Clearest Message by Michael Jackson & Susan Elsa: Twin Souls Osiris & IsIs are back! © PHOTO ANALYSIS

Clearest Message by Michael Jackson & Susan Elsa: Twin Souls Osiris & IsIs are back! © PHOTO ANALYSIS

Photo for Educational, Research and Documentary Purpose only: Twin Soul Mirror Expressions Feminine & Masculine Counterpart

Physical Phenomenon of a Real Metamorphose of Two People becoming ONE: Elsa´s Appearance has been changing since he returned as a Ghost to her in 2010 such as the nose, the lips, the eye size, the body shape, and now even beard stubbles. (See Pictures released prior)


“We were both always big Michael Jackson fans and have often packed our cassettes/belongings, equipped ourselves with Instrumental CD’s,

sat down for hours in an empty room on the floor and sang.

Sue is a beautiful, young woman with black curly hair and Egyptian heritage. Her nose and eyes reminded me already as a child so much of Michael Jackson,

that I often felt like I am on the road with him personally. Also her laugh, the articulation and posture seemed often almost identical.

Often she read the cards for me, which I didn’t like very much, since she always, based on the signs and interpretations, hit the core

and therefore I as a realist, would feel intimidated.

Based on my very own wish, we sat down in my own apartment one day facing each other. We held our hand palms facing each other and closed our eyes.

My idea was to look into her with deep focus, to find out, how her being/essence felt.

So when I let myself fall into my inner and absolute emptiness, I felt my hands facing Susan’s hand palms now starting to shake.

Her energy penetrated so deeply into my very core that I had to contain myself to stay focused and calm.

It felt as if a vibration flows through my body and I perceived how my closed eyes were trying to jump open.”

– Introduction to Susan Elsa by Real Life Contacts that spent time with her in Childhood –

Susan Elsa Quotes on Michael Jackson (Official) from Archangel Michael´s Wedding- The Twin Soul Book ©
Susan Elsa Quotes on Michael Jackson (Official) from Archangel Michael´s Wedding- The Twin Soul Book ©

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Love & Light to the Planet on August 29th 2013!

The 42 “Negative” Confessions of Ancient Egypt (Commandments)


The 42 “Negative” Confessions of Ancient Egypt (Commandments)

Once upon a time, the Ancient Egyptians mainly dominated this Planet and were not only famous for the civilised Ways of Life, far beyond Egypt’s lands, but also for their spiritual “Royalty”.

Today, we still think of the ancient Egyptian Empire as being mysterious, spiritual and magical. Some might even feel a slight sense of “respect”, when they hear about King Tut’s Curse, which has been talked about many times.

But one of the most famous and mysterious things we know of today from the Pharaoh Times, is definitely the today-called “BOOK OF THE DEAD”, or “BOOK OF COMING FORTH BY DAY”.

Of course, there was never a “BOOK”, like we know Books today. Instead, these were funeral Rituals the ancient Egyptians High Priests and High Priestesses would perform, to secure the “Travel of the Soul to the other Side”- into Heaven. It was believed, there were many Traps and Dark Beings waiting on Soul’s to pass, to catch them on the narrow Path to Heaven. Of course, this is to be understood symbolically, since these “Traps” in Truth symbolise our own bad Actions we might have taken during our Life, coming back at us. (Similar to Karma)
Physical Life on Planet Earth, as well as all other possible Life Forms before and after, were subject to intense Studies and Research in Ancient Egypt, one could say, it was deeply looked into in very scientific Ways.

Other Life Forms (Bodies) included:

–          The Soul-Body (Called KA or DOUBLE)
–          The Shadow Body
–          The spiritual Body (called today ethereal/astral Body)
–          The Light-Body (The Illuminated Body)

It is very difficult today, to categorise the different Layers of Bodies correctly, since Language always changes and grows and some Descriptions today are actually describing the SAME BODY in a superficial way, thinking it is the same Body.

