“And no one else could ever take my place…”

I AM IsIs and I returned

“And no one else could ever take my place. I don’t care what you claim nor put fakely on your face. In this race, I AM the Grace, I AM the only real IsIs, healed from all heart’s crisis. I got the magic, now let me pray-hee.”

-OTHER PART OF HIM (Channeled Twin Soul Song 11-11-11) by Susan Elsa-


After Egypt’s Revolution got stuck in negative interferences during 2011, Susan Elsa received a big song message, prepared for her by Michael Jackson in Heaven.

The secret behind all her work is now revealed: Michael Jackson/Archangel Michael is her Twin Soul! (In his own words from beyond dictating to her the term TWIN SOUL)

It is no surprise, this message would be fought hard. But then again, who’s bad? Who is really the famous Archangel Michael? Surely a Warrior of the Light and Love. Dedicated passionately to God’s truth.

Several complex film productions have taken place as part of this heavenly inspired Film Production all of 2012, yet to be revealed. Susan Elsa is a perfectionist, and this message is so central in her life, work and soul, that she is currently giving her very best to finish a huge Entertainment Project for you to enjoy.

Assisted by Michael Jackson in Spirit.


Susan helps Michael as an educated Film Director herself, to channel in detail all his Film Visions he planned to do before passing. First production of this incredible cooperation will be a never before seen ELVIS PRESLEY Animation Movie, about his Arrival in Heaven and his Reunion with his Twin Soul Wife in Heaven.

Stay tuned!

OTHER PART OF HIM: Full Song Lyrics Official

Channeled and Composed by Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson


I’m handing you

The Book of Truth

The Book of Light

The Book of Life


Verse 1

Look into my face

Like a map of time

His HIStory is written there

Revealing the magic of my life

I didn’t want to come here

But we agreed that he would help me

I didn’t want to face and heal my fears

Surprisingly he died

And still lives on with me


I am the Part of HIM

He is Me


We come to re-arrange your mind (2x)

Verse 2

God made everything superclear

I am singing

Can you hear?

Same mark

On my cheek, on my face

Changing your perspective

We come to win the race

It’s not like he didn’t show you

In melodies and lyrics

Our History rises

Hidden between the Lines

We bring you the final word

With the Return of IsIs


I am the Other Part of HIM

He is Me


Heavenly, eternally man and wife

I dare your Eyes

Bring you Adam and Eve

I am Him

He is Me

I’m the other part of HIM (2x)

(C’mon, woohoo)

Intro Bridge:

We come to re-arrange your mind


And no one else

Could ever take my Place

I don’t care what you claim nor put fakely on your face (Cha Cha!)

In this Race

I AM the Grace

I AM the only real IsIs

Healed from all heart’s crisis (Ha! Ha!)


I got the magic

Now lemme pray-hee!


(Intro Gimmick)

Come on, Cha Cha

You know I’m tellin’ you the truth right here

Look at me!



Heavenly, Eternally His Wife

I dare your Eyes

Bring you ADAM and EVE


I’m the other Part of HIM

I AM the other Part of H-I-M

I am the other part of Him

Copyrights property of MGP Publishing Switzerland

Susan Elsa TV INTERVIEW 2009 (ABC TV) – Out of Body Experiences

Susan Elsa TV INTERVIEW 2009 (ABC TV)- Out of Body Experiences

Dear World

This Link below goes directly to the official Website of ABC TV Australia and Susan’s Interview with their famous Science Show “Catalyst” about Out-of-Body Experiences

Interview filmed:                             November 2009
Interview aired on ABC TV:         February 2010

Unique Spiritual Twin Soul Pop Art by Susan Elsa  ©

Switzerland has a proud scientific history. It boasts the largest number of Noble Prizes in the world, per head of population…Albert Einstein did his PhD here in Zurich. But I’ve come to find out about…out-of-body experiences!

Graham Philips, Host of ABC TV’s Catalyst Science Show-

In a personal Interview at the beginning with Camera’s off, deciding what is going to be filmed of Susan’s unique experiences, she told Mr. Graham Philips and the Filming Crew about her premonitions and dreams she had of future events. To be specific, she claimed to have dreamed exact details of Michael Jackson’s nearing death!

