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A raw, unedited and very honest introduction of the Michael Jackson’s Black Legacy Podcast, connected with the Documentary Film project we announced, with live directing international by Susan Elsa, and introducing with Ambassador & Radio Host Andrew Williams Jr. the Trinity Team of Deja, Dee & Shay who will be hosting this special Podcast.

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Michael Jackson’s Black Legacy -Podcast- DANGEROUS SPECIAL (Episode 1)

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The June Garden – Special Spiritual Articles Series – INTRODUCTION © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official – ARCHANGELMICHAEL777-

The June Garden - Special Spiritual Articles Series - INTRODUCTION © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official - ARCHANGELMICHAEL777-
The June Garden - Special Spiritual Articles Series - INTRODUCTION © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official - ARCHANGELMICHAEL777-
The June Garden – Special Spiritual Articles Series – INTRODUCTION © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official – ARCHANGELMICHAEL777-

Dear World

Today is the 15th May, 2020.

And today already, we begin a new spiritual energy series on this Blog, called “The June Garden” Article and Information Series.

And, it will be more powerful than anything we did spiritually before, yet. Because, the “best is yet to come”.

This is a special Articles Series, that will live like a BOOK WRITING RESEARCH TYPE DIARY give you insight, into the real spiritual work of Archangel Michael and myself as One by now, and warm up for the coming Book, “Archangel Michael’s Marriage” – Secret Release Date 2020

Archangel Michael's Marriage - Mystery Book by Susan Elsa *NEW* © Susan Elsa - MGP Publishing 2020
Archangel Michaels Marriage – Second Book by Susan Elsa – Mystery Release Date 2020 © MGP Publishing

For this first Article, I want to now switch over and take over the voice spiritually like the Medium I am, for Birds. Mother Nature. And we begin with my Birds Couple, that came to my super high balcony, no food there nothing, right early March when I self-isolated due to Doctor’s advice because of my Asthma and this Corona Pandemic.

I had exactly 2 moments of panic and worry, only, this whole time. Let me tell you what happened exactly, because it is getting real important now.


Yes, they are still here, and we are friends and communicate by now. I did intuitively it seems remember that Bird communication, from my soul. Never did it like this before they came to daily hang out with me and teach me I think.

I also sing to them sometimes, they love it and have funny reactions, with their heads going up listening very attentive and feathers standing up when I hit higher pitches.

This is it, not only are two Birds following me since years everywhere, in Bermuda, in Rome at the Vatican, in Egypt at the Sphinx, showing up when I take videos and photos, and now, two Birds moved into my Balcony or hang out all day here (they sleep somewhere else), and that, exactly at the beginning of the worldwide Corona Pandemic Lockdown.

Corona. Meaning, natural ANIMAL virus. Meaning, natural, like I said, and I am safe and protected, is what this means spiritually. Mother Nature and me are healing, I am with her in this.

My breathing, my singing, got like in good old times, over night, just like that, from parallel feeling same effects like Mother Nature and animals, less noise, less shaking, less pollution, less human beings behaving disruptive and “harsh” daily.

And that in itself is a lesson, the first one.

The second lesson is, we, human beings, all, must change how we treat Nature, and that obviously and foremost includes living beings like these Birds.

After they moved in, I watched what they do and felt like one might be pregnant. As motherly and compassionate as I am, I grabbed after 2,3 days organic, pure sesame seeds and put some out there. They ate it and loved it.

I never put human food there, not once. I ordered bird food, healthy seeds food they eat, and started putting that out there for them. I thought, to help them, eat healthy and I felt like they are hungry and came to me for help. It was just an inuitive, telepathic type feeling.

At one point, this big black dove, male obviously, came and I did not see the Bird couple for few days, only that one, loud, eating the whole time, sitting at my window in front of my bedroom and making noises early so I wake up or when I take a nap. It was curious to me. That black bird also has a scar in the back. And then, I saw him standing at my balcony, driving all others away blowing his chest up and threatening them, and I thought to myself, wow, Birds are funny.

Then, he left and the Bird couple was back, right after I was like, sang at him and told him, I do not like and want my bird couple back. I sang at him nicely, and he did not like it.

