About Spiritual Health & Mother Nature -Special Article- © ArchangelMichael777

About Spiritual Health & Mother Nature -Special Article- © ArchangelMichael777
About Spiritual Health & Mother Nature -Special Article- © ArchangelMichael777
About Spiritual Health & Mother Nature -Special Article- © ArchangelMichael777

Dear World

Today, I have a rather longer article for you, dear readers, because I have a few things to share regarding the current situation on the planet.

I have been watching the energetic situation for a while now, and I have blogged many times about it in the recent years. In 2021, this Blog is going to turn 10 years old. You can find a whole library of energetic and spiritual explanations on the conditions on this planet, and I have to be honest here as usual.

The point is, Michael wants you all to know, he is there for you. And this is why we are speaking now.


As you might already know, if you have been following my blog, I make no secret out of my past life memory. I was in ancient Egypt, as Isis, wife and Twin Soul of Osiris, and am now reincarnated. I have this past life’s full memory, and some bits and pieces of other past lives and the knowledge I had there as well.

Those things do not happen without purpose. Not like this. And if you think about my TwinFlame Soul having returned as well, before me, preparing big time in public for you to be aware enough to HEAR THIS MESSAGE NOW, and this Man was MICHAEL JACKSON, you know this is serious.

We did not come here, in these special times, for no reason.

Michael did not do the work he did, for no reason. Watch closely now.

And the witch hunt against him also did not happen, for no reason, or for the reasons they give you falsely to distract you from the core truth, urgently important to understand.

Michael, is Archangel Michael.

Now, since I am connected within to Michael, and can see what he sees, from his eyes, his heart and everything, and we talk and discuss any questions I have daily, I will share now a few important things from our private conversations and insights he gave me and try to explain the spiritual aspects of the current situation and what we must watch for and change in the World.

The time has come, Mother Nature had enough.


In my previous article on this blog, I talked about the animal kingdom and many thoughts I kept having for weeks by that time. I am not surprised, to see now a situation where a Corona virus jumped from animals to other animals, which is us, and the Corona virus in fact is showing everybody, that the human race is one race, we don’t have “different races” amongst human beings and that is why it is affecting all of us, worldwide.

I have to admit, I was taken off guard by this situation. I was spending a lot of time with animals recently, dogs especially and cats, playing, gaining respect for their intelligence, tuning in spiritually, intuitively.

And I was joking around in private phone conversations with friends in the recent weeks, how I feel like “detached, like studying/observing humanity like an animal I don’t understand” and wondering about such things. It was quickly clear to me that it was thoughts from Michael, now in spirit and looking on it from a higher, detached perspective, that I was tuning in naturally.

This is natural and normal for me by now, the merging is in total balance between us.

To me, all of this Corona virus situation is very strange, as I have not felt any negative energy about it in my heart chakra, meaning, it is not something artificial, it is definitely connected to karmic replies from the Earth and the whole living energy field we do not treat well and our unhealthy lifestyle going AGAINST nature and nature and spiritual rules.

I literally have tuned in to spirit and the planet through Michael before the news broke in mid January, with my THOUGHTS GOING IN THE DIRECTION OF EATING NO MEATS OR CHICKEN ANYMORE. No other living, walking beings.

Then the Corona outbreak news popped out, worldwide, and I kept watching in disbelief. Also, my intuition told me strongly, and I have said this in private on the phone to friends, that I do not “feel that this Virus really originated in China”, there is no scientific proof nor is patient 0 known, for the news to state this as fact, from the beginning of the “supposed surprise outbreak”, in China, which is by now the Number 1 Economic World Power.

We simply do not have proof for where and how it came about, the virus, that is new. It took people by surprise, and China reacted optimal in that situation, where other places in the World are being slow and risking total chaos.

I have been poisoned in 2007-2008 for months, right after getting in private contact with Michael in LA back then, and it caused me chronic allergies and allergic asthma. I have written about it in my book and this blog in very honest and open details.

So, my doctor advised me to keep away from people, public gatherings, any public transportation, airports or such things and wear a mask, for the moment. This causes a bit of disruption in important projects I am working on right now, to help the native Americans, but we will make it happen somehow anyways. I can always find the best and most creative solutions to get around a problem.

Michael says, I am fine, because in fact, I have not gotten any fever or flu viruses in 10 years. I am absolutely immune, since 2010. Since my energy ascended a bit I guess, because Michael, my Twin Soul, is in spirit and in the immortal light body.

