Twin Soul Love Spell Incense Mix & Home Ritual by Susan Elsa © TwinEye – Mystery Garden

TwinSoul Love Spell – Home Ritual Mix (incl. Witch Guide Scroll)

Dear World

I got something very special for all of you today. Coming closer to the holiday season, many of us being often at home and in the warm in this cold winter, Twin Flame communication becomes more easy, important and doable. The wintertime has been traditionally in pagan circles a time of inner view, caretaking of the self, baths, pausing and relaxing. It is the best time for inner reflections and communication.

Many of you have read my books and writings over the years. I was busy, to be honest, dealing with myself, after Michael passed. You saw it in my open sharing especially on this blog. I did not filter anything, it was raw.

In the meantime, I am way more balanced and merged with Michael and feeling great. I am calmly working on improving everyone’s life by creating actual spiritual products, ancient Egypt style, for the modern World, to make spiritual work and training at home easier and support it energetically.


If you click your way through the above link, you will come out on the Etsy Store of my Spiritual Alchemy Product Line, named “TwinEye”©, by Mystery Garden. In this particular link is the incense mix and ritual guide, officially named “Witch Guide”©, that we are talking about right here. You can now read the knowledge, work it, think about it, question it, anything you want, plus, get essential home equipment for your spiritual protection, cleansing, magic training, aura strengthening and self development. I think we are the first to present such “Luxury Witch”© Products for Twin Flames, Swiss & highest Egyptian Quality in the Making.

I traveled to Egypt recently in October, and spent a wonderful time there, I’m telling ya.

Some of the days, I would go to traditional markets, “alchemy” markets and such to look intuitively for essences, oils, incense and herbs. I found exactly what I was guided to seek, for the ultimate mixture of this product, so it protects, supports energetically using natural elements and strengthens your energy at home.

The purple wood incense in it brings a very original, location-energized Osiris energy to the table. Then, Egyptian Violet with a drop of pure Egyptian Lotus Oil brings the IsIs energy to the mixture. Of course there is more in it, but it’s a secret. Gawi Stone Incense is also a little in the mix, it smells fantastic and literally magical, doing alone by the aroma and smell something to your taste senses. My Egyptian Grandmother taught me a lot, and growing up and living in Switzerland really taught me detail oriented, educated work styles.

In the smoke of the incense, you can see very clear signs at times, watch for it.

With it comes a whole full open heart WITCH GUIDE, namely a brown Scroll, bound, in which you will find the secret use of it written.

TwinEye Witch Guide Scroll© Mystery Garden Productions

Rituals and exercises for home, to improve communication ( throat chakra) connection between lovers, and, sexual energy exchange, and to protect the energetic cycle between you and your twin flame.

I love you all from my soul and am very happy to present you this one.

It will be next months already also in Swiss Witch & Spiritual Stores, and I am just very happy.

Much Love & Light,

Susan Elsa


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