I was sad before, and asked a contact with Bird experience, and was told, “you should not feed wild birds they can provide for themselves, now you became the provider and messed up the couple’s natural rhythm and the black bird bully came to take the food source you put there, they did not need it, they came before any food was there”.

I felt so stupid, naive and bad, thinking I made a mistake.

But then, I found this:


Voyeurism and Feral Pigeons

I’m a big fan of pigeons. They do lots of interesting things, they look neat, they’re pretty ‘extreme’ when it comes to various of their abilties, and they’re accessible and easy to watch. Comparatively few of us get to watch long sequences of behaviour in wild birds, but pigeons – here I’m talking about the feral/domestic form of the Rock dove or Rock pigeon Columba livia – provide those of us interested in birds with excellent views of… well, whatever it is they get up to. I’m particularly proud of this sequence of images, taken on the coast of Lyme Regis, Dorset (UK), earlier this year. A male pigeon and a female pigeon are observed engaging in courtship feeding…


Then, that singing brought the Bird couple back. And our communicate deepened, and I was at one moment able to understand from the one female Bird coming to my balcony glass door, staring at me like a child, picking around an empty old plate in a bag I was going to throw away and stored there for Pandemic weeks only. I understood, she wants SALT, telepathically.

She was looking for something, asking for something. I then giggled, because I always loved salt too, not so much sugary stuff, until Michael passed and his Spirit merged with mine, in this body, I started liking at times sweet stuff, different stuff I never ate before.

I looked it up and read that pigeons really do love salt, especially after long flights, or when pregnant.

But warning, DO NOT GIVE BIRDS KITCHEN SALT, they lick those natural low salt amount type mineral rocks with salt in it naturally, very low amounts. It can be purchased in animal stores.

My idea, which I seen in German speaking videos researching, is that I want to promote for them that Human beings see them again, and make up to them what they done. We brought them to the cities, we took away their natural territories, abused and used them, and then, just ignore or even, treat them like a plague that needs to go away now at human wish?

Not okay, not working with Mother Nature rules.

I then also seen when it got windy and icy cold for few days, how they would come hide behind this luggage in my balcony, go down there into that niche to warm up from the wind. I understand what they need, and I promised them that I will show humanity how to respect them again and treat them better.

So, the best solution for both sides is:


I am calling on all volunteers worldwide, to read, learn and think in this time at home a lot, about this topic. Make your children and teenagers aware, let’s maybe start with school projects, a charity movement for Birds, where we locally make creative, even to the area or nearby buildings fitting BIRD HOUSES, PIGEON & ROCK DOVE HOUSES, because they are NOT WILD. We made them human dependent, and bred them long, so now, these half wild children of the original Rock Pigeon, need our help to survive, food wise and housing wise.

Making them houses would keep them in their own space, away from being in people’s “way too much” and fix the problem. Volunteers, like me, would go regularly for nature walks, and put fresh water for them in the bird houses and fill up food. Clean regularly, so it stays clean and healthy, and supposedly one can exchange real eggs with stone eggs to curb the breeding a bit. It seems an intuition thing for the female birds. I would use GEM STONE EGGS, that would be a nice energy and gentle. But not always, I think, let them breed and keep them alive, all things balanced. Obviously, let them live and evolve!

Here are some beautiful ideas, creative people’s videos I found who made such bird houses.

The following guy has a lot of finger skill with the carpet blade, be careful if using that and better lay it down and cut it that way, away from fingers and hand or with a less sharp knife or SCISSORS.

This is very tiny, but cool concept, any family with children can make one for example. Please ask if you use other ground like forest corner nearby or such, for local permission depending on your country and area regulations if it is not your home or land zone around your house.

The following video is very professional, very beautiful architecture and takes some time. I do think they naturally need and love rocks, maybe put few in there that would be perfect. But that young man is also very skilled and talented, he did the whole thing alone!

I have to give you another information, before the next video I feature. Such houses can NEVER BE ON THE GROUND, in the wild. Foxes and other animals might come and eat them, so it has to be elevated.

Another idea, flexible and open, for maybe more control when it comes to this and for cities and villages who want more controlled space, this is great and can be closed also at night so they sleep well and are warm and wild animals cannot get to them. But this needs a caretaking professionally, because they are up and about and want to fly and walk at sunrise.

