Ghost Eye Incense Mix © Mystery Garden Productions

Dear World

I am very happy and proud today, typing this blog post. In my private life as well as in my work life, I am very happy and helping people improve their lives with great products I learned about all my life from my Grandmother and other important figures in my spiritual life.

I started a new life, and just got back from Egypt, where I spent a wonderful time at the red sea and warm sandy beach with my Man. Ready to start a family and feeling very grateful.

While there, I spent also my time going to the furthest backland markets and sellers spots, asking around even to find the stuff I was looking for: high quality ghost eye incense, other high quality ingredients for the mixture according to my Grandmother Bedur’s style, and just natural intuition, witch style being led by Michael also to find the right ingredients for my plans.

Ghost Eye Incense Mix by TwinEye/Mystery Garden Productions

I remember my Grandmother, Teta Bedur, having used this Ghost Eye on me many times to protect me from envy energy, the “evil eye” and anything devilish or black magic. I would have to sit there while she did this special ritual. She always had a wonderful way and style, in actions and words, where you felt cheered up and entertained during such rituals. She knew how to entertain kids, smudging them witch style.

You can just send a direct order via contact form on here below, if you want a Ghost Eye Pack (48 Dollars) plus shipping /delivery Costs. If you order more than 3, you get a 10% discount for the holiday season and save on shipping costs.

Ghost Eye Incense Mix with Special Ritual Guide Scroll / TwinEye by Mystery Garden Productions

I wish you all a wonderful beginning of a new energy in your lives too and a wonderful, magical holiday season.

Love & Light,

Susan Elsa

MJ TwinFlame Soul Official

TV TwinSoul Expert & Egyptian Witch

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