Susan Elsa © Spiritual Magic Film Director

Susan Elsa © Spiritual Magic Film Director

Official introducing Susan Elsa, “Spiritual Magic” Movies Director.

Susan Elsa has studied Film Directing & Cinematography in Los Angeles/California and presented her Debut Short Film at the Student Film Festival L.A. in 2007. (Nextdoor Witch- Friend or Foe? Genre: Mystery & Horror)

A tiny second project has been released in 2011 and is named “WOMEN OF THE WORLD”- Science meets IsIs with Special Guest Star Dr. Peter Brugger.

Susan Elsa has been doing Music filling her time until now. She is now launching her first big Film Productions and will debut her first Animated Film Works this Summer 2013. (Mystery Garden´s MADE IN HEAVEN: “The Living Project” to be released August 29th 2013.

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Susan Elsa: World Exclusive Debut of Channeled Film Directing (Heaven & Earth Bridge)

Unique House Concept of MYSTERY GARDEN PRODUCTIONS © 2008-2013

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Dear World

Today is the 15th Octobre 2012, and I have spent now few years being emotionally tortured by lies about Michael Jackson and not only mobbed myself, but threatened, insulted, hacked, spied on and it is not bearable any longer.

I am an Artist and I think of my own ideas. I work hard on them and develop them within my own Soul. I love God for all his blessings and I simply refuse to focus on you negative people, who do all this to me now, because Michael isn’t around to be your target any longer. To target me for your hate and frustrations now is fatal for your karma and therefore unhealthy for your soul.

I feel good. I am over this whole situation of 2009. Despite all the hate and harassment thrown at me since then, the whole mourning time expanding it, I MADE IT. Because Michael prays for ME from Heaven. God is helping us and no human being can interfere.

I am writing on the biggest book ever about Michael, maybe generally THE biggest book of our times. When this is ready- loving will be so right and easy. Because Love is all that counts. It does not matter what anyone says, who experiences a lack of love. Don’t listen. Listen to your heart. It is fueled by Love, pretty much like gas fuels cars. We cannot go on or even live and have a heart beat without love.

Hate is a thing of the past. It is 2012. Sure, there is free will. There are bullies and haters out there. But there are also many good people out there, who are strong and decide for love and compassion, no matter what.

THESE PEOPLE ARE THE FUTURE OF THIS PLANET. Love is the key to rescue and heal this Planet. Love is the key to rescue and heal any soul, any animal, any tree.

IT doesn’t matter what the mainstream media claims. It is not important in God’s view. It doesn’t matter what greedy and dumb politics say, it means nothing in God’s view. It doesn’t matter who receives awards, who has money (paper made out of trees we give illusionary value to) or fame- IT DOES NOT MATTER IN GOD’S VIEW.

It is about the love in your heart. Or the lack of it. It is about how you behave, when you see someone going through difficulties, not if you own a nice house. It is all about the true intention inside your most inner being, which God sees and you can never hide.

Michael Jackson was a great man, he was humble despite lots of cash and fame, and he never even cared about money. Never. He threw it around to share it with others, people even he did not know. He never cared about who is on TV or not, he in fact hated TV and had very negative opinions about it. Michael is the smartest man I ever knew and he could smell lies from afar. This is why he disliked any platform, which was a joke and did not contain any constructive, true information- like tabloids.

Michael wanted to help poor people. He thought about them, not rich people. He wanted to help against racism in general, and he could not stand when he heard any story of another guy who mistreats women. Michael loved and respected women and knew how to be a real Gentleman.

Michael was never gay. Never did he have 1 thought about children in a sexual way. NEVER. I find it very insulting how the media keeps bashing a dead man, after he went to court and got AN INNOCENT VERDICT OFFICIALLY FROM A COURT. But of course, if the law does not count in the first place for these people who invent such lies, then it is logical they don’t care afterwards as well.

