Dear Readers

There seems to be much confusion in this day and age, about the true Nature and Information on Twin Souls/Twin Flames/Twin Rays. (All the same just different HUMAN INVENTED words)

There is a literal and logical Science behind Twin Soul Flames and the truth, can be literally seen. Twins are not some “soul mates”, to compare it meaningwise to a more commonly known term. Twins are literally TWINS on all levels. One. One and the Same.

ONE SOUL. With two Beings in this ONE SOUL, completing each other like two puzzle pieces that perfectly fit and share the same ESSENCE.

So, think about those Points:

1. Logical/Scientific Thinking: If you have a material, and you produce two productions out of this SAME MATERIAL, the end product will logically share measurable, visible, hearable similarity (and so forth).

2. If you take ONE SOUL SOURCE, and manifest from it 2 physical Bodies, they will logically share visible, measurable, provable similarity.

3. Where do our Blue Prints of all our OVERALL BEING & LOOKS come from?

4. Spirit is always the Source. Energy. Spiritual Matter. The Soul is ALWAYS connected to our physical bodies from first breath to last breath (physical Dimension body). Like an Avatar.

(Dictated by Michael Jackson in Spirit ©)


Image: Spirit Pop Art by Indian MJ Fan Nivi

The Physical Science behind Twin Flames: Soul Body & Physical Body are ONE ©

Now, let us take it mathematically and logically further:

What about the several individually varying constellations of two twin soul flames?

1. One Half is INCARNATED- the other Half is NOT (in Spirit)

Obviously, as stated before on this Blog, one cannot have enough information on the second not-incarnated twin on many levels, to scientifically be able to compare physical features, health strengths/issues, or do any tests on the one in Spirit to have any Info to scientifically compare in a serious way.

But truth is, as it remains always the same truth eternally in spirit; twin soul flames ALWAYS look alike for they are literal mirrors of each other in male and female perspective on the mirror/self/being. In fact, when one twin is incarnated and the other not, the second one in spirit is always connected still, even if not noticed remarkably, and is unaware (the incarnated one).

A good example for this constellation is Elvis Presley and his Twin Soul Flame, which never incarnated during his earthly lifetime we know him as “Elvis” from. She looks like a perfect, female Version of Elvis, and has been influencing his Vocal Performance and Aura on Stage to help and guide his whole life, with him being completely unaware until he passed and ascended, reuniting with her in “Heaven”.

(Read more about this Story in the Book THE SPIRITUAL SIDE OF ROCK & ROLL- Elvis´Message from Heaven © 2010-2012)

Elvis Presley in 1958: This is how he stared when meeting his identical feminine counterpart in Heaven- his Twin Soul he called "perfect Woman" PHOTO FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE ONLY (Fair Use) ELVIS BOOK Twin Soul Channeled Drawing Heaven © 2012

Note: Many People have asked me, if this is Lisa-Marie. No, it is not his daughter on Earth, Lisa-Marie! The point is, if Elvis is Lisa´s father, then his twin soul/half of his soul is ALSO “Spiritual Mother” to Lisa-Marie. If Lisa looks like Elvis, cuz he is her biological father, and Elvis´twin soul looks like Elvis in female version, then naturally and logically HIS Kids will always look like they could be also his twin soul´s kids. © Explanation by Elvis Presley in Spirit

Is it possible to reunite with one´s true twin soul/flame when he/she is in Spirit and I am incarnated?

Yes, yes and yes again. Your twin soul is ALWAYS connected and “there”. The degree of the by God permitted merging is though determined by your life plan and other commitments for the earthly journey. For example, if you have an earthly husband/wife and children especially, it would be bad karma to merge too deep (sexual acts) with your twin soul in Spirit, and then leave your earthly commitment. That is why usually, this intimate part is left out, even when many twin souls do show their presence regularly to their twins incarnated on Earth. Dreams, a presence like a “Guardian Angel”, a warm calming feeling during tough moments in life, but not too directly to not interfere in the earthly life plan, but to guide the other half. Your twins best interest IS your best interest, and to fulfil life plans and learn and evolve, also in “orchestra with other soul family and soul mates” is important as well in the phases before reunion/the process to the reunion.

Is it possible for me to be with my earthly spouse AND approach a reunion and parallel, spiritual relationship with my twin in spirit?