I said it before, now you see it.

The higher your energy, your frequency is, on a good energy, towards Heaven so to speak, the less you get sick, the more you are in shape, the less fast you age, and so forth. I trust in Michael’s protection and guidance on precautions in this time, whatever he says, I follow.

This is a spiritual explanation, of the unhealthy things that manifest from human habits and human behaviour as well as low energy. If we bring the natural energy fields out of order, it will create dis-ease, its natural spiritual law! But of course nobody talks about that, typical humanity. I mean the mainstream media, not you, dear Readers, as I am sure you think of the whole picture!

The lower a person or the whole planet in SPIRITUAL ENERGY and in the CONSCIOUSNESS FOCUS, because of many persons with low thoughts, jealousy, hate, abuse all that, the more dis-ease we manifest.

And because EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED IN SPIRIT AND ONE, everyone gets affected by decisions of a few. Check this out, and wake up and think and feel your souls again and the animals and nature’s soul.

I know it is a true part in this whole story because I have felt it before the news of any outbreak were in front of us all, that meat eating habits, or meat handling habits, originally created this virus, I am not sure it was actually in China, like I said, and these are SPIRITUAL INTUITIVE INPUTS I am getting through Michael.

Michael Jackson with Snake Monkey Bubbles - ArchangelMichael777
Michael Jackson with Snake Monkey Bubbles – ArchangelMichael777

The mixing of human and animal, or animals from different regions, continents and climates, with humans, or eating them especially, is not a good idea. I am happy to see actually now the Chinese people moving to VEGETARIAN AND VEGAN EATING and it getting super popular now. Smart. Right direction!

I am careful, because I carry responsibility also for other people around me, who are older, have had heart problems and more, and it is important to stay safe, for everyone. Don’t just go with the flow of the press, have patience, and don’t be thinking going around and about is fine if you are not a risk group, it’s going to be karma if someone else with preconditions or old age dies because of your selfish thinking. Remember the soul, it’s about time now.

In ancient Egypt, we barely had any diseases. Think about it. Also native Americans were fine, before the Europeans brought them diseases imported, killing almost all of them.

And, the Chinese know about Twin Flames more general knowledge than most other cultures nowadays and have a long spiritual history.

The Chinese Legend of the Red Thread of Fate – 双灵魂 – © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Direct Link:


Get back in BALANCE WITH MOTHER NATURE, our very home here…

Think about it, and stay bit home, people. Its not that hard. I am working from home and canceled many appointments and even earn less and still do it. Because even if I am very strong, lets say, and nothing would happen to me I hope, I could give it to others if I catch it, and I do not want all that and am staying aware, until there is medicine and immunization for it. I love Science and I understand it, so I am factual and logical about it, and calm.

I trust in God.


But it is funny to note, how the press and politics have to educate the public on how to wash hands properly. I have always kept a good hygiene, I find this horrible and funny at the same time.

But what is hillarious is, that now Michael Jackson’s Music is used for videos showing people how to wash hands appropriately, that is too funny! Trying to throw dirt at innocent Michael, and now you realize, he was teaching you the whole time the opposite, how to be CLEAN and INNOCENT!

MJ Face Mask for Educational Purpose
MJ Face Mask for Educational Purpose


One of the things I noticed first was a realization about Nostradamus’ prophecies, thinking deeply about all this, watching, asking Michael lots of questions like a curious child or a worried scientist.

Suddenly, in the middle of a business talk with my Bermuda team on the phone, I realized that all of Nostradamus efforts were to warn us, its all a WARNING about our behaviour and God’s reaction at some point.

And its all, despite of listing natural catastrophes too, about WARNING US TO NOT DO CERTAIN THINGS HE SAW WE WILL DO, like, nuclear world war he said, destroying a third of humanity, and…here it comes:

A disease, a virus, a plague, that will arise and kill a another third of humanity.

That, in Nostradamus vision, will leave the World with only a third of the human population surviving all of this, and having to rebuild everything.

That is the worst case scenario, brought by human behaviour, we must change, before it is too late.

Read that again:

That is the worst case scenario, brought by human behaviour, we must change, before it is too late.

He was right. I am shocked.

It was one of the predictions I noted out for a class back in Junior Highschool, doing a speech on Nostradamus, and handing out a paper with the summarized predictions he made for our time we live in right now.

