Egypt Trip with Michael Jackson- November 2010

Dear Readers

Today I decided to throw out more details of what has been going on around here. I am very sad and heart broken to see Egypt so “bullied” is the right word, after all the people fought for, double faced America placed the new Government, being their new tool just like Mubarak, again. I have felt every little step and interference, while AVOIDING THE NEWS, as if Egypt is now part of me. We used to say in ancient Times:


It is a famous statement from Cleopatra, by the way.

I am somehow not surprised, if I think about it rationally. All things “Michael Jackson” or “Archangel Michael” are being fought BAD, I mean BAAAADDDD since quite a few years. So, if really World Powers were afraid of Michael Jackson triggering a big demonstration for freedom in cities, from London when he planned to perform in 2009…

…if they kill him and then, he continues what he planned and triggers an whole Arab Spring, who having a bit of brain would be surprised at their reactions, trying to keep desperately THE OLD CONTROL SYSTEM up? Its’ so sad. They are like a stalker, actually literally like a devil that tries to take away freedom from souls and cage them and control them.

Now, I would like to share a bit with you guys extraordinary stories of my Egypt trip in November 2010, where I produced under Michael’s guidance at original ancient Egyptian temples, modern channeled pharao pop songs, and integrated a freedom/healing spell, reiki energy or however you like to name that, into the songs. I was able to channel very well our Twin Soul energies, ON THE ACTUAL GROUND there. I will need your supportive prayers, love and compassion energies if you like, to send positive energy to Egypt and all Egyptians from around the World.

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EGYPT, November 2010:

Oh, I remember it like it just happened today. I traveled in the beginning of November to Egypt, just out of my old apartment and having severe asthma issues from mold that was hidden by the landlord there. I received the keys to my new place and went to Egypt to rest and get better, plus as mentioned, to produce Music and continue working on the new Pop Genre and Concept I have build myself.

Debut Cover of New Pop Music Concept early 2010- right after the Debut on Susan's very own Birth Day April 14th, Elvis came in May 2010 to offer a Business Partnership to Susan Elsa, in a very strong minded way!
Debut Cover of New Pop Music Concept early 2010- the Debut was published on Susan’s very own Birth Day April 14th 2010

For me, it was the first time also going to Egypt again since my Grandmother, disabled Sister AND Aunt had died there in 2009, shortly before Mike. 2009 in general, was definitely the hardest imaginable year of my life. I have not attended their funerals in 2009, I was recovering from a near death experience and healing from deadly poisoning in America and my family only informed me ON the day of the funeral, worried about me breaking down. My sister was much younger than me, so they worried I could die too if I hear that my beloved Grandmother and Sister both passed together on the 22nd 2. 2009 (a lot of 2’s, weird isn’t it?)

I took my MacBook Pro with me and had all Music Production Software on it as ProTools, Logic Studio and so forth.

We visited Alexandria, Cairo, a place called “Hot Eye” and Aswan. It was the first time, in this life, that I visited Aswan. Before we flew, I told my Mother that I want to visit Aswan this time. I remembered from pure memory faded images of a temple being there somewhere, an original IsIs temple I have visited as a Ghost.

In all these cities I kept composing and channeling words to new songs for my Debut Album. I didn’t know all details, but was told by Michael to trust his guidance as in previous productions like ONE LOVE.

When we arrived in Aswan at the local airport, it was super hot and humid. Often I had to cover my mouth with a scarf, because of my asthma and all this sandy dust sometimes in taxi’s or coming through the window. As soon as the taxi drove out of the airport gates, we passed by a huge bus in Arabic speaking Egypt and I saw on it in BLUE color in English:


And 3 blue birds!

I might need to mention for new readers that might read this, that before this Debut Album I was working on, I published in July 2010 a channeled Album called literally: ARCHANGEL MICHAEL    with Subtitle: Secrets of Heaven 777, here is the drawing of the Cover published officially:

Archangel Michael-Secrets of Heaven 777 (CD 2010)
Archangel Michael-Secrets of Heaven 777 (CD 2010)

Shortly after, we cross with the hotel taxi this bridge visible in the video documentary snippets I posted into the above video with the IsIs Song. Suddenly, the friendly taxi driver said:

“Over there across the water, you see, there is, by the way, the temple “Philae”. It is a temple for IsIs.”

