Osiris Un-Nefer: Michael Jackson´s Past Life Twin Flame Song *Channeled Spiritually with Michael* Dec 12th 2012 ©

Mystery Woman 777
Official Osiris & IsIs CD Cover (Dec 12th 2010) PRE SINGLE RELEASE

Osiris Michael Jackson- The Pharao of Pop- DEC 2010! Official Releases, copyrighted, dated, registered Label property and personal Property of Susan Elsa- about our Twin Soul Flame Story from ancient Egypt until now, declaring Michael Jackson´s Innocence and standing strong against Twin Flame Interferences!

Start Lyrics go like this:”Attack number 1, Attack number 2, Attack number 3, number 4, number 5, how many times you wanna attack? How many times you wanna interfere? Just stop! Osiris, the judge of the dead, the judge of the soul, Osiris, standing for the soul, eternal love and JUSTICE & TRUTH- Bridge, In the Hall of Judgement you are DECLARED PURE & INNOCENT BY GOD HIMSELF, LET THE TRUTH UNFURL, LET THE WHOLE WORLD UNDERSTAND THE SECRET OF THE SITUATION…” etc… Continue reading