BURN TONIGHT- Song by Michael Jackson about Susan Elsa?

My dear new friend and sister Maja sent me her new video, and I never heard this song before. Michael had not told me about all of his works, he liked to surprise. That is how he was, he loved to make people smile.

So, I hear this song BURN TONIGHT first time ever, and it is literally about my meeting with Michael in L.A. and very personal things we experienced together. So, even though some parts sound not so MJ-like a 100%, it must be at least a real draft of one of his last songs, because it is very clearly citing details we talked about and which I published in my book “ARCHANGEL MICHAEL’S WEDDING”. You can read for yourself the fitting details by getting yourself the book via Amazon or Lulu Market Place or the Apple iBook Store.

Thank you Michael, I will always remember L.A.

Susan Elsa

“And no one else could ever take my place…”

I AM IsIs and I returned

“And no one else could ever take my place. I don’t care what you claim nor put fakely on your face. In this race, I AM the Grace, I AM the only real IsIs, healed from all heart’s crisis. I got the magic, now let me pray-hee.”

-OTHER PART OF HIM (Channeled Twin Soul Song 11-11-11) by Susan Elsa-


After Egypt’s Revolution got stuck in negative interferences during 2011, Susan Elsa received a big song message, prepared for her by Michael Jackson in Heaven.

The secret behind all her work is now revealed: Michael Jackson/Archangel Michael is her Twin Soul! (In his own words from beyond dictating to her the term TWIN SOUL)

It is no surprise, this message would be fought hard. But then again, who’s bad? Who is really the famous Archangel Michael? Surely a Warrior of the Light and Love. Dedicated passionately to God’s truth.

Several complex film productions have taken place as part of this heavenly inspired Film Production all of 2012, yet to be revealed. Susan Elsa is a perfectionist, and this message is so central in her life, work and soul, that she is currently giving her very best to finish a huge Entertainment Project for you to enjoy.

Assisted by Michael Jackson in Spirit.


Susan helps Michael as an educated Film Director herself, to channel in detail all his Film Visions he planned to do before passing. First production of this incredible cooperation will be a never before seen ELVIS PRESLEY Animation Movie, about his Arrival in Heaven and his Reunion with his Twin Soul Wife in Heaven.

Stay tuned!

OTHER PART OF HIM: Full Song Lyrics Official

Channeled and Composed by Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson


I’m handing you

The Book of Truth

The Book of Light

The Book of Life


Verse 1

Look into my face

Like a map of time

His HIStory is written there

Revealing the magic of my life

I didn’t want to come here

But we agreed that he would help me

I didn’t want to face and heal my fears

Surprisingly he died

And still lives on with me


I am the Part of HIM

He is Me


We come to re-arrange your mind (2x)

Verse 2

God made everything superclear

I am singing

Can you hear?

Same mark

On my cheek, on my face

Changing your perspective

We come to win the race

It’s not like he didn’t show you

In melodies and lyrics

Our History rises

Hidden between the Lines

We bring you the final word

With the Return of IsIs


I am the Other Part of HIM

He is Me


Heavenly, eternally man and wife

I dare your Eyes

Bring you Adam and Eve

I am Him

He is Me

I’m the other part of HIM (2x)

(C’mon, woohoo)

Intro Bridge:

We come to re-arrange your mind


And no one else

Could ever take my Place

I don’t care what you claim nor put fakely on your face (Cha Cha!)

In this Race

I AM the Grace

I AM the only real IsIs

Healed from all heart’s crisis (Ha! Ha!)


I got the magic

Now lemme pray-hee!


(Intro Gimmick)

Come on, Cha Cha

You know I’m tellin’ you the truth right here

Look at me!



Heavenly, Eternally His Wife

I dare your Eyes

Bring you ADAM and EVE


I’m the other Part of HIM

I AM the other Part of H-I-M

I am the other part of Him

Copyrights property of MGP Publishing Switzerland



Official Publishing Date:  21st Dec 2012

Excerpt from Book:


I was just a baby when we back then moved from Persia to Switzerland. It is now 27 years ago. Susan and I, I always called her ‘Sue’, grew up together and lived in the same apartment tower. We were both always big Michael Jackson fans and have often packed our belongings and equipped ourselves with instrumental CD’s, sat down for hours in an empty room on the floor and sang.

Sue is a beautiful, young woman with black curly hair and Egyptian origin. Her nose and eyes reminded me so much as a child already of Michael Jackson, that I often had the feeling to be on the road with him personally. Her laughter, articulation and posture often seemed to be almost identical.

Since I grew up with Sue, I can confirm that she has always possessed these characteristics and hadn’t acquired it in the course of time. She was and still is a very spiritual person.

Often she read the cards for me, which I did not like so much, because it really hit the core exactly, always, based on the signs and interpretations. I felt so intimidated as a realist.

Based on my very own wish, we sat down one day in my apartment facing each other parallel. We held each others hands parallel with our palms facing each other and closed our eyes. My idea was to look focused inside her to find out how her essence/being felt.

As I let myself fall into my absolute, inner emptiness I felt like my hands, which were touching Susan’s palms began to shake. Her energy penetrated so deeply into my very core that I had to contain myself to stay calm and focused. It felt as if a vibration flows through my body and I noticed how my eyes which were closed tried to jump open.

Nevertheless, I stayed focused and tried to relax, and in this moment I perceived the image of three scorpions. Shortly afterwards followed another image, which resembled more a shadow.

To me it looked like an eagle, which flew beneath me and had its wings spread.

A few days after this experience, I happened to notice coincidently on Susan’s key chain just this type of eagle hanging and said to her: “This is exactly the eagle I saw, when I held your hands Sue.” Susan wrinkled her forehead and examined her key chains as if she would not see any eagle on it until I pointed to it with my finger. It was as if she apparently didn’t recognize her own chains.

She let out an amused laugh and said: “This is not an eagle, but Isis. It’s called a winged Isis. “

If I’m honest I had no idea what that was supposed to be and still don’t know it in detail today. The only thing I know for sure is that Sue and I share a strong telepathic connection, and after almost ten years of no contact and finding each other then again, the strangest and most miraculous things happen in my life.

This, dear readers, you can truly take literally because; if I say “miraculous”  I am really meaning a life full of miracles.

-Saba S.  ZH/Switzerland-

My name is Ida Gonzalez. I was introduced to Susan in the spring of 2010. I lived in Arlington, TX. Susan lives in Switzerland. How we met was a series of chance and coincidences. We skyped for hours. I felt so in tuned to her. I had just watched James Cameron’s Avatar. We spoke much about the film. She is a movie director, and I am a screenwriter. We decided we should work together.

Susan is also a Reiki master. I had just learned of the subject. She explained she could do distance healing. I experienced a number of “miracles” afterwards. My life made a u-turn for good.

Summer 2010, we decided to meet in person. I travelled to Switzerland in September 2010.

She shared with me her experiences with the angelic realm. I was astonished. Susan performed an angel card reading. Again, I became more and more astonished how a young person as herself was so mature and humble with her power.

Visiting Switzerland and meeting Susan is one of the best things I have done for my soul.

Her singing and dancing talent is like unknown. When I returned to America, Susan shared with me her connection with Elvis. She had already made it known to me her connection with the dear Michael Jackson.

I studied on Elvis and Graceland. I was astonished and humbled by his earthly soul’s dedication to humanity.

I am forever grateful for my friend.

-Ida Gonzalez  TX/United States-

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