Okay, let us start with the Soul-Body, or the Double, from the Egyptian Perspective:
The Soul Body was believed to be MIND inside the physical Vessel, driving it, guiding it, directing it, watching over it, simply said- using it. Like a car Driver enters a Car and drives it, you could say. This Soul Body was believed to be a Reflection of the physical Body, looking almost identical, which is why it was also called THE DOUBLE. (This is why Ghosts look like they did when they were alive on Earth- just in a younger, rejuvenated Form)

Then, we have the so-called Shadow or Shadow-Body, which is another Form/Layer of Body, that is absolutely independent from our physical Existence and can go anywhere. This Shadow Body was called that way not because it was some dark side of us, but because it was such a dense Body, it threw a SHADOW! So, the Shadow Body itself is probably invisible, but dense, and so, you can perceive it by recognising it’s shadow only. The Ancient Egyptians were sure, that one needs to keep Control over this Body to “Resurrect into Heaven”. (More about what the Ancient Egyptian Resurrection really is later!)

Next we have the spiritual Body, which was closely connected to the Reasons behind all funerary Rituals in Egypt back then. The spiritual Body was believed to be the “Connection” between the energetic and the physical Bodies, our Spirit connecting all of our Being, all of our Bodies during a physical Journey. More about this Body later.

Now, let us get to the most important and eternal Body:  The Light-Body.

The Light-Body was the highest enlightened/illuminated Body we can get. The Light Body could come visit Earth anytime, fly around in Heaven any time, and do many things that if described here would seem very impossible to most Readers. This was the highest Goal the Ancient Egyptians worked and trained for all their Lifes. And as the Name already reveals, this Body is made out of pure Light, very light, very bright and immortal- glittering like some kind of Diamond Light or white magical Fire. It is simply the most beautiful Body you could ever imagine- still being in a physical One.

This Body was the type of Form you have when you go/are inside Heaven, when you arrive in the eternal Daylight. In Heaven, the Light of the Sun or better Suns, can be dimmed, and there is all you can imagine- literally. All you CAN IMAGINE, exists in Heaven- but some things do not as on Earth like for example Restrooms and Toilets. Obviously the Body digests so fast (with the Speed of Light if it is a Light-Body I guess!)- that we do not need these Type of things anymore, nor do we need to “physically walk” anywhere and take each Step in TIME & SPACE, like on Earth, but we IMAGINE and it happens right away.

This is why, the Ancient Egyptians focused so much Energy on Meditation, Rituals, Dreams and Dream Research and doing Good toward others. The 42 Negative Confessions were seen as a good Guideline, to reach this beautiful Light-Body, now let us take a closer Look:

The 42 Negative Confessions:

1. I have not sinned against Humanity.
2. I have not oppressed my kinsfolk.
3. I have not committed evil in the place of truth/acted deceitfully.
4. I have not known destructive Human Beings. (Known means befriended/supported)
5. I have not committed acts of abomination.
6. I have not done daily works of supererogation.
7. I have not caused my Name to appear for false honour.
8. I have not domineered over Slaves.
9. I have not thought “negative/bad” about God.
10. I have not stolen from the Poor.
11. I have not done, what the “Residents of Heaven” abominate.
12. I have not caused harm to be done to a slave by his Master.
13. I have not caused no man to suffer.
14. I have not allowed/caused any man to go hungry.
15. I have made no man cry/weep.
16. I have never killed any man/woman.
17. I have not given the order for any man/woman to be killed.
18. I have not caused pain to the masses/society.
19. I have not manipulated/stolen offerings from any Temples.
20. I have not touched the gifts to God/the Residents of Heaven.
21. I have not stolen offerings to the Spirits (physical or emotional).
22. I have not cursed any man/woman nor God.
23. I have not manipulated the Weight of the Scales/Corn. (ECONOMIC MANIPULATION!)
24. I have not acted the part of the SPY.
25. I have not made my Voice loud when speaking. (a loud Tone was seen as disrespect toward all others around)
26. I have not lain with another man’s wife.
27. I have not increased my possessions except through my own goods/hands/effort. (Karma free Economy)
28. I have not eaten my Heart (more on that below!)
29. I have not stolen Land or added Land.
30. I have not encroached upon the fields/lands of others.
31. I have not added to the weight of the balance.
32. I have not caught fish with the bait of their own bodies.
33. I have not obstructed water, when it should run.
34. I have not cut a cutting in a canal of running water. (Example: The Nile River, originally had 14 Branches (!), and due to the High Dam and other Interferences with Nature’s Ways, 12 Branches/Rivers already dried up! Egypt was very green in Ancient Times…)
35. I have not extinguished a flame, when it ought to burn.
36. I have not slandered.
37. I have not been deaf to the words of Truth.
38. I have not acted impurely/disrespectful of any of God’s Creations.
39. I have not been angry without cause.
40. I have not had the thought or plan to hurt/kill another.
41. I have not acted deceitfully/lied/acted wickedly.
42. I have not ignored God in his Signs/Manifestations- I AM PURE, I AM PURE, I AM PURE.

