Dear World

Since we just had Easter this last weekend, it seems like a good timing to talk a bit about the so-called

“Rose Flame”

Of course, we aren’t talking about a real flame or fire here, as we know it on Earth. The rose flame is a spiritual tool of higher dimensions, which has particular effects on soul, body and mind.

Personal Experience with Rose Flame:

In early April 2010, I was laying on my couch at home, a white couch. It was day time and sunny outside. The TV was on and I lay there watching, and reading some newspaper parallel. Suddenly, I saw clear but very short, Michael Jackson flying quickly by above me, and as he flew by, he shot a to me very visible “Rose Flame” into my HEART CHAKRA and then, I felt and SEEN it inside of my heart, burning in a serene, calm way. Like a romantic fire place in there, but in the color rose-pinkish.

I could make an energy painting for it, which can help the readers visualize it better for meditation and healing sessions. All I will say now, comes from direct experience and intuition, I think that it is always right and best, when one relies on their own intuition first and not let other’s experiences, writings and so forth influence and shape their mind too much. Everyone is individual, and if you experience something and then hear from others about twin souls and rose flame and all of that, YOU KNOW IN THIS MOMENT IT IS REAL.

This is what the Druids meant: You cannot teach someone your experience or hand it over. They will not have made their own EXPERIENCE, which is necessary in the process of learning and realization moments.

So, after Michael put this rose flamy thing into my heart, I found myself being way more emotional. It felt like, my heart chakra is opening up like never before in this life, and I wasn’t used to it. It was like, for weeks, all negativity was gone from my life, as if I don’t live in duality anymore. Only good existed. I felt forgiving everyone, like seeing their weaknesses like a mother looks at her children. I suddenly, and I have always had a “Mother Theresa Complex” my friends used to say, but now suddenly I felt as if I am ascending while still in a human body on Earth. I started to see more than ever before, as if the veil between this Life and Beyond has been lifted.

This process wasn’t easy and I cried a lot, as if the tears are cleansing my heart or coming, because if you get hurt too much for too long, it kinda hurts you when you open your heart again, like a muscle which hasn’t been used for a while. So it gets soar first, and then adjusts and gets used to being open and sending out more love energy to the World, to the Mass Consciousness. I felt how this Rose Flame thing somehow, connected not only me and Michael on a soul level much deeper, but also I suddenly could sense, see, feel and see clearly in dreams how some people on the planet are pulling on his soul. I could suddenly see what he sees!

From my experience, the rose flame also assisted Michael in filtering out all men who were surrounding me at that time, trying to take his place. No joke. It is seemingly connected very deeply to TWIN SOULS and a tool, I believe, which is used in higher dimensions by Angels to bring together twin souls and reunite them. It does not matter if in flesh or spirit. It works super strong.

I did make songs about it, channeling the energy into them to transmit it for healing purposes. I think some MJ Fans felt it, because I received quite amazing feedback the weeks, months and years after this event.

You can research more about it if you like, online. I think though it is always most interesting and authentic, to make your own experiences and trust God and his Angels, they can teach you too, you don’t have to read other human being’s words to learn about the Rose Flame. Ask them anytime to connect you to it or help you activate it.

This is only for reference, since this old Channel on YOUTUBE has been hacked in 2010 and taken away from us rudely. But here you can see the RITUAL VERSION of the first Song channeled with Mike from Heaven, in 2010. It’s everywhere also on iTunes and such for Download if you want a clean audio version with the original as well.

I believe the rose flame is something connected to the DIVINE FEMININE which is supposed to heal in this time we live in right now. Let’s see what happens in the future. More on this as things unfold in time.

Susan Elsa


Susan IsIs: Rose Flame Heart of Twin Souls
Susan IsIs: Rose Flame Heart of Twin Souls  (2011)

Notice the replacement of the GOLD color in the Twin Soul Eye of IsIs, depicted in a new Original Design with COLOR ROSE, as if the ROSE FLAME energy channels down onto the Earth dimension from Spirit.

From the Short Film ” WOMEN OF THE WORLD”

Michael Jackson: The Original Twin Soul Story (Video)

A very unique and courageous Book by Michael Jackson´s private friend, which escaped half dead and poisoned California a short time before Michael passed. Fighting to survive and battling for truth and justice, Michael was suddenly sent back to her and told her a new information from heaven:

“I am so sorry, all you had to go through was because of OUR connection. You will never be alone again, you ARE my heaven, you are the One. You are my TWIN SOUL.”

It was the first time Susan ever heard this term in English then too from Michael in Spirit. That was March 2010. In April 2010 Susan started to publish subtly as directed by Michael, Songs filled with Messages from him.

From Hollywood Hacking Attacks and direct attacks on Susan & Michael´s work, this Book gives you a real secret insight into the dirty secrets of the World Powers as well as insight into the eternal truth of hope and faith: God can make anything possible. Obvious and powerful Twin Soul Work happening in front of your eyes. Archangel Michael is sent by God to demonstrate the powers of LOVE.

Susan Elsa has been a professional singer all her life, a Film Director now additionally and a unique scientifically documented case of rare psychic, mysterious and yet unexplained skills. For further info, please watch her Out of Body Experience Interview with ABC TV:


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