Michael Jackson in Spirit & Twin Soul: Serious Message to the American-Roman Empire from Someplace Else © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official – ArchangelMichael777

SUSAN ELSA OFFICIAL BEAUTY FASHION PHOTOS 2017 2018 © Mystery Garden Productions
SUSAN ELSA OFFICIAL BEAUTY FASHION PHOTOS 2017 2018 © Mystery Garden Productions
SUSAN ELSA OFFICIAL BEAUTY FASHION PHOTOS 2017 2018 © Mystery Garden Productions

Dear World

I am typing a very serious, and spiritually very severe, irreversible article tonight. If anyone touched it, you Roman Motherfuckering Hackers, I got a backup of the date and exact text, stay away. Actually, no, not asking you nicely this time around. If anyone wants to make fun of my anger issues caused by MULTIPLE TRAUMA AND ABUSES WHO ARE BEING MOCKED IN PUBLIC BY FUCKERS OF THE ROMAN SYSTEM, GO TO MOTHERFUCKIN HELL, I WILL KICK YOU THERE AS I DEMAND RESPECT FOR MY AND MICHAEL’S SOUL.

No discussions, pieces of shit.

Now listen, with your souls well, and read with attention.

The worst case scenario is happening.

I am going through everything that happened in the last year, done by human beings, against me and Michael Jackson until today. I kept screaming and yelling with all my energy, to STOP, or there will be a spiritual retribution, a judgement…a virus…

I explained everything about the solution, before it was too late. I tried, yes with justified anger and intense open raw honest emotions to get AMERICA TO WAKE UP BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.

I am in the 9th year of direct ongoing attacks on my person, company and even family information being copied and abused by the Roman pieces of shit liars of this system, and that after DECADES of ongoing same pattern attacks on my innocent Michael. You really want it, don’t you? I don’t know why you are calling for my volcanic lashing out Archangel Michael with Michael united in a final hit destroying America after we already split it and shook the mass consciousness up over your shit racism…

Since the Lockdown so much abuse happened, so many attacks, on me and all my friends and business partners basically, anyone who was working with me on stuff, communicating with me, got attacked, even family members experienced cyber attacks.

Me and Danielle Nova, living yet in New York, discovered literally EVERYTHING of the big deception of the system going on, the evidence, the points the details, and not as in normal research, but with the SPIRITUAL MAGICAL EYE ON THINGS. With real ancient memories and our Twin Souls Michael and Samuel in Spirit helping.

I prepared this above channeled, raw magic spell demo a few years back, in 2017, and am finalizing it now with production for release as Michael said a few months ago.

It is the NEW SOUNDTRACK SONG TO MY NEW BOOK, Archangel Michael’s Marriage (2020).

Archangel Michael's Marriage - Mystery Book by Susan Elsa *NEW* © Susan Elsa - MGP Publishing 2020
Archangel Michaels Marriage – Second Book by Susan Elsa – Mystery Release Date 2020 © MGP Publishing

The writing of this Book alone is causing magic to manifest, this is how I work, too. I work in different ways my magic, I am IsIs.

Motherfuckers, I am THAT MAGIC MOTHER, you morons.

And I do not need your racist approval to BE myself, Motherfuckers, I will crush you with my Magic Mind now.

This is how I always have been, and you take it, you don’t make up any more shit about me or my original information, work, company property, intellectual spiritual property and my face. How dare you try and stalk my appearance with plastic surgery for your ugly Roman Prostitutes of the System, you racist motherfuckin Rapist Flavians. And YOU placed my innocent BEAUTY AND FASHION OFFICIAL PHOTOS ON PORN PAGES, YOU RAPISTS, because you love to sexually harass while pretending that you are victims to the public to deceive, reported to authorities and lawyers already know your patterns since years watching and preparing.

Because of this America will end, in my life time like I said, watching, because of what you did, invasion of my home, my privacy, my conversations and information with my Fiance and violation of my intimate space for your shit spying and faking frauds of products I am working on like the Beauty and Make Up , Fashion Brand Project I began long ago.

Oh, and I am COERCED OVER THIS PRIVACY RAPE and the impersonation of Danielle Nova’s most personal information by the same dirty people, to go at them and THE LABEL FOR INVADING MY LABEL, WHEN I REJECTED COOPERATION IN THE PAST WITH SONY AND UNIVERSAL, and they know provably about me being the female MJ Brand and what I do since 20 years.

See, I am only starting to feel better after lashing it out in magic, and I AM WHY AMERICA IS FALLING APART, if you want to admit that reality to yourself or not, little human Romans.


The reason why I am called “the Mother” is because I am deeply connected and in tune with the female side of God, and Mother Nature, this Planet’s natural forces.

Does that ring a bell? Any logic left in your brains, Americans?

I am talking to you, like you talked to Chinese, African, Arabic, and even European people before, like everyone is dumb and you are smart and INVENT EVERYTHING HUH, what a miracle, EVERYTHING COMES NATURALLY FROM AMERICA.

Bullshit. The truth is naked now in front of everyone to see. I told you I got the truth spell powers and am using them on ya.

What makes you think you can go around in the World raping and disrespecting everyone else for this long? You happy it is ending by higher force now?

Think about how some people really think by now it is totally ok to treat one person a way, without knowing them, and another in a different way, just because , and then they keep acting like they have no idea what you are talking about in public.

Nothing helps with those rapist-minded, rotten, stinking Roman Elite folks, except the final crushing spiritual fist. They went historically too far against my whole human rights and business rights, someplace else.

I am going into battle.

Officially, and we will rip you to shreds with lawyers, judges, scientists and MJ Fans.

I am calling all the Heavens, once again, as I go HARD, to come into the situation by my call.

So, expect, dear Readers and dear World, to watch a real downfall show like only a LEGENDARY ISIS STYLE ANCIENT EGYPTIAN PHARAONIC QUEEN CURSE CAN DO.

I am taking America down purely with my Magic. It does not matter if you take my words serious or not, for my Magic to work. It does not even matter if I am breathing or not, it is DONE.

The good American people will have to think seriously in the next 5-10 years about moving to other places, as America ain’t no good place to be at now.

I just now almost felt compassion again, typical me with that huge planetary-like heart, but God said no, it is time. Enough.

I danced yesterday even a few Break Dance Units on Concrete. My health is getting whole again after the crimes in America done to me and Michael back in LA, and, at the same time whole America is FUCKED healthwise. Stop denying the facts.

I left the USA wearing a mask due to SUDDEN ASTHMA AS A SINGER FROM CRIMINAL POISONING I SURVIVED. Now, America is walking around with a Mask, fearing for their lives, every day in and out, at night worried about breathing, worried about others behaviour and the OWN SPACE, there you go.

Brace Yourselves, I said the things you saw in Michael’s Movie GHOSTS are going to manifest, happen, and SO IT IS.

They are so scared, they are even censoring the Movie on Youtube and Online platforms so nobody sees the ghostly threat.


We’re coming with the flaming Blue Fire Sword

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit – ArchangelMichael777