Reflections Of A Twin Soul: About the Evil of Jealousy *Just A Note* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official – ARCHANGELMICHAEL777

Dear Readers

This is just a short Notice, a Post, not an Article. If you want to know more, look through this Blog and check publication dates of our official and copyrighted 2010 Releases, which they harass me for (my own Music, can you imagine!).

Well, now I have to report these people as I am no longer accepting this stalking and harassment, let alone the extremely evil on purpose lies being circulated online via fake Profiles, about me and my Person.


All this, is because I am the ONLY WOMAN OUT THERE, screaming and fighting like a Lioness for Michael´s Truth and Innocence, I am defending his Heterosexuality and telling everyone that he was never into Men, let alone Boys, and that they have fabricated these things for far more reasons than just “fame and money”- it disgusts me so much.

How dare they…why are they doing this, and so long and ongoing? Why? I think they themselves do not even know a good answer here if they ask themselves honestly in their Mirror, looking straight at their lying faces.


Any hobby Psychologist, anyone that knew Michael personally and private, anyone that has any common human being knowledge, sees WHY I am so angry and not letting it go. Use your brain!

I KNOW HE IS INNOCENT! And you are not allowed to harass and stalk me, or try to abuse and bully me over these serious things after he passed. You are not allowed to sexually harass me and stalk me in any way, for simply stating private truth for defending someone close to me.

I just wonder, because I know some things from him, why I am the ONLY WOMAN OUT THERE so aggressively defending him in this particular point, his actual Heterosexual Nature which eliminates those false accusations to begin with. Lisa-Marie Presley? Silent. The other not so famous Women in his Life? Silent. I know of people, and Lisa-Marie is just public herself and was officially and publicly visibly married to Michael and so I can say her Name, but not others here of course. But still, my Question I wonder about is: WHERE ARE THOSE PEOPLE, WHY IS EVERYONE SO SILENT EXCEPT ME? I don´t get it.

Yesterday was a very difficult Day for me, as I kept dragging around these heavy double emotions, meaning the type of shared burdens I feel with Michael, his bad memories and Trauma, as they aim on purpose on me and “the same twin soul wound” to hurt me. It is devilish and inhumane.

We have long passed the “ideas theft and copycat games” situation. By now, it is taking on hateful aggression and illegality to a degree that simply triggers these things on purpose: They make up false accusations and copy-paste them online everywhere to attack my work, my copyrights (as if by coercion and lies you may take from any Artist his property, LOL!)

I was then checking some pages from fake agents online using many emails and names, as if there is no ending tabloid style. And then, I felt something I did not look at before as I had tried to avoid it and ignore them, as they hurt my heart.

Then, this heavy feeling on my heart was not going away, I kept crying and crying, and then this trauma came up again, about 25th June 2009…and then I kept crying more and more, over all this injustice and lies.

And suddenly, Michael said, summarised:

“This person reminds me of that Arvizo bitch. I didn´t want to tell you so openly before, because I want you to be happy and well. I hate seeing you feeling bad from their abuses, I can´t stand them. Just watch and see now, I had enough, the lawyer will block them from stalking you any longer baby, just focus on me now, smile okay?”– Quote Michael Jackson in Spirit 8th December 2015-

I was so angry then, like, all the pressure internally, this weird double-strength feeling of, like “remembering how this all was painful for Michael” was really painful. I know it sounds strange, but this is how it is for me and I must live with it the rest of my life. Everytime they say something false and horrible about Michael, it feels like “they stab my heart”- MY HEART. You understand? Like what is done to him, is done to me too.

It has been that way all my life. I did not understand it back as a child or teenager, but now after he ascended only, he explained all that to me. He never speaks of those people, to him, he wants to move on, he DID MOVE ON, he hates seeing people here still talking about something this abusive and devilish from the past, which was resolved.

He appeared in Court, unlike coward Roman Polanski which really did that to a minor Girl, in Jack Nicholson´s House.

He was being abused and tortured emotionally and psychologically, through these false, malicious , totally made up lies. Still, he did not run away, he faced the Devil straight up and direct.

All the details were in the Process, 1993 and 2003, and he was found to be INNOCENT OFFICIALLY ON ALL COUNTS! He left this fake Show as the Innocent Man he always was and is and will be.

It is to me absolutely CRIMINAL, to see those disgusting Liars come out now to accuse an innocent Man that already passed few years back, again, to spew some more of the old devilish lies, after Michael ascended. And then, I keep saying, “the explanation behind all of this unique aiming at ONLY Michael, is BECAUSE HE IS THE ARCHANGEL MICHAEL HIMSELF“- but people still don´t get it. So I will keep saying that and explain that, until people got his full truth now, which involves me too.

Those lies did not just hurt Michael Jackson, they hurt and abused me too, all those years, long before I met him in LA, I kept suffering in extreme and to me unexplainable ways yet, with Michael on a far distance, but very up-close soul connection. I felt it all.