Original Link:  http://www.abc.net.au/catalyst/stories/2816872.htm

For Educational Purposes only and scientific research and discussions, here are the original comments from viewers of the TV Show aired:   (Courtesy of ABC TV Australia and CATALYST)

Text Copy from:   http://www.abc.net.au


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Geraldine – 21 Oct 2011 10:56:07pm

I’ve learned how to have OBEs thru concentration. It is just a matter of learning how to fall asleep while staying conscious of the sleep process. But I could not tell if it was my imagination or if it was real until I was able to prove it to myself. One time while out of my body, I went into the living room where my parents were staying and examined in details what it is they were doing. My dad was sitting at a desk working on his computer, and I was astonished at the clothes he was wearing, as these were clothes I thought had been thrown away a long time ago. (I’m 33 yo – I had not seen the clothes he was wearing since the age of 12 or so..!). I then looked at my mother, and lo and behold, while I saw her physical body asleep, I also saw her “astral” body. She was talking to whatever her mind was projecting in front of her. Her astral body did not interest me much. I was more looking at her physical body, as I wanted to be able to recall exactly how she was. She had her arm in a funny position, almost un-natural, and her hair was sticking out at an angle, and the blanket was stuck under her chin. I looked again at my dad, exactly how he was, looked one more time at my mom’s astral body, and floated back inside my body. Once back in the physical, I was excited but also scared to open the door to my living room. Not knowing what I would find on the other side. As I walked in, my dad turned to me, WEARING THE CLOTHES I had seen him wear in the astral. I was absolutely speechless. He was at the desk, working on his computer.. In the exact same position. He only said, shhh – your mum is sleeping, do not make any noise. I turned to the other side of the living room, only to find my mom with HER ARM in that SAME awkward position, HER HAIR sticking out exactly as I had seen it, and the blanket under her chin. Of course, I could not see her astral body, but I knew where it was..
Now, this is my story. I know it to be true because I have experienced it. It does not matter to me if people believe me or not, I know it to be true.Out-of-body experiences ARE REAL. But to know it, you must have one, and then be able to prove it to yourself.

I would never try to prove it to someone else. Because I could not – no matter what I say I saw, people would try to explain it so that they don’t have to face the fact that there is so much that we don’t know.

I am a scientist – molecular biology. And everything I study, everything I see is a proof to me of intelligent design.

In ancient times, the scientists were some types of priests because they understood that to understand Life, we also need to understand the spiritual.

Nowadays, scientists feel they must be atheists to be good at what they do.. Not realizing how much more they miss by discarding the spiritual side of life: such as intuition (how many discoveries happened because of that!?! And how do you explain intuition if not by explaining we

Karim – 21 Oct 2011 12:28:12am

Contrary to what is believed today I think there is much more than just this physical world. Anyone who’s had a real out of body experience will have felt that it is not something that just happens in the mind. With the right techniques this is something you can verify yourself. The scientists in this video are playing tricks on the physical brain and theorize that this must be what Out of body experiences are, but they’re not.
I would advise everyone who is interested in this to research this for yourself, through practice.
Mark Caesar – 28 Oct 2010 7:59:18pm

I had a motorcycle accident years ago and suffered a Brachial Plexus injury to my (R)arm and suffer quite badly from phantom pain.
I have seen documented and demonstrated that a mirror box with your good hand mirrored in place of your bad hand can be a total but temporary relief for the phantom pain and in fact give you the sensation of movement in your bad hand.
This research explains that phenomenon to me more than I have ever seen it explained.
I think that as a spin off to the research that is being done the scientists ought to keep this phenomenon in mind in relation to nerve damaged patients.
LORRAINE – 01 Sep 2010 8:27:56am

Al Sation – 18 Jun 2010 2:24:05am

Great … psychology squeezing the very last specks of magic from the world.Shame they are not researching something more important like MS or Parkinsons or alzheimer’s! Waste of space.

Anna H – 20 Mar 2010 11:17:23am

All these so-called out-of-body experiments show is that the brain can be induced to misinterpret sensory input.
Having had an out-of-body experience- it seems to me quite different-I didn’t feel my body, just watched it from above.
Jake – 23 Feb 2010 1:39:53pm

When a scientist replicates a spiritual experience using science they automatically believe that it disproves the spirtual experience. – see James Randi.
It doesn’t.
They have just proved they can replicate it but haven’t actually disproved anything!
David – 22 Feb 2010 11:23:03pm

Whilst this report on OBE’s might have given a possible explanation for some types of so called “out-of-body experiences” in my opinion and experience there is far more to it as one guest suggested.There is a whole spiritual side to it which science cannot measure because the only things science can measure and observe is physical external things. Whereas the key to fundamentally understanding obe’s is through practice of an internal science.

