Michael Jackson: The Changing Faces and A Deep Spiritual Message of A United Humanity © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

The Michael Jackson Metamorphosis Story Project © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

The Michael Jackson Metamorphosis Story- Part 3

*Special Educational & Spiritual Articles Series*

Dear Readers

We move now into this big project we are planning, here in the form of educational Articles introducing the subject and diverse confirmation, information and evidence.

Project Description:

“This Project is a unique Spiritual and biological, scientific Documentary on Michael Jackson´s famous Appearance Changes. The Appearance Changes began only after 1982, when his so-called “Twin Soul” was born. Michael Jackson proved publicly his extraordinary intuitive, yes, psychic skills within his Artistic works and that is an Aspect of the King of Pop that needs to be revealed more for his historic Legacy. There are still Questions unanswered regarding his Plastic Surgery, why he behaved the way he did and his much debated “androgynous Looks and Style” over the Years. Continue reading