Michael Jackson Twin Soul Story 2010 (REAL) 777


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Michael Jackson reveals his Twin Soul from beyond
Michael Jackson reveals his Twin Soul from beyond
“I took my baby on a Saturday bang. Boy, is that girl with you? Yes, we’re one and the same.”- Michael Jackson in his Song “Black or White” 1991


“Spiritual Pop is born!”  -April 14th 2010-


In this special chapter I will finally tell all my exact experience on how I created the new music genre which I not only invented, but got sudden help in through Michael in spirit after he passed, making it increasingly authentic and revolutionary. Nobody published or registered any of this officially before me. I even had looked up the word “channeling” to make sure there is nothing similar on Google search results and after the hacking, Google search results got filled with the word “channeling” connected to fashion, pop singers and they even used it to describe that some celebrities “channel cartoon figures” or “other artists alive”, which makes no sense. It is a strategy to further cloud the true meaning of the word. Channeling means to use your body as a channel, a vessel for a spirit not in their own channel/physical body! Like when Michael uses my body and his energy flows through me and completed songs come freestyle out of my mouth and I wonder myself how I did it. That is what channeling really is by definition. You can also invocation. And it is my new Pop concept, not Lady “Satan’s”, look up the dates and research.


Based on all my previous life experiences with my obviously very unique and extreme spirituality, I asked myself a long time ago how I can integrate my own individual “finger print” into my Pop art. Everyone needs an individual style and I had many bad experiences with producers, managers and studios in my life, record labels don’t care about honesty in mainstream pop music, they care about money and numbers ice cold.


I have lost many years since my early youth, staying true to myself, being who I am and refusing to let anyone change me, my art or my vision. I lost years fighting for my new ideas and honest music. When all these extreme incidents happened to me like Set possessing my friend years ago in front of my eyes, or my unique talents like reading the future for people, learning Reiki (healing through the hands) , secretly accompanying stuck souls into the light like a “Spiritual Psychologist”, it just grew into this direction naturally. My music and general film ideas and creativity come directly from my soul. In this case it happens to be the same soul as Michael Jackson, so the following should make perfect sense.


I integrate my spiritual talent into my pop music style and made it my own. There is no other that does this in my style, except me. I don’t have much money and refuse to sell out, still, I am willing to fight hard the honest, clean way and make it myself with only God’s help, and Michael’s. And so it is.


After Michael had passed, went to Heaven and returned to me rejuvenated, he started to do the most obvious and crazy things with me and my body. As a good example from the early phase of his return:


I was waiting for the train at the train station. It was underground and here in Switzerland, all is clean including the floors. Out of the blue I felt this “urge energy” inside my right leg, like I will freak out if I don’t immediately dance! It was comparable to when a person is upset and needs to hit something and goes hitting a sand bag. That is how it felt. I felt like I have so much energy I need to scream and dance hard. I tried with all my will to repress this dance urge thinking about that similar scene on Michael’s Ghosts film. I got home and as soon as no public could see it, I danced like there is tomorrow. I suddenly did moves I couldn’t do before, automatically as if someone is remotely controlling my body.


A few days only before my Birthday, I knew Michael is helping me, continuing our plans. It sounds so crazy. I titled the draft to my later published first Spiritual Pop Single with this new concept I developed “Jajetztbittehilf” in German inside the original demo file. That means translated: “Now please help me”. Bam, like a lightning the idea was in my head suddenly and I worked on it all by myself with only a Mac laptop at home and the laptop microphone.The original sound of the musical composition is insanely good, but I don’t have yet enough money to produce with big studios and pay it myself, having absolute creative control. You need to be able to finance all by yourself if they are to do exactly your vision and not interfere. I just suddenly had the idea completed in my head, hearing the melody, straight through my lips into the mic without my own thinking or any writing down of any lyrics. It was magical. I knew immediately this is not me, because I never was able to do something like this before and that in English too!


