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Actually, it is quite good to see so many people starting to remember this topic of love. More and more books, even music, and online websites are slowly but surely jumping on the topic of twin souls. This post is specifically about who Michael Jackson’s twin soul is, for obviously there are some people out there who want to make this “an earthly competitive” kind of topic and it is not and can never be. But then again, it is no surprise and it shows, how popular and influencing Michael still is. Thank God.

Let us first begin by approaching this big question people and Fans out there have, by taking a first closer look at the term twin and it’s definition:

Science Dictionary
twin  (twĭn) Pronunciation Key

  1. One of two offspring born of a single gestation. Identical twins result from the division of a fertilized egg. Fraternal twins result from the fertilization of two separate eggs at the same time.
  2. A crystal structure consisting of two intergrown crystals that are mirror images of each other. Mineral twins can form as result of defective crystal growth in response to stress from rock deformation or during magma cooling.
The American Heritage® Science Dictionary
Copyright © 2002. Published by Houghton Mifflin. All rights reserved.
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1. One of two offspring born at the same birth.
2. One of two identical or similar people, animals, or things; a counterpart.
3. twins Mineralogy Two interwoven crystals that are mirror images of each other.
4. A twin-size bed.

1. Being two or one of two offspring born at the same birth: twin sisters.
2. Being two or one of two identical or similar people, animals, or things: twin cities; a twin bed.
3. Botany Of or relating to structures, such as flowers, that occur in pairs.
4. Consisting of two identical or similar parts: a twin lamp fixture.
v. twinned, twin·ning, twins


a. To give birth to twins.
b. Archaic To be one of twin offspring.
2. To be paired or coupled.

1. To pair or couple.
2. To provide a match or counterpart to.

[Middle English, from Old English twinn, twofold; see dwo- in Indo-European roots.]

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

Okay. So now one can logically conclude as a first step in this analysis, that when we talk about TWINS we talk about 2 being identical or very similar at least, else the word stops making sense. If 2 things or people or animals, are NOT alike, or similar physically and by appearance and biology, the term twin can no longer be applied.

Science keeps learning new insights and researching many valuable questions, still yet the whole topic of the human SOUL is still a riddle and a mystery to Science on this Planet.

When we combine the terms “twin” and “soul”…

Out comes a modern, yet still ancient concept of “soul mates”, “twin Flames”, “twin souls”. A romantic vision for many people, who read or hear about it. A poetic feeling of the soul, encouraging many people right now to delve more into this divine topic. In ancient times, this term has been connected to IsIs & Osiris and Adam & Eve. Research yourself here for more information.

Logically one could say:

“A twin soul must be someone or something that is in appearance identical or very similar AND internally as well with identical or similar feelings, passions, frustrations, dreams and so forth.”

This goes into your very essence. It speaks of the highest SELF you can be, the birth of your very soul, not your temporary physical body only.

I AM Archangel Energy LOGO 2011
I AM Archangel Energy LOGO 2011

It speaks basically between the lines about the famous story of Adam and Eve in Paradise, and the snake trying to separate them. Could it even be, the snake, known in ancient times as a sexual symbol, tried to steal Eve from Adam to leave him half and weak? Just a philosophical and inspirational question thrown in between.

Now, with quite a few people claiming wildly to be Michael Jackson’s twin soul, it becomes not only a popular question WHO IT IS, but a necessary one to understand the real twin soul dynamics of Michael Jackson and his big message, his spiritual legacy. Michael Jackson obviously had a big mission and did important work for God, on Earth. It is the very reason he attracts to many people and his Music does something with your soul.

Michael Jackson channeled LIGHT from Heaven into his work.

I think most of Mike’s fans would agree, that his twin soul in female version, would be made visible and clear by God in such a situation like Michael has. Look at his whole life and how much lies were said and confusions caused. Look at the special measures necessary, wherever he went, due to huge masses of crowds gathering within short time around him. Look at the stalker issues he had several times in his life, or his physical scars from fan hysteria.