I am shocked.

I am sharing all this from pure memory, so you can look it up and research his quadrants (poems type coded prophecies) for yourselves, to see and realize it for yourselves, independently from what I am claiming.

Let’s hope this is just a little shock and the World will make the turn before God has had enough of our behaviour. Make that Change, now.


The following, like I said, is just the SPIRITUAL SIGHT on things, from what Michael explained to me.

Back in ancient Egypt, funny enough, we understood what humanity nowadays seems to have forgotten. Check throughout my blog articles about:

  • Osiris Vegetarian Eating Habits Introduction to ancient Egypt and WHY
  • Aura and Energy Field Articles
  • Twin Soul Energy and Ascension
  • Ascension of the Planet (Gods Plan in stages)
  • Angry Complaining Articles on things that should not happen and are very negative for everyone and the World’s energy field and mass consciousness
  • Undercover Angels coming here to remind over and over of the same Message
Michael Jackson and Aries Animal Real - ArchangelMichael777
Michael Jackson and Aries Animal Real – ArchangelMichael777

Michael, for example, played with animals, gave them a home, learned about them and studied them. He did not eat them.

He was Vegetarian.

Michael Jackson and Animals - ArchangelMichael777
Michael Jackson and Animals – ArchangelMichael777

It’s so cute, I love animals. Joe Jackson as well became exceptionally soft and gentle around animals, this is the root of inspiration for Michael since he was young to get into a deeper connection with animals himself.

They say, that this Corona virus is an wild animal virus that mutated to fit to human beings and infect them. Now, think about the continued handling of life stock, animals, butchering processes and eating habits, right now, as a new virus is young and fresh trying to establish itself and find its way to eat more and more cells.

If this mutates further, and goes to other animals we eat like Chickens, Cows and all that, think about what happens then. So, people, the time is perfect right now to go natural, eat VEGETARIAN, and pause all animal handling, butchering processes and meat transports and meat eating, for at least few weeks. This is my scientific opinion on this.

Become friends again with our home, Mother Earth, and fix the spiritual energetic root behind all of this, and lets MANIFEST DIVINE HEALTH, working together, being respectful, smart, constructive connected humanity. Realizing for once something new, evolving, into a better future for all countries and cultures, all the human family getting back in harmony with the planet and the animal kingdom, and especially, our own souls and selves.

How to even be good to our environment, if we cannot be good to ourselves? Our bodies? Our minds and souls, and each others souls and hearts and minds? Think about that part, it is important.

Let’s adjust our lifestyles and habits to fit to Mother Nature’s rules again, spiritual law and the very core truth of our existence and life force, our soul. Take care of your soul, don’t create karma, do not kill living beings and then eat them, because this is literally spiritually speaking “the energy of death you are taking in” then, besides, the whole viruses, bacteria and everything of this being into your aura and energy field, by eating it.

This is why the Druids also, for example, were Vegetarians, or actually, Vegans in that case. Only natural, green stuff they ate, and their “meat” was mushrooms.

They knew that to grow spiritually, you must take in things “with a growing energy, living energy, life blossoming energy” like salad, herbs, fruits, veggies, corn, rice, bread.

And to “kill a walking, living being and eat it, you take in the dying energy of it too”. Think about it. This is simple spiritual law, something that is ignored on earth but part of it, so you want to get into REAL genius brilliant, quick, spirit connected solutions, bring back that part to the whole science picture too, we called that SPIRITUAL SCIENCE in ancient Egypt, and were able proven to do things you still guessing and researching about today, dear Scientists, how we did it and missing a part of the big picture, which is why you don’t get it.

Michael Jackson 1980s - ArchangelMichael777 - A modern & heavenly Blog 2020
Michael Jackson 1980s – ArchangelMichael777 – A modern & heavenly Blog 2020

Advice for the current Times on Earth

We should all and are meant originally to be living with each other in peace. Evolve together, not destroy. A friend recently had said once, that the “human being is the only animal that destroys its surroundings like a bacteria, while all other animals live with Nature in tune”. And I have to say, I do see a lot of that aspect in human society, how we live, what we do to the Earth just to greedily gain and gain and gain, in wrong ways.

I am not telling anyone here, that some spiritual exercises or meditation or anything similar, cures the Corona virus infection or Covid-19, the disease that can be triggered from this virus if it gets into the body.