On the very day of my birthday, April 14th 2010, I woke up seeing Michael on his knees at the side of my bed. He appeared with a white shirt, black pants and his hair was put straight back. He smiled at me and said:” Good morning my love.” Obviously, Michael does not need sleep now. This very day he said that this song called ONE LOVE is a birthday gift from him to me. I published it the same day on the very day I was born, visualizing it like a birth of myself and my truth in my Music, my artistic vision. Also it was a good idea, because Michael had started recording his Thriller album back then, on the very day I was being born in Switzerland. Here are the channeled lyrics which came through Michael into me:



Channeled and composed by Susan Elsa & Archangel Michael


Verse 1


This is the healing vibe

The healing rhythm of heaven

Heaven’s energies

Dropping down like rain on my face


Grab me by my light

Making me move towards the light

Healing light

One Heart

One Mind




We can change

If we only decide: We are one


One Force

One God

One Love


Verse 2


(Listen up)

Sometimes when you walk through society

You want to turn off your eyes

You don’t want to see anything

Because everything seems bad


You don’t know what to think

But we can change if we decide



One Heart

One Mind

One Soul

One God

One Light


Chorus 2


We can change

If we only decide we are one

(We are one)

One Force, One God, One Word

(We are one)


One Love



Time is running out

We need to make a change

2012 approaches


Double Intertwined Final Chorus


Part 1:

I am the light of the world

Trying to help you through the night

Through the dark I lead you

Through the night I wake you in your light

Of One Love


The rose flame connecting you all in

One Mind, One Love


Part 2:

We can

Only decide we are one

One Force, One God, One Love


If we only decide

We are one

We can change


One Word, One God, One Love (2x)


The same day he showed me in a very intense Out-of-Body experience our heavenly wedding in front of a white arch. Michael wore a very glittery, majestic white dress suite and I as well a white, otherworldly nice wedding dress. We both were very angelic and emanated a bright, white light and glitter all around us. In earthly weddings people throw glitter and flower buds around the couple. In our wedding in heaven we ourselves emanated this glitter from within us and kept smiling all the time. All the heavens attended. That includes all good souls who passed and ascended to Heaven like for example Elvis, and all the other Archangels and Angels as well. Of course I wasn’t aware of Elvis specifically or such, all I saw was many, many light-body people standing left and right as Michael led me through to the arch/altar holding my hand. It was like an endless hallway, a red carpet of heaven. It was such a strange, miraculous and wonderful experience. Michael said, this is beyond space and time as we know on Earth and all people who will pass in the future, will see our wedding celebration without being bound to time. Some people might be able to sense or see images of it now in human form here, but it takes strong spiritual mastership to view such high dimensions. This is something above the 7th dimension and it is the furthest I remember consciously ever having traveled that far with my soul outside of my physical, earthly body.


I am realizing just now by 2012, how well thought-out the lyrical message is inside this first Song channeled with Michael in 2010. As if he can see forward into the future and plan with perfect arrangement our messages with God up there somehow. Some things I am not aware of fully, as they happen, and later I see how much sense everything makes and how the puzzle pieces fall into their destined place perfectly and natural. The Song was published before we had our first spiritual sex, which followed shortly after.


I took a simple picture for the Cover and held a typical-Michael Fedora hat in my hand as if a Light is shining down onto me and the hat coming from Michael. I wrote on the Single Cover: Freestyle-Channeled-Live. I did not use Michael’s famous name at all but kept it unspoken claiming only in my official Promo text for Distribution worldwide, that it is a new Concept bringing Heaven and Earth together, channeling the ideas from the spiritual plane. I used key words like: Spiritual Pop is born, taking its baby steps and so forth. Then, I waited to see the reaction; I and Michael like when people sense it, without me using his name, that is what a real twin soul connection is! And it worked. Over two years I tried to avoid having to speak it out loud, receiving feedback and comments from his fans about how they “sense Michael” around me, in my expression, helping me and so forth. I am enjoying all Michael does for me and all of humanity a lot, he is wonderful.


Shortly after I registered for my label our Music publishing department officially through a first official release (One Love Spiritual Pop Debut 777), I was able to start publishing as I like now. That can be my own productions or productions for other talents I work with or support.


Michael suddenly moved me in an ultra fast, inhumane speed to channel Songs with him, openly calling him in them Archangel Michael in July 2010. I didn’t think nor speak about being his twin soul at all, but he said it is important to take a small step now, right now, and integrate what I know into my art in hidden ways, not direct statements or interviews. So I did. I just did what he said and today see, why he said what when.