I stared across the water and saw a temple there and could not believe how accurate my spiritual memory is. Remembering past lives is one thing, but remembering things from when you yourself were not in human form but beyond, is something else.

Original IsIs Temple Aswan- Nov 2010
Original IsIs Temple Aswan- Nov 2010

I went there with a very friendly and nice Nubyan guide called Mohammed. We kept talking the whole time about ancient Info’s and what he did not know, is that I asked him all kinds of things to CONFIRM MY MEMORY, as: Was it like this and that in Ancient Temples, did they do this and that? Yes, yes, yes. And he said to me with tears of happiness and pride in his eyes, no joke, right there sitting toward the entrance of this very temple:

“You know so much! I wish the other young Egyptians would know more about their own History. Look around, they come here and make noise without respect inside the temple, even try to write their names on the walls which is not allowed. Foreigners don’t make such noise, and they come having more knowledge of Egyptian history than the Egyptians!”

I replied to him, that I think it is not really people’s fault and that nobody told them their history. If they knew, they would see how they developed back, economically and all, and use their own history to become strong again.

“EGYPT NEEDS A REVOLUTION”, I said to him literally, with my Mother witnessing it. That was around Mid-November 2010.

After this wonderful Aswan days, we went back to the same airport heading toward Alexandria. Sitting still inside the Aswan Airport, I suddenly heard male voices say something like “Michael Jackson Pharao”.

I looked at my Mother and asked her, if these security guys over there just said something about Michael Jackson being a Pharao just now. I wondered, if something might have been on his VISION DVD released while I was there, and if they saw or heard about it and talk about now. But my Mother replied:” I didn’t hear anyone say that?” Then Michael kept saying, that he prepared enough material to support my story and work we are doing and it’s messages. He didn’t say what he means, he said it will be a surprise for me.

In Alexandria, I saw for the first time again our apartment, in which I had seen my Grandmother the last time alive and had wonderful discussions with her. I could not take it, as soon as we had walked in, I walked slowly toward the window so my Mother does not see me cry and tears just started rolling over my cheeks, remembering my Grandmother and Sister. I admit, I even have tears in my eyes now, writing this, I love them so much.

The minute I broke out in tears, I felt a warm, tingly, vibration-filled touch, stroking my cheeks with her fingers as if she wants me to not cry. The touch was so strong and clear, I calmed down inside and felt better. The more I wanted to cry, the stronger the love energy embraced my aura, literally relaxing my emotional pain somehow.

When we dressed to go visit the first time for me, their tombs, it was also the first time for me to visit an Islamic grave. I didn’t know how it looks like and what expects me there. I was nervous, crying and just totally down going there, worried I might break down crying or something.

We tried to find the right entrance into the graveyard from all sides, so much chaos was there in the streets and even at the gates of the graveyard. We almost gave up and I almost exploded in anger, wanting to pay respect to my Grandmother and Sister, buried together. We then found the right door and were looking for the exact tomb, but could not find it also for a while, walking around and around and can you imagine, people homeless there and sitting next to dead people buried at the doors begging the mourning family coming to visit tombs FOR MONEY.

I even saw, as I walked in there, an old woman in a wheelchair, which peed on herself. The sight, broke my heart. My emotions became like a super volcano, love, mourning and sadness, anger and frustration all mixed together. After we finally found it, and it was so peaceful and then my Mother told me, that they are buried very deep below in the ground and this stone thing above is only a marking. To be opening up abut these things is very hard for me, and I keep crying as I am writing even today.

After this experience, I was so charged with energy, I released a super energy using the exact same spiritual skills that made me back then become the famous IsIs. I sat on my bed channeling these songs, especially the Osiris song, and raised my arms in a wing position and kept moving them as if I fan air with golden specks glittering out of my arms, hands and wings into the air, flying out my window and going into the people’s hearts that were in the street. I imagined in my mind images of the Egyptian people standing up and changing their country to a better, taking back their rights. I swear on all I know, this is exactly what happened.

The next day, I was talking with Michael and looked directly at Michael, now calm, but sad still a bit and asked him with all my compassion: Michael, I know you love Egypt like I do. Could you do something to help the Egyptians, to help Egypt?

