The King of the Sun and the Queen of the Moon: Special Supermoon & “Black or White” Song Anniversary * Full Cycle TF Merging Point* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

SUSANMOON tonight: Special Supermoon & "Black or White" Song Anniversary * Full Cycle TF Merging Point* © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

Tonight is full, magical Supermoon (SusanMoon), like it didn’t get close to Earth in 70 years, and marking at the SAME TIME, the 25 years Anniversary of Michael Jackson’s BLACK OR WHITE Song, from the Dangerous Album.

I cannot write too long, honestly, Michael seems very energised, or more, he is enjoying how energised I am, the feminine Counterpart, with this Supermoon happening now. Since about 5 Days I haven’t slept much, and my energy level was constantly up, dancing, even while typing Articles the last Days at the Computer, I was dancing, typing, dancing, typing, kissing Michael, then typing, doing some Karate Moves, then typing and so forth.

I call that my “Blogging Performance”, as in spinning the Magic while typing all these Articles.

These are written spells.

I have been laughing and giggling since Days with Michael, we are seriously very strong now. The merging has progressed so far, that I am ready to shock the World and CONVINCE IN CRUSHING WAYS, in the public, that I am Michael Jackson’s Twin Soul, meaning, I am him, and I am me at the same time.

Listen up now, because this is serious/sirius.

Watch and listen to the Introduction of the Lyrics…

Michael told you, we are “one and the same”, meaning essence, soul, and in detailed terminology “A Twin Soul”, of masculine and feminine Counterparts that are merging back into One.

I don’t care, what you think

Tonight, all things are right

This is the SusanMoon tonight

My Magic comes from the Light

We will make things right

The Miracle Michael announced

Has been completed tonight

And all lies are being denounced

We are One and always have been One

We shine our Light and all Evil is gone

This is the Supermoon tonight

Susan Style

This is the SusanMoon tonight

And in magical ways you will see

When your Souls are healed and free

The Queen of the Moon

With the Authority over Love and Doom

I have no idea why Michael just channeled this Poem through me now, but I just wrote it as is, freestyle, directly from Michael’s Mind.

Susan Elsa - Queen of the Moon: 2011 and 2015 Appearance and TF Merging Compared © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Susan Elsa – Queen of the Moon: 2011 and 2015 Appearance and TF Merging Compared © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Okay, for about one hour or so now I was doing some dancing and singing at the same, it’s this tuning into the Universe type of thing I do when I channel anything artistic/creative.

It’s not about recording it even, it’s about what you could call for clear understanding a “witch sound spell via vocals and the body vibration”.

Michael just took me out of my Computer Office Chair, dancing and giggling. And then, without any fore explanation, he showed me precisely how he would do the “masculine hip move”, compared to my feminine hip move, which you have not yet seen really.

It’s not about thinking or choreography memorising or so, its about FEELING it inside and channel it into the precise, flowing move.

I just started doing that suddenly, but different, and then he said, “do it like there is a resistance”, meaning, he did it as if he is, well I can’t say that here….how to say this, as if he is “hitting something”, and this corrected my “MJ Hip Move” suddenly, when I did the way he explained and channeled this moment through me.

So, tonight, I felt clearly the difference between his Dance energy, and my own. We are intertwined, but still two Beings. But so merged now, I have to go with the flow, can’t sit at Computer and blog too long.

I just wanted to point out, that today is not about words, but feeling, CAN YOU FEEL IT?

I was born in 1982, Michael in 1958, meaning 24 years age difference. So, in the 25th year Anniversary of this specific Album featuring clear ancient Egypt Messages and Symbols, our merging and Magic powers are coming full cycle.

You will soon understand what that means, when you see me on Camera, and the physical channeling/shapeshifting we will do.

I can’t sit still today, it’s intense. I barely slept last night, but have energy for two. I have to crush the dance floor now, can’t contain this energy any longer. I think I might go outside and dance a bit through Nature and touch Trees, while singing the Witch Tune….

This is the Witch Dance and Chant, tonight! It is more about feeling, hearing, the Magic, the Energy, via pure spiritual ways. This is why this is my only short post for today, as I am like a “Fountain of Light” right now and have to enjoy some free time and focus spiritually.

Michael wants some time for himself now with me, and focus on singing to the Moon tonight, for the Magic focus…

Stay tuned!

We’re sending out a Major SusanMoon Ray,

The Maestra & The Maestro