I am saying, I experienced something brutal and life challenging, with my poisoning back then (at least 8 months long) and I looked death in the eye, so to speak. I got the allergies and allergic asthma from that time and poisoning phase, in Los Angeles (USA), and if anyone understands the fears people have right now, about the lungs, breathing (essential), lung collapse, infection, short, afraid to get it and not being able to breathe and fight to not die, I have been through exactly that experience.

Its in my book from 2012-2013, that you can get officially anywhere on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and so forth, in digital form.

So I am sharing my story, and telling you all to not worry and to have FAITH NOW. This is the secret, its the mind, the will. Also, know, that if someone’s time has not come, the virus will not kill them – the Archangel of Death controls that. I have been poisoned, and fought to keep breathing for months back then, and I am still here and feeling better than ever.

If your time has not come, spirit will not take you into ascension. No matter what, people survived with their strong will and determination empowering their bodies and immune systems worse things in history.

There are risk groups who get it, and have light symptoms and survive normal. Then, there are others who are even younger, even in their 30s it happened to some from what I saw in the news, who had preconditions such as cancer and other heavy diseases, and then the virus killed them.

We are obviously dealing with something that is like “alive and mutating”, and can quickly change, and there is no clear risk group in fact, because it is yet too unknown to determine for sure all of that, so have faith, trust, stay calm and think positive while protecting yourself at home, washing hands and all the health departments around the world and doctors advise you to do. Do all of it, a combination.

All I am saying is, don’t let fear into your heads, that and stress, worry, not only weakens the immune system (I wrote about it a few years back on this Blog), but also spiritually, what you think you attract. So, go the golden middle way, no fear, but also not acting stupid and risking unpredictable outcomes for others and going around and coughing and not listening to the WHO advice and all that.

Eat healthy, greens, natural, fruits, veggies, oranges, even lemons can be eaten pure. I do that sometimes. Focus your mind and your habits on good health and a strong, well immune system, if you have the possiblity and are healthy overall. Drinks lots of water and some electrolytes.

Be smart, show empathy for others, this compassion part is important, God wants us to learn now. Compassion for other human beings, all equal, and then, compassion for all living beings.

I love you all and I am praying for forgiveness for the World and that God maybring and manifest a solution quickly for the World. May everyone be protected, your grandparents, your kids, and your loved Ones.

We’re sending out a Major Blue Ray

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit


About the Animal Kingdom © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

About the Animal Kingdom © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
About the Animal Kingdom © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
About the Animal Kingdom © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

Many of you have written me sweet messages, sent letters and videos and commented on my publications such as Youtube Channels, often worried.

I am very well and alive!

I have not been blogging much lately, and I had posted recently an article giving some isight into my actual hard work to help people, on TV. I have been doing this since 1 year by now, and projects are increasing.

I am also preparing some major releases, introductions, of minority artists from around the World I am helping to find their musical pathways in life, and to have their intellectual rights and artistic feelings protected and represented correctly.

Well, now for 2020, is the time for some special articles this year again. A lot is happening and I feel like I have been very silent for a long time, and I do want you all to know, I am here still and I am here for you, dear readers.

In fact, in this and the following article you will find out that I have prepared and am still on more projects even that will allow you to be in a more fluent contact with me, and take things to the NEXT LEVEL.

The ones who know me well, know this is of course what I was going to do!

This year, we will not just talk, but do. We will get practial, and real, and I will reconnect again energetically with all of you, after years of hiding in my shell with Michael, regenerating from his transition and ascension.

Now, we are here to speak a bit about the animals today.

About the Animal Kingdom ©

Recently, I have been spending time studying animals, and human beings. It is to me kind of funny, how many folks are always looking down on animals, and other idiots claiming that animals have no souls. In fact, if you look at people’s behaviour together amongst each other, you will already notice how people of the same race are doing this to each other as well.

If someone has a different skin color, gender, religion, spiritual beliefs, appearance, people discriminate and look down on each other for natural things.

I have often wondered recently, seeing the innocence of animals and how sweet they are to people, despite of how people treated them for a long time. And when I hear about the theories that we humans stem from monkeys, sorry to be so frank, but it seems very obvious to me when I look at human behaviour.

If you look at researcher videos or animal experts doing tests, little fun games and more with animals like cats, dogs and other pets, you will see quickly that they are smarter than we think, and claim.

