Michael Jackson: What the ancient Egyptian Resurrection Magic really means… © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

I am so relieved right now. I was going through cleansing up the last “twin flame mirror reflection worries” regarding Michael´s Transition and all I went through with him in that time, the past 2 weeks, not showing my inner pressure to anyone but Michael. After years of not going much to Doctors and taking care of regular Check Ups, especially about Cancer after the Poisoning and all that “Twin Flame Mirror Effect Worries”.

Before making the appointment, Michael insisted, he said:“Go make this cancer test, if you need it emotionally and mentally to calm down and believe me. I am telling you, everything is okay, you are fine. I am protecting you.” I really needed this now, for a conclusion of the heavy challenging twin flame transition when Mike passed in 2009. Yes, all this time I was healing and adjusting to OUR ASCENDED TWIN FLAME CONSCIOUSNESS. Continue reading