Every human being has an obe every time their physical body falls asleep. Usually though we are completely unaware of the process, we go through it unconsciously and have unconscious dreams instead of seeing where we really are. Scientists studying someone having an obe will only see someone who is asleep, they cannot know what is happening internally.

However it is possible to train ourselves to fall asleep consciously and be aware of the whole process. I and many others have done this and experienced it many times. You know through having the experience yourself that it is not a mere illusion. Any scientist that wants to study obe’s should do so through experiencing it themselves. There are courses and books available that teach how to do it.

The dimensions of space and time are known to science. Science also postulates in quantum physics the likelyhood of there being a fifth dimension due to the way that some sub-atomic particles behave, they appear to be operating under different laws of physics. It is this fifth dimension where obes and near death experiences take place. It is also the same place we go to everynight when we fall asleep and dream or if you are doing it consciously it is also refered to as astral projection or astral travel which is just another way of saying out-of-body experience.

Have you ever been lying in bed thinking whilst waiting to fall asleep and then all of a sudden you get a short but intense falling feeling and your body jolts? That is your astral body entering back into the physical body. The moment before you (your consciousness) were in the astral plane with your physical body asleep but you didn’t realise it.

Obes are natural and safe, we do it every night already except unconsciously, but it is far better to be conscious of what is going on. Then we can use it to our advantage and that is really what it is for. It is a tool for our spiritual evolution which I think is an essential part of human evolution but scientists don’t get anywhere near knowing it unless they practice it for themselves.

Audentous – 01 Mar 2010 1:06:01pm

Ahh, but scientists can prove that it is an entirely mental process through one simple experiment… people claiming to have an out of body experience have never been able to tell researchers what was on a high shelf in the very same room afterwards.Besides that, every single symptom and physical effect can be explained and replicated through various processes, as well as the experience on the whole.

If your claim is based purely on this “other dimension” that you speak of (which is NOT the extra dimensions that quantum physics refers to… though, some knowledge of quantum physics is necessary to realize why that’s obvious)

Now, there is wiggling room in the claim that this process is spiritual in a sense that cannot be in any way measure through experiment. In that case, however, that means that there cannot be any evidence of it… especially since all of the symptoms of it can be replicated and explained through entirely physical means.

In that case, the burden of proof lies of the people making the claim. That is, if I claim there is a magic teapot that grants wishes in orbit around jupiter, but it cannot be observed through any physical means (except that I KNOW it’s there)… you are in no way expected to believe that teapot is there. So… you claim there is some sort of special, spiritual component to this physical phenomenon, yet you have absolutely no evidence to support your claim except that you KNOW it to be so.

Therefore, don’t be surprised when people tell you to take your crackpot teapot ideas somewhere else.

Shazingle – 10 May 2010 10:58:31pm

uh, i think David was implying that if someone told you about this magical teapot, your best bet is to find a method of proving or disproving for yourself such as is in the suggestion that scientists interested in OBEs actually learn to experience them and study that experience, rather than studying others who, quite rightly pointed out, only appear to be sleeping.If you told me about this wish granting magic teapot in orbit around Jupiter and it really was something of interest to me, I would sincerely ask you for some method in which I could verify that rather than relying on the claim that “if I can’t see it, it does not exist”. If, however, I were not interested in such a teapot then that claim would suffice to end such discussion. If ending the debate on the existence of magical teapots were my primary interest then I would not only rely on that claim, but I would throw every method of scientific investigation known to me at the postulation of the existence of this teapot in order to achieve my goal of ending the debate.

In this case David states there is a method for science to legitimately study OBEs, yet all I see in this show is the attempt to discredit the experience via a scientific method, which incidentally begins with the hypothesis that OBEs are tricks of the brain resulting in a realistic illusion, therefore condemning the subject to closure before a thorough investigation has even taken place.

If someone told me of a magical teapot I might be more inclined to ask “how do you know this? how can I get one? what must I do?” rather than tell the person to go walking.

After all, a wish granted is a pretty wonderful thing and if someone stated you could have that all the time, would you not be at least a little inclined to inquire?