Within 2 Days we started hearing actually people demonstrate with loud speakers in the streets of Alexandria.

And after I returned end of November back to Switzerland, I mixed a bit the sound quality of the songs, since it had noise and all, recorded in a pure natural way and partially at noisy outdoors at the temples.

December 11th 2010, I posted the first song on Youtube to promote it a bit and let people know about the new Release and had prepared the Official Release of the SINGLE named OSIRIS & ISIS for December 12th 2010, the next Day.

Look it up yourself, I published this Song dedicated to my Twin Soul Michael Jackson/Osiris/Archangel Michael on 11TH DECEMBER 2010 and I attached in the original unedited VIDEO DESCRIPTION on Youtube a Link to the ARNO BANI Photos that were RELEASED SUDDENLY PARALLEL TO MY OSIRIS & ISIS Single CD for the Coming Album, which I called “I REMEMBER” as in answering to Michael’s Songs he made for me, making now Songs for Michael from my Heart.

I remember clearly, that 1 Day after MY publishings, these Arno Bani Photographs have been published and Michael is seen representing a PHARAO IN GOLD ROBE, besides the Blue Dot on his LEFT EYE. His Mole is not visible under thick Make Up, but this alone I thank you for Michael, because it helps me to get the truth across to these stubborn people. Thank you.

Here are again the Original Photographs for Educational Purpose & Research only. And if I might say, thank you Arno Bani for publishing them in the perfect timing you did!

They named it, guess what, ” THE SPHINX

Osiris Michael Jackson  "The Sphinx" by Arno Bani
Osiris Michael Jackson “The Sphinx” by Arno Bani
Archangel Michael BLUE DOT/Left Eye of Twin Soul as EYE means SOUL in ancient Egypt
Archangel Michael BLUE DOT/Left Eye of Twin Soul as EYE means SOUL in ancient Egypt
Osiris & IsIs Revelations 2010-2012
Osiris & IsIs Revelations 2010-2013

Now, check out TWIN SOULS IN ACTION, who do YOU think and sense Michael meant to represent in these partially pretty feminine Photographs? Look closely at his eye liner, it is here different than how he usually had it without a long line at the end of the black eye liner:

Arno Bani Photograph: Michael Jackson always connected to his True Love by God
Arno Bani Photograph: Michael Jackson always connected to his True Love by God

On December 21st 2010 then, I published the full Debut Album and named it “I REMEMBER” as if I am answering to Michael’s Question if I REMEMBER THE TIME. Michael done so much genius spiritual work, all these wonderful songs his soul produced out of love and longing for my soul, now it is time I make songs for Michael from my Heart, I thought.

I will continue to do my work, no matter how much jealousy, lies and interferences take place. I endure it. For Love.

The Truth will prevail and I hope you felt this truth in your heart and take some Minutes today or sometime, please, and pray for Egypt, the Arab countries as Syria and all these places filled with people fighting for their rights at the moment still. They need us now, they need our love, compassion and SPIRITUAL FOCUS.

With all my Love,

Susan Elsa

Heavenly Edu-tainment: Michael brings Elvis to Susan (Spiritual Work)

Mystery Garden’s MGP Publishing presents the first Mystery Book, independent and honest.

The Spiritual Side of Rock & Roll – Elvis’ Message from Heaven, is a new type of E-Book, fully channeled with the direct help of “the King” himself in May 2010, after Michael connected his Twin Soul Susan with Elvis in Spirit.

The bridging chapter called “All Ways lead to Memphis” will be a special chapter of channeled drawings, made by Susan personally drafting Elvis’ spiritual appearances the way she experienced it.

The Book is availabe now everywhere on Amazon and the Apple iBook Stores.

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Susan Elsa
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ONE LOVE (Spiritual Pop Debut 777) – Instrumental Version
Published on: 14th April 2010

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Elvis' Twin Soul in Heaven
Elvis’ Twin Soul in Heaven

A very central theme in the twin soul missions:

The two of you have a strong urge to serve humanity in a deep and meaningful way.


Elvis applying spiritual style to his performance
Elvis applying spiritual style to his performance, channels IsIs in late 1970’s

THE SPIRITUAL SIDE OF ROCK & ROLL- Elvis’ Message from Heaven (Book)

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