Clearest Message by Michael Jackson & Susan Elsa: Twin Souls Osiris & IsIs are back! © PHOTO ANALYSIS

Clearest Message by Michael Jackson & Susan Elsa: Twin Souls Osiris & IsIs are back! © PHOTO ANALYSIS

Photo for Educational, Research and Documentary Purpose only: Twin Soul Mirror Expressions Feminine & Masculine Counterpart

Physical Phenomenon of a Real Metamorphose of Two People becoming ONE: Elsa´s Appearance has been changing since he returned as a Ghost to her in 2010 such as the nose, the lips, the eye size, the body shape, and now even beard stubbles. (See Pictures released prior)


“We were both always big Michael Jackson fans and have often packed our cassettes/belongings, equipped ourselves with Instrumental CD’s,

sat down for hours in an empty room on the floor and sang.

Sue is a beautiful, young woman with black curly hair and Egyptian heritage. Her nose and eyes reminded me already as a child so much of Michael Jackson,

that I often felt like I am on the road with him personally. Also her laugh, the articulation and posture seemed often almost identical.

Often she read the cards for me, which I didn’t like very much, since she always, based on the signs and interpretations, hit the core

and therefore I as a realist, would feel intimidated.

Based on my very own wish, we sat down in my own apartment one day facing each other. We held our hand palms facing each other and closed our eyes.

My idea was to look into her with deep focus, to find out, how her being/essence felt.

So when I let myself fall into my inner and absolute emptiness, I felt my hands facing Susan’s hand palms now starting to shake.

Her energy penetrated so deeply into my very core that I had to contain myself to stay focused and calm.

It felt as if a vibration flows through my body and I perceived how my closed eyes were trying to jump open.”

– Introduction to Susan Elsa by Real Life Contacts that spent time with her in Childhood –

Susan Elsa Quotes on Michael Jackson (Official) from Archangel Michael´s Wedding- The Twin Soul Book ©
Susan Elsa Quotes on Michael Jackson (Official) from Archangel Michael´s Wedding- The Twin Soul Book ©

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Michael Jackson’s Real Twin Soul: Elsa TV Interview 2009

Michael Jackson’s Real Twin Soul: Elsa TV Interview 2009- Out of Body Phenomenon Link ABC TV Australia:

Elsa in Aswan (IsIs Temple)
Elsa in Aswan (IsIs Temple)

The real IsIs from ancient Egypt is back!

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Susan Elsa TV INTERVIEW 2009 (ABC TV)- Out of Body Experiences

 Dear World

This Link below goes directly to the official Website of ABC TV Australia and Susan’s Interview with their famous Science Show “Catalyst” about Out-of-Body Experiences

Susan Elsa TV INTERVIEW 2009- ABC TV Australia’s “Catalyst” Science Show

Interview filmed:                          November 2009
Interview aired on ABC TV:        February 2010

                                           Unique Spiritual Twin Soul Pop Art by Susan Elsa  ©

Switzerland has a proud scientific history. It boasts the largest number of Noble Prizes in the world, per head of population…Albert Einstein did his PhD here in Zurich. But I’ve come to find out about…out-of-body experiences!

 –Graham Philips, Host of ABC TV’s Catalyst Science Show-

In a personal Interview at the beginning with Camera’s off, deciding what is going to be filmed…

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The Other Part of HIM- Dec 21st 2012: Susan channels Michael (SPIRITUAL POP)

Susan Elsa reveals her ghostly Business partner

It was spring 2010, when Michael Jackson returned as a Ghost to his Twin Soul, Susan Elsa. Now rejuvenated and connected to God, Michael literally works with Susan on artistic and uniquely spiritual projects. The Mystery unfolds on Dec21st 2012. This Song has been channeled by Susan with Michael’s very own idea for her on 11-11-11. Susan then as usual drafted the demo all by herself to focus on Michael’s advice and have no interferences. Then we took the demo to a big studio and produced it under Michael’s guidance.

The studio sessions were not only fun but very interesting. Susan kept dancing very intense while recording at the microphone and before, she never used to do that.

“I would sometimes look to the sound engineer sitting behind the mixer, because I noticed that I had just grabbed my crotch, or more the side of my legs right there, I don’t know. I did not want the producer to see these “automatic mode moves” that would just come out of me intuitively, as I am channeling Michael. When I did this song especially, I could not even sing it the way Michael wanted it without dancing. It was like I had to sing it with my whole body, not just my voice. After the first recording day in the Spring of 2012, I sang so hard and put all my energy into it, that afterwards I had a little bit of nose bleeding. I really gave it my best for Michael. ”
-Susan Elsa about the MAKING OF-

From her first Single “One Love” to her first Debut album experiment in Egypt “I Remember”, here comes the final puzzle piece of her historic message:

Michael Jackson is the famous Archangel Michael himself!

And he dares to be recognized.

Not only has Susan’s ideas grown, but her body and face is going through an obvious and natural metamorphosis unexplained by the most advanced modern science, as a result of Michael’s soul merging with Susan’s.

We are heading toward a very unique and otherworldy rebirth of Entertainment, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Stay tuned for our Living Project Start, introduced by this first new Song, a historic EBook plus a brand new Website offering lots of fun with interactive Entertainment and spiritual-growing opportunities in ways never seen before!