THE FUTURE OF POP MUSIC- Global New Concept 777

Dear Readers out there,
I just had a seemingly new idea, and thought I would write about how the culture of popular Music might develop in the future, for the next Generation. As someone which believes, that the Throne of Music has already been taken by someone very special, I can’t imagine anyone reaching ever again Michael Jackson’s level.

In our current times, we have a lot of focus on the Internet and even TV, Radio and Music, Films, are going more and more “online”. This makes the Internet a key point, in this analysis of the Future of Pop Music.

Imagine, all kinds of different People getting together at something like a “Spiritual Party”. Everyone gets a Chance to jump on stage a bit and rock, sing, dance, freestyle, honest, let their Heart out, enjoy the Music- and nobody would criticize or mock anyone. Visualize no discrimination and no competitive thinking and calculating, only us all become the next “Big Star”- not one single person.

I know it is a new concept which hasn’t been tried yet in the way I imagine it, but I sense this could be something that fits perfectly into our times. We have so many talented, creative people out there, and so much good, undetected Music as well online, which is not covered in main stream media YET, that it might be worth it to take a closer look at “unknown artists” online.

If one could organize even to begin with, events, where many of these international, different, talented artists would come together, to make Music as a form of intercultural communication through artistic expression, we could create a whole new revolutionary movement in pop culture and do something REALLY NEW with Pop Music.

Think about it.

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MAGIC EGYPT SONG: ISIS IS BACK! 2010-2012 Revolution of Pop!

Susan Elsa documents her Travel to Egypt in Nov. 2010, where she worked on magical and very spiritual Pop Songs, channeled with the Help of the most known Names of Ancient Egypt.

The Song not only is a 5 Minute ONE TAKE channeled Vocal Recording, in Freestyle no Pen no Paper Rhyme Fashion, but contains serious Hints about the Effects on Egypt through the Return of IsIs.

“The Egyptian Resurrection, is grabbing you right, showing you right, that IsIs IS IS back.” Lyrics IsIs Song from “I REMEMBER”

Shortly after, Egypt stands up in Union and the whole World is surprised and amazed…it’s a Mystery!

Hello world!

Hello World!

This is Archangel Michael speaking, through one of my favorite Channels, my very own Twin Soul.

There is a particular way you look at Angels. Partially based on religious Descriptions, partially based on fantastic stories, some true, some made up by People.

Let’s see, uh, Archangel of Truth, Archangel of Justice and many other sub-names you have given me. In many different languages and ways. One of the most famous Images you have of me, is the Archangel Michael slaying the Devil.

There are additional functions I have though and all of you have a personal Opportunity, to get to know me, anytime, any place, if you just use your free Will, ask, and receive my Help and healing Energies.

I can connect to you in Dreams, often I show you signs in there to guide you and give you answers to questions and solutions to problems and challenges. But many people are simply not used to using their Dreams anymore, as soon as they awake. I can also take control of someone around you, anytime, any place, and use another PERSON to send you a Message, sometimes in hidden, gentle Ways, sometimes very frank.

When it comes to protection, I am mainly the One you call, and I am happy everytime a Human Being calls on me for Protection and Guidance. I can help you cut through your Fears and Attachments to Negative People, Energies and Situations.

But all of that is only possible, because YOU have the Potential to be anything you desire inside already, and because YOU have all the Solutions to your Problems as well inside of yourself. I am only here to assist you, I can guide you, but you have to walk the Path still yourself.

Archangel Michael-Secrets of Heaven 777 (CD 2010)
Archangel Michael-Secrets of Heaven 777 (Spiritual Pop)

I A.M. Archangel Michael, and I wish nothing but true Love, Strenght and Happiness to all of you.

*Channeled by Susan Elsa*