Who is really Archangel Michael?

Who is Archangel Michael?

*Written by Susan Elsa – This Text can be shared and distributed only with Credit to the Author*


A very historic and good Question to put out there. Today, is a good Day to talk a little bit about the most famous and actually, one of the most important Archangels for the Times we live in.

I noticed, that many Media Outlets, that means Newspapers, TV Channels, Films and especially right now, Mainstream Music, almost NEVER mention Archangel Michael. But on the other hand- let us be honest here so all Humanity can be healed and profit –so much, too much Focus on Lucifer.

How much Movies do we see, who portray “dark” Topics? Good examples of the darker type of Emotions and Energy, are let’s say the following Topics:


–          Vampires

–          Monsters

–          Demons

–          And many different Forms of the Devil himself

Then, additionally, there are also “invisible” Forms of portraying “Darkness” or the “Shadow” or “the Night Energies”. Like, literal Dark Screens in a Movie, one can play with the Lightning artfully and create an Atmosphere of DARK.

Even the Language has been “taken over”. Nobody says “Good as Heaven”, they all say “Good as Hell”. How come?

There are Age Restrictions on Movies FOR A REASON. Images, Sound and Lightning has an effect on the People’s Psyche. A very traumatic Image might even cause some a sleepless Night, or a few, like some People experience after watching a well-made Horror Movie.

So, now, let us think together:

How many Songs or Movies have been dedicated to Archangelic Energies? Almost none. Not yet.  (Always REMEMBER: It is 2012)

The only Movie I can think of right now, is MICHAEL, with John Travolta. A really funny Film I have to admit, portraying Archangel Michael as a funny, light and relaxed Being, who likes to joke and make People smile. But also, who enjoys his last Mission, on Earth, as much as he can, before he must go back to Heaven.

When I was younger, about 10 Years ago already, I feared the Devil, but had no real Belief in Archangels, they weren’t even in my Consciousness, especially Archangel Michael. I never read about him, nor knew anything much about him, as many People do as well. He is simply not being talked about much.

But let me tell you, Archangel Michael has his very clear and strong Ways of showing himself. He basically entered my Life, out of the Blue, like a Storm of Light, a Storm of Enlightenment, a Storm of Protection and Guidance, in only 1 Day! BAM! There he was.

And I knew, within my Heart, that he was been there for all of us, like ALL THE TIME.

Today I am older and I wish to bring his Energy closer to everyone, who wishes for it and is interested in getting to know their spiritual Side better, their own Soul.

I know, what I am about to explain to the World now, is partially hard to grasp, but I will try my Best to make it the best GENERAL  Description of Archangel Michael, possible.

He is often portrayed carrying a “human” Sword, and standing on Lucifer’s Head, or even, penetrating his Chest with the Sword. Also, most “Images” we have of Archangel Michael, in Society, and therefore, in our MINDS and IMAGINATION, present him dressed like the ROMANS, looking pretty European and “white” – when in fact, Archangels don’t have “Skin” Color, because they don’t have the kind of Skin we have as temporary Human Forms. Basically, if you open your Mind, you will sense and see even for yourself,  that Archangels can take on any Form, they can come to a Black Man as a Black Man type of Look, or to a white Man as a white Man type of Look.

But now let us take a closer, important Look at the “Sword Symbolism”:

Swords made out of injuring and hard Materials, have been invented by Human Beings on Earth. Indeed, some used them for Protection, but most of Humanity used SWORDS TO HURT OTHERS. Swords were used in Wars, and they INJUR BODIES, they cause DAMAGE.

Archangel Michael, on the other Hand, does NEVER cause Damage, nor treat anyone without Respect, including Lucifer. In the higher, supernatural Dimensions or Worlds, there are SO many things we cannot even imagine, Fires in Colors we never seen on Earth, for example, and DEFINITELY NO metal swords or such brutal WEAPON.

Do you really want to know what THE “Weapon” of Archangel Michael is, in battling Evil, Negativity and Hate etc…?

The Answer is simple, but takes inner Digestion to be fully grasped:


That means, that when Archangel Michael confronts let’s say, Hate, he does NOT battle it with Hate. That is one of the most crucial Points of Human Existence, the biggest hidden Lesson to be learned! When Archangel Michael is attacked by Hate, he answers with LOVE. When he battles Darkness/the Night, he dissolves it with pure LIGHT, the opposite. And when he battles Lucifer, he battles Lucifer’s by Darkness polluted Heart with HEALING LOVE.