The next and last one is not in the video specifically made for birds, but the idea is so lovely I have to share. I have different idea, and my Bird house when finished I will of course show you too, some Volunteers are helping me make the first one here and check everything to be correct.

And this is how we should treat Mother Nature and Animals, in the Future.

This is the key. Heal your relationship with Nature, get back in your inner soul connection with animals and remember that we all help each other evolve!

Much Love & Light,

Susan Elsa

© Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Blog 2011-2020


Susan Elsa – Kundalini Singing Meditation © (Live TV Show Insight with English Subtitles) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official on ARCHANGELMICHAEL777

Susan Elsa - Kundalini Singing Meditation © (Live TV Show Insight with English Subtitles) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official on ARCHANGELMICHAEL777
Susan Elsa - Kundalini Singing Meditation © (Live TV Show Insight with English Subtitles) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official on ARCHANGELMICHAEL777
Susan Elsa Kundalini Singing Meditation – TONE & SOUND TV SPECIAL Insight – 23rd May 2019 © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Good Morning, my dear World

I hope you all had a good night sleep, like I did.

This article is again, an addition-article to my TV Show Insights, for educational, documentary purposes. It is an active element, like I said, not just reading we do now, but we want you to start really working on yourselves, actively.

It is important to not only understand theoretically spiritual knowledge and information, but at this point in time on Earth especially, to also APPLY the knowledge.

Note for Credit (also said in one part of the TV Show, but not in the part of the Insights here as one TV Show is 2 hours!): Indian Hand Mudras were shown and taught to me a while back already and for the TV Show specifically by my friend and spirtiual soul sister Nivi Ranjani, who also plays a guest role in our ancient Egyptian past life memory cartoon piece from 2014.

We have talked before in many articles about the Twin Soul Merging, the Aura, the Attacks and Interferences and what all this does energetically and spiritually in details, including sketches I made to make it super clear.

I do sketch also in my TV Shows.

Now, I have introduced many meditations, ancient Egyptian secret knowledge, full honest, live, unfiltered, on Swiss Television. 😎

And people love and enjoy my TV Shows, and I love and enjoy how wonderfully awake, educated, intelligent and spiritual the Swiss people are.

So, in this 23rd May 2019 Live Aired Show (we are on different channels), I introduced something very dear to me and personal, as a singer. And if you try it, at home, together with me or alone as you like, adding the Zen-Music to your exericse you like, you will FEEL & SEE for yourself.

This is an ancient Egyptian specific and personal IsIs technique from my memories, which I have used all my life. It helps more than just a mind focus, to free up, shake off negativity, open up the Chakra line, all Chakras at once, and raises the Kundalini Frequency, and helps keep the CROWN CHAKRA protected. The Crown Chakra is your bridge to heaven, and higher spiritual communication, including with any Twin Souls in Spirit or loved Ones in Spirit, Angels, and even God.

Susan Elsa – Kundalini Singing Meditation © (Live TV Show Insight with English Subtitles) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official on ARCHANGELMICHAEL777

All rights reserved by Shiva Spirit TV 2019 and myself, owning my Content on the Show in Cooperation. No re-use of any material or teaching content is allowed, without prior written consent from me and my company, and singing a spiritual requirements contract to not twist or change any wording in my original teachings and personal information.

Please feel free to let me know feedback. I am working on a very ancient Egyptian spiritual Meditation type Music Album, for my TV Show Fans and Clients, as announced officially last year. The release date is secret, and the content too, because I am worldwide leading in reviving the ancient Egyptian spiritual music techniques since 2010, and in fact, the only one who can because I am also the one who did that in ancient Egypt as well.

Tipps & Tricks

When you have trouble, with the tone, pushing it back inside to sound inside your body like a room/sound hall, it does need little bit of singing technique. Or, you could say, singing is a part of breathing, energy and the soul powers too. Education on these things help, and I will make videos with little breathing and vocal exercises for spiritual purposes soon, for all of you who need little technique and want to become really good in sounding their body energy and vibrate more intense.

You may also begin by placing a lit candle in front of you, and make sure to find THE tone I describe, without pressure, without air in your tone coming out of the mouth. Try to keep the flame of the candle calm and on, that is a good known singer’s exercise for achieving this. And I love the idea of looking at a candle’s flame doing this exercise, it is a perfect combination.

Much Love & Light,

Susan Elsa © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official