How Karate helped me develop Courage towards Bullies at School © Book Excerpt “Archangel Michael´s Wedding” © by Susan Elsa

“Around the age of 10, I then was moving from fourth to fifth primary class and with a new teacher. We were her very first class and she was young and seemed at the evening for parents to introduce herself in a nice and friendly manner. I, as well, was moved to her new class.  It started well. I had hope. In the meantime, parallel, beginning in fourth primary, I had started to go to Karate training. It helped my self-confidence a lot, and less and less I would allow people to bully me or physically push me or try to hit me, and similar attacks.

Susan Elsa Childhood Picture © Private Property not for Re-Use
Susan Elsa Childhood Picture © Private Property not for Re-Use

The new teacher disappointed me extremely. Suddenly, direct mobbing from her started against me. I remember one time we sat in a circle in the front of the class room and sang a song. She kept staring at me, like she is my age level and had this “jealousy eye”. Without any reason, she interrupted the other singing children just to make the following statement to me in front of the whole class: “I don’t hear you sing loud enough! You don’t have to look at me so stupid with your brown beautiful eyes!”  (Note, I was in 5th Primary, a Child!)

Not hearing me sing loud enough in the middle of like 20 other children singing in a choir? I didn’t sing lead vocals. It was strange, her remarks. I felt hurt. Again, I was for no apparent reason being attacked in such ways, just for being me. I didn’t understand why and started to blame more and more my “supernatural abilities,” which did make me different than others as I noticed in these early years. I thought this is the only thing that makes me “different” it seems. I never saw that human beings are different because of skin color or gender, as they seemed to look at the issue at hand. I thought it is my psychic abilities. Therefore, logically, it must be that which makes people hate me. I am sorry, God, for not appreciating your wonderful presents and gifts you gave me and letting these people blind me. Parallel, I thought I am ugly, because I am not white and blonde. Jealousy has always been something I seemingly attract in strong ways, especially from other women. I never understood how people are able think in such ways, instead of being compassionate and nice.

It kept getting worse with my new teacher. She literally started some kind of competitive situation, with me being like years and years younger than her! How sick is this? One time, I hit back by calling her out when she wrote an English word spelled wrong on the board. I said to her ice cold, that she wrote it wrong and in correct English it is written “that way,” being 11 years old and a native German/Arabic speaker. She hated me even more. I started to defend myself over the months stronger, learning from my dear and wonderful Karate Sensei. He is an angel. He really helped me to value myself more and feel generally stronger against any attacks, also physically. He is a wonderful teacher and I can only recommend him.”

Karateka Susan Elsa performing WOMEN OF THE WORLD (2011) Making Of (Video Clip)
Karateka Susan Elsa performing WOMEN OF THE WORLD (2011) Making Of Short Music Film ©

“I was shocked to hear two years later from a younger brother of a friend of mine, who then was in her following class, how she talked to him bad about me and my innocent family, in very personal ways. Can you imagine? Like she was a girl in my age, like she hadn’t done enough to me maliciously, she insulted me and my family in another little boy’s face who then came and told me when he had no clue I was even before at her

class or had problems with her! She kept talking bad about me years after in front of other children. How can such a sick person become a teacher for children?”

Note: I am so not surprised nor is it new in my life, that some People try to bully me today online, when I open up my Story and my Heart. But Michael´s Love is stronger, he taught me well how to BELIEVE IN MYSELF. Sure, he is super famous and many, many Girls want him. Still, all that is and has never been a reason for human beings to bully, harass, insult, abuse or spread lies, physically attack any other person they don´t know or has never done anything to them. Always remember that, because if you care about Michael and love him and his Works, you will surely never attack someone HE loved and supported and still does in Spirit. Simple as that. If you REALLY ever knew Michael and what he is all about, you automatically will KNOW ME AS WELL and what I AM ABOUT. I have received many encouraging Messages by MJ Fans, who feel better now about Michael, knowing he is well and still here, still continuing to Heal the Planet and Society. I want to thank you all here for your Love & Support, you are Soul Family to me. Michael was a fighter, and so am I.

The Truth of Michael Jackson will prevail ©
The Truth of Michael Jackson will prevail ©