Yes, theoretically, everything is possible. Again, it depends on what your individual life plan for this incarnation is, and how evolved you are. Long term though, I have to say, I simply cannot imagine that one can be with “the perfection” and in the same time, an incomparable earthly spouse at the same time, and NOT lose interest in the earthly lower vibrational relationship. Especially sexually I do think it is impossible to have sex with your twin and then, be able to do the same after such profound experiences, with someone else. It would feel like cheating, on a very deep spiritual level. Once the spirit kicks in, anything else PALES in comparison. I would not recommend to focus on such, except for if it naturally happens, maybe as a transition like in Jean Cline and George Reeves Case. But there you see too; Jean LEFT her earthly husband after some time to only be with her Twin Soul, George Reeves. It is unavoidable, because the two simply belong together literally.

But to try and keep a distance, and not think sexually about it but more like a friendship, that will blossom “later on when the time is ripe” and let your twin soul in spirit guide you, that is recommended. That is good. Your twin is your best friend, guide and protector, finally. Any life task, any challenge, project or any such can be helped by your twin in many creative ways, guiding you. This is all summarised for the general public reader, each individual has an INDIVIDUAL situation and life plan made before birth and this determines everything here.

Special: The Soul Mate in Life Plans as a “Helper”/”Substitute” for your true Twin Soul Flame

When one is incarnated, the other half is in Spirit, the earthly “soul mates” one encounters can become a “vessel” for your true twin soul´s essence to come through. In fact, all experiences mainly, that you do attract into your life, especially meant here, LOVE LIFE, reflect the dynamics between you and your twin, always and without exception. Like, if both are incarnated but live far apart and didn´t meet yet, they will most likely be in very similar/mirror-like love life situations. This is the pure logical behind it all. If your twin is in spirit, and your life plan does not contain that you directly merge between Body and Spirit for your Mission planned before Birth, then your earthly partner can be a “physical substitute” for the spirit of your twin. Not in a “horror-film-like” possession *smile* of course. This is meant purely as a focus to help you tune in to your situation, if you are in such a situation. It does not mean your twin “takes your earthly partner over”, twin souls would never possess anyone and break free will and such. It is more a spiritual focus FOR YOU, to project onto your earthly partner to INTEGRATE consciously for yourself the twin soul evolution and bond into your earthly life more- until you reunite again. Besides, you benefit, your earthly partner benefits, from your relationship. Your partners twin in spirit, also benefits, so 4 beings benefit from such constellations of learning, on the temporary life journey.

Of course the true real thing that you can only experience with your twin only, can never be substituted really, but it´s a help for readers to understand their life situations and also not be too sad over not much possiblity at the moment, not being able yet to reunite here with their twin soul flames.


Next Constellation!

2. BOTH halves are incarnated at the same time, being both parallel in 2 physical bodies:

This is most definitely in itself the rarest constellation at the moment on this Planet. It is only logical, look around! Many interferences, lies, disinformation, jealousy, attacks, sabotage, conspiracy against true love and twin souls and good human beings in general. The world needs a lot of healing, dear readers. But, there is good news. The planet doesn´t need many twin soul couples to get healing energy going here, only few are enough even due to the extreme spiritual and healing power both share. The vibration of real twin souls is so high, it cannot manifest without interferences in such a low vibration, this is WHY all of us work so hard to help change this and raise the vibration on Earth again to make it possible for BOTH HALVES to incarnate together again and enjoy this dimension and evolve freely!

At the moment, and I understand this sounds sad to many readers probably, not many real twin souls are both here. Meaning, it is a hype, online, books, “seminars” that many people think is a good “profit/money machine” it seems at the moment, to tell you:” Oh sure, you gonna meet your twin soul flame, oh sure, I can help you for this and this amount of money to find your twin flame bla bla”. It´s all bs, to be straight forward, as it is my nature to always stay loyal to spiritual truth. I think it is mean to “talk away” the true and very tough challenges real twins have to endure, when in those times incarnating parallel for HELPING THE PLANET and other souls as explained above. I think it is wrong to tell everyone about their girlfriends/boyfriends they are currently dating and all that “oh yeah, sure, he/she is your twin! bla bla”.