No Being becomes evil for no reason. We are all connected. I had a long time to get this. But I got it now. The only Solution is really LOVE. We must be courageous and try to be “like” an Angel: When someone insults us, we cannot give into it and get angry and insult back. That means, mathematically, that now we got 2 People sending out negative Energy! When we should send and radiate only Love and Light to Society, Nature and the Planet in general. Especially right now.

When someone insults us, we should keep their own inner Issues from transmitting onto our Energy Field and making us feel “the same as the attacker”. Instead, we should keep clear Sight and always remember, that it is ALWAYS a LACK OF LOVE who causes any Being to misbehave. So, as hard as it may sound at first: WISH THEM LOVE WITH A COMPASSIONATE HEART REALIZING THAT THIS PERSON WAS MADE BY GOD AS WELL AND THEREFORE VALUABLE. Like that, their inner Tension will back off and they will stop insulting you.

On this Planet as well, all Energy Fields of Mother Nature embrace our personal Auras and are intertwined on all Levels, because all is CONNECTED. That does not mean it is ONE, HERE. Just connected, where Anger or LOVE flies from one Neighbor’s Room to the next Walls, going through it, and suddenly the other Neighbor, while drinking Tea, feels sad, or a Happy Breeze going through his Aura, you see? This is the secret, this is how it works.

The more of us can focus on sending out Love-  WISHING PURE HEARTED for yourself AND all others, THE BEST, the HIGHEST WELL BEING, true fulfilling Love and Light to bright it makes People first shield their sensitive Eyes used to Darkness over the Past – the FASTER we can HEAL THE PLANET.

We can slowly but surely, decrease Ill-ness, War and Hate, and all Forms of SEPARATISM. We can MEND DUALITY into a Dimension of PHYSICALITY AND JUSTICE AND LOVE. This Planet has the Opportunity to become “a Heaven on Earth”. And then again, all Souls will have a much easier Path TO HEAVEN, because the Preparation we call “physical human Life” is more adjusted to what needs to be learned and trained, in order to REACH HEAVEN.

We cannot force anyone to love, who does not want to. And that is alright. Free Will is Free Will and must always be respected, it is all like a Mirror, if we do not respect another’s Free Will, one of the most sacred things to God, then we must not wonder, if someone comes along at some fine Day, and tries to go against OUR FREE WILL. You see?

On top, there are, as mentioned above, the PLANET’S ENERGY FIELDS. Some of them have been polluted energetically SO MUCH, that many Souls were stuck in them. These Souls of previous living Human Beings have been freed in 2010 (the 4th Dimension right above). But the Energies of Emotions, physical Brutality, Racism, Fear and Hate are ETHERICALLY still hanging around. THIS is healing NOW, 2012.

We all can help and should help, Archangel Michael and his fellow, beautiful Archangels can do the work, of course, but always remember, the more out of FREE WILL    Y-O-U   join to help, and wish Love and Healing to the Planet and all Souls, the more you will be rewarded –  when you are ready to leave this Life Form. Why not be FRIENDS with the Archangels? The done so much for us, and always protect, avoid even physical Accidents with their Strength, they can be trusted FULLY. And TRUST, enables a stronger Connection, Protection, Communication or whatever Assistance it may be in this Moment you wish from a particular Archangel.


Lucifer, the Name he is known best with here, is a WHOLE different, super complex Topic. But just one thing for now:

Please try to not BLAME ALL on Lucifer that you decide to do. I truly believe, 50% of the “Blame” is Lucifer’s, he SEDUCES AND TESTS YOUR WILL. But the other 50%, the part where YOU TAKE THE ACTION, is your own FULL free Will. If you are in a position where many People look up to you,  be aware that to “implant Fear of the Devil” or such in their Head, will be your energetic Burden, not Lucifer’s.

Everyone will carry the Burden that they MADE WITH THEIR OWN HANDS. If someone comes and tells you, go steal from this Person their favorite Dress  (sorry, the only Example that came to mind) , if you take the first Step to steal it, you will be the “Owner of the Action”. Not the Guy in the Street who told you, People can talk a lot, Lucifer can try a lot, but never forces you really. He suggests, he seduces.


Now, let us all stand up and show God our full LIGHT and BEAUTY. Let us make God proud, by being the BEST Human Being we possibly can, against the strongest Winds, Challenges or Hate…




Susan Elsa