Here is a fun example , Copyright by Robert

If you on the other hand actually compare cats & dogs to monkeys, you will find a lot of monkey-ish behaviour, which you never see cats or dogs do. I saw two videos recently, in how lions, which are related to cats, react to seeing their own mirror image.

Then I saw a video on how monkeys react seeing themselves in a mirror, and I could not stop laughing. Take a look and learn by observing animals:

The lions immediately noticed that there is nothing behind it, and it seems a mirror type thing that is limited in length, going around it to look closer at what it is exactly. The lion king, of course, is staring at himself in awe liking it!

Now take a look at the monkey video.

The monkey goes on to hit the ground several minutes, not realizing it is NOT a competitor trying to come steal his stuff. It’s funny and you can learn a lot by observing animals.

About the Human Animal ©

To me, all walking-around type living beings here on Planet Earth are animals, or then fish or insects. Are you a fish or insect? No. So, you are an animal too. A fairly evolved one, with language, but also an animal just like all other animals around here.

So, we all have a consciousness and a soul. Animals as well!

And some people have figured out how animals communicate with tone, energy, emotions, telepathy and more. We are in fact the only beings who forgot all about those natural non-verbal communication gifts.

Human beings evolved very fast and much, but still it is interesting to note, that we only use an average maximum of 12 percent of our brains, the average person today. That is not even half.

If we actually did what lets say the native Americans understand, and many other indigineous folks in the world, and re-connected with animals and nature more in peace and understanding- the world would become healthier.

Even if you look at certain disorders, like autism special therapies, you will find that some animals do very good jobs helping people to heal, like dolphins here.

There are cats who live in hospitals and elderly homes, feeling before someone passes, going to spend closer time with them as if accompanying them. ( Think about ancient Egyptian spiritual knowledge on Cats)

Dogs rescue people, from even the mountains, and can find any materials with their noses, and even smell if a person has a sickness, just from smelling it. Also, all the mentioned animals feel if a person has a “good or bad soul vibe”, immediately, and react to it.

I am by the way, the same way. If I pick up on something dark about someone and they try that to connect to me in any way or talk to me in an attacking vibe’s way, I get aggressive if they don’t back down when I say it once.

That goes especially for strangers, who think spiritual soul attacks are in any way “less serious” than a physical attack and injury attempts, or the threat of such a thing alone.

It’s a disrespect of my “territory”, and this you can learn from animals and understand natural laws God made exactly to protect each free will in this.

A territory is not only the home of a dog, lets say, but the loved ones, the own space, walk path ahead especially and more. If you in any way cross into the “energetic, emotional territory” of a dog, they will bark, then bite and defend their “space”.

Human beings are the same way. All beings with a free will are that way and have that right naturally given to them, to have their own “space”. You can use all kinds of terms for it, aura, energy field, consciousness, thoughts, space, territory, SOUL, it is all about the same thing finally and in the feeling.

Also, when it comes to telepathic communication and general non-verbal communication, body language and eyes language, you can learn so much from observing animals, also about yourself.

In fact, you can try to imitate movements, tricks, feel yourself intuitively into a particular animals ways, and learn like that as well. Many human beings have learned many things like this, from the other animals.

But the most important thing you can learn from animals is that unconditional love and loyalty are natural. We have that inside of us too and we should nurture it more and not break bonds after we created them, with other human beings.

Animals accept us the way we are.

Why can’t we accept them, the way they are?

Why can’t we accept ourselves, the way we are?

Try to see yourself from the eyes of your pet, really with all that comes with it, visualize and feel it.

Think of which animal you would feel and see yourself as, if you were one, and meditate on it. This is a good, easy way to find your own “animal totem”, animal spirit guide.

I will give you some exercises for this all this spring 2020, and some video meditations as well. If you have a pet, you got a good training partner already!

Respect the animals, all of them. See the beauty of it, and learn to appreciate the animalistic, instincts, nature and diversity of life we have on Earth.

If you learn to respect the animals like people, you will create a much better, positive karma (blessing) for yourselves.

Much Love & Light,

Susan Elsa


SUMMER 2015: When Michael Jackson brought John Lennon in Spirit for a Visit *Documented Dated Details Publication* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

John Lennon & Yoko Ono Soul Truth presented by Archangel Michael © ArchangelMichael777 - A modern & heavenly Blog

Dear Readers

Today, we have something very special and rare for you. I have never spoken about this and will do only this one time, out of respect and care for the truth.