One of the songs I channeled with him was very intense. As I was singing, this extremely powerful blue light grabbed me as if I am standing in a light beam and I channeled the lyrics so fast, I had difficulty keeping up with the word flow physically and singing-wise. As I sang these words, I would suddenly see a blue fire, glittering in white, all around me like he is embracing me fully in his energy/aura. I even made spontaneous screams and vocal gimmicks in his style, feeling suddenly how much sexual energy he would put into it. He started at some point to grab me physically, standing behind my back and hugging me tight, and somehow these vocal gimmicks came out of my lips through his fingers touching me. It was so funny, I laughed for a long time after I had pressed the stop recording button totally out of breath and smiling. It was like a lightning which hit the top of my head and flew in light speed through my body. I was like a little girl which met Santa Clause.


As I was drafting these songs to then take my time and produce them in quality in a professional studio later, extremely obvious and daily hacking attacks started happening to my computers, as if I am being spied on and these hackers know what I am preparing and channeling, private and unpublished yet! How criminal is that. Someone went as I was working, directly into my music production software, would move the mouse to the left as I push it to the right as if trying to “exhaust” and “intimidate” me with these hacking games. I tried to take out this one particular song specifically out of my software, bounce it to disk so I can publish these demos the raw channeled way they were before anyone steals the information on this secret project and uses it false, not in accordance to God’s will. I had to protect my work as an artist, fast. These are some of the lyrics of this most attacked demo of my Archangel Michael pop songs and the song title is:


Archangel Michael’s Blue Fire (Dragon slayer Song 777)

Channeled and composed by Susan Elsa & Archangel Michael



Free to be

You and me



We are one

We are all One

All of God’s creation is one


Verse Start


In the light energy

Free space

No time and space energy

(The sword of Archangel Michael is made out of pure blue light)

One Mind, One Body

(Blue fire energy, Archangel Michael)

One Energy, One Power

(Energy, energy)


Dance with the light of heaven

With the light of heaven you dance in the energy of God

Healing you

From anything you face through

To the light


Chorus Chant


Blue fire


Dance with me in the light

Free to be, free to be

Energy, energy


Heaven’s connecting

To the Earth plane-energy


Archangel Michael

You reach from the top

To the bottom

To the abyss





Chorus Chant


Blue fire energy

I’m channeling this minute

(Archangel Michael, Archangel Michael)

No pen, no paper

(Archangel Michael)


No thinking

Everything coming from the Big Mind

Of Archangel Michael

Take me on your ride!


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Michael Jackson's ONE AND ONLY real Twin Soul
Michael Jackson’s ONE AND ONLY real Twin Soul


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Dear World


It is simple, for now since there is a book coming on Dec 21st 2012 (for a reason), let us make it simple and short:


Twin Soul’s share one soul and are like TWINS on each level, physically, spiritually and if both incarnated at the same time, share parallel life experiences as well. If one hurts, the other hurts. If one dies, the other accompanies the death process. If one gets born while the other is already here, the one here feels the birth. If one goes, always remember this, WE ARE STILL HERE.

(Source: Picture to be found on the public Internet from 1970’2 before Michael had to wear Camouflage Makeup)

Michael before Camouflage covered his Cheek Mole






We are here to HEAL THE WORLD – 777







Published JULY 13TH 2010 as raw, personal Demos


(Special 4 Song Edition)

Here goes some of the Lyrics to the Key Song (NOT on youtube)


” Ho! White Fire Body! Eternal- aouw!

This is the Key to Garden Eden

Mystery Garden reveals the ultimate secret

Chant: Archangel Michael, Archangel Michael

We are One

The Twin Flame is leading you up into the sky

With your light

Everybody has the other half somewhere

In the Universe-waiting





Previously published with Mike channeled Song Ideas:

April 14th 2010  – ONE LOVE (SPIRITUAL POP DEBUT 777)

July 13th 2010- ARCHANGEL MICHAEL- Secrets of Heaven 777

1. Key to Heaven


3. ARCHANGEL MICHAEL’S BLUE FIRE (Dragonslayer Song 777)

4. The Rose Flame 888

December 12th 2010- OSIRIS & ISIS

1. Osiris Un-Nefer

2. IsIs

3. Book of the Dead/ Book of Coming forth by Day

December 21st 2010- I REMEMBER (Full Channeled Ancient Egypt Pop Album initiating Egypt’s demonstration for human freedom)

1. Anubis 999

2. Osiris Un-Nefer

3. IsIs

4. Horus my Sun

5. Ma’at (Body of Light Message)

6. Mystery Garden (2003 vision song)

7. T.H.O.T.H.

8. Cleopatra the Lioness

9. Bast the Cat

10. Book of coming forth by the Light of the Day

11. Amun Ra

August 29th 2011- WOMEN OF THE WORLD


Dear Readers out there

It’s about 3 Years soon,  that this Planet has to get along without Michael- physically. In these about 3 Years now, we heard lots and lots of TALK about Michael Jackson, mostly from People who never spoke up before he passed, stood by his side, nor even liked him.