Cuz out of this comes more disinformation, confusion about the topic and simply, obstacles in that way in the path of really “finding” ( re-merging) your twin soul flame – again.

Only highly evolved twins have been recently and now been incarnated on this Planet, both parallel. Only highly independent, evolved soul halves can perform this task, and “go without the guidance of the other twin in spirit” into this journey, especially in the current planetary situation. That can be extremely challenging, again, on all levels, including physical and provable as you have literally “One Soul” shared by two different Human Beings and that shows constant obvious links that even Science can easily measure and record.

Those “suddenly many couples appearing online calling themselves twin flame ray this twin flame counseling for couples” and such nonsense, are all after your MONEY. It is not a wide-spread thing and true twin souls/flames are at the moment constantly attacked by the planetary forces resisting the energy of true love and the change that is happening to the deepest of the DNA/Essence level right now. It is quite insulting to any real twin souls knowing what it takes to even get together in those times, and then to see people posing with false information, making videos and websites and such, to mislead in the MIDDLE OF CONSCIOUSNESS AWAKENINGS OF PEOPLE WHO INCREASINGLY LONG TO FIND THEIR SPIRITUAL TRUTHS!

Now, this is obvious attacks on twins and their mission.

So, to go back now after clarifying those important points, to the main topic, how does it look like when 2 true twin souls incarnate in two bodies at the same time on earth, sharing one soul and such an auric connection?

Good Examples and rare Examples (!) are: Jean Cline and George Reeves, Michael Hutchence (INXS Singer) and his Twin Soul Essence- Cormael, and others who are still both incarnated and won´t therefore be mentioned here by Name.

Obviously the most famous and publicly recorded example here is Michael Jackson. Especially the Answer to his “Mysterious Facial Changes” are simple actually: Twin Soul Dynamics/Merging.

Michael Jackson before his Twin Soul was born- 1970´s

Michael Jackson is a real twin soul that has incarnated and his special Aura and Work is strongly influenced by this soul truth. The public can even study and see with their eyes, the literal physical changes he underwent, due to his twin soul being born parallel and “him adjusting physical appearance to how she looks”. The Science behind this, the Physics, will take a longer writing to be explained and published someday with the Science Data since 2004 from his Twin Soul, and the Experiments performed and so forth. There is genetics as well, and ethnic backgrounds, which heavily influence how one looks/skin colour and all such physical attributes. This is why this case is so unique, because it is very public and can help a lot of souls out there to reunite with their true twin souls once they get how it works and RE-MEMBER in their minds/souls. Memory is a great trigger for twin souls, and not only this life, but all lives are stored in your spiritual memory.

Take a Look at the Evolution of Michael Jackson and his Twin Soul coming in 1982:

Michael Jackson around his Twin Souls Birth 1982- Compare to Picture above from BEFORE Twins Birth (Educational Purpose)

Michael did NOT change that much as it APPEARS to many. This is interesting, like a mirror for society, and also racist thinking to be confronted directly in this twin soul mission. He did not change extremely, he only slightly changed via surgery few core attributes that differed more to his twin souls´physical attributes and “changed it to how it felt right to him” due to his feelings and self perception changing with feeling “this female Being parallel somewhere”. Michael explained to me that this is how he perceived it, before we met. He had dreams, and the feelings of presence and such spiritual experiences, but no real physical proof that I exist. Still, his inner soul feelings led him to change his nose, for example, to a look similar to my nose. How strange is that? And they even focused on this part and mocked him for it, saying things in the press such as “Michael Jackson wants to look like Diana Ross, Michael and Diana/Janet/La Toya are the SAME PERSON”. I remember this from my childhood and these years, how they kept focusing with such things on Mike´s Metamorphose going on, and I was completely unaware and thought it is all nonsense. Turns out these people knew all along he is undergoing “twin soul effects” and his Thriller Album Records Breaking all over the Place worldwide, also did not help to lessen their jealousy and anger. Truth is becoming more obvious. Or do you have a better explanation on why they focused MUCH MORE AND ALWAYS on Michael´s Face than any other “Celebrity”?

Michael Jackson´s Twin Soul, born April 14th 1982 during Michael´s Recording of THE GIRL IS MINE in Studio ©

Compare his Looks and Eyebrows style, Nose and more chubby face to after the Birth of his Twin Soul.