I was asked now, to write out the dated and documented spiritual Notes I have , which we date and stamp, and which are observed by Science since years, for proving Twin Flames and the very Spiritual itself as well, to Science. This is a project very dear to us, and it is as serious as you can imagine, how we approach this with facts, evidence and logic. When the time is ripe, all of this will be published together with a big Science Documentary and Project to establish a new scientific Theory and model for Twin Souls to prove it, and also anytime be able to discern the fakes who usually have psychological delusions and problems, from the real Twin Souls, in the clearest, legally usable way.

We already have achieved A LOT to make this revolutionary vision happen, and we are almost ready. I have given Science TV Interviews before and for Science Books being written as well, and everything is coming together perfectly, thanks to God helping.

We have told you about the major spiritual connection which Michael Jackson has with Elvis Presley, some things about Bruce Lee, Elizabeth Taylor and Prince. About Prince we only have 2 linked Articles from April/May 2016, and no more talking because simply, Prince does not want to say anything more right now through us.

With Elvis it is a major connection, also shown in the earthly relationship Michael Jackson had with Lisa-Marie Presley. So, there, we channeled a whole Book in 2010, published end of 2012, which is thought from Elvis as a reassuring, loving message to his daughter, Lisa. It also informs about the very similar things the Man had to endure as Michael Jackson did too, with the press, defamation, stalking, slander, false accusations, and those constant harassing lies which hurt both, and were very malignant on purpose towards the ends of both lives. Not everything you read in the News, or in someone else’s Book about them, is true. Not every person who claims to know someone and “tell-all about them”, even knew them or even met and shook their hand.

It is as if, because famous people work with fantasy in their art and stimulating people’s fantasies and dreams, people run wild with it, strangers, and make up the craziest stuff in their head, until they believe it is true.

Let me give you an example, which I myself did not know for a long time. The Fan Hysteria around Elvis Presley was legendary, just like with Michael Jackson too. Not many Artists do have this “Aura effect” on the Audience. Michael Jackson protected himself from the dangerous crazy type of “admirers” with tons of Bodyguards and absolutely shielding and isolating himself from the public, to have his privacy and peace to live. I am surprised every time, by the way, NOW, when some people think, his SPIRIT NOW is accessible for all easily and they can do with it, and in his name, and say whatever they like! Michael was not easy approachable in human life, and definitely isn’t in Spirit, that is the good part of being in Spirit now. They can’t get to him and cannot touch him or abuse him/harass him and so forth.

Elvis Presley had to deal with similar things.

Some Fans got so crazy and out of their control and mind, almost like in a “hysteria trance” at his sight, that they would rip his clothes with their finger nails and scratch his body, by Elvis only walking through a mass of female Fans, and he would come out the other end with a BLEEDING upper body, sometimes the legs too, from the Fans sharp, wildly scratching fingernails, like angry Cats. Alright man, to each his own, but I personally never understood how people can lose such control over themselves and do this to someone they claim to love, not noticing what they are doing.

Most of the things I know about Elvis Presley personally, came to me from him directly in Spirit, beginning May 2010, when Michael brought him to me for not just a visit, but talking and cooperation, like for this Book we purely did only for Elvis, like assistants.

THE SPIRITUAL SIDE OF ROCK & ROLL: Elvis´Message from Heaven (eBook) Channeled without Editing by Susan Elsa 2010

This is just a nice designed Cover for the Elvis Book from back then. But first thing back then, was a very Elvis style introduction and revealing about OUR soul family spiritual connections: I just saw this tall Guy from the back, walking up lit stairway which seemed to go to this heavenly Door. In this Door stood an older, shorter Woman which I did not recognise first, and as he stepped closer and hugged her, I felt these extreme happy feelings rushing over me, this love, this “finally having something back you love more than anything” type feeling, and cried happy tears, realising, Elvis just showed me his Entrance into Heaven and how, of course, his Mother Gladys welcomed him as the first Person he saw entering Heaven!

Elvis Presley in Spirit visits Susan Elsa © May 2010 Documentation Sketch
Elvis Presley in Spirit visits Susan Elsa © May 2010 Documentation Sketch

I know (LOL), I am not the best sketcher especially if it is including having to sketch myself from an external perspective (Michael’s Eyes on the situation or a viewer seeing the scene), and channeled drawing goes too fast. I have to train my hands to make more defined, better sketches when doing channeled drawing. This is from Spring 2012, but documents the first Visit for Illustration purpose, from 1st May 2010.