I myself, remember clearly how Michael felt alone, extremely alone. It seemed popular for the whole Business, to bash him for Years, and make Fun of him too. This is the reason why I felt like speaking up about some things,  that are super important to Michael.

First of all, Michael Jackson reached EVERY IMAGINEABLE Success with Music possible. You cannot do more than a Michael Jackson- in MUSIC.

Michael thought a lot, in the last couple Years of his Life, about how to TOP his own Creations and Success, he was the biggest Challenge- to himself. When asked in rare Interviews publicly, who he would like to work with, he always would answer with Names of PASSED ARTISTS-and very genius Artists who can compare to his Genius. Barely any Artists alive interested him to work with, and that is a FACT. More about that, will unfold naturally by God’s Hand in the Future and the Truth will prevail.

*Picture of Susan Elsa above, November 2010, Egypt, Nefertiti’s real Temple at Abu Simbel- take a close Look at the BG!*

Now, what might a unique Artist like Michael have planned for his Future? Music?

The answer is clear and simple: NO!

He told all of you, again, publicly, that his planned “This is it” Concerts will be THE FINAL CURTAIN CALL! He wanted to sing the Songs, which the World and his Fans loves the most, and say Good-Bye to Music, to start a completely New Life. Of course, Music would’ve always been Part of Michael, but what he planned was to take his Work further.

MICHAEL JACKSON PLANNED TO DIRECT MOVIES- and he started preparing and studying Cinematography and Directing and Animations Basics in 2007, in Los Angeles, in private and secret. He even managed to return to L.A. without that the Press notices, at first. Good Times, Good Times…

To go even deeper into Mike’s Secret Dream and Plans, I would like to tell you now all, what his Motivation was to think seriously of becoming a Film Director:

Around 1990’s, Michael was thinking very deep about a particular Topic: The History of Blacks in Africa and especially Ancient Egypt. He wanted to make a new kind of Film, very spiritual, and with Black Actors portraying the Pharaos. Hollywood turned their back on him in unexplained Ways, cut Contact so to speak, and then Michael made the Song and Clip, with his idea in MINI MOVIE FORMAT:


By the way, the ONLY Time he ever kissed directly any female Actress on Screen, was in that Clip, when he kissed Nefertari/ Nefertiti with the Pyramids in the Background.

Not even to mention his special and unique Music Film “MOONWALKER”. I love this Film, it is the first thing I ever seen of Michael at the Age of 5, and I wanted to become like him when growing up from that Moment on.

From Childhood on, Michael has always been a HUGE Fan of Hollywood, he always adored Movies and for that reason also, invited Elizabeth Taylor to his Concert in the 80’s, after reading a lot about her and being a Fan his whole Life basically. We all know, they became great Friends afterwards. Marlon Brando, was another close Friend of Michael, which privately gave Michael serious Acting Lessons for his planned Entry into the Film Business. Michael had lots of Actor and Film Director Friends.

It is definitely important, to become a good Film Director, to also know a little bit about Acting in front of the Camera, to be able to guide the Actors on the Set. Michael, of course, always had a natural and genius Talent as an Actor, he could make you believe anything- his Eyes are so expressive like no one else! Unfortunately, the World did not have enough Time, to witness Michael’s great Acting Skills fully, nor any full Film directed by Michael’s Mind.

If Michael would still be here physically, he would definitely make his secret Dream come true, to make Films and Animated Films, like Disney. He always felt like Music, by itself, is not whole, not complete, and therefore, made his Mini Movie “THRILLER”, and many more, connecting Song and Visual. I know that Michael would’ve made the greatest, most visionary Films of all Times, because Michael has greater Ideas than anyone else on this very Planet. I know, it’s a bold statement, but it’s true.

Of course, I do believe in Miracles. I have experienced them,  in increasing Ways in my own Life. I believe God can make anything possible, with all my Heart and Soul. I trust in God, with all I AM.

Let’s see what the Future will bring and what Mysteries are still going to unfold further…

It’s really ALL about LOVE,

Susan Elsa  777

This Article is copyrighted by Susan Elsa & MGP Publishing and can be distributed with Credit to the Author