Michael Jackson´s Loving You: How Twin Soul Flame Meetings affect Songwriting & Mind © Susan Elsa

Michael Jackson´s Loving You: How Twin Soul Flame Meetings affect Songwriting & Mind ©

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I want to throw out today something private, without talking much, for all is said in our inner Soul Dialogue Songs already. Those are copyrighted Facts here and I am telling you honestly: Michael did NOT show me this old Demo he did, and I wrote my Twin Soul Song in 2008, after I had arrived half dead back in Europe and founded my Label to surprise him, with the Vision we talked about. I cannot comment any further on this topic, for it is very personal. I was sad and missing him a lot and just for myself, spontaneously doing some Song Demo, that´s all. Continue reading

Who is Susan Elsa?

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Who is Susan Elsa?WHO IS SUSAN ELSA?

Official Bio:

Susan Elsa was born on April 14th 1982 in Zuerich, Switzerland. Originally, her whole family comes from Egypt. At the age of 5, Susan was alone at home and switched on TV. She zapped right into Michael Jackson’s MOONWALKER Film. Her life changed in that moment forever.

She began to teach herself singing in an isolated room, being very shy while growing up. At age 16 she was invited to sing for a Soul Music Producer in Switzerland and impressed him during a session in his studio with Michael Jackson’s Song “Dirty Diana”.

Susan Elsa © Project PR Image 2013 Susan Elsa © Project PR Image 2013

Secret “Living” Project Insight © Secret Release Dates and Surprises

From then on her professional Career had begun, but the path was harsh and challenging. Soon she found out, that her new ideas, visions and concepts were not being welcomed with open arms by…

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