But in this time, doing these Channeled Drawings (C.D.s) in Spring 2012, for the Book Release, Elvis brought by his Twin Flame to show her to me and for us to talk from Woman to Woman. We had already connected in Summer 2010, channeling Songs which both of them wrote together, especially this one:

Just so you can hear the difference, as I NEVER had any experience with Rock n Roll, between the above Live Spiritual Channeling Recording, and in the following, when I simply am myself and work with Michael on Songs creating them by channeling them live without paper or pen.

And here is a live Studio channeling and recording of a Song, called Twin Birds, recorded and channeled in the Island of Bermuda February 2016:

Now, let’s get to the main part of this Article, John Lennon.

In Summer 2015, I was just relaxing and drinking some Ice Tea outside, as it was a very hot summer and sitting outside is just nice when it is like that. I am a sunny type person and love warm weather and beaches.

Suddenly, as I sat at this little, round and antique sunny table I have, which is made of pure marble and has an elegant french bistro type lower, black curved part, Michael surprised me by bringing John Lennon in Spirit suddenly for a visit and little talk, at this Table.

This does not happen all the time to me, so every time I appreciate it and listen well and document details well. I can still remember John’s very gentle and smiling face, and the funny comments he said, about me to Michael, in front of me, making Michael lower his head all shy and say a gentle “thank you”.

At the beginning of this visit, John just stared at me with this big smile and fascination, like he had heard a lot already about me from Michael, up there, where especially Musical Souls seem to love hanging out together. I am serious. And there is New, Universal, incredible, otherworldly Music and Sound Vibrations being made too, still.

So, John started to compliment me and say to Michael:”No wonder you did such great work, having such a Muse!”, and without wanting to cite his direct words here, he remarked to Michael two times in front of me, how beautiful he thinks I am and congratulation Michael on his Twin Soul Relationship and how we overcame the challenges.

Then, he talked a bit with me, calling his earthly wife, in Spirit now, “still his wife and always will be my wife”, and he showed me very clear insights into their strong spiritual connection. He said, they too have similarities and bonded immediately, even if he was British-European and she is Asian. And I saw the same type of eyes, expression, energy, seeing images he showed me spiritually, of how their connection on Earth was, how healing and freeing it was, and I saw the similarities in their faces and all these vibes. It did surprise me, to be honest.

I am not officially saying they are or are not a Twin Flame, but I am saying as much as I can and in a subtle way. One thing is clear, John Lennon Soul resonates with Yoko Ono, still, and he has not told me or shown me any other Twin Flame, nor did he mention any other Women but Yoko.

The Photos below are comparing and showing the similar facial features and energetic expression, in male and female, of the Couple John Lennon and Yoko Ono, his wife. Look at the side profile, forehead, the downwards tilted nose, the lips and chin, and the smile. Two different “races”, but totally alike.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono for educational Purpose - ARCHANGELMICHAEL777-
John Lennon and Yoko Ono for educational Purpose – ARCHANGELMICHAEL777-

Original Photo Source: http://wcbsfm.radio.com/2014/04/22/john-lennon-and-yoko-ono-perfectly-describe-love-in-animated-interview/

In the following Photo, from the front view more, you can see the similarity in the eyes energy, the nose, and the lower facial part, lips and chin and chin dimples pointing downwards like the nose tip. I find especially here the RIGHT EYE revealing, as it shows clearly that they have like the “same eyes and soul energy in the eyes”.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono for educational Purpose - ARCHANGELMICHAEL777-
John Lennon and Yoko Ono for educational Purpose – ARCHANGELMICHAEL777-

Now, I got something really hilarious and creative for you. Look at the first Photo of JOHN, channeling his “feminine side” and then Yoko Ono’s Photo.

He talked about the Love-Movement they were leading, and how important he thought it was to “free sexuality and women”, to be free and passionate, but with respect and a poetic admiration of the feminine. He spoke briefly on it, and said it was part of what provoked “them” to interfere in his life, because  in that time, it was literally a phase of a “Sexual Revolution” and a freeing especially of Women in that regards. They were openly sharing, he said, their love, to spread the message and be an energy against wars and violence. John Lennon explained basically, that he believes making love is able to change negative energy in the World, and heal it. That is what he said, in this one time surprise visit.