Finally, it is really all about love and he emanated it so strong, people went nuts over him. Something changed after 1982.

Thriller was recorded at Westlake Recording Studios in Los Angeles, California, with a production budget of $750,000. The recording for Thriller commenced on April 14, 1982 at 12:00 noon with Jackson and Paul McCartney recording “The Girl Is Mine, and the album was completed with the final day of mixing on November 8, 1982.[19] Several members of the band Toto were also involved in the album’s recording and production.[18] Jackson wrote four songs for the record: “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’“, “The Girl Is Mine”, “Beat It“, and “Billie Jean“.[20]

Unlike many artists, Jackson did not write these songs on paper. Instead, he would dictate into a sound recorder; when recording he would sing from memory.[21][22]

Original Source with more Info:



Anyone can TALK. Anyone can CLAIM. Anyone can WISH. And anyone can PRETEND, when there is not much credible information in books and the Internet yet about this topic, that can be applied easily. Let us summarize our theory:

How would Michael’s Twin Soul prove it is her?

1. Identical or very similar outer appearance. *twin*

(Examples would be: Similar eyes, similar hands, similar body, posture, facial expression etc.)

2. Identical or very similar inner world

*not verifiable by external measurements*

3. Identical or very similar vocal abilities in singing and natural tone of the singing voice.

*many people say, singing and performing is like stripping naked your soul*

4. Identical or very similar dance style, physical movement, walking etc…

If someone claims to be MERGING with Michael Jackson’s Spirit in any way…

– it should show visibly in appearance and be verifiable in any way.

– it should not just be words and talking. The man is famous, anyone can say, especially if he passed and cannot clarify himself.

– the person claiming so must be able to channel him obviously, in songwriting, dancing and artistic fields. A merging means, one becomes ONE.  If someone claims to have some consciousness merging going on with Michael Jackson, then they must automatically share his musical ideas. Right?

– The two would be very similar inside and outside, but in the same time complete each other in the arts field and personal evolution. That means, Michael Jackson’s real twin soul would be a copy of him in a female version, who he would be if he was born a girl.

– There is a lot of credible evidence researched by science and well documented, supporting the fact that when a twin soul merges in spirit with his/her other half being incarnated in a physical body, the physical body changes and the appearance starts to adjust to the twin’s. It makes a lot of sense.

There is however, only one logical story out there of an Egyptian Girl claiming to be Michael’s Twin Soul: She lives in a German speaking country and was told this term by Michael in spirit himself, hearing the word “twin soul” for the very first time like this. After, her whole musical abilities changed:

– She has a mirror/copy of Michael Jackson’s cheek mole on her cheek as well. His on the left cheek, hers on the right cheek. Obvious signs from God to teach us and remind us of Twin Souls?

– Her Songwriting style and skills changed.

– She could suddenly freestyle complete and rhyming songs out of her mouth, no pen no paper rhyme (in English!)

– She started to dance different, and certain dance styles became like a second skin overnight.

– Her face is undergoing natural, verifiable changes looking increasingly like Michael’s

– She knew Michael Jackson personally and starting as a Singer, she developed parallel a vision of film directing while Michael did, and they met under the same circumstances, exchanging the same film visions together in Los Angeles (2007/2008)

– Many people verifiably have been “touched” by her and Michael’s twin soul healing energies:

1. Some people were led to their own twin soul within a short period of time.

2. Her aura is merging with Michael’s in a way, that can be felt when face to face: We have a few examples of diverse people, including life long, male Fans of Michael, who became dizzy around her due to Michael’s presence.

3. People have experienced miracles after literally touching her hands, meeting, or hugging her right after in health, their professional life, their love lives and even were shown things far distance in dreams by Michael directly after, to reaffirm to them it is her. Like out-of-body meetings of souls, where truth can be seen visible in the spiritual realms.

