Clearest Message by Michael Jackson & Susan Elsa: Twin Souls Osiris & IsIs are back! © PHOTO ANALYSIS

Clearest Message by Michael Jackson & Susan Elsa: Twin Souls Osiris & IsIs are back! © PHOTO ANALYSIS

Photo for Educational, Research and Documentary Purpose only: Twin Soul Mirror Expressions Feminine & Masculine Counterpart

Physical Phenomenon of a Real Metamorphose of Two People becoming ONE: Elsa´s Appearance has been changing since he returned as a Ghost to her in 2010 such as the nose, the lips, the eye size, the body shape, and now even beard stubbles. (See Pictures released prior)


“We were both always big Michael Jackson fans and have often packed our cassettes/belongings, equipped ourselves with Instrumental CD’s,

sat down for hours in an empty room on the floor and sang.

Sue is a beautiful, young woman with black curly hair and Egyptian heritage. Her nose and eyes reminded me already as a child so much of Michael Jackson,

that I often felt like I am on the road with him personally. Also her laugh, the articulation and posture seemed often almost identical.

Often she read the cards for me, which I didn’t like very much, since she always, based on the signs and interpretations, hit the core

and therefore I as a realist, would feel intimidated.

Based on my very own wish, we sat down in my own apartment one day facing each other. We held our hand palms facing each other and closed our eyes.

My idea was to look into her with deep focus, to find out, how her being/essence felt.

So when I let myself fall into my inner and absolute emptiness, I felt my hands facing Susan’s hand palms now starting to shake.

Her energy penetrated so deeply into my very core that I had to contain myself to stay focused and calm.

It felt as if a vibration flows through my body and I perceived how my closed eyes were trying to jump open.”

– Introduction to Susan Elsa by Real Life Contacts that spent time with her in Childhood –

Susan Elsa Quotes on Michael Jackson (Official) from Archangel Michael´s Wedding- The Twin Soul Book ©
Susan Elsa Quotes on Michael Jackson (Official) from Archangel Michael´s Wedding- The Twin Soul Book ©

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Love & Light to the Planet on August 29th 2013!

The Soul is Love: Spiritual Awareness Promotion (Dec 23rd 2010)

Dear Readers/Souls

Here comes for the Weekend this time, an older Video we published parallel to the publication of my first Debut Album “I REMEMBER” back then. It was such a unique and magical experience to travel to Egypt and channel those Songs with Michael right at original temples. I will always remember that.

Susan Elsa in Egypt, Nov 2010
Susan Elsa in Egypt, Nov 2010

So, since we are by now really in changing times where it seems sometimes, as if the Planet is totally in chaos somehow in many ways and people, countries etc., I thought posting this Video for SPIRITUAL AWARENESS, caring and nurturing your very soul that means, is a fitting thing and still valid today.

Many people are awakening more and more to learn that they in fact, have been made deeper and more complex than they thought or remembered before.

Not only many people have talked about those changes coming, holy books and all, but also God and his Archangels and Angels in general, are helping this big major change going on. The worst part actually is over, so even the weather worldwide is showing, that there is some type of “pause for maintenance or healing” happening. In some places, the sun refuses to shine since months. Other places still have snow storms, in the spring, almost summer now soon.

Whatever happens in Nature around us, influences us too. It is a planetary healing phase and the more you care for your soul, go hiking in nature, do gardening work if you can, sit in the sun or at home if it´s cold, make drawings and paintings, express yourself, take time for yourself.

Take a nice bath with sea salts, for example (sea salt also cleanses the aura, not just the physical body!), read about those things and really try to reserve some time during the week, to nurture yourself and you will see the results.

God always knows the perfect plan, and I am totally optimistic about the future and for all of you, because God is really doing something great for us here.

The more healthy souls on Earth, the stronger and faster the healing will complete!

Think about it and help us spread this Spiritual Awareness Promo so others can also benefit and join this Circle of Light.

Love & Light,

Susan Elsa

Note for MJ Fans:

Michael says, he wants you all to relax this weekend and BE GENTLE TO YOURSELF. Make or order some nice food, take a bath, watch your favourite childhood movie, things like that.