Okay, T.H.O.T.H., these were lots of Points to write. I hope I could collect them and formulate them in a way, so my that my Readers have it easy to translate each point’s meaning into modern Life and connect the Confessions with Life today.

Let us take a quick look at some Confessions in more detail:

By the Way, let me mention before we start, that today in Translations of the very ancient Writings there appears often the word “Gods”. This is not correct, pure and simple. The Ancient Egyptians did never believe in multiple Gods, they believed in one highest Creator of all that is/exists, and what is originally meant by the Word today called Gods, is the ILLUMINATED ONES, in Heaven. The Ones, who reached the Light-Body and reside in Heaven- NEXT TO GOD.

Continuing directly with that Confession, let us look at Number 11:

This Knowledge came to the Ancient Egyptians through not only the first Mummy ever (IsIs and Anubis invented the MUMMY!), but through the whole Story of Osiris, the Green-Man, the first Mummy ever in human History. Osiris endured exactly what is forbidden in many of the above mentioned Confessions, done to him by his jealous Brother that killed Osiris. Like this, Osiris was compensated by God, becoming one of the main Judges of Heaven (kinda like a Member of Court Jury you can imagine it).

So, that means, if someone repeats let’s say, Seth’s behaviour, this One does not reach the Light-Body, for this One cannot go where Osiris resides, if being impure. Heaven is pure, absolutely protected and made in a Way, you cannot even BE/EXIST there, if impure by previous Actions like this. This is what it means.

Confession No. 22: I have not cursed any man/woman

This Confession speaks not only of cursing as we know it today, by saying bad words about someone else. Here, being from the Ancient Egyptian Magical Spirituality, it means also a real, magical/ritual Curse (Voodoo and so forth). It is strictly forbidden to use any spiritual Knowledge to harm another in any Body Layer or Form.

Confession No. 23: I have not cheated with the Weight of the Scales/Corn

A very important and insightful Confession, which can be almost seen today as a Confession without Space & Time, for it is valid today even more than yesterday. We have lots of economic Issues in our Time, and it literally started in 2008 with a few manipulation the Proportions of Mortgages, Credits and whole false Systems surrounding our global Economy. This Confession shows, that we could use some SPIRITUAL ECONOMY Rules, because Money is nothing everlasting at all, and not important for our Soul. Also, it goes into another Confession, which is No. 27: I have not increased my Possessions except through my own goods/effort. Gambling Economy, where let us say, a 100 People work for you, you take most of the Cash into your own Pocket, they almost nothing, and you do not PERFORM any Effort/Work, is simply wrong. (How about a karma-free Business Concept? Wouldn’t that be an ancient and still new Thought to help our World?)

Confession No. 28: I have not eaten my Heart

This is a very interesting Point, because it is directly connected to the Story of Osiris’ Still Heart. Not only did the Egyptians believe, that the Ones who did wrong will have their Hearts (Soul) eaten, but this was seen as a direct Action stemming from the Destroyed himself/herself. You have a free Will, and when you do wrong on purpose, you are really in Truth the One, that eats his/her own Heart by doing wrong.