For all those reasons, he did not open his mouth until yesterday, in this really harmful and evil Twin Flame Interference. They WANT TO AIM AT MY TWIN SOUL WOUNDS, and his Trauma Memories from his earthly Life, and “keep pulling on his Soul”- and so he would never just tell me “oh this is the Arvizo energy echo” because he knew it would hurt me bad.

Take a look here for more to understand what we mean:



In all those resonating and resembling examples shown here, and what the public saw going on against Michael Jackson, there has been the same vibe, the same jealousy-envy-Setian-devil energy, as if literally all those people who “joined in to bash and abuse Michael´s heart” where all tuned in to the devil, in a deep literal spiritual sense I mean, yes.

I have unfortunately experienced such jealousy attacks and envy from others against me quite a few times in my life. I know very well, direct also from own experiences, how it feels spiritually, this “heart stabbing, attacking, unfair, mean, hateful, interfering type” energy.

Jealousy is NOT normal.

Envy is absolutely NOT normal.

There is no such thing as “all human beings naturally have jealousy and envy in them” as some people in society claim around. It is NOT TRUE, you know how I know it is not true definitely?

Because me, as well as Michael, never had any envious feelings in us toward others, completely foreign to us!

Try to imagine, just for a moment, how it would be if you were me or Michael. Try imagining being in his shoes, and how you would have felt being Michael Jackson, with everything being talked about you by strangers all the time, and people thinking you are strange and you feeling lonely and all that. Try.

And then, just ask yourself, how you would judge yourself, how you would think and speak of the Man if you were Michael Jackson.

Try for once to look at the Human Being beyond the Fame…

And while you do that little exercise of thought, check out some of his Videos, and try to sense who he truly is, just “his feel as an individual” and ask your heart, what you perceive.


After all this inner pain rising again, remembering all this horrible stuff Michael had to endure, and also remembering double, as I have my own pain over seeing him suffering too and attacked innocently by devilish liars over and over that way.

Then, from late evening to in the middle of the night, until the morning, Michael was being very expressive with his Aura light, holding me a lot and putting that light around me intensely, and then doing his usual what I would call “sensual healing magic” moves.

As if to clearly also show me, how much he does not care any longer about the talking in tabloids and all this type of negativity that is going on around the Hollywood scenery.

By the morning I felt so healed, it is now like concluded, so fast, as if writing down this emotion and digesting it, helps Michael, and therefore the Twin-Soul-Echo I have in my life, from these experiences he had. The vibration itself, the memory, it was like a past-present-future all at once healing focus suddenly, and I don´t know how he did that.

He then kept saying, how much he loves me and is proud of me, and how much he appreciates how I fight for him and his truth about these many lies trying to misrepresent his character to people. It is just natural, we both think alike and know what matters, and truth and justice, love and HEALING this whole Planet, is what matters.

The Earth Song is a good example, and looking at other so-called “Pop Stars” – nobody says anything important in their Songs like this really. Nobody but Michael Jackson in Hollywood, he was the only one speaking in his Songs about deeply important things!

This is also the Song which his Father, Joseph Jackson, always loved the most in all of Michael´s Songs- the Earth Song has been his favourite!

Michael Jackson – Earth Song live (best video experience)

Michael Jackson – Earth Song

These things are the basics, our home we live in, all of us, adults, children, animals, the whole natural eco-system which we need to be in this form of life and dimension.

Our Planet is the most important thing we have here, and it is connected to all things else. It is part of God´s creation and we should respect everything God created, other Souls and People around us, Children, Animals, and then our Air we breathe, our Earth we walk on and plant our food in we eat later, our water falls and oceans we need to stay alive and drink and get nurtured. All this matters, and without the basic things we are made to need in this physical dimension, to survive physically, humanity is not going to change or evolve or even be around in the future.

So, what can we do, what can YOU do to help in this process?

I am talking to everyone that has a scientific degree and works in environmental improvement areas and all that, what can we do to protect and heal the Planet as a start, and then all things here? Anyone that has any idea and can even just go take care of the own garden and flowers, trees and bushes which cleanse our air and are important for the Planet´s health, can contribute. The smallest thing, done by everyone, can make a big, big change!

“The Earth is our Planet´s womb”- says Michael.

And we want to birth a new healed World, healing MOTHER Earth, connecting again, respecting again, being in harmony again, people´s and animal´s health will improve, can you imagine all this in detail?

If we only just started, today, to make this little change, each person contributing, humanity connecting…

And this is my conclusion, a few thoughts I needed to air out for me and Michael, and it feels so good and healing to just do that for him. It helps HIM heal and see that he is truly loved and there is no need to worry about his Legacy, as I am here and I am watching and speaking up whenever they try to start up manipulative games. His message is pure and loud, and it will survive the test of time. You will see.

Now, we introduce a new era, a uniting spiritual and very lovely era.

Much Love & Light to all of you,

The Starlight & The Thriller (Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit/ Archangel Michael) ©

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