But then again, it made sense what he was saying. He talked about how he then got suddenly shot in New York and how this, confirms the Twin Flame Interferences and that it simply wasn’t the right time on Earth for Twin Flames to be together and live, and grow old, without attack and interference. It is always the same, blessed connections get disturbed!

He hinted at other serious information around his death, which I cannot reveal at this point here as it is not my job and he wants to protect me, and Michael, who have already enough an own complicated situation, with what happened to Michael. But let me say, there seems to be a “system” that works against Artists who write free spirited Songs, who cannot be “controlled and made a puppet”, who think freely and live freely and promote the truth about love, and are fighting negativity in the World.

John Lennon started getting tapped and spied on, right after leaving the Beatles and starting his Solo Music Career and own personal, spiritual Messages in Songs like “Imagine”. He told a pretty big spiritual message here, about the NOW Moment and letting EVERYTHING OF DUALITY GO and TRANSCEND IT. To only think in unconditional, free love terms, the soul feeling free and being only in the now, aware of LIFE ITSELF. Aware of compassion, of the connectedness we all have and how, a vision of a “utopia place on earth” is possible, with love.

I wouldn’t be so sure that this “Fan” was really a Fan who did this, or, his access and stalking of John to achieve killing him enabled by some other sources who wanted this to happen. Don’t get me wrong, there ARE some seriously mentally disturbed, dangerous Beatles Fans and Elvis Presley Fans, and MJ Fans and other Celebrities out there, but this story about John Lennon is strange.

He did not say more, and the whole visit carried a very sunny, happy vibration and I thought afterwards:”Wow, John is a laid back, funny guy, and very open minded”. I had to smile few times, thinking back about how he made Michael get all shy, bluntly and directly talking to us about my looks and such, but I guess he is a flirty, easy going guy, different than Michael.

And that is as much as I can say yet, until I am asked to say anything more.

However, the relationship between Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney, is a whole other and complex story.

It has become literally the “New Pop Culture” especially online, to claim some Celebrities as “a Twin Flame”, and just like Michael had announced few years back when we kick started this whole wave of Twin Soul “Thinking” and introduced this term and the truth about human Souls, it is becoming some weird, new “Fan” Title Fans claim for themselves, and that is not what this is supposed to be for. It is due to some New Age folks having discovered for themselves to make Money off of People who seek to find out more on this Twin Flame stuff, and they spread false information degrading the whole thing to a lower, earthly vibration and disrespect and stalking. There is no “Runner Dynamic”, and Souls have a free Will, even after passing, and it is important to respect that and not speak anything false in the name of someone who passed, especially, or someone who is alive and famous, and does not know you.

I could only begin connecting the dots and realise things, when I MET Michael in the physical, in person, face to face, with his Feedback then on this connection. I never thought anything close to sexual or romantic towards Michael Jackson before we met, and he did all the first steps throughout our story.

Here is a precious not widely known early work of Michael Jackson, a “Black Music Perl” in a spiritual original ancient Egyptian sense, as I would call it, which channels our Twin Soul situation and his feeling, and mine in Spirit, BEFORE my Birth.

The Dream part, is a spiritual element in both songs. It is the spiritual sight on things, and meeting the Twin Flame in Dreams, especially if the other part if purely in Spirit and not incarnated.

Then, bit later for his biggest selling Solo Album of all time, THRILLER, he began literally 29 Minutes after my Birth to sing, with Paul McCartney in a competing message duet, to record THE GIRL IS MINE. 29 Minutes after my literal Birth, on 14th April 1982. (You may check official dates and records to confirm this yourself as you like!)

Note: Beautiful Video, thank you for making it to the Makers! At the End, you see Michael in a typical, knowing “I got this” type facial expression, as Sean Lennon, John Lennon’s son walks behind him to the stage. This is a scene from Michael’s Film “MOONWALKER”.

So, stay aware, respect people and souls, and the truth. It’s time for PEACE and LOVE. For LIFE to blossom.

Focus on LOVE, and this sunny light, this happiness vibe, instead of anything low and dark and negative trying to distract you from this inner Sun.

The more we let this inner light flourish and nurture our souls, the more we grow, just like Sunflowers take in physical Sunlight and grow through it! Think about this.

We’re sending out a Major Love Ray,

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