Ross W – 18 Feb 2010 7:57:51pm

Has intersting impliccations for training a robot to be a replicon (simulon) of a human, becuase it implies that a human can learn to be empathetic to his/her replicon.
JJ Captain – 16 Feb 2010 11:11:33am

Really enjoyed the show. I began having OBE at about 15 and could call them up almost at will. First, it was only in a particular chair as the family was watching TV. After that I began to experiment and found it could clear my mind and focus in a particular way to begin the experience. As I got older I began to ‘refuse’ to allow myself to ‘go there’.But, I’ve just had a try, and it still works.

Keith Price – 13 Feb 2010 7:43:23pm

Thank you for the interesting segment on OBEs. I have a couple of comments to make on the assumptions that Dr Phillips appears to be making about these. First, he appears to suggest that there is no question of a truly scientific explanation having recourse to anything like non-physical souls. I hate to be contrary, but I would like to suggest that this is not so – if the data takes us strongly enough in that direction, souls it is! We are otherwise being dogmatic materialists, and very unscientific. Secondly, there is no mention that there have been numerous careful parapsychological studies done on OBEs which have shown that people frequently learn facts during an OBE that would be very difficult or impossible for then to know on the assumption that it is a pure hallucination. This awkward fact would tend to make it hard to argue that all OBEs are just the brain tricking us! Susan is right to defend her experience – nothing a brain researcher can show us can explain our experience away!
Steve Spangaro – 16 Feb 2010 2:36:44pm

Agreed Keith (while parking any semantics to be had around the term ‘soul’). The fascinating story did a fine job albeit incomplete due to the gaping blind spot you’ve identified.As covered in an ABC ‘Catalyst’ episode some years ago, there is strong anecdotal evidence that 3rd person perspective inputs (such as seeing what precise tools a surgeon is using in the operating theatre) can form a component of a subject’s near death visualisations. The Catalyst program went on to report a hypothesis based on quantum theory… It might be that the scientifically elusive ‘self’ is formed in some way by quantum computational stuff that in the way of things quantum can have an ambiguous location a la the Heisenberg Principle (being the very same phenomena by which lasers have been successfully teleported in the lab).

Dr Sam Parnia at the University of Southampton is currently conducting a verifiable study of ‘what is being seen’ during near death experiences. Perhaps the results due in 2011 will be worth Catalyst’s attention in the name of a more thorough reporting.

gary askwith – 12 Feb 2010 2:13:51pm

I enjoyed the episode in which you were able to enlighten us into scientific explanations of OBE experiences,which I saw on the Catalyst Program.

I have been having OBE’s for many years, the first being in 1989.

I fully understand that when I have tactile hallucinations that my physical body is actually in motion,

creating the ‘illusion’ that the movement is actually taking place in my out of body.

It was great to see this confirmed with your research!

I am hoping you may be able to enlighten me on two things.

The first, whilst bizarre, may have the simplest explanation, and the second is a little more complex.


Toward the end of one OBE I experienced last year I found myself, seemingly prematurely, awaken from the experience.

I was not sure if I was back in my body, because I was conscious, my eyes were open, I couldn’t move my head,

but I could see clearly around my room.

I felt paralysed, except for my arms, and being able to have eye movement.

(incidentally, a nuerologist diagnosed me in 1990 as having sleep paralysis)

To assure myself that my OBE had finished I waved my arms in front of my face.

I was in absolute shock to experience that whilst I was waving my arms in front of my face, I could not see them,

yet everything alse was clear. I repeated this about 3 times to no avail.

I felt I was in limbo, experiencing a kind of death.

I panicked, and closed my eyes and tried to relax, and eventually was back to normal.

It was a frightening experience like I had no arms, and the waving were from phantom limbs.
What explanation could you subscribe to this?
Secondly, on a number of occassions I have experienced an OBE without leaving my body.
My functioning ‘out of body’, is still within my body.
The above (1) is perhaps some type of example of this. Similar, however, not the same.
In these instances I recieve an incredible energy from within my brain, that is transferred to my hands.

My hands feel an incredibly amount of what seems powerful magnetic energy.
In these circumstances I am able to manoevere my hands ‘out of body hands’ (my actual hands are motionless)

Using my discretion I move them about one inch above my skin to a position which I gain most control.