Confession No. 34: I have not cut a cutting in a canal of running water

Speaking about Nature! The Ancient Egyptians had a lot of Respect and Knowledge about Nature’s Rules and how to keep the Balance. There were almost no diseases back then! (Can you imagine?)

The Nile, for example, is like every other natural Creation made by God, in the most perfect way and with the most perfect arrangement for the Highest Well Being of All People, the Planet, Animals, Fish, and so forth. If we interfere, by changing the course of Nature, altering it or manipulating it, we interfere directly in God’s arrangement. It is today sadly obvious, why the Ancient Egyptians knew it would be wrong to cut canals or build high dams blocking Rivers from flowing: The Nile is almost dried up! It had originally 14 huge Branches, flowing throughout all of Egypt and more. There were forests in Egypt, not Desert, and much Green Nature thousands of Years ago. After High dams were built, and partially also other reasons, 12 Branches of the huge Nile are gone. This results in People and Animals having less sweet Water for drinking, watering Fields and cleaning. Not to even mention, how today the Earth is being drilled and Oil sucked out from Layers underground, deeply underground, without any Knowledge of that this does to the Organisation of God and how he made the Earth exactly.
And so we can only reach the Conclusion, that in fact the Ancient Egyptians were very wise and had profound Knowledge about not only this World, but the next as well.

If Humanity finds a way, to learn from their own History, we can make a real Change like never seen before on Earth and get back to better, friendlier and more balanced Times, in a new Time, with Ancient & Modern Knowledge combined for the highest Well-Being of all of us.

With a Major Love,

IsIs & Osiris


Copyrighted Text ©

Author: Susan Elsa
Spiritual Guide: Michael Jackson (Archangel Michael/Osiris)


Dear Women and Men out there

A very, very long time ago in the lands of Egypt, a unique love story took place. Based on the extreme situations of IsIs & Osiris the ancient Egyptians founded later the so-called Mystery Schools. Other names for “these mysticism schools” were originally more something like “The School of the RIGHT eye of IsIs” and “The School of the LEFT eye of Osiris”.

I see since quite a while lots of insulting crap being spread all over the place, especially online. People take our interesting Country’s history and twist it and insult the Ancient Egyptian Spiritual Masters and GOOD SOULS with false claims that these symbols somehow “belong to Illuminati” or “satanic cults”. I even seen people daring to say out loud or write out loud better, that the famous ancient Egyptian EYE is a satanic symbol!!!

So, now, here is what I know, the Truth behind all this and why some seem to be interested to mock us the whole time:

IsIs channeling the BOOK OF THE “DEAD” from Heaven


IsIs if the first human being which ever channeled a Ghost, her own husband Osiris. That was THOUSANDS of years ago.

EYES ARE WINDOW TO THE SOUL! We say even today. Open your EYES! Be LIGHT, let go of DARK.

If you see Adam and Eve as ONE BEING, which was made into two, like we see the concept in today’s society of “soul mates”, then ONE EYE IS THE FEMALE HALF, ISIS EYE, ONE EYE IS THE MALE HALF, OSIRIS EYE, AND TOGETHER THEY ARE COMPLETE! Just like Adam and Eve. Who in the World but the snake would say anything different? The evil and very jealous brother of them back then, called SET or SETH is the only one far and wide in this whole era which tried to stab ONE EYE OUT FROM HORUS TO WEAKEN HIS SOUL POWER. Any such ONE EYED posing, covering one eye I mean like it is hurt or so, shows you if the person doing so is on OSIRIS & ISIS side – or the evil dark side of SET. Dare to look at the truth. It’s JUMPING in your faces.