It is very insulting to anyone that knew Michael, to hear such lies repeatedly, after he man died. It is straight out evil and satanic. Like little monsters who go around looking for new victims because their main target is out of reach. Even Michael’s daughter Paris is being mobbed now and there is already JEALOUSY toward her from Michael’s own Fans at times, and this is inacceptable. You listen to someone famouses’ Music, good, alright, consume it, enjoy it, read about him, learn, but leave his CHILDREN IN PEACE. Else you are nothing but a little devil and no real fan of anything but Satan. Maybe it sounds harsh to you, but I don’t approve of any mobbing toward Paris and I don’t care what you think man.

And how about this Doctor, Mr. Conrad Murray- sitting IN JAIL- PLANNING TO WRITE A BOOK ABOUT MICHAEL JACKSON AND HIS SECRETS? Yeah, right. You really know no limits for the disrespect toward Michael and his loved Ones huh.

Any publisher out there, who dares to support this false book and prints it, publishes it even online or in any news sections, any lies you help distribute from a convicted asshole sitting in jail as we speak here, will guarantee YOUR FALL TO HELL ONCE AND FOR ALL. The karma is too big. Don’t do it, if you care about your soul.

Focus once, just once on justice and compassion and wait for real books that you can support, let Michael’s children tell about their Dad’s secrets and dreams or anyone that MICHAEL LOVED AND TRUSTED ON A PERSONAL LEVEL. Not some Doctor. Not Bodyguards like you done it with Elvis as well. Stop the stinking lies, for your own soul’s sake.

I am well. Michael is well. His children and family will always be will, even if you challenge them, God will make it up to them sooner or later and you will regret.



Copyright: 1982-2012


Dear World

Many people talk and talk and talk about LOVE, but have no clue what they even mean when they say the word. Of course, there are different varieties of love between people, and also between people and animals as well as between people and otherworldly beings like the Angels of God and God personally.

To make a very historic long story shorter, I am giving you here a bit of insight into the freshly published and available channeled eBook called:” THE SPIRITUAL SIDE OF ROCK & ROLL- Elvis’ Message from Heaven” Chapter 7 is a special chapter containing C.D.’s (Channeled Drawings showing details of Elvis’ Heaven)

“Elvis and his Twin-Soul”


When I had to draft the face of Elvis’ soul mate in Heaven, which was not incarnated during Elvis’ time, I felt challenged in my abilities. How can you draw a human face for the world to see, if you never seen her as a human being on Earth?

First, I channeled then the two of them, with Elvis’ direct assistance and many earthly tools spread around me in a mess. I am no professional drawing artist. He connected again to me, and guided me literally through the steps. First thing he said was clearly, that she looks like “the female version of him”, that was already a good starting point. I also had already channeled songs with Elvis’ help in 2010, about her, love songs from Elvis to his soul-mate, so I knew a bit the “energy”.

Then, all of a sudden, my hand started to draw by itself fast like never before, and BAM, the drawing was drafted as best as I could. As I looked at it then, I was surprised at how she looks, and felt in this moment HER PRESENCE, connecting to me. She then visited me, led by her eternal husband Elvis, and I could feel her heavenly aura and energy. I saw her, clearly. She is very “lady-like” and gentle and has this “motherly” feel around her, very feminine and like a perfect puzzle piece fitting to Elvis in all aspects.

Her eyes are like Elvis’ eyes, the soul, the feel, the looks; she is like the female half of him. Like twins, but here we talk about twins of the soul, not physical in an earthly form. We talk about TWINS on all levels!

The connection/bond between twin-souls cannot be broken nor can it be influenced and isn’t even touched by death/birth. The connection is ETERNAL, throughout all incarnations and non-incarnations, this is why Elvis’ twin-soul felt all his struggle and pains with him, saw him, watched over him, sent him love vibes to strengthen him, but he wasn’t aware yet and didn’t remember her. Every single time Elvis got hurt, his twin-soul felt hurt too. All this, besides serious black masses who Elvis told me, take place in secret in the Entertainment business, in universal law, is called BLACK MAGIC. It is a form of “sucking” on the light/energy/aura of twin-souls, because the energy between them is so powerful and unique. These attacks on twin-souls are strictly forbidden. You want to be famous, rich or loved by society, do it with your OWN soul’s energy!

