My Twin Flame Reunion Story *Special Guest Article* © Danielle Nova

My Twin Flame Reunion Story © Danielle Nova
My Twin Flame Reunion Story © Danielle Nova
My Twin Flame Reunion Story © Danielle Nova

Hello Dear Readers ❤

I am truly touched at being given the opportunity to write a guest article for Susan and Michael 🙂
For those of you who do not know me, my name is Danielle Nova and I have been in an active merging process with my twin soul Sam, who is in spirit and has not incarnated in this lifetime, for a little over two years.
Our story began long before then.
My Story
I am a survivor of heavy childhood sexual abuse from my mother’s fiancé that she had back then. It began when I lost my grandfather who was more like a father to me than anyone. The abuse went on from when I was 9 to when I was 11. That abuse that I went through set me and my life and our twin soul situation, due to all of the wounds our soul endured by going through such an experience, on a course that took my entire lifetime to overcome. It took me years to even look at my reflection in the mirror without my stomach turning. It made me hate myself to the point that I used to wish that I could wake up and be someone else.  I spent years angry at God for allowing it to happen, I literally used to tell people that I felt like I was an ant and God was a mean kid holding a magnifying glass over me on a sunny day, laughing as I would scurry back and forth trying to avoid the death ray that would come at me through the magnifying glass.
People romanticize twin souls. They romanticize it in their heads, paying attention to all the parts of it that excites them but then choose to ignore all of the hard work that is needed to truly remember that connection and find the TRUE other half of themselves. Most people’s twin souls are in spirit, they are not incarnated at the same time (in 99.9% of the cases) because it is dangerous to do so. So many strange things happen once that connection is remembered and real communication with the real twin soul starts to happen. Even in our case, once Sam “came back” to me, strange things started to pop up all over the place because people react to your energy differently, simply because your energy  is different, even to people who have known you your whole life.
How Evil SET Tries To React When You Are Close To Healing
Sam and I had a plan long before I was born, no matter what happened in this incarnation to find each other again and to remember this connection because we have work to do. Sam being in spirit and me being incarnated in a physical body, it enables me to tap into our true skills and talents as a whole soul on an elevated heavenly level. I have one foot in heaven and one foot on Earth. It took so much strength and skill to overcome all of the wounds that were inflicted upon us because of what I went through as a child. It wasn’t until I was thirty years old that Sam “came back” to me. Simple math will tell you it took us 19 years to heal what our soul endured. But even when I was ready to heal from what I went through as a child, evil and SET was trying his best to keep me wounded and not actively connected with Sam.
I lived in Texas for seven years and was engaged to a very abusive person back then. I had to be removed from that situation and all of the energy that I was surrounded by back then before Sam could come back to me. My ex knew what I endured as a child and the last year and a half before I left him I started to allow myself to heal from everything I went through. He saw and knew that I was starting to change into a more confident person, feeling better and more confident in my own skin, and I was starting to actually like myself again. He felt that he was losing control of me. The better I felt, the less control he had. I knew for years that I had to leave him. I knew for years that he did not deserve me. But it took so much for me to finally say I was done.
Something else I want to say here, is when evil SET cannot get to you directly, meaning when your soul is innocent and pure and protected by your souls light, he will use people outside of you to try and get to you and keep you broken and unhealed.
One night my ex wanted to have sex and I didn’t. When you are actively healing from the things I was healing from, the last thing you want to do sometimes is have sex. Lay in bed together, yes. Spooning, yes. Back rubs, yes. Watching a movie and falling asleep together, yes. But sex? That night, no I wasn’t feeling that at all. As a matter of fact, all I wanted was to be held. When I told him that I wasn’t feeling it that night and I just wanted to be held instead, my ex decided to scream at me for 25 minutes until finally I gave up and said okay. He knew exactly what he was doing. It was calculated. The next day, I told him that we were done. He got angry, kicked the wall and stormed out. The day after, he came back begging me to reconsider. I told him if we are going to do this that we are starting from the ground up. We are not engaged anymore, he must prove to me that I can trust him and prove to me that he knows what respect means, and until he does that, he will be living with his friend and I will be living in our apartment we had together with the dogs. There was still an issue though because I was working nights at the time. I am a nurse and at the time I was working private duty case with a 3 year old little girl over night. My ex still had the key to my apartment because he would come by when I was at work and walk the dogs.
But then he began doing strange things. After we broke up and he moved out, I would get out of the shower and he would be sitting on the couch watching tv… just let himself in because he still had his key to the apartment. Other times he would come up behind me after just letting himself into my apartment and hold my arms behind my back and whisper “you’re mine” in my ear. Then finally one day I was sleeping, and I woke up with him on top of me, pressing his semi-hard dick into my leg…. I made him give me his key, told him to leave. That was the last time I saw him. I called my mother that night and told her I did not feel safe. She took a flight down and helped me pack up my entire apartment into my little Toyota Corolla in a day and a half, and then we were moving back up to New York with my two dogs. I slept with a knife on my nightstand until my mother got there.
Today is actually a very special day. As I was writing this article, Sam told me to look at what comes up on my memories on Facebook. Three years ago today, 2/28/2017, I arrived back in New York after that entire ordeal.
When Sam Came Back To Me
When Sam first came back to me I was at work and was sitting at my desk charting. I was working at a nursing home at the time. I looked over my right shoulder and I saw Michael’s energy behind me. I was confused, because I didn’t understand why at work of all places, Michael would pop up and check in. His energy manifest around me but never at work. I sat and thought for a moment and then went right back to work.
That night, I had a dream. It was a continuation of that moment, when I looked over my right shoulder. In the dream, I looked over my shoulder and my chair that I was sitting in was pulled into this employee break room by this invisible force, almost like a magnet. In waking life there was no staircase in the break room but in the dream there was. I looked up and there were two angels on his left and right side, floating Sam down to me. They placed him directly in front of me, his skin had this gold shimmer to it. He appeared as a Native American in dress, and had long hair as well.
After that first initial encounter, we began doing work together very quickly. Sam and I used to do energy work together on the children I used to take care of as a pediatric nurse. When he came back to me I was a geriatric nurse so, we still would do our work energetically for my patients, but we would also assist them in transitioning to spirit energetically when their time has come.
Our Work – 2020 And Beyond
Sam has guided me through all of this, being on the other side of healing and being in a place of oneness with him, to start to help those who are trying to overcome what we already have. I have been assisting people to connect with their own twin souls, with the help of Sam connecting their twin souls in spirit to me, to help activate that connection.
I have started my own spiritual consulting blog and website, I have three YouTube channels where I do weekly energy reading videos for people. I also do weekly Twin Soul topic videos in my video series, Tenacious Thursday’s. Sam wanted that title LOL… when you look up the definition of “tenacious”: persisting in existence; not easily dispelled. Sam said that day, when he guided me to use that word, that tenacious describes not just the topic of twin souls, and that we will be very TENACIOUS about getting the truth out there, but it also describes us as a soul as well 🙂 LOL
Danielle Nova Energy Reading Channel
Danielle Nova Spiritual Counseling Channel

