not cheated with the Weight of the Scales/Corn

A very important and insightful Confession, which can be almost seen today as a Confession without Space & Time, for it is valid today even more than yesterday. We have lots of economic Issues in our Time, and it literally started in 2008 with a few manipulation the Proportions of Mortgages, Credits and whole false Systems surrounding our global Economy. This Confession shows, that we could use some SPIRITUAL ECONOMY Rules, because Money is nothing everlasting at all, and not important for our Soul. Also, it goes into another Confession, which is No. 27: I have not increased my Possessions except through my own goods/effort. Gambling Economy, where let us say, a 100 People work for you, you take most of the Cash into your own Pocket, they almost nothing, and you do not PERFORM any Effort/Work, is simply wrong. (How about a karma-free Business Concept? Wouldn’t that be an ancient and still new Thought to help our World?)

Confession No. 28: I have not eaten my Heart

This is a very interesting Point, because it is directly connected to the Story of Osiris’ Still Heart. Not only did the Egyptians believe, that the Ones who did wrong will have their Hearts (Soul) eaten, but this was seen as a direct Action stemming from the Destroyed himself/herself. You have a free Will, and when you do wrong on purpose, you are really in Truth the One, that eats his/her own Heart by doing wrong.

Confession No. 34: I have not cut a cutting in a canal of running water

Speaking about Nature! The Ancient Egyptians had a lot of Respect and Knowledge about Nature’s Rules and how to keep the Balance. There were almost no diseases back then! (Can you imagine?)

The Nile, for example, is like every other natural Creation made by God, in the most perfect way and with the most perfect arrangement for the Highest Well Being of All People, the Planet, Animals, Fish, and so forth. If we interfere, by changing the course of Nature, altering it or manipulating it, we interfere directly in God’s arrangement. It is today sadly obvious, why the Ancient Egyptians knew it would be wrong to cut canals or build high dams blocking Rivers from flowing: The Nile is almost dried up! It had originally 14 huge Branches, flowing throughout all of Egypt and more. There were forests in Egypt, not Desert, and much Green Nature thousands of Years ago. After High dams were built, and partially also other reasons, 12 Branches of the huge Nile are gone. This results in People and Animals having less sweet Water for drinking, watering Fields and cleaning. Not to even mention, how today the Earth is being drilled and Oil sucked out from Layers underground, deeply underground, without any Knowledge of that this does to the Organization of God and how he made the Earth exactly.

And so we can only reach the Conclusion, that in fact the Ancient Egyptians were very wise and had profound Knowledge about not only this World, but the next as well.

If Humanity finds a way, to learn from their own History, we can make a real Change like never seen before on Earth and get back to better, friendlier and more balanced Times, in a new Time, with Ancient & Modern Knowledge combined for the highest Well-Being of all of us.



When you die you lose that ability to seek redress. You may think those rights are now passed onto your family or Estate, but they’re not. Once you’re dead, anything can be written or said about you without consequences. And all it takes is the circulation of one lie to ruin your good name.

via DEFAMATION: NO REDRESS FOR THE DEAD — Anti-Defamation Legacy Law Advocates (AdLLaw/Cadeflaw Initiatives)

ELVIS PRESLEY IN SPIRIT: Wisdom and Support *LIVE TYPING CHANNELED AS HE VISITS RIGHT NOW* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear World

Today is a very special Day, it seems. It is tonight a Full Moon, maybe this supported the energies of what is happening, spiritually.

Right now, as I am typing this Article, I am sitting here LIVE with Elvis Presley in Spirit, visiting me suddenly as I felt very down and sad and having somehow just about 5 Minutes ago “shook me literally out of the sadness mode somehow with his energy”.

I have to say, the energy got me in the blink of an eye from sad and down over the tons of lies and hopelessness feeling, to a very joyfull-dance vibes filled mood. I have no idea how he did that, but it was sudden, just now.

He wants to say something, in his clear direct way.

He ain´t liking how Michael Jackson is being talked about, his marriage with his daughter, Lisa Marie, and the general tone of public discussion about Michael right now and how it also tortures my soul and heart as they do this, as Michael´s Twin Soul.

Elvis came at me, totally up front and direct, and said, I need to get out of this bad emotional focus and not let them do to me what they have done to him, and Michael. He said, I must remember all the things he shared with me in 2010, and explained that he did so for a higher spiritual purpose, so NOW, I could reach back to these writings, songs and information he gave me, and use it to understand the situation and dynamics for ME AND MICHAEL, and learn from it all.

He said, that he and all my soul family is always there for me, and I need to remember that and make us of it, not just isolate myself in this sadness over lies and injustice.

Suddenly I remembered all these days and nights, talking to Elvis in Spirit back in 2010, and Michael of course, discussing all these life experiences he had and the overview, the big picture of how he ended up the way he did.

I always had the feeling, long before Michael passed, that “someday I will end up like Michael Jackson”- no idea why, but it was a very strong, core soul feeling, like an inner knowing.