Michael Jackson Cheeky Crinkles when he smiles (Photo: Superbowl, only for Educative &Research Purpose) Susan Elsa © 2010 Michael Jackson´s Man In The Mirror - Twin Soul Education by Susan Elsa © Michael Jackson´s Remember The Time in Ancient Egypt © Osiris Past Life Information Clear Twin Soul Physical Signs of the Mirroring Souls on the Cheeks © Susan Elsa and Michael Jackson Cheek Moles

This is how REAL TWIN SOULS / FLAMES INCARNATED share measurable, provable similarity! It is a rule and you can rely on this one, as it is pure and logical SPIRITUAL SCIENCE (© Copyrighted Term).

And when one of the two incarnated twins passes, like Michael did sadly in 2009, then such things happen, again, visible, measurable, provable, in action and word and appearance SHOWING the merging of the two souls happening on an even deeper level. It is all about Twin Soul Mission and the WORK at the moment, and not enjoying only some romancing and that is it. It is work to help the Planet and other souls, which then again helps of course the twins on a mission too, to evolve even more and more.

Michael Jackson Twin Soul Flame

Now, let us move to the final constellation, which is completely SPIRITUAL…

BIG RULE YOU CAN APPLY ALWAYS: Never do both Twin Soul Halves incarnate parallel AND meet if it is not last earthly incarnation and earthly cycles concluded fully /or higher evolved Beings here on a special Mission (meaning, they have already finished BEFORE all incarnations and only come here to guide others)!

3. When BOTH ARE IN SPIRIT and not incarnated:

Well, that obviously happens a lot to twin souls /flames, in between the incarnations anyways. In those higher vibrating spiritual dimensions, there is no attacks, or lies, or any darkness. Only light. Only day. Only love. And respect, from all souls to all souls residing there. There are no factors that would in any way “distance twin souls within their united, ascended soul” at all, so truth is, they are so much one, you cannot even imagine it with earthly consciousness. You would have to rise above it and see with your SOUL´S EYE (Heart´s Eye) to be able to grasp it.

Both can be 2 beings anytime at will, or merge into one being for certain tasks, missions or even for fun. Imagine a full Metamorphose of “2 persons” being merged magically together building an androgynous looking/appearing being (like Angels). Absolutely INTO ONE MERGED female and male attributes and beings, forming one solid unit. This is all possible, but you know what? It only looks that way to the outside, other beings looking at the couple. Within even the most merged unit, the 2 CONSCIOUSNESSES ALWAYS STAY 2 INDEPENDENT BEINGS WITH 2 FREE WILLS.

Susan Elsa in Egypt- Abu Simbel Temple near Aswan November 2010 © The "I REMEMBER" Production Journey

Let your Soul guide you on the Path to Reuniting with your True Other Half and most eternal, perfect Love.

Love & Light to all of you!


  1. I am the twin flame of an entertainer who supposedly passed….we are in an extremely intense relationship with many currents attempting to disrupt us… We need help…

    1. Indeed, it´s sadly true; All Real Twin Flames are under attack by the System (including many directions they come from). What I can assure you so you feel more safe in general for now is that they CANNOT DO ANYTHING to disrupt you two. Twin Souls always merge back together, it is ONE SOUL made of 2 puzzle halves that perfectly fit into each other. God determines when the Two can reunite- once that has happened, no little tiny Force on this tiny Planet can do anything, except maybe Information War, Jealousy Attacks and Harassment. Nothing more.

      On the spiritual level, since there is also Black Magic attacks involved they aim with at real Twins, I do recommend you also regularly shield your Aura. It is simple and you can do it when waking up before going out your House and starting the Day, and before you go to Bed:

      Visualize a Bright White Light around you, and your Bed, and your House. You might do this for the Couch, Kitchen, any Corner you feel needs more light shield. Call Archangel Michael and or/ and your favourite Angels, and ask them to put a LIGHT DOME on your House.

      Same thing you can apply to your Twin AND yourself at the same time, cuz you are one. Focus on you and your twin being put under this DOME OF LIGHT, which is warm, safe, and shields any attacks from outside so you don´t even notice them. 🙂

      Much Love & Light to you Ricki, big Hug!

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