Kind of like using the controls of a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (T.E.N.S unit)

If I move them too fast, they become painful, and if they are too close to the skin, they lose energy.

I then manoevere them over my body and the magnetic energy seems optimum.
I have on the odd occass

Sean Chiddy – 19 Feb 2010 11:51:48am

The ‘out of body’ perception in trauma is used within healing meditation processes (similar to Mindfulness meditation but with different emphasis).Patiently focussing on the ‘out of body image’ and using your sensory awarenesss to explore the panic and other emotional and sensory reactions will allow them to settle in many cases. Then the conscious awareness seems to be able to reorganise and can be perceived to move back into the body (so you look out of your own eyes).

This way of meditatively processing the event can result in experiencing a sense of release or ‘healing’. People tend to then feel significantly better about the incident. Negative symptoms associated with the experience will tend to dissapate.

GerryC – 11 Dec 2011 9:07:15am

Can I remind readers that personal anecdotes do not constitute evidence of OBEs. Otherwise my magical OBE sandals would be worth millions on ebay.

Michael Jackson: Twin Soul Message 777

Michael asked me to post this song he made in the late 1980’s. The people he directs this message to will know who they are, he says.

Song is Courtesy of Michael Jackson, MJJ Productions and Sony Music

“Leave me alone” – from the Album BAD

Some Key Words from the Lyrics:

“Leave Me Alone”

I Don’t Care What You Talkin’
‘Bout Baby
I Don’t Care What You Say
Don’t You Come Walkin’
Beggin’ Back Mama
I Don’t Care Anyway
Time After Time I Gave You All Of My Money
No Excuses To Make
Ain’t No Mountain That I
Can’t Climb Baby
All Is Going My Way(‘Cause There’s A Time When
You’re Right)
(And You Know You Must
Who’s Laughing Baby
Don’t you Know
And There’s The Choice That We Make
And This Choice You Will Take
Who’s Laughin’ BabySo Just Leave Me Alone
Leave Me Alone
(Leave Me Alone)
(Leave Me Alone)
Leave Me Alone
(Leave Me Alone)
(Leave Me Alone)
(Leave Me Alone)
Leave Me Alone-Stop It!
Just Stop Doggin’ Me AroundThere Was A Time I Used To
Say Girl I Need You
But Who Is Sorry Now
You Really Hurt, You Used To
Take And Deceive Me
Now Who Is Sorry Now
You Got A Way Of Making Me
Feel So Sorry
I Found Out Right Away
Don’t You Come Walkin’-Beggin’
I Ain’t Lovin’ You
Don’t You Get In My Way
There’s A Time When You’re
And You Know You Must
Who’s Laughing Baby-
Don’t You Know?
And There’s The Choice That
We Make
And This Choice You Will
Who’s Laughin’ Baby?So Just Leave Me Alone
Leave Me Alone
(Leave Me Alone)
(Leave Me Alone)
Leave Me Alone
Leave Me Alone
(Leave Me Alone)
(Leave Me Alone)
(Leave Me Alone)
Stop It!
Just Stop Doggin’ Me Around
(Just Stop Doggin’ Me)’Cause There’s A Time When you’re Right
And You Know You Must Fight

Who’s Laughing Baby
Don’t you Know, Girl
It’s The Choice That We
And This Choice You Will
Who’s Laughin’ BabySo Just Leave Me Alone
Leave Me Alone
(Leave Me Alone)
(Leave Me Alone)
Leave Me Alone
Leave Me Alone
(Leave Me Alone)
(Leave Me Alone)
(Leave Me Alone)
Stop It!
Just Stop Doggin’ Me Around
Leave Me Alone
Leave Me Alone
(Leave Me Alone)
(Leave Me Alone)
Leave Me Alone
(Leave Me Alone)
Leave Me Alone-Stop It!Just Stop Doggin’ Me Around
(Just Stop Doggin’ Me)
Don’t Come Beggin’ Me
Don’t Come Beggin’
Don’t Come Lovin’ Me
Don’t Come Beggin’
“I Love You!”
I Don’t Want It
I Don’t . . .
I Don’t . . .
I Don’t . . .
I . . .I . . ., Aaow!
Hee Hee!
I Don’t Want It
I Don’t Need It
-Michael in his own words-

Back to work, enjoying it so much, new Entertainment projects and productions coming soon and a totally renewed company website!