Let me be even clearer: There is only ONE twin-soul made for each other half of the twin-soul, and it is not attached to duality or the world we live in generally, nor space and time. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES is anyone permitted to interfere between twin-souls, or call himself/herself fakely “twin soul” of another’s, or even play with the “verbal suggestions” like Madonna tried. You are NOT ALLOWED to “use” the energy between two made for EACH OTHER by God (Adam &Eve’s). The punishment from God is unbearable. If you take my advice and always keep up the truth and respect in general in life, you will be on the safe side and get closer to your OWN TRUE LOVE.

The Devil symbolizes SEPARATION, God stands for UNION. Think about it.

Finally, wouldn’t it be nice, if we could all find the way back to true love and be with our twin soul, all of us? Chose love over jealousy and competition.

If you want to learn more about the ultimate secret of real, eternal love, I advise you to research the term:



Copyright: MGP Pubishing and Susan Elsa

Elvis’ Twin Soul in Heaven

A bit from CHAPTER 3: The Truth

-“One of the things, that shocked me most, that I did not know for back then I guess I was too young, was when Elvis explained to me something about singer “Madonna”. He told me, in an upset way, that coincidently her birthday was August 16th, which happens to be the day Elvis Presley died. After all above mentioned, and below following, Elvis’ fans know and feel, how much he loved his daughter and his life actually, life in general. Elvis was a clean and honest man. He was shy. He had values. And he cared about HONESTY. He had bigger plans. Besides that, Elvis Presley was a real artist, more than even most of his fans can grasp, and he had a voice that could shake mountains. He could SING, dance and had real SOUL! And Elvis definitely has his own identity, his own style. He came from very poor circumstances, and became a Legend with pure methods.

Now, after August 16th 1977, some new singer came onto the scene, trying to make it, which is her right of course. It is alright to have dreams, be creative and all that. But it is not alright to lie about another human being’s very SOUL and eat off of it energetically. Someone, who passed and had to endure a lot. He told me that Madonna claimed publicly to have his soul inside her body and that it upset him, because it was a lie disturbing him in his afterlife, when his peace should be respected. There are universal laws God made, and another human being’s soul is not a playground for self-decoration or an investment to make money, or worse, a tool to edit the truth. You can’t use other people like a buffet for self service and take whatever you need from them, name, ideas, clothes, energy, link your aura and so forth. The Legacy. Elvis Presley wants to say clearly, that he has nothing to do with Madonna, no matter what she herself claimed back then and how she keeps linking HERSELF to him. His Soul never went into her body after he passed like she dared to claim publicly, nor is he in any way related to her, nor does he have any spiritual, physical or emotional connection to her. More will be explained about his real “soul-mate in Heaven” in Chapter 7  ”  –

The Book will be translated still into as many languages as we can get done, independently working, and will be distributed further in time for eBook download in several languages and in different formats as well. The information in the book may not be reproduced at all without written permission from Susan Elsa/Mystery Garden Productions GmbH- Switzerland. The specific channeled term “Twin Soul” might not be used in connection with Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley AT ALL- without prior written permission from Susan Elsa/Mystery Garden Productions GmbH. We reserve the right to file lawsuit and go public against anyone, which hacks further our computers, e-mail content, projects in progress for film productions, music and songs or unfinished book material.

This Text plus this one Image in this article may be distributed only with credit to the Creator and Channeler Susan Elsa and Mystery Garden Productions GmbH. All content in this book, as well as related blog articles or any information we put up on the web is SPIRITUAL PROPERTY of Susan Elsa on Earth, and property of Elvis Presley in Heaven. Any information in the book, or other, about Michael Jackson, is sole and full property of Susan Elsa and Michael Jackson, on Earth and in Heaven.

We don’t have yet laws on Earth to help with securing a cooperation and ideas exchange between Heaven and Earth, but that might be a new idea for the future.