About Fake Twin Soul Flame Stories Online on the Internet © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

About Fake Twin Soul Flame Stories Online on the Internet ©

Dear Readers,

This has been lingering in my mind and soul for a while now, and I tried all I can to ignore it and never even reply to fakers online. But then again, it is not people´s fault and this is about the people. I think saying a few things about some big disinformation movement online is now necessary, for one time. To state few important things clearly and help the innocent People seeking for true Information on Twin Souls and then, being told false teachings and information. As a twin soul, you care about other twin souls as well. I don´t like seeing people mislead by some money-hungry, attention seeking frauds. In general, it is about time to stop this general “Fraud in Spirituality” thing that we all have witnessed on TV and such as well. People should not charge Money to “help”, not being capable of anything psychic/spiritual. It is the whole point. Somehow, its popular in the “Frauds World of Thinking” to use People´s hopes and the urge of their souls to seek truth and grow and learn, to profit and I find this despicable. Continue reading

Clear Indications of Twin Souls/Flames 777 © Michael Jackson & Susan Elsa (PHOTOS)

Osiris & IsIs are back! 2010-2013 ©


The Mystery Schools of Osiris & IsIs

Clear Indications of Twin Souls/Flames 777 © Michael Jackson & Susan Elsa (PHOTOS)

From the Photo Series of Scientific Facial Measurements and Comparisons.

Childhood: Same Naive Look -two different ethnic Backgrounds (Black & Arab)

What does a TWIN SOUL MERGING really truly mean?

A clear truth created by God (God makes Human Beings and how they look and change physically naturally etc.!)

THE METAMORPHOSE OF MICHAEL JACKSON (begun after April 14th 1982, his Twin Soul´s Birth Day)

Here we see a collage of Michael Jackson Photos, the first one with the red Background having been taken in 1981, that means BEFORE his Twin Soul split from him and incarnated

into a separate physical Body. It triggered a big change in Michael, physically, emotionally, mentally, even in his dance style. He also started to wear Sun Glasses afterwards A LOT, to cover the changes

he felt visible in his Eyes. When his female Twin was now in a separate physical Body far away, Michael´s…

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