Michael Jackson about D.S.: Direct Message about False Twin Soul Claims Online © Spiritual Information

Dear Readers

Last Night, Michael took me to the astral Dimensions again, and all night we were going to places, seeing souls of people on this Planet, and actions by certain dark elements on our twin flame mission. I seen it all. Then he started to sing his Song “D.S.” in the out-of-Body locations as we were moving bypassing a few locations, and then he was very, very clear.

He said, that this certain person trying to interfere in our twin soul publishings, for which we own the copyright and publishing right, beside the human rights of the soul since 2010 clearly- is trying to play games with people, with his fans right now, to hype them up against me and he takes it very, very personal. He see´s it all and has banned me from even clicking on any of it, and I never did and can prove that in court, with browser and computer data and many witnesses knowing how I react about lies and how I try to avoid seeing any of it, to not get more angry. Continue reading