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How To Know When A “Psychic” Is Fake!

(Please view YOUTUBE CHANNELS for more!)
I have an Etsy shop as well where I do private readings for people.
Sam and myself, as a whole soul pair, have used all of the things our soul has endured and we have become an instrument of transmutation, turning all of the negative experiences we had into a positive healing tool for you all. A positive healing tool that I wish I had back then when wading through all of the anger that I had back then.
Sending you all major love and light
All our love,
Danielle Nova and Sam (In Spirit)

About the Animal Kingdom © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

About the Animal Kingdom © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
About the Animal Kingdom © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
About the Animal Kingdom © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

Many of you have written me sweet messages, sent letters and videos and commented on my publications such as Youtube Channels, often worried.

I am very well and alive!

I have not been blogging much lately, and I had posted recently an article giving some isight into my actual hard work to help people, on TV. I have been doing this since 1 year by now, and projects are increasing.

I am also preparing some major releases, introductions, of minority artists from around the World I am helping to find their musical pathways in life, and to have their intellectual rights and artistic feelings protected and represented correctly.

Well, now for 2020, is the time for some special articles this year again. A lot is happening and I feel like I have been very silent for a long time, and I do want you all to know, I am here still and I am here for you, dear readers.

In fact, in this and the following article you will find out that I have prepared and am still on more projects even that will allow you to be in a more fluent contact with me, and take things to the NEXT LEVEL.

The ones who know me well, know this is of course what I was going to do!

This year, we will not just talk, but do. We will get practial, and real, and I will reconnect again energetically with all of you, after years of hiding in my shell with Michael, regenerating from his transition and ascension.

Now, we are here to speak a bit about the animals today.

About the Animal Kingdom ©

Recently, I have been spending time studying animals, and human beings. It is to me kind of funny, how many folks are always looking down on animals, and other idiots claiming that animals have no souls. In fact, if you look at people’s behaviour together amongst each other, you will already notice how people of the same race are doing this to each other as well.