4. She is born the very day Michael Jackson started to record his unique THRILLER Album: April 14th, 1982

5. She reinvented Pop Music’s concept by building a new music genre called “Spiritual Pop 777”, which literally channels the melodies, ideas and artistic visions directly from heaven to earth, writing songs and producing entertainment projects with Michael long before Lady Gaga claimed her story afterwards. She is the first documented Artist to channel a ghost to write songs and her name should be linked to it by the press, not Gaga’s, we think. This is actually a more obvious evidence of her being MJ’s twin soul, because only then would Hollywood react like this after tiny baby steps with her new vision, published on her birthday in 2010 (April 14th 2010). Research it yourself and the facts will jump in your face. As Michael used to say: Don’t believe ANYTHING the press says about him. God will make sure that even the lies lead back to his truth, you will see.

Here is some of her work. You decide with YOUR heart, for the heart never lies…We are absolutely convinced by her story and things we can grasp and see, compared to other claims.

In July to October 2010, her label’s small channel on Youtube was hacked and spied on (MysteryGardenProd)

Here is an upload with evidence and facts of her having written her Book in 2010 before the hacking, and the whole new concept she invented, supported by Michael in spirit:

And here are two her published songs songs from direct, raw spiritual pop channelings no pen no paper rhyme into the mic. Published on July 13th 2010 due to hacking attacks, the Album could not be produced or finished. She published her raw material within 6 days to protect the sacred twin soul work and copyrights,from the Song I A.M. (Archangel Michael):


And here is another one, channeling energies to heal the planet into her song. Archangel Michael’s Blue Fire (The Dragonslayer Song 777):

And the first publishing, a present for a start with the new music vision of bringing Heaven & Earth together in Arts, Michael’s words channeled through Susan> ONE BODY, ONE MIND, ONE LOVE…

All this cited and linked work above has been done b Susan Elsa alone with Michael Jackson. The first STUDIO production, where other people witnessed her channeling of Michael’s energies was her Dec 21st 2012 Song OTHER PART OF HIM, which now completes the Message for this important date in history and sets the beginning of her “Living Project”. Susan has also published by now her Mystery Book called “ARCHANGEL MICHAEL’S WEDDING” of her memoirs, plus documentation of the work with Michael behind the scenes so to speak, her meetings with Michel in Los Angeles and the story of his soul returning to her after his passing, telling her that she is his “twin soul” and teaching her about it to teach and help others find their true twin as well.

Book is available on Amazon worldwide.

Our main Label Website will be again online soon, completely refreshed and redesigned with much interactive fun, books, music and movies. We also will have now a special and spiritually friendly FORUM for MJ & Elvis fans.

We hope this Analysis could help you further see through this complex topic and question and promise you, the best is yet to come…

Your Mystery Garden Web Team



Susan Elsa/IsIs influencing the planetary mass consciousness together with her Twin Soul Michael with the famous ancient Egyptian Magic Skills documented in History books. IsIs is also famous for influencing all females at once:

Documented Video Footage from Nov. 2010 during spiritual work travel through Egypt (real) and attached the main IsIs Song from her channeled Spiritual Pop Album “I REMEMBER” published right before the Arab Spring /Egyptian Resurrection/Uprising, on

Dec 21st 2010. IsIs used the skills learned from the Resurrection of her Beloved using Music and singing a song around Osiris in her past life to revive him, to apply it to reviving the whole PLANET this time.

Research it. During the Egyptian Uprisings people prayed focusing spiritual power and played ritual music and chanted in the streets. And they all made the V as in victory sign with their hands, showing Michael Jackson’s influence from above hand in hand working with Susan to heal the Planet.

Many more souls are helping and can help, so think about it please, don’t let other people sidetrack you, and focus on your own evolution and make better of yourself.



Michael was preparing a huge new animated stage version for THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT US. They censored it from the Internet, to restrict the spreading of it. Here is another fan-made version we found, wonderfully expressing the same Michael really prepared for THIS IS IT Concerts:

Thank you, PlanetMichaelJ for this video!

“I love you my beloved Egypt, I pray for you. Let us pray all together for the healing of this planet. Your gentle prayer can change the World”/ IsIs/Susan Elsa


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