But Michael has tried all he can to convince me that it does not have to be like that, since he passed. This, what happened to Michael, has hurt my soul so deep, I am like already feeling like “I already lived my own death and detailed experience”.

It is very hard to digest, and especially as they keep showing this hatred and further lie and falsely accuse him, and abuse him and his privacy, even now, it is really unbearable sometimes.

And see, as I was typing this, I got back slightly into this heavy heart pressure feel and sadness, but Elvis said I need to watch consciously right now and “re-focus”.

It seems, Michael being my Twin Soul and too close, cannot always give me an “external neutral view” on things, because he too is involved and when I am sad over things they say about him falsely, he is sad too. It reflects immediately.

Michael Jacksons GHOSTS Message and his Other Half- TwinFlame Soul Official © ArchangelMichael777
Michael Jacksons GHOSTS Message and his Other Half- TwinFlame Soul Official © ArchangelMichael777

If he saw something, and I haven´t even seen the news yet physically and factually myself with my own eyes, I FEEL HIS SADNESS and like a heart racing panicky-sad type feeling and energy coming from him, and immediately know “they are talking and doing shit again” and he saw it and is sad.

And EVERY SINGLE TIME, since 2009, those moments turned out to be a very clear, precise perception I had- and hours or 2-3 days afterwards latest, I end up seeing somewhere headlines or something showing me WHY he felt that way prior.

Elvis says, that he knows how I feel and that he is very grateful that I had this very difficult connection with my old friend, the guy that looked like Elvis Presley (not some impersonator, a normal business guy) – and seemed to have “two souls in his chest”.

I suffered. I am sometimes angry, and tend to privately sometimes get angry too at Lisa Marie, for the confusion she caused in Michael´s life and emotional life, the desperation about wanting to have his own kids and be a father and all that. I don´t talk about it, because I respect Elvis and I therefore respect Lisa Marie, and I respect Michael´s past and who he cared about so much, just like he respects my story with my “Elvis”.

I know she did not mean anything bad, and she loved Michael. Whatever has happened in the past, is forgiven and balanced out now. Same goes for me and my past.

I truly suffered a lot, with this Guy. Just like Michael did with Lisa, so much effort, and then mistrust and jealousy games. I wished sometimes so much, that Michael and Lisa would have gotten it right and long term marriage, it would have reflected different on my life and situations too.

Whenever someone talks anything public about Michael, and especially private claims and especially lies, it feels to me “personally harassing and aimed at me” now, since Michael passed and I am the only Body left for our TWIN SOUL, on Earth.

Nobody could ever understand or imagine, how it was to be in Michael´s shoes. Now I do, and still, people do not understand me and I feel like they never will as long as I am here. I hope someday they will, but I do not see it anytime soon, often.

I keep screaming my soul out, shooting truth out like it´s a weapon to crush the lies out there, but the sad truth is, people are totally stuck in this gossip and tabloid culture. The competitors to Michael use their money and links to profit off of him, and false friends give interviews and write books all over the place, with no end in sight.

They even want to make it a thing now, to accuse falsely Michael in Spirit, now, years after he passed, with lawsuits and claims to extort money while shitting all over his legacy and memory.

And here, Elvis says, is where the anger comes in. And I need to stay aware and keep control of these energies, no matter what they say and try. It is almost impossible to remain balanced and not get angry or sad.

But it is worth it, to give it a try, as I am healing all these shared soul trauma wounds, for me and for Michael especially. This life doesn´t last forever, and someday my soul needs to feel like I have done my best in this lifetime, and all I could for Michael and the greater well being of all. And in these moments, when I am hopefully very old and healthy still, I want to know that I achieved the impossible and overcame my soul trauma and healed my wound in my heart and memory, regarding how life is on THIS Planet.

I have a vivid memory, in all details, of my past life in ancient Egypt. There it happened, when Set killed my Osiris and therefore stabbed my soul´s heart causing this trauma. Every time me and Michael come back here, we experience injustice, and more than anyone else, abuse and ongoing with this focused, personal jealousy.

It has been what makes me so angry, and I am trying to find a way, a new way, for healing. The pathway Michael could not find without me, I will find now for both of us to heal and overcome all this in our soul.

It is good to know, that as a soul family, we all are together in this and doing a mass healing focus, for all of humanity´s souls. It is good to see and know, that Elvis and his Twin Flame are with us, supporting this big Mission.

Thank you, Michael, for always being there for me, no matter what burden you carry, you always try to shield me and keep bad things away from me. I will always remember, how happy you look when I smile, and not cry.

Thank you, Elvis, for being so open and honest to me and taking the time to visit me and share all this with me, to help me understand myself and Michael better. I will try my best to keep my focus on joy and stay strong, for all of us.

Thank you, God, for making all things possible and for always showing me through a guiding light a way out of the darkness, and for making my earthly challenges easier through your exceptional compassion and unconditional love.

We´re sending out a Major Love Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael/Osiris) ©

& Elvis Presley in Spirit accompanied by his Twin Flame