If someone has a different skin color, gender, religion, spiritual beliefs, appearance, people discriminate and look down on each other for natural things.

I have often wondered recently, seeing the innocence of animals and how sweet they are to people, despite of how people treated them for a long time. And when I hear about the theories that we humans stem from monkeys, sorry to be so frank, but it seems very obvious to me when I look at human behaviour.

If you look at researcher videos or animal experts doing tests, little fun games and more with animals like cats, dogs and other pets, you will see quickly that they are smarter than we think, and claim.

Here is a fun example , Copyright by Robert

If you on the other hand actually compare cats & dogs to monkeys, you will find a lot of monkey-ish behaviour, which you never see cats or dogs do. I saw two videos recently, in how lions, which are related to cats, react to seeing their own mirror image.

Then I saw a video on how monkeys react seeing themselves in a mirror, and I could not stop laughing. Take a look and learn by observing animals:

The lions immediately noticed that there is nothing behind it, and it seems a mirror type thing that is limited in length, going around it to look closer at what it is exactly. The lion king, of course, is staring at himself in awe liking it!

Now take a look at the monkey video.

The monkey goes on to hit the ground several minutes, not realizing it is NOT a competitor trying to come steal his stuff. It’s funny and you can learn a lot by observing animals.

About the Human Animal ©

To me, all walking-around type living beings here on Planet Earth are animals, or then fish or insects. Are you a fish or insect? No. So, you are an animal too. A fairly evolved one, with language, but also an animal just like all other animals around here.

So, we all have a consciousness and a soul. Animals as well!

And some people have figured out how animals communicate with tone, energy, emotions, telepathy and more. We are in fact the only beings who forgot all about those natural non-verbal communication gifts.

Human beings evolved very fast and much, but still it is interesting to note, that we only use an average maximum of 12 percent of our brains, the average person today. That is not even half.

If we actually did what lets say the native Americans understand, and many other indigineous folks in the world, and re-connected with animals and nature more in peace and understanding- the world would become healthier.

Even if you look at certain disorders, like autism special therapies, you will find that some animals do very good jobs helping people to heal, like dolphins here.

There are cats who live in hospitals and elderly homes, feeling before someone passes, going to spend closer time with them as if accompanying them. ( Think about ancient Egyptian spiritual knowledge on Cats)

Dogs rescue people, from even the mountains, and can find any materials with their noses, and even smell if a person has a sickness, just from smelling it. Also, all the mentioned animals feel if a person has a “good or bad soul vibe”, immediately, and react to it.

I am by the way, the same way. If I pick up on something dark about someone and they try that to connect to me in any way or talk to me in an attacking vibe’s way, I get aggressive if they don’t back down when I say it once.

That goes especially for strangers, who think spiritual soul attacks are in any way “less serious” than a physical attack and injury attempts, or the threat of such a thing alone.

It’s a disrespect of my “territory”, and this you can learn from animals and understand natural laws God made exactly to protect each free will in this.

A territory is not only the home of a dog, lets say, but the loved ones, the own space, walk path ahead especially and more. If you in any way cross into the “energetic, emotional territory” of a dog, they will bark, then bite and defend their “space”.

Human beings are the same way. All beings with a free will are that way and have that right naturally given to them, to have their own “space”. You can use all kinds of terms for it, aura, energy field, consciousness, thoughts, space, territory, SOUL, it is all about the same thing finally and in the feeling.

Also, when it comes to telepathic communication and general non-verbal communication, body language and eyes language, you can learn so much from observing animals, also about yourself.

In fact, you can try to imitate movements, tricks, feel yourself intuitively into a particular animals ways, and learn like that as well. Many human beings have learned many things like this, from the other animals.

But the most important thing you can learn from animals is that unconditional love and loyalty are natural. We have that inside of us too and we should nurture it more and not break bonds after we created them, with other human beings.

Animals accept us the way we are.

Why can’t we accept them, the way they are?

Why can’t we accept ourselves, the way we are?

Try to see yourself from the eyes of your pet, really with all that comes with it, visualize and feel it.

Think of which animal you would feel and see yourself as, if you were one, and meditate on it. This is a good, easy way to find your own “animal totem”, animal spirit guide.

I will give you some exercises for this all this spring 2020, and some video meditations as well. If you have a pet, you got a good training partner already!

Respect the animals, all of them. See the beauty of it, and learn to appreciate the animalistic, instincts, nature and diversity of life we have on Earth.

If you learn to respect the animals like people, you will create a much better, positive karma (blessing) for yourselves.

Much Love & Light,

Susan Elsa