One of the Mystery Schools was teaching the high priests and high priestesses the SECRETS OF EARTH, the other Mystery School was teaching them after 7 years the SECRETS OF HEAVEN. And by the way, IsIs never need to “trick Ra” like it is said, God has always been there, God is almighty, call him in many languages different, God will not change and still be GOD. God made two as ONE, and the connection CANNOT be broken or ceases ever, not with Birth, Death or any attacks like from Set. This is why IsIs is who she is, and always will be. God helped her, IsIs became a strong Spiritual Master through respect and dedication to God, and her undying Love for Osiris inspired her to break all borders, including the VEIL between this and the next Life.

Due to her being so fertile, she could get pregnant with Osiris’ baby from BEYOND without any physical touch or physically explained pregnancy, her blood was seen as sacred. Special. Magical. All women have that “blood”, you know what I mean.

So, the clothings of the IsIs Mystery School were RED:


Then, think for yourself here, Osiris as well was fertile even  after he passed, and he received the highest “White Fire Body”, which is eternal and cannot be hurt or damaged, also never dies, and therefore and for the completing symbolism of the above mentioned about IsIs’ menstruation, the Clothes of the OSIRIS MYSTERY SCHOOL WERE WHITE. The high priests, not the students, would wear a WHITE CROWN HAT with a phallic shape, to “channel” Osiris’ wisdom in his “Clothes”.


As you can see above in the C.D.s (Channeled Drawings), there is the Eye of Osiris, the left one, and for the IsIs Schools her right Eye depicted. This is some very deep knowledge and many people never knew anything real about it. Everyone of us has a “soul mate”, a twin of the soul, that is what ADAM AND EVE really are. It is a symbolic story of TWIN SOULS. God made it that way, before he even made this Planet.
The Mystery Schools were not accessible for everyone randomly, but only chosen students who were having a pure enough HEART and SOUL and would never abuse what they learn inside there. Sadly, over time, certain groups seemingly appeared who invaded the knowledge and try to abuse it, but they don’t know enough to do so, thank God. This stuff cannot be used or abused or even understood really, if you leave out THE WOMAN IN THE EQUATION. Also you can’t leave THE MAN out of the equation, or God. ADAM & EVE made by God and loving and respecting God’s rules- is what all this is finally about. We all know, there is GOOD AND BAD people in this World, and some want to learn and grow, wishing well to their fellow human being as well, while others behave different in life and society. I am not surprised, that this material would be interesting to ‘ENERGY VAMPIRES’, who don’t want to work hard or learn and grow with patience but try to take what others worked out just like that to eat off of it and feel like a “Spiritual Master”, without having to go through though honest lessons how GOD DESIGNED IT to learn it. That is a like some hot air- and no real knowledge or effect behind this hot air. We are talking here about 14 Years of HARD EDUCATION in the Mystery Schools to get to the Master level- including learning how to control your body so much, that even poison cannot kill you. Similar physical challenging training like the Chinese Shaolin Monchs! I find it funny, when I see especially “Pop Stars” now decorating themselves with these symbols having no freaking clue what they are talking about. And that, in public. It’s like a CLOWN SHOW for anyone who sees through it.


Above you can see, again, the ANKH held in the RIGHT HAND, and the Sceptre of “Spiritual Authority” held in the LEFT hand. Does it start to make sense now? The ankh stands for the UNION OF MAN AND WOMAN, and therefore, because of Horus’ birth through his mother IsIs, she basically invented this whole thing with “holding an Ankh in the right hand”. Then, logically, the “SPIRITUAL AUTHORITY SCEPTRE” in the left hand, Osiris side so to speak, is a symbol of his SPIRITUAL AUTHORITY OVER THE SOULS OF EACH WHICH PASSES. Because he got mistreated and killed, God compensated for him and his wife by making him the JUDGE OF THE DEAD and giving him this special AUTHORITY to be able to FORGIVE PEOPLE THEIR ACTIONS,FEELINGS OR WORDS or NOT.

Wouldn’t it be a nice focus, to imagine THE RETURN TO PARADISE? Return to real Love and respect every other’s wife or husband?

This Text can be shared and reproduced only with Credit to the Author and Pop Artist Susan Elsa. Drawings maybe be reproduced for educational purposes with Credit to the Artist Susan Elsa.